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The Melody Itself

Psh, I forgot to post this! It’s just a small Shallura sick fic with slight background Klance. 

What to expect: Shallura, Bg Klance, Bg Broganes, Sick Shiro, Unsure Allura but she triES. 

*Shrugs* Uh, enjoy? Also, YES PEOPLE AGAIN WITH THE GREEK PETNAMES. Let me live. (Translation: Agapi means love, so “Agapi Mou” means My Love. And for the ones who don’t know me yet, Asteraki means Little Star and I love Allura and Lance Brotp.) 

Guys, these are rough rough translations, don’t kick my ass, ok? Anyways, I’m done rambling. 

Ps. I wrote this like so long ago but I didn’t had a chance to edit so plz excuse any cringy typos or grammar errors.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance twist the small towel in his hand above the bowl before dropping it gently on Shiro’s forehead.

“Sh.” Lance shushes gently when Shiro winces at the cold cloth and tries to shrugs it off him, “Stop, Shiro, please.” He reprimands softly, sighing when the sick leader whines in discomfort but stop trashing against him.

The brunet leans back a little to get a better look of Shiro and bites his lip in worry when he notices that he doesn’t look that much better since they started treating him.

“You just had to be a brogane and hide these things, huh?” Lance mumbles, sparing a quick glance to the slumped sleeping body of his boyfriend on the chair behind him, “It must run in the family.”

“It must, I’m sure.” A new voice answers him and Lance jumps in surprise before he turns to meet Allura’s eyes, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stratled you, asteraki.”

Lance shakes his head, smiling softly at her. “It’s okay, I was just distracted.” He shrugs, humming when Allura pushes his hair back fondly.

“How long have you been awake, Lance?” She asks gently but stern, smiling amused when  the teen groans, looking away from her.

Lance limits himself to shrugs helplessly, “Not as long as than that mop of black mullet over there, that’s for sure.”

Said mop of black hair mumbles in his sleep just in time, making both Lance and Allura chuckle softly.

“Please, go rest up for a bit.” She says gently, patting him on the cheek, “I can watch over Shiro, don’t worry. You still gotta take care of yourself, alright?”

“But -” Lance tries to argue but Allura shushes him in time.

“Please, asteraki.”

Lance sighs, “Alright, fine. Keith needs a bed anyways, if not he’s going to be moaning in the bad way tomorrow.”

Allura rolls her eyes fondly as she watches the brunet walk over his sleeping boyfriend, easily gathering him in his arms and carrying him out of the room, giggling to herself when the brunet mumbles sweet words to the sleeping paladin’s ear.

“They have come so far.” Allura whispers amused as the door of her bedroom closes behind them, “Unlike someone who still thinks he needs to put up a strong face for everyone every single tick of the day.” She says, her eyes falling on Shiro in her bed.

“We’re having a long talk after you get better, agápi.” Allura promises, taking seat on where Lance had been seated on the edge of the bed besides Shiro, “But you need to get better first, alright?”

She doesn’t get an answer and she suppresses the feeling of disappointment inside her even though she had expected it.

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So the next slbp event is a ninja one? Are the SS you posted there the prizes? What else can you tell us about the event? And who are Hotaru and Kotaru? I guess I forgot if I ever knew to begin with. Sorry for all the questions.

Should be, since that’s the listed epilogue. Yes, the banners I posted are prizes that I saved from the Japanese version.

Fuuma Kotaro is the weirdo ninja who’s obsessed with Saizo

Hotaru is Saizo’s younger brother (new character, you haven’t seen him before)

I see a lot of posts about people feeling embarrassed, like, about everything, all the time, being embarrassed is I guess a huge part of some people’s lives. well listen

my girlfriend left her shoes in the middle of the living room floor, so I hid them in the oven drawer. because I thought it was a drawer that you could like–store things in?? I don’t know, I somehow made it to this point in my life without knowing that the fire happens in there. then I forgot I’d done it, and like, two days went by.

so the next time we went to make dinner, the shoes caught on fire.

then the oven caught on fire

then our whole house was full of black smoke

then the NYC firefighters had to come out to our apartment. there were like six of them.

half the people in our building came out of their apartments to find out what was going on, and if they were going to die or if they needed to evacuate their cats or something

and then an actual, New-York’s-finest firefighter looked me wearily in the eyes and said “try not to keep shoes in your oven” as he left.

and now we need a new oven.

and I would say that I felt…mild embarrassment? I experienced a patina of chagrin. “whoops,” I thought to myself, as the firefighters tromped off and the firetruck drove off into the night. “I should probably have known that about oven drawers.” then I bought my girlfriend a new pair of shoes, since I’d burned her old shoes. then we ordered a pizza.

if I can not feel embarrassed about that, I hope you guys can take heart.

I forgot to post this! I call this “Fabutron”


…..i started streaming for a discord server i’m a part of and i was originally going to stream myself working on something i started but i forgot how to draw mccree so it turned into practice and then it just turned into random doodles

anyways it’s 4:47am and i’m posting these i guess bc i am going to be v busy the next week or so

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but I still love the headcanon that right after Sailor V joins the team and is like, “Guess what! I’m the Moon Princess!” and everyone’s all “sounds legit. You look like a moon princess to me” that they’re all hanging out having a Senshi meeting or something and Rei gets a kind of thoughtful look on her face like when you’re brain is  j u s t  walking into some fridge logic and she’s like

“Wait. So what does the V stand for?”

And Minako’s just like, “Um…? It’s, um-? What?”

And Rei’s like, “You know? Sailor V? Why V?”

and this is manga-Minako so her English is notsogood, so she’s like Fuck Fuck, words that start with V??? And she’s looking at Artemis like (you little fucker you came up with the codename in the first place you couldn’t have picked something more subtle there is literally only one planet that starts with V and it isn’t the goddamn moon) and he’s like “don’t look at me, I honestly didn’t expect any of these Japanese kids to notice” and they are both under-the-radar panicking and then all of the sudden Ami is like

“Oh! It’s the roman numeral for five! Because you’re the fifth and final soldier, who originally was our princess!”

And Minako is just like Yep, That’s It, Wow You’re Smart, So Good For Catching On, That Has Definitely Always Been The Explanation The Whole Time.

like weeks after the Dark Kingdom debacle is good and dealt with Ami wakes up in the middle of the night, remembers this, and smacks herself in the face.

The Riddler gets the body hidden early and goes out for a drink with the Penguin.

So i was going through my pictures and i found some screenshots of a post i had taken listing scenarios of good things to happen to Riddler. This was one of them.

I guess i wanted to draw these back then but then i forgot. Well i’m doing them now. However i can’t find the original post! i’ll have to shift through all my “likes”.

The sign says “Totally no one buried here”, lol.


original post here thanks to @canadian-riddler

Call Time (M)

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Summary: Taehyung had just wanted to rant to his best friend about how ridiculous he looked.

Warningsanal fingering, dirty talk, phone sex, allusions to pet play *hint hint wink wink*, guided masturbation

A/N: This is the first part my little panda’s other birthday gift that I completely forgot to post soooooooo HERE YA GO MONNI I LOVE YOU V MUCH!!!! Rogue pls don’t kill me ok

Taehyung huffed in exasperation. He looked ridiculous. Absolutely, certifiably ridiculous. He had purposely chosen to dye his hair this obnoxiously vibrant shade of red for the very simple fact that he didn’t want to wear the damn ears and tail in the first place. But his best friend being The Indomitable and Resourceful Park Jimin, Taehyung really shouldn’t have been surprised that he would find the fuzziest appendages possible that just so happened to perfectly match his new hair color. Honestly, Taehyung was beginning to question why he even considered the impish little brat a friend when he so often and so willingly broke their most sacred Best Friends Blood Oath and Spit Pact of December 2010. 

He glared at his reflection once again, eyes stuck on the unnaturally “cute” ears peeking out from his tousled coppery locks. There was no way in hell he was going to go live looking like this. Nope, nuh uh. Kim Taehyung was willing to do a lot of things for his loyal fans–and had done a good chunk—except look unreasonably absurd. With another loud huff, he batted at the stupid triangles before snatching his phone off his bed to angrily tap at his best friend’s contact information.

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Forget Me Not | Jughead Jones

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Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After an accident you wake up with temporary memory loss and can’t remember being in love with your boyfriend.

Warnings: mentions of a crash, basically the whole thing is based on someone losing their memory temporarily. 

Word Count: 2026

A/N: first of all i am v v v sorry if this isn’t 100% accurate but it was an idea playing around in my head so i just took things from what i know and shows ive watched. i also wrote half of this while i was in a crap mood and the other half when i was v sick so it might not be the greatest but it’s something. also forgot my tags list on this one i’m the worst. and i almost didn’t wannt post this bc i’m a lil iffy on it and don’t want to trigger anyone or upset folk but yolo i guess. it’s not too bad ???

Forgetting thing is always annoying. Whether it’s where you put your keys, plans with friends, if you’d taken your dog out - simple things like that. Trying to search your brain to see if you can figure out if you can remember is never anyone’s favourite thing to do but imagine if you couldn’t remember anything at all.


Never mind where the keys were. Imagine what it must be like to not remember anybody, memories and everything you used to know. Imagine having everything you ever knew ripped away from you.

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