i forgot the watermark.. shit shit shit

poor baby boy
also can i take a second to say i 1000% respect mars and their time and i respect that they have an actual life and can’t constantly break their back for our needs i love you mars please take care of yourself thank you for always being so kind and thank you so much for this comic i made all of my friends read it and now they’re obsessed <3 u bless my life

*whispers* lesbians

this is just a redraw of this,,, nearly a year later and i’m still in rarepair hell. why is my otp a rarepair. they’re so perfect for each other how can u not see it aph fandom why

anyway yes. have these gorgeous girls. i sure love *squints at smudged writing on hand* bungary and helgium.


Dr. Kyle and Agent Olson!

These are original characters from our Paperman Project, which you can read about more on our blog–> http://bozukastudio.tumblr.com/paperman-project

The drawings are all relatively old at this point but I’m just gonna post what we had from the beginning and post more recent ones as we go. This has been in the works for almost 3 years so a lot of the concept art is pretty spaced out in skill level and design. ^^;

Although, these 2 designs came at least after almost 2 years in development I believe.


   Dr. Kyle - The local doctor within the anomaly Community who was a former government scientist and has seen some shit and is extremely laidback. Not much surprises him anymore and doesn’t seem to care about anything, but Dr. Kyle does care for the people within the Community and helps where he can. He was also the closest thing to a mentor and father-figure to Brandon growing up.

   Agent Olson - His real name is Orochi. He’s a government agent like Lisa and helps contain anomalies but can be rather cold. He’s not heartless but takes the safety of the public at large very seriously when it comes to anomaly activity and isn’t hesitant to do what he thinks must be done to do his job. His biggest concern is the safety of everyone, whether he’s protected people from anomalies or anomalies from themselves.