i forgot to draw the tattoos and piercings

i didnt know what to draw for this so here ya go

1.What does your muse smell like?
💉 uhhh a little bit like antiseptic? and whatever shampoo/body wash he happened to use… which could be bacon-flavored who knows

2.How often does your muse bath/shower ? Any habits?
💉 He showers once every 2 or 3 days because hygiene is important; however showering too often leads to other health problems, so he chooses a nice in-between.

3.Does your muse have tattoos or piercings?
💉 HELL YES youve seen them. tats on his chest, shoulders, forearms, hands, and back and 2 earrings on either ear.
aside from the ones waist up he also has both piercings n tats *down there* ;)
and he has some more tattoos on his calves

4.Any body movement quirks?
💉 occasionally touches the scar from when his arm got cut off
strokes his goatee when in deep thought
doesn’t know what to do with his hands half the time cuz his cloak doesn’t have pockets

5. What do they sleep in?
💉 shirtless + loose shorts

6. What is their favorite piece of clothing?
💉 His hat definitely. He likes it because its fluffy and they’ve gone through many things together…. im surprised it doesn’t have any blood stains on it .-.
it’s gone missing tho so next in line would be his super fucking awesome neon rainbow boxers dont you dare judge him

7. What do they do when they wake up?
💉 crashes into the doorframe then goes to brush his teeth

8. How do they sleep? Positions?
💉 on his stomach with his hands wrapped around the pillow and head turned to the side

9.what do their hands feel like?
💉 he’d have big, warm hands but they’d be in pretty good shape aka not roughed up since #1 he needs them for operations so is careful not to get hurt and #2 his fighting style doesn’t really make him touch anything other than his sword

10. If you kissed them, what would they taste like?
💉 not bread.

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AH AUs that I need:

• I got so angry at this game that I threw my xbox out the window and it hit you in the head.

• You sent me anon hate but forgot to click anon and I’m going to beat your ass even if you’re kind of cute.

• I’m going back to school, and the professor is the same person I had a raging crush on when we were in high school.

• You’re a tattoo artist and you let me come in here and get a banana on my ass when I was drunk?

• ^ but with dick piercings

• I promise I’m not staring at you to be creepy I’m just trying to get practice for my life drawing class.

• Who are you and why are you in my house?

• You’re a waiter, you’re really shit at your job, and the food here is disgusting, but you’re really cute and I can’t help stopping in once a week.