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3 sentence Au: Mama!Hawk in your Lust!Roy au (if timeline doesn't work or something uhhh there's chimeras and stuff or smth (or if you just want to do smth with chimeras do that)) Good writing!!

“Please be safe,” Riza gave the boys one last look before pulling both of them closer to her and trying to encircle her arms around them. With Alphonse being as large as he was, it was a difficult task, and Riza’s arm reached around half of his torso. With Ed being as small as he was, however, she was able to reach almost the entire way around.

It felt good hugging the boys, as Riza had grown close to them during their years of all serving under the Colonel. They almost felt like family- two young kids she never imagined she would have. But along with sentimental reasons, Riza also had a more secretive reason to pull them close.

“Whatever you do, don’t call Mustang’s office,” Her voice was a whisper, barely audible above the din of the train station, “Don’t let that thing know what you’re doing and what you’ve found? Understand? Anything you want to tell me, you need to get it to me in a letter, and not delivered through the mail, they’re monitoring that.”

I know both of you are capable of taking care of yourselves, but please take extra care now that the number of people you can trust has just gone down exponentially,” Riza spoke as fast as she could, so that her hug wouldn’t seem suspiciously long, but she knew she had to finish soon, “Don’t trust anybody you meet.”

With that, she released both boys from her hold, keeping her face impassive and hoping Edward had done the same. One look down at him confirmed that he was at least trying to. Now standing away from him, she reached a hand over and ruffled Ed’s hair, “I want to see you boys again sometime soon, okay. Just stay safe and have fun.”

Al looked down at Riza with those glowing, red eyes of his, and though he had no face to express himself with, Riza could still feel what he was, “Lieutenant Hawkeye, we’ll stay out of trouble as much as possible, but you need to remember the same things you’ve told us.”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t go around causing trouble or getting tangled up in it either,” Ed looked up at her with more sincerity in her eyes that Riza thought she had ever seen before. Her heart lurched, and without even thinking, her hand went to the side of her neck, where the homunculus pretending to be Roy had cut her. If only staying out of trouble would be so easy for her when she was working twenty feet away from a monster who wanted to kill her every day.

She couldn’t voice these thoughts to the Elrics, however, so she let a small smile grace her lips, and only uttered the response, “I’ll try my best.”


     ❝ We begin by COVETING what we see every day.
                         Don’t you feel eyes moving over
                                      your body, Clarice?
                            And don’t your eyes seek out
                                   the things you want?❞

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