i forgot to mention i got the book for act 1 yesterday

5SOS Preference : He's Your Teacher Part 2

Part 1

Luke: The lecture had finally come to an end and you quickly gathered your belongings, ready to head home after a long day of school. At your locker was a few of the mean girls in school, you sighed and pushed your way past them to your locker, it was almost a ritual. “Watch it bitch!” The one shouted at you and you only shook your head, focusing on the lock and opening your locker and just as you had it opened, it was slammed shut again and the girl who snapped at you, had her hand pressed against it. “You going to reply or not? It’s rude not to say something back, you know.” You were about to answer when you saw Mr. Hemmings come your way, stopping by you. “(YN), we need to discuss your group project you brought up in class today, care to discuss it now while you’re still here?” You nod, opening your locker that the popular girl had vacated from and grabbed your book bag and headed to his classroom. “You saved me again, Luke. I really feel bad about having you save me all the time, makes it seem like i’m a teacher’s pet.” Luke smirked at you and put his hand on your lower back. “Well, you are the teachers girlfriend, is that close enough?”

Michael: You didn’t disappoint when you walked into Mr. Clifford’s classroom right at the end of the day. You had brought three books and you also had a few papers to write. “Enough work?” you snapped at him and he barely looked up as you entered the room. “You lock the door?” “Where’d everyone go already?” He finally lifted his head and took his glasses off, smiling at you. “There’s a special party for teachers after school.” You sat down in a desk and grabbed a book randomly from your bag. “Why aren’t you there?” He stood up and sat on his desk, facing you. “Well a certain girl was late for class once again today and i had no other choice but to give her detention and stay after to make sure that she served the mentioned detention. Don’t worry, you’re not keeping me from anything too busy, those parties aren’t really parties just school meetings away from school. Anyways, care to explain why you’re late and in detention again?” You blushed. “Maybe i had a reason, but not today, i was only like two seconds late, this detention should never have been considered, Mr. Clifford.” He shook his head. “How many times do i have to say it, (YN), call me Michael, i hate when you call me Mr. Clifford. Makes me sound old.” You smirk. “You’re older than me.” “Barely.” “Still older.”

Ashton: School had been out for twenty minutes and you had already been in the band room, practicing on the drums and Mr. Irwin had still yet to show up for your extra practice. You were beginning to think that he had forgotten about your extra practice and began to pack up your stuff. “What are you doing, (YN)? We have extra practice.” he says with a smile as he struts into the classroom, two bottles of water in his hand. Taking one from him, you blushed. “I thought you forgot actually, i’ve been here since school got out.” He nodded. “Sorry about that, had to break up another fight in the freshman hall, they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.” You giggled at that. “One of them was probably my brother, wasn’t it?” Mr. Irwin exhaled and nodded. “Yeah, i think so. So, anyways, (YN), i see you’ve got your drum sticks in your hands, but you’re holding them wrong, that may be why you’re having slight troubles with what you’re doing in class.” Confused, you put your hands up in a defenseless motion. “You’ve lost me.” He smirked and stood behind you, pressing his chest to your back, holding your hands under his. “Hold them like this.” he breathed into your ear and you leaned back ever so slightly to be eyeing his luscious lips. “What are you staring at, (YN)?” he asked, looking down as well, somehow connecting your lips.

Calum: Everyone left the room, and you sat on your desk while he ran over to lock the door. “Explain again.” he says and you smile. “Have to keep the act up, Calum. How much longer do you have to keep yours up before the band comes back to life?” He sighed and sat on the desk next to you. “Just talked to the other three guys yesterday actually, they set up a practice for this afternoon.” You nod and look at the clock. “What time?” He followed your gaze. “A couple hours, somehow, i want to bring you with me, introduce you to them. I’m not old, i’m 24 years old, you’re 18 and graduate in 2 months. I want to introduce you to the guys as the girl who finally stole my heart, you think you can do it?” You fiddled with your hair. “I want to Calum, i really do. But what if something gets out and everyone finds out before the band gets back together and ruins it for us. I don’t want to lose you, just as you said i was the best thing to happen to you, well, it’s the same for me. You’re the best thing for me, Calum, i wish others could see that, but they’re just not going to be able to see it.” “The guys may not seem like they can keep a secret, but they really can. Can we tell them?” You take his hand in yours and kiss it. “Only if you think it’s the right thing to do.” He smiles. “It’s definitely the right thing to do.”