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simster-trash  asked:

Hi I love your sims and your blog so much and I wanted to do a sim request thing. I've never done it before so if I'm all wrong I'm sorry lol. I love your sim style so I have no very specific requests, just a cutesy/artsy looking girl with a slight obsession with the color green and brown hair, also a private download would be cool. Other than that I have no preference. Thank you so much for everything and congrats! You deserve so many followers!

Beatriz & Buddy

Creative, art lover and bookwork

Friendly, Loyal and Playful

On the gallery - gmay1994

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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚

so the kwami incorporate their features into the suits, right?

like so:

antennae ribbons


bald heads

and for those partaking in the spoilerfest from jeremy zag, you can easily see this continues on the rest of the users as well.

…except for the turtle, who they have been fairly secretive about.

so then… what could be waiting for us…?

we can only speculate… 

but my theory is he will look something this:

i dunno about you guys but i am ready for dipsy fu, how bout u?

all this new short haired ladybug art has got me like *heart eyes*


bob newby + being an amazing father figure to will