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“…or you can just take me as your present ;D”

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“either way, you can’t escape any of my kisses~ here’s one for each year my dear!” 

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The Signs As Weird Retail Customers I've Had To Deal With
  • Aries: The guy who went over to me with a knife and held it in front of my face, only to ask if I knew any place in the mall where he could have it sharpened.
  • Taurus: The woman who didn´t want to buy her son any toys and tried to tell him that “the toys are just for decoration; they actually sell shelves”.
  • Gemini: The man who tried to pay for a €10 soft toy with a €500 note and, when I refused to accept it, complained that this was “discrimination against rich people”.
  • Cancer: The guy who rode his bike through the mall.
  • Leo: The two students who each bought a giant teddy bear as “back-up presents” for their girlfriends, in case they forgot an anniversary or a birthday.
  • Virgo: The guy who bought 100 postcards for his sister´s wedding and came by two days later to show us wedding videos and photos on his tablet.
  • Libra: The woman who bought a llama soft toy, believing it was a cat.
  • Scorpio: The big, dangerously looking biker who walked straight up to me and asked for “the biggest and fluffiest bunny” we had.
  • Sagittarius: The man who looked at the giant 4.25-foot (1.20 metres) plush penguin and asked if we had a bigger one- preferably taller than him.
  • Capricorn: The woman who had a whole conversation with me in English, eventually realized that I wasn´t originally from Britain and then started to talk really, really slowly.
  • Aquarius: The woman who didn´t know what a penguin was- or the South Pole for that matter- and asked me to explain.
  • Pisces: The women who looked at the big cat soft toys and asked me why the hell we sold soft toys of animals that were not indigenous to Germany while standing next to a shelf filled with dragons and unicorns.
Lost Track of Time

|| Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You were mad, but he was out of patience 

Word Count: 1526

Warning: eh, not really a warning…that is unless you hate the F-bomb and other kinds of curse words.

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You were fuming. Here you were, dressed in a stunning gown that you knew he would love and holding a boxed Rolex that you were going to gift him. You had waited for him in the fancy 5-star restaurant where you had gotten a reservation, a reservation that took you at least eight months worth of pay to save up for. But here you were, back in your shared apartment at 1 am in the morning waiting for your boyfriend of two years to come home. Yes, he had stood you up.

You would have understood if he had called you or messaged you. Hell, you would have understood if he sent a freaking messenger pigeon to send you a letter telling you why he couldn’t make it. But guess what you didn’t receive? Any sort of indication from Jungkook on where he was or why he didn’t come. 

On the couch you fiddled around with your phone tossing it up and catching it over and over again, waiting for a phone call or text message from him. Instead of the blaring sound of your ringtone or a notification indicating a message, you heard something else: the opening of the front door. He was home. 

Jungkook crept in and quietly removed his shoes since he thought that you would be most likely to be asleep by now. That’s why he was so surprised to find you awake in the middle of the night sitting on the couch wearing a long gown. 

“Oh, jagi. I thought you were asleep.” You shook your head and scoffed in disbelief.

“Don’t tell me that you don’t know why I’m awake right now, Jeon Jungkook.” He shifted when he heard you refer to him by his full name. You never used his full name unless you were angry. 

If he wasn’t so tired he would have asked you what was wrong. If he wasn’t so tired he would be doing his aegyo to cheer you up. If he wasn’t so tired he wouldn’t be picking a fight with you. 

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A Valentine's Day Tale

Was supposed to be main PTA Sanders but ended up being Prinxiety centred. Sorry.

Anyway, to the fic







Logic growled deeply as he stared at his phone, going through the list for the tenth time that week. Valentine’s Day was coming again and until that week, he had been feeling like that was his year. That he would rock the day with a wonderful present and a date that would forever stay in Morality’s head. And he would like it so much they would do it again, and again, until they started dating, and the dating lead on to copulation and then marriage, probably.

Okay, maybe Anxiety had been right when saying that was basically The Sims but… Logic knew no other way on how things could go. Besides, he didn’t even know if personas like him and Morality could even copulate. Or marry. But that was beyond the point.

Beyond the point because if he didn’t find the perfect gift in time, he would t even find out if it was possible or not.

“Forget the chocolate”

“Go with the flowers”

Logic jumped up in the air when he heard the other two speaking, Anxiety and Prince materialising next to him out of nowhere. He could only wish he knew how to do that. He was the one that least popped in in Thomas’ life and did it even less when it came to the others.

“Flowers?” Anxiety complained, raising his eyebrow and making a disgusted face. “So predictable”

“What do you suggest? You know Logic hates dogs” Prince said, hands on his waist, and Logic raised his hand to intervene, but neither of them were paying attention.

“A game, brilliant minded. A game” Anxiety complained, rolling his eyes. “We all know dad is a child when it comes to board games”

“He does not understand video games, that’s for sure” Prince agreed. “But he’s a child for everything really. Unless he’s giving a lesson”

“Oh, he gives you lessons now?” Anxiety asked, a wide smirk on his face, and Prince blushed before groaning in anger.

“You are the most perverted minded person in this household.” He growled, and then rubbed his eyes. “Why do you have to be creative in the worst way?”

“At least I’m creative. I’m not thinking about giving chocolate and flowers to my probable date on Valentine’s Day, right Logic?” The dark persona teased, still smirking. Only then Logic received the attention back on him and he sighed.

“I am not going to start a discussion with the two of you. This is the information I collected through the weeks of careful observation. There is nothing else” he said, fixing his glasses, but Anxiety rolled his eyes, annoyed.

“He needs a watch. Dad has been asking the time for all of us at least three times a day. He doesn’t have a watch. Give one to him” he said, and Logic’s eyes widened.

“How do you…”

“I pay closer attention than you think” Anxiety assured, and then shrugged. “Thank me later”

“It is a great idea” Prince agreed, and Logic smiled a bit, nodding to himself.

“Yes. Good idea” he said, biting his lip. “Now all I have to do is go out and buy the clock. Thanks!” He got up, grabbing his coat and rushing out of the door straight to the mall. “And good date!”

He was too fast to see how both sides blushed before they headed off to their own rooms.

“Prince! Anxiety!” Morality called from his room just before they could enter their own. The two personas looked at each other before walking slowly to the father’s room, getting inside to see him on the bed surrounded by paper, glue, paint, scissors and glitter. He looked up as they entered, smiling. “Hey!”

“What are you doing here?” Prince asked, a smile growing on his face. “Is this…”

“Yes. I’m making a picture book” Morality said, biting his lip. “But it’s coming harder than I thought. Could you help?”

“Are you giving that to Logic?” Anxiety asked, and the father nodded happily. “Well then you can put it in the fireplace, because he will hate it”

“Anxiety!” Prince complained, as Morality’s face fell.

“What?!” The dark persona replied. “You know I’m right. You should just buy a book about weird facts. Or any book at all. Making a picture book is a waste of time. It’s Logic. He won’t even lie saying he like it. He’s not that sensitive”

“B-but” Morality mumbled, voice breaking slightly, and Prince shushed him, shaking his head.

“Don’t listen to ruin-mood over there. He will love it! I know it. Do you need any help?” He asked, and the father sniffled, rubbing his slightly teary eyes.

“N-no. Anxiety is right. I’ll just buy a random book or whatever” he mumbled, standing up and walking inside his bathroom, leaving Prince and Anxiety alone. The royal stared at the other angrily, but Anxiety just shrugged.

“I am hurting him so he isn’t hurt by his affection”

“You’re just going up in my list, Anxiety” Prince said angrily, standing up from the bed and walking to him. “You don’t know if Logic would like it or not”

“Yes I do. I know how Logic works. He would even say he liked it, but he would lock it up in his closet and never see it again” he shrugged, walking out of the room and being followed by the royal. “Besides, that’s my duty: make sure no one embarrass themselves.”

“Your duty is making people feel bad about what they love” Prince said, coldly. Anxiety felt his chest tighten and looked at Prince angrily.

“Oh what now? That’s how I work. I can’t just be nice to everyone like you can!” He said, clearly offended and upset. “Besides, they love each other already! It’s not like they can’t just give each other a kiss and be done for”

“Damn it Anxiety, for someone that cares so much about doing everything right so there is no embarrassment involved, how can you not see that giving gifts is just as important as declaring your love for someone!” Prince said, outraged. “It’s a demonstration of how much you care about someone. Bought or handmade, expensive or cheap, good or bad, it matters not! The fact that you remembered is all that matters when the person really loves you. Obvious that Logic would prefer an encyclopaedia instead of a handmade picture book, but he would have loved it just the same. And even though you convinced Logic against the puppy or the flowers, Morality would have loved any of those just the same as a clock. You claim to know everything better than everyone because you’re scared of trying and failing, and I get it. But don’t push your fears into others. Specially those two. They deserve each other” Prince said, angrily, taking Anxiety by surprise. “Now I will try to convince Morality to make the book and you stay out of it”

As Prince left, Anxiety started to rethink what he had done, and suddenly the images came to him. The future, good and bad, in all options. The flowers, chocolate, puppy, kitten, book, encyclopaedia. And suddenly, nothing mattered anymore, because in the end, the two were always finishing up together, happier or sadder, but always in love.

‘More glitter!’ He heard Prince saying, and Morality giggles, and he sighed, walking to his room. He hated Valentine’s Day, he hated being wrong, he hated Prince being right, and he hated feeling weak like he was.

And as he entered his room, he stared at the fantasy book in his shelf, standing out from everything else, with a golden cover that shone, the present he had bough to give Prince. Now, it was no use. Prince would never want it.

He laid down on his bed and covered himself up, closing his eyes.

Sleep until the sun went away, for sure.

Prince hadn’t seen Anxiety all day, but now it was night and he was sitting on the stairs, excitedly waiting for Logic’s arrival so he could see the interactions between him and Morality. The father was waiting for the teacher on the couch, holding the handmade book and bouquet of fake flowers. He looked nervous, but happy, his feet moving to calm himself down.

Prince’s eyes widened when the door opened, and Morality jumped up, grinning widely. Then, his eyes widened as well, and Prince frowned, not being able to see Logic because of the location of the door. Morality let the bouquet and the book fall and he rushed out, bringing a soaked up Logic inside.

Only then Prince realised it was raining.

“I think I have a cold” Logic mumbled, completely soaked, and Morality shushed him, sitting him down on the couch.

“Worry not. I’ll grab some towels and make some tea” he said, taking out Logic’s tie and looking up at Prince, who in a jump rushed upstairs to Logic’s room, grabbing three towels and dry clothes before going down again.

“Here” he said, and Morality smiled, taking the clothes and towels as Logic removed his shirt and pants and was quickly wrapped around towels and dried by the father.

“What were you thinking? The time girl said it would rain in the evening” Morality said, and Logic sighed after sneezing.

“I forgot… I had to buy your present” he said, and Morality’s eyes widened. That was Prince’s cue to walk away slowly, returning to the stairs, only to realise that he wasn’t alone now. Anxiety was there as well, watching.

“Present? What present?” The father asked, and the teacher chuckled quietly.

“Your valentine present. I wanted to be your valentine, but everything went terribly wrong” he said, and then removed a case from the pants on the ground. “I saved the present, though. But the roses were destroyed”

“Oh…” Morality mumbled, taking the box and opening it. He smiled widely, taking the black clock out and giggling as he put it around his wrist. “It’s beautiful. Thank you”

“Welcome” Logic mumbled, drying his hair as Morality grabbed the book and the flowers from the floor. “What’s that?”

“Your Valentine’s Day present” he said, and Logic stared at him surprised before taking the presents in his hands and smiling shyly.

“Is this a picture book?” Logic asked, raising an eyebrow, and Morality nodded, looking at the ground. “And fake flowers?”

“Well yeah… I don’t know if you would like it but…” He started, but Logic shook his head and grinned.

“I loved it” he said, and Morality squealed contently before hugging the other tight. “Wait! I’m all wet!”

“I don’t care” the father giggled, kneeling down between Logic’s legs and grinning at him. “Will you be my valentine?”

“I already am” Logic said, rolling his eyes, and before he could react, Morality wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed him hard, making Logic put his hand on the father’s waist out of instinct but quickly respond to the kiss, pulling him closer and forgetting about the fact that he was wrapped in towels while not wearing much.

Prince smiled as the two realised that, Logic blushing deeply and Morality laughing, and he then sighed romantically.

“You were right after all” anxiety muttered next to him, and Prince raised one eyebrow, looking at the persona next to him.

“Well it’s not everyday that I listen that” he said, but Anxiety just sighed, looking away. “Hey. I am sorry too. I didn’t mean to let it all out like that”

“No, you were right” he said, rubbing his eyes. “I was being an asshole, as usual. I should have just let them be”

“Oh shush it you. No time for self pity” Prince said, and then slowly took a small box from his pocket. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jason toddler” he teased, giving it to Anxiety, making his eyes widen. “I really liked that nickname”

“I see…” Anxiety muttered, taking the box and opening it slowly, before a small smile creeped up his lips. “Eyeshadow? Really Roman?”

“You never call me by my name” Prince gasped, and smirked. “Does that mean you like me now?”

“Nah” Anxiety said, and then sighed, taking out the book from behind him. “I bought something for you too”

“Is this a fantasy book?” Prince asked, eyes wide as he took the book in hands and opened it. “It’s the fantasy book…”

“Well I…” Anxiety muttered, but Prince shook his head, leaning forward and giving him a tight hug.

“I loved it. Thank you” he said, smiling widely and pulling back, only to be held by Anxiety, the dark persona holding onto his clothes. “Anxiety..?”

No more could have been said. Anxiety swallowed his pride and his fears and moved in, pressing his lips to Prince’s in a quick, chaste kiss - very unlike Morality’s - before jumping up and rushing upstairs to his room, leaving a confused, blushing prince behind.

“Geez Prince, the bell really rang in your midnight ball” Morality said, smiling from under the stairs, while Logic chuckled.

“Your carriage finally became pumpkin hun? How are you feeling?” Logic asked, and Prince stared at them confused and embarrassed.

“What just happened?” He asked, shakily, and the other two chuckled deeply.

“Your date just ran away to, let me quote, 'hide under the covers until the sun goes away’” Logic said, smiling in the most relaxed way Prince had ever seen.

“And you should go after him” Morality nodded, grinning. “Because that’s what good dates do”

“I… Well…” Prince mumbled, and then stood up. “Okay” he took a deep breath. “Good night for you two”

“Thanks!” Morality smiled.

“We will” Logic assured, smiling, and Prince smiled back, before rushing up to Anxiety’s room, knocking on the door.

“Go away Ana” Anxiety growled from inside, and Prince couldn’t help but chuckle lightly, still holding the book that was given to him.

“I don’t want to build a snowman, Ann” he said, rolling his eyes and then looking at the door handle. “It’s not locked. You don’t have a lock”

“Well then come in uninvited. We have already discussed the whole consent thing” anxiety replied, but Prince only smirked.

“I didn’t consent for the kiss you gave me” he teased, and Anxiety growled, making him giggle as he opened the door. “Really though, no harm done” he said as he entered the dark room. In the bed, there was a lump under the covers, and Prince closed the door before walking to the bed and sitting next to the lump. “Talk to me Ann”

“I’m mute, like Ariel” Anxiety mumbled, shuffling away from Prince. “Leave me alone”

“Learn sign language. I know it” Prince said, and then slowly moved one hand up to the covers, pulling them down slowly to reveal a very shaken Anxiety, blushing deeply with tears on his eyes. The royal frowned, worried, and stared at him. “Ann, why are you crying?”

“I’m not” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes and destroying his make up. His voice was even for someone as upset as him. “What do you want?”

“Talk, perhaps? You did kiss me down there you know? I wasn’t expecting that” he said, smiling, but Anxiety just huffed.

“I wasn’t expecting a valentine gift either and here we are” he mumbled, and Prince sighed before laying down next to Anxiety and placing his hand on the other’s waist, over the blankets. Anxiety froze at the touch, before making himself relax. “Prince, what are you doing?”

“Well… What I should have done long ago, I guess” he said, before moving a bit closer and pressing their noses together. “Happy Valerinetine’s Day” he teased, before moving forward and kissing Anxiety, pulling him closer by his waist and wrapping the arm around him.

Anxiety took no second to answer the kiss, pressing closer and kissing back while putting his hands over Prince’s cheek, his body melting at the contact.

“Well, everything worked out in the end” Logic said, his arm around Morality’s waist as they watched them through a small crack on the door. Morality nodded, grinning, and turned to his date, who was now dressed up again in his usual attire.

“Let’s make dinner” he said, grabbing Logic’s hand and pulling him downstairs with a giggle.

Welp, Valentine’s Day for the win, he guessed.

Jungkook as your boyfriend

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  • k if you get to date jungkook you are the luckiest thing on earth because who doesn’t want to date that nerd
  • so he would be extremely nervous before confessing because he wouldn’t just go to a random someone he found cute and ask them out oh no no he would totally fall for a best friend
  • and guess what you are the best friend
  • and the nerd didn’t even realise he liked you in the first place he was literally just like “huh hyung aren’t they amazing if i’d date someone i wish it would be them”
  • and jin is literally facepalming for the fifth time because “jungkook maybe u CAN date them just ask”
  • but kook is like “wait no i can’t hyung we are best friends are you dumb or something”
  • but then something clicks in his head or jin is hitting his head bc kook’s stupid af and you turn around and smile at him and he just realises
  • he just knows he already fell for you
  • and then he nearly faints
  • but yeah back to it he decides to confess after some weeks or months idk he’s pretty much a loser
  • so what better way to confess than write a message because he is still a loser and he knows that if he talks to you he’s gonna screw it all up
  • so here’s the thing, being your best friend, kook doesn’t really write you messages and even when he does they are short because he knows you won’t get mad
  • but he literally stood all night up to write a long ass message before sending it at like 7 am
  • you still don’t know that he worked so much at that message but namjoon is forever blackmailing kook with it
  • woah this backstory is long af
  • anyway badabing badaboom you two are together because you actually had a crush on him who wouldn’t have a crush on jungkook
  • he still doesn’t like texting but he tries to send you morning texts and good night texts
  • you also get to wear his white t-shirts and he complains about it but he finds you sexy when you wear his clothes so he lets you wear them anyway
  • you two watch the marvel movies and you secretly like iron man too but you say that captain america is better just to annoy kook
  • alright back to the story
  • so jungkookie wouldn’t be big on skinship at first
  • he would be afraid to hold your hand
  • so when he does hold your hand he just internal screams and is like “good job kook you did good”
  • but then he regrets everything because his hands get sweaty so he immediately tries to find a context to stop holding your hand
  • he is also afraid to kiss you
  • and when the boys see that none of you is taking initiative on kissing they come up with a plan
  • so they play the pepero game
  • and yeah, taehyung and hobi kiss again and jimin gets slapped by yoongi bc they kissed but it’s all worth it when they shove both your heads into one another to see you kiss
  • and this is the story of your first kiss
  • jungkook likes hugs though
  • he would hug you 24/7 if he had the time
  • he gives good hugs too like he likes to hover over you if you are shorter or snuggle his head into your neck if you are tall enough
  • he would also like cuddling, especially spooning
  • but he would love to be the big spoon, even if you are 6 feet tall he. is. going. to. hold. his. baby.
  • and you can’t do anything about it
  • he still whines about his arm being numb after you two get up and he denies ever wanting to be the big spoon so you are still the bad one
  • after he gets comfortable enough with you he would start making out with you
  • and BOI would he love making out yes he would
  • he’d be pretty good at it too like he would love to hover over you while you two kissed (he would also dominate the kiss he’s a dom fiGHT ME)
  • he’d put a hand around your waist if you were standing and he would gather your hands over your head if you were sitting
  • he loves when you straddle him but he will never ever ever tell you
  • he also gives good neck kisses
  • he would pepper close mouthed kisses over your neck and they would be so light you would barely feel them
  • and when he gets to your collar bone you think he’s done buT HE GOES BACk to your neck and just bites
  • he bites
  • and then he starts to sloppily kiss all over your neck and he starts biting and sucking and licking everywhere he can reach and he gives you s o many hickeys and god forbid you hide them nope you gotta go out with your neck fucked up i’m sorry you got no choice
  • and he gets so smug and proud when people point out your hickeys or bruises and he smirks and he just w i n k s at you when you look over
  • but this fucker would headbutt you into your nose if you gave him one faint faint pale hickey
  • so yeah i guess you found out that your sex life is pretty interesting
  • of course, if you are ok with sex bc if you are not jungkook is still a happy bean
  • k so i already said that jungkook is a dom and i will forever support this statement with my whole heart
  • anyway, the first time he wouldn’t be as confident as he was with making out
  • bc apparently making love is different
  • and he’s scared of hurting you
  • so you have to take the wheel
  • and your first time is gentle and cute and somehow awkward but you enjoyed it nevertheless because jungkook kept on repeating praises and he also left those heavenly moans out
  • spoiler: after the first three times kook flips you two over and fucks you into oblivion
  • another spoiler: you never get to dom ever again
  • from then on it just gets wilder and wilder
  • i don’t really see him into dirty talk but i actually see him into dirty talk???
  • like i don’t think he will dirty talk every time but if you get him angry enough he will get into lowkey humiliation mode
  • sometimes calls you slut but apologizes for it 50 times after it’s all over
  • will never ever do anything that will hurt you because he may be a dom but he’s not going to ever hurt you so u are in good hands
  • a big one on fingering i dunno i don’t see him eating you out but he’ll finger you at any hour every day he’d finger you hours on no end if you would let him
  • also loves fucking your mouth if you are ok with it but still apologizes for it 10 times
  • spoiler: if you let him fuck your mouth then he will totally do it and if you gag or struggle he will chuckle and be like “come on, you can take more than that” and just continue. feels bad for it later
  • anyway, if you look uncomfortable with something or you look like you just can’t anymore he will stop because he doesn’t want to push you past your limits
  • and apologize again like 70 times because he is good at apologizing
  • if you guys ever fight he will be s o scared but only after it’s over and one of you walks away
  • i mean, he gets into it and he is pretty competitive so when you fight he wants to show you that he is right even if he isn’t
  • so he doesn’t notice that what you two do is bad only after you walk away
  • so he gets very very scared and he’s !!! “hyUNG WHAT DO I DO THEY LEFT”
  • and jin is like “calm down kid they’ll come back i promise”
  • and you do come back and jungkook is in literal tears his cheeks are all puffed out and his eyes are red and his lips are even redder and he looks like he can’t breathe anymore and he just clings to you and he repeats “please never leave me alone don’t ever walk away like this please i’ll do everything let’s just never fight i don’t like it” and he is ugly sobbing and whining so you just hug him and cuddle him and wipe away his tears and you can’t even remember why you fought in the first place
  • that was your first fight so after that one jungkook avoids the fights like the plague
  • if you guys start fighting he drops everything and hugs you very very tight because he is scared you will walk away again so he sits you down somewhere and he sits right next to you so your legs and arms touch because he needs to know you are there 
  • and you two just talk and never fight again
  • he also gets you little cute presents because “i just saw it there and it reminded me of you so i just bought it”
  • so your room is full of little things from jungkook because he doesn’t really like presents but will forever buy you stuff because he highkey likes to spoil you
  • you are so spoiled istg the only time he doesn’t spoil you is when you say “why do you spoil me” and he just denies everything
  • he is totally whipped but he doesn’t acknowledge it
  • and you guys tease each other every day and every time people see you together you bicker but at the end of the day you are still his and he is still yours
  • he knows he can trust you so WAIT NOPE I FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING IT’S NOT ENDING YET
  • he is so jealous
  • i mean, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, because he does, but when he sees other men around you he just goes on protective mode
  • the problem is he doesn’t know how to react when he feels like this so every time it’s different
  • one time he pulls you away, one time he joins the conversation, one time he just says something salty to the other person and forcefully grabs you and takes you somewhere else
  • actually, it’s always different with jungkook, whatever you guys are doing, be it dates (sometimes you go to a cafe, the next time you go to the gym and sometimes he takes you to the zoo or a carnival), or kisses (he will forever kiss you in a new way, two kisses will never be the same) or even talk (you guys will never talk about the same thing twice)
  • and that is because he knows he doesn’t know what to do so he wants to make sure that you are still interested in him and still love him and he’s forever afraid that he might screw up so he tries his best because you are honestly the world for him and he doesn’t want to lose his sun and moon and stars
  • because you make him feel things he never felt before and you are his only source of calmness and peace when everyone is stressing him and only your scent can relax him
  • and he knows he can trust you because you have been there before he even knew who he was. you were always there to remind him why he is wonderful and why he is doing what he is doing and you always supported him through his darkest times. you always protected him and he didn’t even know
  • so now he is forever grateful for what you’ve done for him and he wants to do so too. he wants to be there for you and he wants you to cry on his shoulder, not on someone else’s. he wants to be the reason you smile and he wants to protect you and he wants to remind you why you are breathtaking
  • he just adores you and everything about you and he still can’t comprehend why you love him the way he loves you and every night he has to remind himself that you are his, that you are there for him and that you are ok with it
  • so your relationship is more than bickering and presents
  • because jungkook is way deeper than he shows and he is a person that feels everything so very deeply and sometimes he is afraid of his own feelings and this is why he needs you to show him that you feel the same way and that he isn’t crazy or something
  • your relationship is one where you aren’t just lovers, but best friends too, which means that you know everything about each other, but are still eager to absorb everything that means the other’s existence
  • your relationship is built on sleepless nights where you just stare at each other and warm blankets and 3 am dinners and soft shy kisses and sweaty hands even after years of being together and mistakes because they are always there but you two learn to overcome them and he wouldn’t have it any other way
  • this got very long

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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Title: Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Uncle!Dean

Word Count: 950

Warnings: None

A/N: This was written for Taylor’s 600 Followers Celebration (@impalaimagining) My prompt was “Is that a gun?”. I hope you guys like it!

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“Morning” - Dean mumbled, rubbing his eyes. - “What you doing?”

“Breakfast for dad… it’s his birthday!” - You raised an eyebrow at him and he nodded.

“I know it his birthday. What? Do you think I forgot?”

“You know I wouldn’t say that! But yes.”

“Aren’t you sassy?” - He chuckled - “Anyway… what you got your old man?”

You turned and walked towards him, eyes wide.


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For those people willing to buy copies of sott for people, buy it for friends and family. I just bought copies for my parents who are in their 50's and they loved it. If anyone uses Facebook anymore post that you have free copies I'm sure people will be interested. (Just make sure they redeem soon) Also ask around at school or work because people love free things.

have a coworker that you need to say thank you to for doing an errand or task for you???? have a friend that you forgot to get a birthday present for???? have a parent that you want to express some appreciation for or maybe you need to apologize because you broke a lamp???? need to cancel plans because you can’t leave the house on saturday after all due to harry’s snl performance and you wanna show your friend you’re sorry??? GIVE THEM SIGN OF THE TIMES ON iTUNES, THE BEST PRESENT ONE COULD EVER RECEIVE!!

Rooftop Gift


Vernon lap dance smut please thanks bb


Thanks for requesting bb, here’s your Vernon lap dance smut!  -L.E.D

Genre: Smut

Rooftop Gift

“Which one is that,” your boyfriend nudges you as he points up at a cluster of stars in the night sky. “Ursa Minor,” you respond as you snuggle closer to him under the blanket. It was the night before Vernon’s birthday; 5 minutes before to be exact, and you had dragged him to the roof of his building to stargaze. It was a cute date idea you saw online, but you did’t realize how difficult it would be to see anything with all the light pollution from the bustling city below. “What about that one?” He continues to quiz you. “Ursa Major,” you respond after squinting at the sky. With stars also shining in his eyes, your boyfriend found yet another dazzling light to ask you about. “That really bright one right there,” he reached out into the sky as if he was trying to bring it down for you to look at. Following his gaze, you can’t help but burst out laughing. “That’s a plane!”

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Ameripan Week: Day 7

(I kept meaning to write more each day but I ended up forgetting. :( Maybe I can write one more before the day is over. There were so many nice prompts.)

Kiku took in a deep breath, steeling himself for the battle ahead. Here he was, present in hand and standing outside the door of his best friend’s house. He was going to do it. He was going to tell Alfred how much he li…

Kiku’s face flared up and he hid it behind the gift in his hands. No, no, why was he like this? He had practiced all night, making sure it would come out just right. Why was it still difficult?

“Just…just take a moment,” he muttered to himself. He glanced at the door and any nearby windows, making sure no one was watching him making a complete fool of himself. “This is ridiculous. I should just…no. No. I swore.”

That was right. He made a promise to himself that he would confess today. He had to. He had liked Alfred for years and now…

“Kiku!” Kiku froze, refusing to move when he heard the familiar voice. He could feel Alfred wrap his arms around him in a big hug. “Hey! What’s up?”

“Alfred?” Forcing himself to turn around, Kiku felt his already weakening resolve vanish when he was face-to-face with the object of his affection. “What…what are you doing outside?“ Kiku wanted to kick himself for asking such a stupid question.

Alfred didn’t seem to mind as he released Kiku and went to open the door. “Eh, I was out of chips so I went to grab some more.” He turned to Kiku with a raised brow. “What are you doing here? Were we supposed to hang out today?”

Kiku froze, holding the present closer to his chest. “Um…no…no, I just…”

“Hey, what’s that?” Alfred asked, pointing to the present. “Is it for me?”

“Um…well…yes but…”

“Huh? What for? It’s not my birthday. Is it our anniversary?” Alfred gasped in horror. “It’s our anniversary, isn’t it?”

Kiku’s face was bright red. “A…anniversary?”

“I don’t believe this. I forgot our first anniversary,” Alfred moaned before putting his hands together and pouting. “Please forgive me. I’ll buy you the best present ever.”

Kiku wasn’t understanding this. “I…we…huh?”

“Yeah, I saw this really cool art set earlier. I was going to buy it for you but payday isn’t until next Friday so if you can just wait a bit longer and…”

“Alfred…it’s not our…our a-anniversary…” Kiku said, trying to understand what Alfred was talking about. Was this some custom he was unaware of?

Alfred blinked before he let out a sigh of relief. “Oh, good. I’m trying really hard to be a good boyfriend. I swear so I want to–”

That was all Kiku could stand before he squeaked out. “B-boyfriend?!”

Alfred’s cheeks turned pink before he let out an embarrassed chuckle. “Oh, wow. That’s the first time I’ve said that, isn’t it? Feels good, actually.”


“But yeah, come on in. It’s starting to get windy.”

Kiku couldn’t say anything as Alfred grabbed him by the hand and led him inside.


And then Kiku learned that Alfred had already confessed to him during one of their sleepovers but Kiku was half out of it so he didn’t remember but Alfred didn’t mind and just confessed all over again. So, happy ending for all!


For my anon from last night:

Someone I Love Was Born Today

Robert felt like he was floating, the new mattress was perfect and he didn’t want to move. It’d taken him and Aaron ages to find the perfect bed, well it had taken him ages to find the perfect bed. Aaron had followed him around the store complaining that it was taking so long. The first night in their new home was a different story however and Aaron was very grateful for all the time it had taken.

He heard a groan from beside him and rolled over to see Aaron squinting against the brightness of what appeared to be a perfect spring morning. It was Saturday so they had nowhere to be, probably a good thing considering the state Aaron had been in when he arrived home the night before after a night out with Adam.

“You suffering?” He reached over and ruffled his husband’s hair, revelling in its gel free appearance.

“Go ‘way.”

“Charming! I’ll make the coffee then, shall I? Not sure I should be really, not today.” He pulled on a t-shirt and wandered down the stairs running a hand through his hair and yawning. He’d quite enjoy a lazy morning in bed with Aaron but it didn’t look likely. Maybe they could go out somewhere later, just the two of them.

“What’s got you smiling?” He swung round as Liv appeared behind him still in her pyjamas.

“It’s a beautiful day! You have plans today, right?” He asked hopefully as she sat at the table, feet immediately going up onto the chair next to her. He shook his head, couldn’t be bothered to tell her not to.

“Yeah, Chas is taking me shopping in Harrogate. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil whatever you’ve got planned.” He sits opposite her clutching his coffee.

“I don’t have plans as it happens. Aaron might though, once he’s conscious.” He tries to keep the hopefulness out of his voice, not in the mood for her teasing him today.

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Peanut Butter & Apples & Daddy Kink

A smutty story in which Harry likes to jokingly call himself “daddy” and it gets a little too real one night. 

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Happy birthday Sirius.
  • Remus: happy birthday Sirius, here's your present.
  • Sirius: thanks moons that's so sweet you didn't have to.
  • James: oh we don't have to ... good I forgot.
  • Sirius: you little shit. *leaps at James*
  • James: what ... You just said we didn't have too.
  • Sirius: I said Remus didn't have to because his presence and love is enough.
  • James: isn't my presence and love enough. *flutters eyelashes*
  • Sirius: No you idiot, your family's rich buy me something nice.
  • James: I'm sorry I'll get you something tomorrow!
  • Sirius: Hmmm ... Not good enough get my precious moonybear something too.
  • James: merlins beard you demanding little .... Fine what do you want for your moonybear.
  • Remus: please don't call me that.
  • Sirius: yep only I get to call him that.
  • Remus: Sirius ... Also please don't call me that.
  • Sirius: okay here's the deal James, spend £20 on whatever rem wants, that'll make me happy.
  • James: okay, Remus what do you want.
  • *the next day*
  • Remus: *happy smile* nom nom munch.
  • James: seriously moony ... chocolate ... you could have asked for anything and you wanted £20 worth of chocolate.
  • Sirius: shhhhhh he's happy, let my baby be happy.
Forgiveness (Edward Nygma x Reader) - One Shot Smut

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Summary: Ed forgets an important anniversary and you get really upset, so upset you are ready to leave him.


Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, Angst, Fluff, Vaginal Fingering, Hair-pulling, Rough Sex, Explicit Language. Italics; Edward’s darker self talking

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Reasons supporting that Bayonetta is gay with Jeanne.

1. She calls her babe,
2. They live together
3. They where hosting a Christmas Party together at their house in which they live at together
4. They talk to eachother really intimately,
Bayonetta tells her to go get the things for the party and Jeanne is like “I forgot the caviar,” and Bayonetta is all like “I wonder if they are still open.” Meaning she was planing fully to go with Jeanne too the store like grocery shopping.
5. All the presents Bayonetta was buying, I fucking doubt they where all for herself, why would someone buy gifts for herself at Christmas and have them wrapped up all pretty and stuff.
6. That scene where Jeanne and Bayonetta are talking and Bay says “they cut up my dress right around here.” And Jeanne says in the most alluring away “how criminal…don’t they know there a time and place for that…”
7. Bayonetta literally goes to hell for Jeanne and almost cries about the thought of losing her, she also keeps saying stuff like “she will make it home tonight.”
8. SPOILERS but when Jeanne is saved how Bayonetta like tells her to go back to their home and rest, she’s like really really cute and caring about her gf and it’s so great I love them,
9. The part where Jeanne’s dress gets cut and Bayonetta looks at her ass and Jeanne says “WE WILL TALK ABOUT THIS LATER.” Yeah I’m sure you will.
10. In the first game Jeanne sacrifices herself for Bayonetta, and says she’s doing everything just for her.

Princess (Dad!Jungkook)

Request:  Ho!a I really appreciate your work can I request a sceanio about kookie being a single teen dad that struggling to keep it up and just his life on being a dad or something sweet or anything

Summary: Single dad Jungkook plans a birthday party for his precious daughter with the help of his bandmates. 

Genre: Fluff, dad!Jungkook, comedy (?)

Word count: 1.8K

Note: Thank you and I hope you enjoy! Tell me whatcha think about this! :D

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The call from Jungkook’s daughter immediately jolts him awake and sets him in a panic. Jungkook bursts out of the comfort of his bed and runs find Minseo, his princess of five years. Of course he finds her in her room, clothes sprawled out everywhere.

“Daddy! I need help.” Minseo pouts cutely, staring at her disheveled looking father.

“Oh god, you scared me, I thought something bad happened.” Jungkook sighs in relief, seeing that Minseo’s life wasn’t in imminent danger.

“Something bad is going to happen if you don’t help me!” She cries out dramatically.

Jungkook playfully rolls his eyes at her, before joining her on the floor.

“Okay princess, what’s up?” He asked, paying full attention to her.

“Something super important is happening soon…” She answered, a huge grin on her face.

Of course Jungkook knew what she was hinting at. It was going to be Minseo’s sixth birthday tomorrow and everyone was excited, and by everyone, Jungkook meant the boys. He had been planning a party for her since the previous month and had roped in the guys to help.

“I wonder what it is…” Jungkook says, pretending to think as he taps on his chin.

“Oh! I know! It’s BTS’ anniversary in like a week. Thank you for remembering sweetheart.” He says jokingly, smiling widely.

“Daddy…” Minseo pouts, looking genuinely sad.

“Princess, I’m joking oh god, don’t cry.” Jungkook quickly tells her, fearing the tears that might drop.

It had been five years, but Jungkook still didn’t know how to deal with a crying toddler. Ever since Minseo’s mother had left, Jungkook had been trying his best to keep his princess happy. When she cried, Jungkook had no idea what to do besides try to talk to her.

The first time baby Minseo cried and didn’t stop, Jungkook had wanted to start crying too. Thankfully, Minseo’s 6 amazing uncles had been there to cheer her up.

“I know it’s your birthday tomorrow, what are you planning?” Jungkook asked curiously.

“Well… Uncle Yoongi and Uncle Namjoon told me that they would be taking me out for ice cream!” Minseo excitedly answered.

Jungkook smiled and acted shocked.

“I didn’t know they were going to take you out! They didn’t tell me anything!”

Of course he was lying. Jungkook had gotten Minseo’s favorite uncles to take her out so he could set up the party. He was a man with a plan.

Minseo had giggled at her father’s outburst, before she suddenly stopped.

“Daddy! Quick! I need to pick an outfit!” She urges.

Jungkook looks at the wide spread of clothes Minseo had picked out, settling on a cute dress and a pair of Converse.

“Okay daddy! Thank you!” Minseo says cutely, before standing up and packing the rest of her clothes.

Jungkook sat cross legged on the floor, watching his precious princess being a responsible girl. He almost cried when he saw her fold her clothes before putting them back into the closet. He couldn’t believe how fast she was growing up.

“Okay daddy, you can go back to sleep now. I’ll wake you up when I get hungry.” Minseo tells Jungkook, pushing him out of her room and into his room. She even tucked him into bed. Jungkook seriously wanted to cry.

“Thank you baby. Remember to do your homework.” Jungkook reminded as Minseo nodded in response before running back to her room.

Jungkook didn’t go back to sleep, instead he was making final preparations for the party. He had double checked the cake and the rest of the food, as well as with the boys who were in charge of decoration.

Jin: Yeah, I’ve got everything. We just need to pick up some more helium for the balloons since Taehyung kept playing with it.

Taehyung: I wasn’t playing with it, I was checking to see if it was helium.

Jimin: Hyung, please. What else could it have been?

Taehyung: I don’t know, oxygen? Like a huge oxygen tank?

Hoseok: Oh god, you actual five year old. Anyways, how’s the rest of the things coming along? Have you gotten her a present?

Oh god. Oh dear god. Jungkook’s brain immediately kicked into overdrive. He had been so busy with concert preparations and preparing for Minseo’s party, he had actually forgot to buy a present. Oh no.

Jungkook: Hyung, save me. SAVE ME. I forgot to buy a present. Oh my god. Can someone come over and help me baby sit Minseo, I need to go buy her a present.

Namjoon: Yah, are you serious?

Jungkook: Hyung! It’s not the time to scold me. Someone save me please!

Yoongi: I can come over now if you need, I’ll bring lunch too. Just give me 20 minutes.


Jungkook breathed a sigh of relief as he put down his phone, jumping out of bed to change. He took his phone out with him when he was done washing up and changing, heading over to Minseo’s bed room.

He peeked in and saw her sitting at her desk, doing her homework, just like he asked her to. Jungkook was going to hate when she stopped listening to him and got into her rebellious stage. He knocked on her door, getting her attention before he stepped in.

“Minseo, I need to go out for a while. Uncle Yoongi will be coming over to take care of you while I’m gone. Listen to him okay?” Jungkook said, standing next to her.

She peered up at him and nodded with a huge grin on her face. Jungkook had a smile on his face as he sat next to her, waiting for Yoongi to come by before he left.

When the door bell had rung, Minseo immediately ran to it, tip-toeing to open the door.

“Uncle Yoongi!” She called out excitedly as she hugged onto his leg.

“Hey baby girl.”

Yoongi had hugged Jungkook as a greeting, before he detached Minseo from his leg.

“Okay now say bye to dad.” Yoongi told Minseo, carrying her in his arms.

Minseo bid her father goodbye, reaching out to kiss his cheek. Jungkook left in high spirits, off to find a perfect present for his perfect daughter.

The journey had been tough and Jungkook contemplated buying literally everything in one of the stores, but he settled on something he hoped Minseo would love. He bought her a necklace and a huge teddy bear that was probably taller than her.

He had snuck back into the house, carrying the teddy bear stealthily to his room. He successfully hid the bear and necklace in his closet, on the tallest shelf. Jungkook casually walked back out and headed to Minseo’s room, seeing that Yoongi was teaching her a dance to their newest song.

“Knock knock.” Jungkook said, walking into the room.

“Daddy! Wait, wait, let me show you what Uncle Yoongi taught me.” Minseo buzzed, running over to a phone to reset the song.

Jungkook watched as his little girl danced to the difficult choreography, actually acing it.

“Good job princess! That was amazing!” Jungkook complimented, lifting her up into his arms.

Yoongi collected his stuff, standing up from the floor.

“Okay Minseo, Uncle Yoongi has to leave now, but I’ll see you for ice cream tomorrow.” Yoongi said, bidding Minseo goodbye.

Minseo nodded, waving goodbye to Yoongi as he let himself out.

“Okay baby, go take a shower and I’ll prepare dinner.” Jungkook told her, putting her down.

Jungkook prepared dinner as he ran through his checklist again.

Present, check. Cake, check, ready for pick up tomorrow. Decorations, check, hopefully. Everything would hopefully go as planned.

The next day, Jungkook woke up early to shower and change. He had woken Minseo up so she could prepare for the outing with Yoongi and Namjoon. Jungkook prepared some breakfast for Minseo, ensuring she ate before he brought her out to meet her uncles.

“Okay princess, remember to be polite and listen to them.” Jungkook reminded, spotting Yoongi and Namjoon at the café.

Minseo nodded, although she did look a bit sad. Jungkook imagined it was because he hadn’t wished her happy birthday yet. He had dropped her off with her uncles, kissing her forehead before he bolted out of the café to pick up the cake.

The preparations for the party went without a hitch and Jungkook met up with the rest of the boys back at his house.

“Okay we have about an hour to decorate this place before they come back.” Jungkook announced, putting the cake into the fridge.

“The food will be here in about a half hour, so we just need to settle decorations.” Jungkook continued, looking the bags of things the boys brought over.

They quickly started work, Jin and Hoseok preparing the balloons while Jimin and Taehyung put up garlands everywhere. When the time came for the Minseo, Yoongi and Namjoon to arrive, the house was decorated beautifully, with a whole truck load of food.

Jungkook was anxiously listening for the arrival of his princess, hiding in the kitchen with the cake. The wax from the candle was dripping, which fueled his anxiousness, until he heard the doorbell.

Jin had opened the door, which was Jungkook’s cue to walk out with the cake. He could hear Minseo squealing and screaming as the lights turned on. Jungkook had a permanent smile plastered on his face as Namjoon carried Minseo towards him.

They had sung the song and Minseo had blew the candles out. Minseo looked so happy and that made Jungkook happy. When the time came for unwrapping presents, Minseo asked what her father had gotten her, and immediately going to unwrap that first.

Minseo was squealing in excitement when she saw that the huge blob of wrapping paper was hiding a giant teddy bear holding a necklace. She had ran to Jungkook, jumping into his arms and she gave him a tight hug.

“Thank you so much daddy, I love you.”

Jungkook had wanted to cry, but held it in. His baby girl was growing up. Oh no. There was going to be boys. Oh hell no.

When the presents were all unwrapped and the food was all eaten, courtesy of the 6 hungry men, the group of eight had sat down to talk.

“Who did all the decorations? They’re so pretty!” Minseo complimented.

The boys claimed their credit with smug smiles on their faces.

“How did you do the balloons?” She asked curiously, pointing the floating balloons.

Jin had explained to her the process and pointed out the tank sitting in the corner.

“Oh… I thought it was a giant oxygen tank or something.” Minseo commented, nodding slowly as she realized what it was for.

“See! I told you!”

Oh lord, someone save Taehyung.

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Hosts when they realize they forgot your birthday?

Haruhi - When this girl realized she forgot, she would immediately apologize, bowing deeply in front of you. She would run out immediately (forgetting that by doing so, she’s leaving you alone when she just forgot your birthday) and buy you a present. Afterward she would visit the super market and buy the ingredients for your favorite meal. She would spend the majority of that day preparing, which would leave you by yourself. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t be able to stay mad at her. I mean come on, who could?

Kaoru - He would definitely feel guilty, but I don’t know if he would freak out as much as the other hosts. He would simply put all of his energy into making it up to you, apologizing immensely while doing so. He would be super sweet about it, and promise not to forget next year.

Hikaru - Hikaru would act like he didn’t care.

“Hikaru, you know it’s my birthday right?”

“Hm? Oh, cool.”

But on the inside he would be freaking out because he actually forgot, and you knew he did even if he tried to deny it. However, he would make up for it by “running out real quick” and buying that one expensive thing in the store you had been eyeing up for awhile (and probably a little something extra). He would try his absolute hardest to convince that he didn’t forget. In his words he had “ been planning this surprise for awhile. Haha please take it and don’t kill me for something I most certainly didn’t do”

Tamaki - Who are we kidding, this boy would make your birthday his number one priority six months before it even arrived. Tamaki just wouldn’t forget your birthday.

Kyoya - If he did forget your birthday, it would be because of his work. And even when he realized that he forgot, he wouldn’t make a big deal about it. But you didn’t expect him to in the first place. With Kyoya, it’s the little gestures he makes that are the most important. So when he came up to you with a “happy belated birthday” card and a gift, you knew that would be the extent to his celebration of your birthday.

*bonus content comin your way*

“Kyoya, how did you know I wanted this?”

“I went through your search history, and this was your most viewed item on Amazon.”


Morinozuka [Mori] - His eyes would widen the minute he found out that he had forgotten. He would be super apologetic, before immediately leaving and trying to grab everything he needed to to make your birthday memorable. He’d probably end up buying a bunch of random things (like food items that don’t even make a meal or a stack of paper) but in the end, you wouldn’t even be able to stay mad because you could see how hard he was trying.

Haninozuka [Honey] -



“You know that it was my birthday yesterday, right?”

And Honey would proceed to break out into tears while offering you his cake. Knowing him he had probably just marked the date down wrong on the calendar, or in general just heard you wrong when you told him your birthdate. He would apologize for the rest of the day, and proceed to talk you all the fun things he had planned. Therefore ruining that surprises that would be coming to you on….whatever date he is had scheduled them for.

-Admin Sae

my boss’s birthday was on the 19th of April and i totally forgot about it so here’s a pregunta that’s probably been asked before but what does ur boss do for their birthday? do they even celebrate it?
Xavier usually just buys themself a new shirt or something as a present, and then spends the night with the lieutenants and goes out to eat with them

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For the Christmas special can I request the rfa and v/serean forgetting to buy MC a present while MC got them close to the best gift ever lol


  • he wakes up and MC surprises him with a gift
  • it’s the LOLOL limited edition platinum card for unlocking a one-time chance armour with amazing buffs 
  • and he’s shook
  • is it
  • is it Christmas today
  • MC quickly realizes Yoosung had completely forgotten it was Christmas
  • he’s tearing up a bit
  • “We’re going out now!! I’ll buy you whatever I can!! Aaaaaah!”
  • he can’t??? believe??? he forgot???


  • work has been so harsh…
  • so harsh…
  • she’s not even aware of time anymore. what day is it. who is she.
  • so she comes home and collapses on the bed and shuts down for the day
  • MC wakes her up next day’s evening
  • “Merry Christmas Jaehee!”
  • huh why is MC giving her a gift
  • this is the new coffee brewer she’d wanted ever since she’d seen it on TV and had been saving up for it
  • oh no
  • “It’s Christmas?! Crap… This is a disaster… I’m so sorry MC…”
  • she puts her face in her hand she’s so tired and she forgot she’s a terrible girlfriend oh no
  • “Ah… I mean, we can still go shopping… If you’d like to, as a gift…? Would that be ok, MC?”
  • she was just so tired and stressed but she’s not going to let MC go without a gift ok


  • he was on a Christmas play
  • rehearsals
  • every
  • single
  • day
  • he was so Tired and practiced so much he sometimes accidentally replied to people with lines from the play save him
  • and he comes home one day and MC starts saying stuff about merry christmas and his brain is still on Play Mode so he doesn’t realize its legit Christmas day
  • until MC hands him a carefully wrapped gift
  • it’s an album full with pictures of him in all the plays he’s been in, filled with little cute comments and hearts, every page saying how much MC loves him-
  • that’s so cute omg
  • “It’s Christmas today babe? Shit… I forgot!”
  • he’s not having any of this not at all
  • he and MC dash out the house to look at the stores and he ends up buying like 18 gifts for MC


  • Christmas… it’s a nightmare for the sales department
  • he’s not really in charge of that department
  • and the stress still reaches him
  • why do all these clients want… to have… Christmas dinner with him…
  • give him…… a break……
  • he doesn’t come home for like three days because he’s forced to stay working overtime all night
  • so…. tired….
  • but MC greets him with a gift??
  • he unwraps it as the guilt slowly trickles into his mind
  • a hand-sewn plush of Elizabeth 3rd
  • it’s wearing a locket
  • inside the locket there’s a picture of him, Elizabeth and MC
  • he’s never seen something so perfect
  • “MC… Sorry, I forgot to by gifts with all the work. IS there anything you want? I can get it right now, whatever it is.”
  • he’s dead serious
  • he’ll legit get them anything to apologise for messing up


  • tbh his boss just went crazy with work
  • just. dumped everything on him
  • his boss is taking a christmas leave and dumped all the work on him wtf
  • has he slept
  • he hasn’t slept in a week
  • what is time
  • MC creeps onto his room and gives him his present bc he deserves a break
  • those are…. headphones with cat ears…
  • they have lights and glow in the dark…
  • so blessed….
  • he checks the calendar on his laptop and yeah buddy it’s christmas
  • wake me up inside.mp3
  • feels bad….. so bad….. how could he not have gotten a gift for the best thing in his life, MC….


  • ever since he started going blind, taking photos is much harder
  • much, much harder
  • the stress of that combined with slowly letting go of his past has him really disoriented in time
  • one day, he just… suddenly notices
  • since when has the house been decorated?
  • MC smiles and walks to him, and hands him a gift
  • it’s wrapped in his favourite color paper
  • he’s shocked, and when he opens it, he finds a camera lens he’d been dying to get
  • but that means-
  • “MC… I didn’t… I didn’t realise it was Christmas… I’m so sorry, this is my fault… I should have kept track of the date, you deserve a gift so much more than I do…”
  • he can’t stop apologising he fells terrible


  • sometimes the concept of time is… difficult for him
  • he just… forgets days are passing
  • he comes back to his senses only when MC comes to see him with a big grin, rosy cheeks and a gift behind their back
  • “Merry Christmas Saeran!”
  • oh, it’s Christmas
  • he hadn’t noticed
  • he opens the package and finds a pack of very good coloured pencils and a sketchbook
  • it’s… it’s everything he could ask for, really
  • he then realizes he doesn’t have anything for MC
  • so for a few days, he locks himself in his room, making MC worried- he didn’t know, it wasn’t his fault, oh god-
  • and comes out to gift MC a drawing
  • a drawing he made using the gift they gave him

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THANKS SO MUCH for shedding light on Taka/Hiro's relationship. I discovered Hiro through Taka and I got caught up in these horrible forums saying that Taka & Hiro don't like each other. I didn't wanna believe it! So I tried looking for ANYTHING(like pictures of them being chummy) to prove those people wrong but came up empty. What you said MAKES SO MUCH SENSE!It's totally understandable why they keep their Relationship away from the public eye. I'm happy they're on good terms. YOU'RE AWESOME! :)

You’re welcome (^^) This is going to be a looooonggg reply but it has to be said.

I’m aware of some people saying the brothers disliking each other. I stay away from OOR fandom because of these kinds of people. I found that the bigger the band got, the crazier the fans became. Some of those so-called fans behave almost like haters especially when talking about the Moriuchi family and MFS …… particularly Hiro.


To me it’s strange how these fans came up with their “conclusion” of the brothers “supposedly disliking each other” when all the clues and evidences are showing exactly the opposite.

1) These “fans” conveniently left out the fact that Taka started to personally show photos with his parents ONLY after OOR started breaking into the American market and performing at Yokohama Stadium. After people firmly acknowledged him as a star on his own. There were no photos of Taka and his parents at all during the years of OOR trying to establish themselves in Japan, right?

It took Taka more than a decade to break away from the “Mori’s son” image that was plaguing him in his Johnny days. So, isn’t it natural for Taka to want his little brother to be viewed and acknowledged as his own person by keeping their professional lives separate?

2) There is one person on YT who claimed that “Hiro dislikes Taka” based on the assumption that Hiro talked awkwardly to him about his birthday in that conversation with Takeru Satoh. This person even went on to say that Taka was the reason for his parents’ split. My Goodness! Papa and Mama Mori have always loved and supported their children despite that difficult time in their lives. A marriage is a complex thing. You are insulting them by accusing their son of that.

Hello people, Hiro speaks in “keigo / honourific language” with Taka because their mother Masako Mori raised him that way. She wanted her kids to learn to respect older people since young age. Hiro spoke “keigo” to the older members of MFS in the beginning too as he admitted in this HAL College interview. It may appear awkward or something different to other people but it’s normal to this family. I saw a video of their mother saying Taka’s friends thought it was “Sugoi!!”. Also, for Heaven’s sake, Taka is NOT the only “tsundere” older sibling in the world yo! 

3) Did anyone notice that Takeru Satoh asked for Taka’s permission first at around 0:41**  before continuing telling that story about Hiro? Taka replied with “Hai…hai….”* or “Yes….yes…”.. Takeru didn’t simply blurt out everything just like that. He knew the conversation was being filmed and he remained respectful even though they are besties. Oh, didn’t Takeru say in this video that he’s also friends with Hiro?

*Update: Taka said 『いい / ii』not 『はい。。はい / hai…hai』but it means the same in this context. Sorry for the confusion :-P

** Update (5 Dec 2016) : Since the video I linked was removed, I put the original video the clip came from, 3にん. Takeru said it at around 13:37 time mark.

4) The fact that Hiro is friendly with many of Taka’s friends is a clear clue that he is VERY CLOSE with Taka. I think that applies to even ordinary people like us. You must be truly close with your siblings if their friends are yours too, right?

Top photo is GEN playing ping pong with OOR members Ryota & Tomoya with RxYxO Coldrain watching. Well, by now, many MFS fans (at least those who read my blog) should know who GEN is to MFS, right?

This photo of Hiro & Toru is REAL. Not Photoshopped. They were at Subciety’s Christmas / Year End party in December 2012. It was held at Wonderbowl Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many of GEN’s friends were there like Maximum the Hormone, AIR SWELL, Takahiro Ikeda (BMX Pro rider) and a bunch of others. The entire MFS members were there. Alas, only Toru came representing OOR ….. huhu. Anyway, I think you can see from Hiro and Toru’s body language that they’ve known each other a long time.

5) When their father Shinichi Mori was hospitalized for cancer scare, I believe all the 3 Moriuchi brothers were together by his side because he informed all 3 of them about his condition. Read the translation here by Dessy.

Look at their message and flower bouquet for their father on his 50th Anniversary of being in the music industry. The 3 brothers shared the bouquet together instead of sending it separately.

6) I remember reading an interview where Taka said he’s happy that each of his family member is doing their own thing and specifically mentioned about “my brother has his own band”. Sorry I forgot which interview though. I believe it was from Ryeon’s blog. If it’s not there, at least you get to read a bunch of her OOR translations (^^)

7) This is an actual photo of Taka buying a present for Hiro and it wasn’t even Hiro’s birthday from Taka’s friend Yosuke’s blog on Ameblo (it’s gone now…huhu). But you can read that part on Dessy’s old Tumblr here.

8) Their mother Masako said her sons would visit their father during important occasions like Obon Festival and New Year in this interview or the translation by Dessy here.

9) Let’s not forget how busy musicians’ schedules are.
i. Touring. Packing. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. You know how exhausting that is?
ii. If they’re not touring, they’ll be in the studio working on new music or rehearsing for the next show.
iii. There are also series of meetings with staff and crew.
iv. Discussion with designers and engineers for their stage show, lighting, sound, merchandise.
v. Interviews and promo rounds with magazines, TV and radio stations.
vi. Photo and video shooting.
vii. Meet & greet with fans.
viii.Travelling from city to city. This takes a lot of time. Doraemon’s magic door exists in comics only.

OFF time from band to band may not match unless you’re on the same Tour. It’s unrealistic to expect Taka and Hiro to get together easily. Hey, I work a regular office job and I hardly see my own family even though we live in the same house!

10) That Daikanyama Unit sighting of Taka at MFS Live and his message on IG still make me feel warm and tingly inside (^^). The show was under Tsutaya Records’ special event ツタロック / TsutaRock for those who bought the ALONE single from them. OOR was scheduled for Ozzfest 2015 on 21 November. So, Taka squeezed in some time out of his busy schedule to see MFS on 19 November.

This is a photo of that Daikanyama Unit show. The concert report from Tsutaya is here.

Here is the photo that Taka uploaded to IG that night. Look at his message.

Take a closer look at what some of the Japanese fans were saying.

Isn’t it obvious that Taka is supportive of MFS and is happy for Hiro?

What I’m trying to say is the family is a lot closer than what we think or know. It might take a bit of effort to see the hints and evidences but they are there. So, it’s horribly mean and cruel to accuse the siblings of disliking each other simply on the basis that we don’t see their physical closeness.