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A/N: Another part, definitely not the last. Sorry for taking so long to post it. Also (forgot to add this before) I understand that some of you readers might be from Czech Republic, so the conversations between the reader and Madlenka can be in Czech. Also, the reader’s role in the movie (You’ll find out more about the movie I have made up for this story later on) is an American girl, visiting Prague in search for her father, might have been a given but… told you just in case. I haven’t completely shut off the fact that not everyone is from the same part of the world.  

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,620

Warning: Mentions of sex, some cursing, tiny bit of angst

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"is this alec and magnus tho" now i can't unsee it lmaothis is too real

referring to this post

pleathe anon the worst part is i can’t decide who is who in this situation (magnus as holt, alec as kevin). i’m pretty sure late into their marriage they would both react the same in front of others before immediately becoming doting and protective (never not sparing ‘i love you’s and ‘i cant let anything happen to you’ and ‘you forgot to take the omamori, didn’t you’ and truly he would never but, ‘it must have fell out of my pocket’ followed by all the kisses).

transparent bardcio here to protect you with his cavaquinho

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Star Trek Beyond | Uhura

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Sasuke never kissed Sakura. Why?

Because you misunderstood the manga. Why? T-T

Exhibit A: Sakura touching her lips, blushing, while remembering one of her kisses with Sasuke:

Body language is important to remember especially on manga dear anon.

Exhibit  B: Sakura then remembering something “even better/nicer”. In order for Sakura to know which is better/or nicer she would have needed to experience both. Which is why she knew “which” memory she treasured most because she experienced of both.

Exhibit C: How could Sasuke not have ever kissed the woman he knows is a strong medic ninja that heals; but he still worries about regardless:

Exhibit D: How could Sasuke not have ever kissed the woman he loved so much to the point they created a daughter. Basically impossible. And those are his words. Not mine.

“How can you say that for sure?” = “How can you be so certain that you love her?”

In which Sasuke responds with:

“Because you exist Sarada” = “Because i love your mother so much you came into existence Sarada” and that equals to= “because i made love to your mother, out of the incredibly strong love that i had for her, you exist sarada”. What is not understandable? (making love equals to kissing everywhere, including on the mouth/& or lips)

Exhibit E: If Sasuke had never once kissed Sakura before then why was Sakura so casual about receiving one almost as it were something normal she’d ask him and she’d casually expect of him to do? Oh, i know! That’s because they have had kissed before!:

Exhibit F: If Sasuke has never kissed Sakura then why was Sakura so confused and surprised at getting her first rain check in a long time of seeing him almost as she didn’t expect one from him. Emphasis of that is on the: ??! 

(take note that the only reason why Sasuke couldn’t bring himself to kiss her there was because their daughter was right there watching. That’s why kishi drew Sarada there. To make sure we understand why he couldn’t kiss her.)

Exhibit G: If Sasuke does not like or has never kissed Sakura before because he found it weird, unnecessary, or something he couldn’t see himself doing, then why was he so happy that she asked for one anyway?

Update: Oh, i know! That’s because he enjoys teasing her and knows that he will give her all his love once he comes back! He enjoys teasing the fluff out of the woman whose heart is connected with his!

Update: I just realized that miswrote what i was trying to say on that last paragraph. What i mean’t to write was that he is happy that she asked for one anyway because he is happy to have Sakura in his life. Even though he couldn’t kiss her because their daughter was watching he loves her so much that he appreciates every single gesture coming from her. If he didn’t want to kiss her he would have shown a disgusted face; but instead he showed a smile and took a hold of something she made for him. He took a hold of something someone special to him made for him. His wife.

I just meant to write the teasing part as a small joke. But i wrote that first and forgot to write this. So sorry T-T i was sleepy when i wrote this and that’s why.

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!


so hey what if the use of the word “my” was more like a promise of respect or loyalty rather than implying ownership like

edit: this was in response to the theory that Rose “owned” Pearl. i probably should have mentioned that, oops.