i forgot to draw tattoo oops


Hey, it’s been a while! To keep it brief: life has been a pain in the ass and will continue to be a pain in the ass for a while. That, in combination with random insecurities about my art, is why my update schedule has been uh…somewhat sporadic.

Anyway, as the first step in getting over some of my Issues, here are some draws that I done did the last couple of months. I may have gone through a small Metal Gear Solid phase, haha.


Imagine your OTP

Person A and B are verbally fighting. B yells at A"Fine if you don’t like it then take what’s yours and LEAVE!“ A replies"I will!“Then they pick up B and carries them out the door with them.

I got a wacom for christmas and this is one of my first attempts at digital drawing.

I think this is something Chloe would absolutely do, so I drew it.

I´m sorry for my messy Handwriting!