i forgot this video existed

Ontae cuties 😄 Start  ~ ‘14 JAT 140214



this is the greatest thing that has ever happened

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lol i ship sheith but when an anti came at me with the sdcc video i was casually like "oh i forgot that exists" because i pay more attention to actual canon material and they called me stupid for forgetting about it, and I was like.. hey buddy i have actual memory problems bc of my adhd so thanks for the ableism i appreciate it

It’s the fact they act like that video changes shit tho like even if Shiro is 25 it doesn’t fucking matter bc this shit is fanon shipping it doesn’t have to be tied to canon and therefore doesn’t have to be tied to canon ages fanon and canon are separate mediums that don’t have to relate

how did i forget chensoo’s cover of the last time

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ADVENTURE PART: Bokuto & Akaashi (6:24 - 9:20)

Other parts: Festival || Oikawa & Iwaizumi || Kuroo & Kenma || Bokuto & Akaashi

(whispers i forgot that this video exists…)

There is a protagonist in the game (that we play as) and he’s not voiced by anyone so it’s not a mistake or anything if the video doesn’t have a sound at his part. To be convenient, I will refer him as [Protagonist]

() = Thought

Protagonist: A-Akaashi-san…… That……
Akaashi: Hmm…..?
Bokuto: Hey, what’s the recommended item?
Tsukishima: ……I don’t know. I don’t go to this shop often.
Tsukishima: Why are you dragging me here?
Protagonist: Whoa…… Tsukishima-kun got caught by Bokuto-san and the others again……
Akaashi: ……It’s just like that in the previous training camp.
Protagonist: I-is that so? Poor Tsukishima-kun……
Akaashi: That’s because they know he feels annoyed but they completely think he’s interesting……

(Although Tsukishima-kun must have shown rejection……)

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for some reason (not because I’m completely obsessed with BP and DEH) i started watching some PP videos and can we please just take a moment to appreciate: THE HAIR, THE CHEEKS AND THE SIDEBURNS??? (were they really necessary?)


And how about the singing and dancing in these videos?

Like…i completely forgot these existed!!

Maybe cause i kind of erases PP2 form my mind.

THIS KID HAS A TONY…and my heart..