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Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


A while back we tweeted out a phone number and you called. It’s the Game Grumps Hotline!

Modern Lúthien and Beren :)

Tord’s heart leapt into his throat.  “…Oh?”  

“Yeah, and your mask, and the gun and… yeah.”  Edd shoved his hands in his pockets, obviously a little uncomfortable and upset.  

“And, uhm… what are you going to do with that?”  

Edd shook his head, letting out a quiet laugh.  “I can’t believe that’s even a question.  Like if you weren’t trying to be so secretive it wouldn’t even matter.  By the way, does Matt know about whatever you’re up to?”

“No.” His eyes downcast, Tord shrugged.  “No one does, not Paul or Pat either.  It’s been a… private project I guess, for a while now.”

“Then… I guess it’s going to stay that way.”

Tord looked back up at Edd, surprised.  “What?”

“You heard me.  I just… it’s not my secret to tell.”  Edd frowned, maybe trying to justify what he was about to say?  “I think, it would be worse if I let it slip than if you came out yourself and told the truth.  Especially for Tom, and for that matter Paul and Patryck too.”  Tord nodded, relief obvious as he opened his mouth to reply, but Edd cut him off.  “I still think you should just tell everyone, before someone else finds out.”

“I-I know, but… I can’t.  Not yet.”

“And that’s your call,” Edd answered, “Same with explaining what’s going on to me.  I don’t need to understand it, I just want to know it’s nothing too stupid/dangerous?”

“No, nothing compared to what I used to do.  It’s not even technically illegal, most of the time.” Tord let out a small laugh, accepting the hug Edd now offered.  “Thank you Edd.”

“No problem,” Edd mumbled, still slightly more subdued than his usual self.  “You want to join the others?”  

“Yeah, we should.”

Tom, Tord, Edd and Matt are all available for asks once again!