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I forgot the facial hair…….. oops. Also the paper this is one is kinda big, I do have baby hands, but still large paper. I am not used to doing any art on large surfaces so I think I did a good job considering the big canvas. IK do the finishing touches sometime soon, random question, I feel kinda like a not so great fan, but does jack have a PO box, as far as I know he doesn’t and I have to go to a convention he’s at in order for him to get any sort of art or things like that.

Random stuff

That’s what I’ve been writing. This is incomplete, still needs some work xd

Po was running out of ideas. The sensation of being useless and totally unnecessary was a feeling he forgot long time ago, when he used to work with his adoptive father. He couldn’t do anything, but wait.

“Po. You look teared up. Did something happen?” Tigress asked to the panda who just reached his favorite place.

The panda, overwhelmed by his thoughts, walked towards the sacred tree of heavenly wisdom. It was the place he liked the most when he was upset. The calm vibes it gave always helped him to gather new strengths to stand up and resume. He didn’t notice Tigress tho. She was there from the beginning, sitting on the edge of the cliff, staring at the gorgeous landscape that place offered. It wasn’t only Po’s favorite place after all.

“Oh… hey Tigress. Sorry I didn’t see you,” he replied, sitting next to her, “things didn’t go as I thought they would.”

“You messed up, didn’t you?”

“I-I didn’t! I tried to help everyone out, but they all pushed me away…”

“I can’t tell you if that was a bad choice or a good one unless you’ll decide to tell me what happened…”

Po lowered his ears as his face saddened, remembering the tears, the words, their voices and theirs faces. He couldn’t bring himself to talk. Tigress stood up, the panda slightly turned his face and followed her, he thought she wanted to know, yet she’s leaving. The feline gracefully touched the tree. A peach fell off and she took it from the ground, then she came back, handing it over to Po, “Here, this should help you.”

Tigress’ kind gesture made the bear blush. After the first bite he slowly explained the situation or what he understood from it.

“And that’s all. I failed again when I tried to get inside the hut, where he hid, then I went here. Hoping to cool down a little…” Po said, swallowing the peach.

“This must be really hard for everyone. You did what you could, now please don’t push yourself and wait…”

“I can’t stop thinking about it… I keep saying that if I was going to say something different maybe I could have-”

Tigress hushed him, placing her paw into his, “It’s ok. I’m here and I’ll try to help you, ok? Just like you helped me. We’re friends after all.”

Po slowly moved his head to her, he broke down and hugged her, “Thank you. You always been here to help me and I never got the chance to say how glad I am to have you by my side.”

“Actually… I am the one who owes you, Po,” Tigress admitted, letting herself go as the panda cuddled her, “You… truly are the best thing that happened in my life.”

“Tigress… there’s something I always wanted to say, but I never had the courage to do it.”

The feline felt weird. Something struck her chest very hard that she had to stand up, “Ok, what is it?”

Po glanced over her distressed friend, “You okay? You don’t look so good…”

“Yes, I think I’m fine. Maybe I meditated too much…” She said, oblivious of the real motive.

“Do you need something to eat? Maybe you’re just-”

“I wanna hear the thing.” Tigress cut him off, eager to discover what he was going to say.

“Oh, yeah… that thing,” the bear remarked with hesitation. Tigress’ reaction brought doubts to him and he couldn’t handle the weight of another failure.

“I’m listening…”

“I… wasn’t able to give him the action figure,” Po avoided the question, changing the topic.

“I see,” the feline replied, noticing his ‘running away’

“I guess we’ll just wait and see how this thing evolve… right?”

“As I said, I’ll think of something. Keep it for you now,” Tigress walked away, leaving Po alone, “I’ll come back when I have an idea.”

I stopped the anime I was watching to try and gif a certain scene because it was amazing and I know I haven’t seen enough gifs of that show. But the entire process was just, awful. I haven’t gif’d in so long, and I forgot my computer is a PoS right now. It took 2 hours to gif less than a minute of anime, and it turned out not what I wanted it to. And now I’m just mad at everything, lol.

Edit: @thewitchofthenorse - it’s Mushishi. There’s one scene in the extra episode for the first season, where there’s just a bunch of mushi flying up toward the moon and it just, ah, was perfect. 

But I couldn’t fit it in one gif like I wanted, so I tried to break it up into other gifs - I ended up with 8 total but they weren’t the greatest quality appearance wise, and it just took way too long.

(dj khaled voice) another one

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