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Beep Beep I’m a Sheep,
Furry Edition

by Minus8 / @chtkghk8

EDIT: Uhh, I just realized that I forgot to add the disclaimer: This is NOT mine. Someone replied to this post mentioning “Minus8”, so that’s probably referring to the creator(s).

EDIT 2: Someone reblogged this saying that the creator is @chtkghk8 (which for unknown reasons won’t activate into an @mention here). So, all credits go to them.

EDIT 3: so, “Minus8” and @chtkghk8 are the same. Credits to them as the creator of this.

EDIT 4: While the animation is by Minus8, the song itself was apparently created by @thetomska . So if the song had become an earworm for you, blame them 😁

a list of great things in spiderman:homecoming
  • vlogging peter parker 
  • peter freaking out over fighting in civil war
  • peter fighting the avengers in the bank
  • peter saving a cat and playing with a dog
  • ned’s constant questioning of peter’s ability
  • mj doing crunches with a book 
  • peter parker *rap air horn noises*
  • diversity in the academic decathlon team
  • karen the suit lady
  • tony stark: actual dad of spiderman
  • peter realizing he is great as spiderman because he is great at being peter parker
  • all of the captain america videos (even the end credits scene #rude)
  • peter turning down the avengers lololol













































Two Spirited

Pride Puppies Complete Set

Just something I threw together today as an expression of pride. Everyone should be proud of who they are, no matter their orientation. 

These are transparent and you are free to use them as you choose. I would prefer if you credit me and please do not claim them as your own.

I tried to be as inclusive as possible, but if I forgot someone please feel free to shoot me a message and I will add to this. 

Please do not remove artist’s comment.

EDIT: Many of these are per request. A term you may find offensive was put in there because someone else may identify as it, so please be respectful of that. 

I am human, humans change and make mistakes. Sometimes my information is outdated and it takes me a while to update/fix those mistakes.

This is a long post so if you don’t want to see it, filter “long post” or “pride puppies”

Even if you don’t do art, gifsets, edit videos and photos, write fanfics, you are important and fandom wouldn’t exist without you.

That also doesn’t mean that you’re not an artistic type of person.

There are two types of artistic personality:

a creator, who writes, paints, draw, do videos etc.

and a consumer.

The person, who sees art, for whom it’s made. Without them it wouldn’t matter, because there would be nobody to see the creation. It’s one of the most important roles, but many people do it badly.

How to be a good recipient?

First of all, you need to give feedback. Every time you take time to see/read something. And it can’t be any feedback. It must be good.

Doesn’t matter if it’s a fanart, fic, video, poem or something else. Give kudos. Comment it. Even if you didn’t like it. Especially, if you didn’t like it. It takes only 30 seconds to write something and it shows the author that you saw their work and took time to think about it. It really motivates them.

What you should write?

Well, anything you want. “Great job, keep going!”, “I love the way you did it!”, “Wow, amazing work, I’d love to see more!” is enough. Really.

 Of course, if you decide to say something more it’s great! Authors love to read your thoughts about their work. Tell them about the colours they used, how they match the scene and character, how they build the atmosphere with words, how you love the character development, the typhography they made. Tell them about everything that made you “wow, this is amazing”, about the piece that made you smile or cry or laugh or any reaction you had.

Tell them that you are waiting for sequel for this fic. That you can’t wait for the next fanart of this pairing. That you love seeing their work.

Thank them for it. I know that you know that they do it as a hobby, but thank them for spending their time anyway.

Reading this makes their day. And they’ll tell you that.

Okay, but what if you didn’t like it?

Then you have to write a comment anyway. Criticism is the most important for artist. Without it they can’t make progress.

Writing critique is harder than writing a positive feedback. You have to be precise here. The most important rule is:


like really

if you want to write something like that, then better don’t write anything.

You must add what you didn’t like, why, and how they can change that. Constructive criticism is the only one which matters. Otherwise you’ll make them not want to create anymore.

So how good criticism looks like?

“The colours you used don’t fit together. If you used warmer shade of red it would look better!”

“The main character of the story is too perfect, you should add them some flaws to make them more real. Perhaps something with their looks - too thin mouth or some scar? Their personality is also too mary sue. Try to give them some bad traits, maybe they can be blunt or a bit ignorant and listen to nobody’s advice?”

“The person you drew has anatomically incorrect legs - it looks like they don’t have knees. Try to work on it looking at some photos.”

The problem with criticism is that inexperienced artists often take it too personally, like an attack. Good solution is to tell them something nice.

“The scenere is beautiful, but…”
“I love how you write descriptions, but there’s something you need to work on…”

When you write comments it’s also important NOT TO DEMAND ANOTHER PIECE OF ART/CHAPTER/SEQUEL/WHATEVER

It makes them not wanting to contiune their work. So, yeah, encourage them, but not demand. “Is there any chance you’ll do it?”, “I can’t wait for more!”, “Please, continue this, I really want to know what happens next!”

What else you can do as a recipient?

Reblog. Not only like, but also reblog, so more people can see it. Don’t repost and if you have to ALWAYS GIVE CREDITS. And no, “source: tumblr” is not a credit (I feel like I should do another post about it)

Buy. I know all of us are broke, but many artists are really cheap (and that makes me sad). Just ask them to do something customized for you, like keychains or something like that. And pay them for it. Or just donate.

And remember




(feel free to add some things that I forgot and tell me all mistakes I made, it’s late and my brain is tired so I could use some wrong words but I tried)


MESH 32 Kay Wrap Dress

This is a mash-up of the Vee Back Jumper and @deedee-sims conversion of Senate’s Kaylynn Dress, plus edits for the slit and different sleeves and solid back.  It’s actually inspired from a dress I saw online, which forced me to convert the VBJ for the bust.

It comes in the 16 colors shown.
This is for Adult Female.
Categorized as both Everyday and Formal wear.
Lilith Pumps for shoes.
It comes with a fat morph, but I forgot to test.


UPDATE! Please DOWNLOAD THIS MESH and let it override the old one to fix the morph issue.

@marja87 added a pregmorph. Please download HERE and follow the instructions.

UPDATE!!! Added backfaces to the dress so the skirt is not transparent underneath. (Forgive the difference in lighting between the comparisons) Please DOWNLOAD THIS MESH and let it override the old one. It will still have morphs by @marja87. HUGE THANK YOU TO @e-neillan FOR SHOWING ME HOW TO ADD BACKFACES!

Credits: EAxis, Senate, DeeDee-Sims

Additionally: There can be clipping with the legs through the skirt…I’m not really the best at bone assignments. So it can be a little wonky with certain poses.

Happy simming!


A mutual: Dr.Flug has a silly name don’t you think? And so does his alter ego, Dr.Slug? What were we (the fandom) thinking? Like WhiteHat makes sense because duh but really

Me: Isn’t it like 4am ish where you are

Dumb person who needs to sleep: That’s not the point of this conversation, we need to talk about the absurd name choices the fandom came up with

Me, An Intellectual : Wait Flug means flight in German

A praised Mutual: Oh no your thinking of things I’ll go to sleep please don’t think

And so Fallen Angel!Dr.Flug with wings (and also Headless!Flug w/ the smoke
coming out because yes) Because that airplane is literally symbolism and just imagine the floof and softness of his wings or even better their like wilted but yet still beautiful in that “broken but it’s perfect” kinda way
Think about it
(I have a need to write a fanfic about this)

anonymous asked:

I don't mean this in a rude way or anything but I was just wondering when you post fantaken photos, why don't you link the fansites? I know you still keep their logo in the photo, but I see a lot of other blogs link so I was just asking.

No No, you are not rude THANK YOU SO MUCH. It helped me.

So when I make photosets, most of them come from different places. Usually, it’s more than 4 fansites per set and adding in the descriptions the names of the fansite alone will still be confusing. But there is a Tumblr option that allows you to add links or descriptions to photos. BUT it seems that I am the only one who sees them ???? (after receiving your ask I sent my post to my friend to make sure). This is how it appears to me:

But now I corrected it (Click on the ‘X’ to find the original post or click the name of the fansite to be redirected to their page)

As for the ones who come from the same post you just click on the source and get redirected to the fansite asap.

If you think a post is not well credited it’s probably that I just forgot to add the source as I work super fast. It will be soooo much appreciated if you send me an ask telling me or a DM will be even better. Thank you so much for helping me learn. I appreciate it. 

Dragon Glamour

So, I thought I would post the ritual that I did on Sunday for those who wanted to know!  Now I should start this off with a warning that you should know your limits, what things you can and can’t do in terms of magic and energy.  This may not be a gentle practice for some and from what I have discovered, some people seem to be sensitive to energy that dragon spirits give.  If you are one of these people you’ll want to perform a different type of glamour.  However, the foundation of what I do here should work for you but you will need to remove the dragon influences and substitute with whatever feels more comfortable for you.

I feel like I should also add that not all of this is pure glamour.  Glamour, in its essence works on the function of influencing how others see you.  But some of this came from asking my guides to grant me the things that I needed and used my face as a means to harness it with make up.  

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I have recently been following and talking to some art blogs and I’ve found that a great many of them don’t feel they can share their problems with their audiences… That’s saddening to me.

I think that if you are going to support “art” you should support the person making it.

Even if you can’t give an artist money, show them you appreciate what they do.

You’d be surprised at how much it might mean to them.

Sometimes the smallest things mean the most, like a simple “Thank you for what you do.”

A lot of artists have problems in their lives, some have good days that make our worst days look a field of daisies.

And they still make their art.

They still have the strength to create, even when they themselves are being destroyed.

So, all I can say is:

Give them the validation they deserve

Because they do deserve it.

@ask-thesmolbean-jon (Wonderful smol bean, give all the hugs to them, all of them)

@dr-pinkie-and-ms-pie (This wonderful techflorian Eden is a very nice person)




@slime-pupp - Arts beautifully and is the thank-you for my lovely icon

@fishmum - makes wonderful art of FightFish and GoatDad

@cremsie - Wonderful mama lion, Molly is a lovely woman too

@hawker-rawr-is-watching-you - maker of @ask-drunk-chara and an incredible person. SEND THEM LOVE AND HAPPY. (Mainly because awful and blech will be sent to the sun via Core’s DADS)

@splendidland - amazing art plus very witty, deserving if a care and yes. Plus do memes so that gud

@kittenwitchandthebadvibes - HEALING AND LOVE AND HAPPY KINDNESS AND ALL THE MENTAL HEALTH ((shower her with cookies and hearts and coffee and/or tea))

@entoxia - HOW THE HELL DID I FORGET ABOUT ENTOXIA LIKE WHAT THE HECK I’VE ONLY BEEN FOLLOWING THEM SINCE I STARTED MY TUMBLR in other words I’m a very silly cat-demon who forgot to add a wonderful bad kid to a post about people needing credit and yesses.

@seiishindraws - *INTERNAL SCREAMING* *EXTERNAL GIVING OF MANY HUGS* What I’m saying here is Sei is incredible and you should go give love to Yeena.

(I will be lengthening this list as time goes on)

And feel free to reblog and tag other artists you know!! Spread this, please!

jewelsjaywritcs  asked:

Hi there! May I ask how you made those gifs that you did for an rp meme 'six characters that aren't mine'??

oh daaaaaamn. at the time that was a long, hard job of totally clicking around and hoping for the best hahaha. and i 100% stole the idea from @sammrps ‘s to begin with, hers is a lot better. 

honestly, I branched out and learned how to use the layers in the animation timeline by trial and error. It was a lot of keyframe work. (I did an animation degree in college, so that helped by giving me a lot of background knowledge to make educated guesses.) its really just a lot of hiding and unhiding layers along the timeline tbh. but here. i’ll try and make a speedy tutorial???


INTO A CREDIT STILL (or something);

Edit: i forgot how i did the motion blur, but as soon as i figure it out, i’ll update this tutorial.

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Analyzing Sheith, with a dash of discourse.


replied to your post

“Cordially inviting any and all anti’s to come at me bro Whether it be…”

Can I just add, that many antis throw around the word “pedophilia” and first of all, that’s a disgusting accusation to make of someone imagining FICTIONAL characters in a relationship. And second, it does not apply. Like the literal definition does not apply. Would a 25 year old with a 17 year old be cool IRL? Probably not but it’s not pedophilia and it’s also FUCKING FICTION JFC. God I wish I had the time to worry about what fictional characters people shipped.

Sorry for that brick I just have been wanting to say that for so long, hope you have a spectacular, wonderful, idiot free day <3

You may definitely add that. I certainly forgot to. 

It really depends heavily on context for that 17-25 thing. It depends on the relationship and maturity levels of the two people in question. I know there are 25 year olds that are still running around this site screaming about “problematic ships” like its the fucking plague. And then there are people in my life who grew up in drug houses, who struggle because their families entire line of poor credit, bad choices, substance abuse and felonies makes it nearly impossible for them to get jobs and basic debit/credit cards, who dug around in dumpsters for food during their childhood– and you can bet they grew up incredibly fast, and incredibly hard. 

Biology plays a part in it to a degree too-Female brains tend to fully develop ages 16-25? (dont cite me on this, im just going off of memory) and for male brains I think they finish developing around like, 18/22-30??? I’d have to look it up again, but you get my point.

Theres a lot of factors that go into play- The maturity levels of the individuals themselves, and the actually Nature of the relationship itself, I think.

Lets take Sheith, for example. 

We have seen maturity and selflessness exhibited in both individuals; Both of them have had to go through very hard experiences; Keith being an orphan with abandonment issues, yet still carries some incredibly strong morals and a fierce love for people and a desire to protect others.; Shiro has been enslaved, amputated and experimented upon, and forced to perform in bloody, gruesome, arena’s. He’s been through Hell, and still he has retained a sense of calm, patience, and compassion. 

So we know from this that they’re both plenty mature enough– But what about the nature of their relationship?

Honestly I think this one of the most healthy ships out there for the sheer amount of love and compassion and respect between the two, even without picking apart just how well they compliment each other. 

Again, starting with Keith; This is a highly individualized person that does not like authority. He’s not going to want to feel like he has to explain himself to anyone or meet anyones arbitrary standards; Does not like, and possibly feels threatened by rules and restrictions as that threatens his ability to do his own thing. He makes his own rules for himself and his own personal values to which he will adhere strictly. He’s intelligent, but it’s shown and seen through his actions– Not explained through word of mouth, and most likely never will be. Trust and abandonment issues, as well as his orphaning, may lead him to difficulties communicating with others, being vulnerable, and expressing emotions or showing weakness, making him a very secretive, private person, that most likely finds both comfort and fear in Isolation. Comfort, because no one can hurt you, and you can sort everything out yourself and have complete control when you’re alone; Fear, because it’s very easy to keep isolating yourself and never stop, even though you want, like, and need people in your life, but may be hesitant to go to them for fear of getting hurt or abandoned, especially if you reveal your softer, more unprotected sides. Keith, as a character, may even be scared of his feelings. 

One of these belongs to every paladin okay, thats all I’m sayin’. 

In conclusion, Keith is a very private, lonely person with a history of trust issues stemming from abandonment and a dislike for authority, making him not the easiest person to get along with.  He needs someone who will have the patience and respect that will allow Keith to open himself up to them on his own highly secretive terms, someone who is open minded, patient, and understanding, in order to understand someone as rare and unconventional as Keith (He’s not exactly going to come with an owners manual or introductory pamphlet y’know?). He needs to feel safe, comfortable, and not judged by a person in order to place so much trust, value, safety and security with them. If someone tries inauthentic, underhanded, or forceful means of manipulating someone like Keith into anything, you know Keith won’t be having it. 

Shiro is kind of the epitome of all of these traits, and we don’t just see him using them to understand Keith, but we see him using them to understand other members of his team as well (like Pidge or Allura). Once Shiro has a good understanding of someone, he waits until an appropriate, non-threatening time arises in order to build his team members up, give them advice, solace, or whatever he thinks they may need that he can give them. He uses a very open, friendly, safe, respectful and non-threatening communication style in order to build up people around him; This is an incredibly rare and beautiful kind of person, imo, at least in Shiro’s case, because we can see how very dedicated he is to doing this, and that he makes it one of his biggest priorities. 

This makes him pretty great for Keith, but there are plenty of reasons why Keith is great for Shiro too.

From episode one, from Keiths very introductory sequence, we see him caring, for and sacrificing for Shiro– Going out of his way to make sure Shiro is safe at all times, or backing him up; Whether it be in or out of Voltron, Keith is literally Shiro’s right hand man. Keiths love for Shiro is very similar for Shiros’ love for Keith;  It is a respectful, kind, and appreciative, thankful kind of love. It is built on and never runs out of trust, and only seeks to lift the other up, and make sure the other is okay, without breaching any boundaries. 

Shiro, from his iron devotion and love for others, strikes me as the type of person that forgets to take care of himself, in lieu of others and their importance, valuing it over his own. Keith, being a very confident, straight forward, and protective person, is perfect for Shiro in that he can and will make sure Shiro does get the self-care he needs, but without threatening or stomping upon Shiros virtues, or his mission. Shiro, for all his dad-jokes and stereotypes, honestly might need the child harness more than Keith does for his sheer scary-levels of willingness to sacrifice himself, like he means nothing- Or at the very least, nothing in comparison to others. Shiro, just like Keith, doesn’t know when to stop and take a break if others don’t make him/tell him too. And even then, Shiro might not understand or believe it, simply because war and soldier-trauma is like this. 

Shiro needs someone who is confident, straight forward, and strong enough to take care of Shiro as Shiro takes care of others. He needs someone who will be considerate and kind to him when no one thinks to be, or knows to be. He needs someone who will keep a close eye on him and watch and listen for when he’s breaking, when he needs help, whether he knows it or not– He needs someone who will be aware of just how much Shiro himself may not know it too. And he needs someone who will do this genuinely, authentically, respectfully, and patiently. Issues like these are incredibly painful for both parties to go through, and they may never heal. A spouse who deals with this may have to come to accept this as never-changing, and to do that… Takes so much genuine love and self-sacrifice? It’s both heart-wrenching and beautiful, as it is a gruesome reality. It’s not sexy, cute, or fun– It’ cold and it’s harsh and to persevere in your attentive care of someone in spite of such hard issues, especially when coupled with things like PTSD, is about as Real as you can get.

The reason Keith fits this bill perfectly? Is because we already see him doing this for Shiro in canon. 

We see it in anytime Keith flings himself into action in order to save shiro, whether it’s well-thought out or not. We see it in his respect, adherence, and boundaries. We see it in how he trusts Shiro to keep throwing himself into battle and come back to him, amidst a respectful but attentive observance of his person, his space, his wishes and his safety. In Keith we see he’s developed his own very deep and respectful understanding of Shiro and how he works, just as Shiro has developed an understanding of Keith– they both know each others strengths and weaknesses, and give each other trust and patience. 

Like, I really can’t think of a more healthy relationship yo. Fuck ages man, these two are good for each other, these two honestly keep each other sane and safe, and uplift the other, they have a rock solid understanding of the other, and their wants, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and they communicate in succinct, blunt, non-threatening ways build on trust. Even if they disagree or say harsh things to each other (Like Shiro reprimanding Keith for reprimanding Pidge, “That’s not how a team works.”, or giving him criticism. Or Keith pleading with Shiro in his BOM-nightmares.), they do not stay mad or hold grudges, which tells me that they never assume bad intent of the other either, even though it would be very easy to. 

My god like theres so much healthy shit in this ship it’s actually hard to cover everything, they both exhibit so much. 

Overall I really think like the last thing I’m worried about with these two is fucking AGE y’know? Clearly theyre mature enough to take care of each other; Does anyone really think either of these people would abuse the other? Because I certainly don’t. It wouldn’t just be wrong, it’d be completely out of character. Keith and Shiro simply care, value, and love each other too much for that. 

Feel free to add to this, if you’d like.

Below you will find exactly #430 icon gifs of Alia Bhatt!! All of them 100x100 and completely untextured! I decided to crop, and make, icon gifs for Alia because she really doesn’t have too many in her tags! So I thought I’d share with anyone who wants it! I hope someone finds this useful! 

I have a lot of gifs I haven’t even finished yet, so I’ll be updating sporadically.

Edit: I forgot to add credit! I’m so sorry, it just slipped my mind. I don’t do this whole hunt thing often. I can’t remember where I found a lot of them specifically, but the hunts that seem most familiar to me are this, this, this, and this. I’m sorry, that’s the best I can do as of now. I’ll update again if I remember something I missed. Thank you to the anon who reminded me to do this.

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Teen Titans Movie Idea

I sent this idea to a friend of mine recently and, I wanted to share this to the world. Maybe we can start from the end and go all the way to the beginning for a movie.

In this version, my friend proposed to have The Outlaws Line-Up as Roy Harper, Starfire, and Red Hood. This version of Starfire would have her slowly transition from the Titans to The Outlaws. 

Originally posted by diamondbender

Dick and Kori are on a date when Dicks is kidnapped and Kori is knocked out.

Kori wakes up to realize that Dick is gone,

A majority of the film would focus on Starfire slowly transitioning leadership to Damian.

Deathstroke was the one who kidnapped Dick so, Damian & Kori butt heads on how to save him but, they both try their own way and Damian ends up being kidnapped too. It’s up to the Titans, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy,Blue Beetle and Donna Troy to save the day.

The final battle involves Deathstroke leaving the other Titans against minions, as all movies now do, leaving Dick, Kori, and Damian to defeat him.

After the climax, the Titans return to the tower when Starfire says her goodbye and officially joins The Outlaws. She was already training Damian to be the leader throughout the movie. 

Originally posted by itsalejarv

Jason and Roy return to the Tower and they brought waffles, or pizza depending on who you ask. Heck, have them bring both!

Originally posted by juliabe

Originally posted by ttg-gifs

As everyone is eating, Beast Boy is late to the party because he overslept his nap. Star officially transfers leadership to Damian and Jason makes a joke about villains and food. Maybe a Condiment King joke.

Originally posted by kane52630

*Insert evil beware we have waffles by Raven callback joke here.* 

Originally posted by sapphirerose818

Beast Boy is about to take a bite when the electricity shuts down,. Backup Power keeps the Tower on and they discover that Dr. Light just shut down half of San Francisco. 

Originally posted by titans-tower

Starfire asks Damian if they’ll stay for more waffles. Garfield begs to stay for waffles,  Damian says the waffles can wait…we then have a shot of the new Titans from left to right: Jaime, Raven, Damian, Donna & Gar. 

Originally posted by primal-slayer

Camera switches to the outlaws when Roy asks Kory if they’re ready, Kory responds, “more than we ever were.” Camera switches to Damian as he shouts, “Titans Go”! or “Titans Together” whichever is best.

*Cue 2003 TEEN TITANS Theme, by Pufy AmiYumi, that only plays at the end of the movie.

Originally posted by chunli

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to add this part.

Post-Credit: The Titans return home with Kori, who was just about to leave, and said that there was a guest waiting to be entertained. Damian assumes it to be his father, Batman. He guessed incorrectly as the camera reveals Hal Jordan who says he brought a friend/ new teammate to join the team.


Teenage Jessica Cruz. Anxiety is still part of her character so, she’ll become best buds with Raven who will help her cope with said anxiety.

Originally posted by wand00oo


So, after watching @jodeliejodelie ‘s “125 Huckleberry Lane” make-over for The Sims 2 I knew I had to have this house for a future ts4 family…so I remade it, but with my own twist - mainly because I built it without looking at the floorplan, just the exterior, ergo, I had to add some extra walls (the ones connecting the “silo” to the barn) and the main area is bigger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It’s still a wip though; I have to do the backyard aand figure out the dreaded interior..maybe tweak the roofs a bit..definitely add more columns to the porch because I forgot, like I forgot to add the ones flanking the stairs after I fixed them and obviously I just noticed *face palm*..but I’m liking it so far :)

Okay so we’ve all seen this still now…

…that I think most of us have agreed is probably, most likely, definitely Harry. 

And then there’s this one…

…which has been talked about a lot for having the padded wall and Eggsy in the mirror. Now personally I think it’s interesting that what Eggsy is wearing there looks very similar to what he’s wearing in the still with probably!Harry. 

I also think it’s interesting that the room they’re leaving in the Statesmen barrel has that same sterile white as the padded cell. Now that’s not to say it is the same area. The Kingsman movies are all about the bold color choices so it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to say that there will be two areas with the same stark white coloring. I just find it noteworthy. 

Then there’s the reflection in the two way mirror. It’s a really easy detail to miss and one that you can’t even see if the resolution on the gif isn’t good enough. The one of Harry shaving in this gifset has been a good one for me and is the one that made me see that there was something off in the image. 

For reference, while looking at Harry’s eyepatch (bc it’s black it reflects better) look at this photo:

Verses this photo:

These are taken from the same gif. See how there is what seems to be pair of odd goggles reflected there? The part that interests me tho isn’t really able to captured with screenshots. You kind of have to look at the gif a few times, but there looks to be a cowboy hat on top of the viewer’s head?

Now I know a lot of people have speculated that it’s either Poppy or Statesmen that have Harry, but this sort of makes me lean toward Statesmen having him. The only problem is, I don’t know why they would? And why does Eggsy look so angry in the screenshot with probably!Harry? Almost defiant? Merlin does as well. Is there a possibility of their being a bad seed in Statesmen the same way their was in Kingsman? Or that there will be a falling out even after what looks to be an initial confrontation? Will that falling out have to do with Harry?

Edit: Forgot to add credits for the screencaps! The first is from @your-eggcellency and the second comes from this post.

Tattoo [S.B.]

Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 532
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Sirius takes Y/n to get her first tattoo; an elephant with her sister’s initials within.
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

Note: This imagine was requested back in January. I found it when I was looking back through my asks and I am so sorry I forgot to add it to my waiting list! It isn’t very long as I’ve never even set foot into a tattoo parlour before so I have no idea what happens, but I hope the requester enjoys anyway! ❤️x

+ + + + +

“I’m so nervous about this,” you said to Sirius as you continued walking down the path into the village.

“Babe, I’ve had tattoos done and it doesn’t hurt at all, you’ll be fine!” Sirius assured you as he grabbed your hand and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

He pushed open the door to the studio and stepped inside. The lighting was dim, pieces of colourful art lining the walls. Two large black tattoo chairs were positioned at the back of the room, with a desk to the right as you walked in.

“Hi how are you today?” A woman asked from behind the desk. Her arms were covered in colourful tattoos, reaching to the top of her neck and flowing out of the bottom of her short sleeves.

“We’re great! My girlfriend,” Sirius gestured to you, “Wants a tattoo today.”

The woman nodded as she flipped the page of her sketchbook over to a blank one. “What were you thinking of love?”

You glanced at Sirius, who was already smiling at you before replying, “An elephant, with my sister’s initials within the outline?”

The woman nodded, her pencil moving across the page with ease as she began sketching the basics of your tattoo.

Your eyes wandered around the walls, looking at the intricate detailing of each piece of art.

“Something like this?” You turned to look at the sketch, and couldn’t help the smile that stretched across your face when you saw it.

The tattoo was exactly how you had imagined it in your head. You couldn’t believe all the extra details she had added.

“That’s perfect!” You gushed. The woman smiled at you, “As soon as you’re ready, hop into one of those chairs and I’ll get the outline set up for you.”

Sirius grabbed your hand again and took you over to the chairs. You sat down and breathed out slowly, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

“I’m proud of you, baby girl. You’ll love it once it’s done,” Sirius said as he sat on a stool by the side of the chair.

The woman walked across the studio to where you were. “Where do you want your tattoo?”

You pointed to the place where you wanted it to be, and she placed the outline against your skin. She then grabbed the needle and smiled at you, “Are you ready?” “Yes, I think so,” you said as you held onto Sirius’ hand harder.

“Then let’s begin!”


“Do you like it?” Sirius asked as you looked at your new tattoo in the mirror. “I love it! Thank you so much for coming with me,” you said as you traced a finger lightly across your tattoo, careful not to hurt yourself.

“You’re welcome baby. And may I just say that it looks really good on you,” Sirius said with a smirk, one hand reaching to hold your hip.

“Thank you, now lets go and show the others! I’m excited for them to see!” You pulled away and began to rush out of the dorm door.

“Wasn’t the activity I had in mind, but I guess that’s good too,” Sirius said with a shrug as he followed you out of the room.


@epherall OK SO - Last night I was listening to Dodie’s Intertwined EP and it just struck me, the first two lines in Sick Of Losing Soulmates reminded me of the thought of Earth Goddess Eliza saying that to Alex when she first meets him and the rest of the song is kind of like what Eliza sings/what she’s thinking after he dies?? And she kind of changes state depending on how she feels and after burning the letters and after Philip dies she’s just completely stone (which i guess kinda symbolises her being an empty shell?) and so this is basically all I have but i rly love the au so these are for u!!

Edit: Aa ok I forgot to add this but credit to @rvens-mrsquiggle​ for inspiration for Eliza’s design and to the anon who suggested Eliza turning into a fire goddess!

Been wanting to draw this all day! I had the idea when watching Mark play ‘Bendy and the Ink Machine’ which looks super cool! I’ve always watched older cartoons as a child, and it helps that my style is super cartoony itself!

Forgot to add Tiny Box Tim, but now that I look at it I wouldn’t even know where to put him honestly. Guess beside Mark would be good, but I’m already done so nah. Maybe next time Tim

Also, I called him Tooniplier ;w; Alternate/Transparent versions below!

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