i forgot to draw the tattoos and piercings

AH AUs that I need:

• I got so angry at this game that I threw my xbox out the window and it hit you in the head.

• You sent me anon hate but forgot to click anon and I’m going to beat your ass even if you’re kind of cute.

• I’m going back to school, and the professor is the same person I had a raging crush on when we were in high school.

• You’re a tattoo artist and you let me come in here and get a banana on my ass when I was drunk?

• ^ but with dick piercings

• I promise I’m not staring at you to be creepy I’m just trying to get practice for my life drawing class.

• Who are you and why are you in my house?

• You’re a waiter, you’re really shit at your job, and the food here is disgusting, but you’re really cute and I can’t help stopping in once a week.