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Good things about The Get Down

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-when myleen, Yolanda, and Regina are singing together on the train
-the smile boo boo has when the rest of the crew tells him that he has what they need to win
-when Zeke went back to downtown after losing his internship and straight up stared the reception bitch down all day and waited for that white guy (forgot his name)
-the whole scene where Dizzee goes to the vogueing ballroom and is genuinely curious about what is happening because he’s never seen anything like it before and loves it. (That scene was so fucking important tho because it had actual accurate representation on who was vogueing i.e. POC i.e. Trans black women dancing and judging and being free and gorgeous)
-the way shao looks at zeke
-the scene where Jackie Moreno finishes the song and had a vision on how it’s going to sound and look
-the way Thor looks at Dizzee
-how devoted Shao is to Grandmaster Flash
-when Zeke and Myleen were talking about their futures on the roof looking over at Manhattan
-the look on Ra Ras face when he finished DESTROYING the verse that Zeke wrote with ease once they slowed the beat down
-“Myleen, my butterscotch queen”
-when Zeke recited his poem to Ms Green and she was in tears and had to turn away to keep her composure

✨ Squad Goals Season Three: Episode 2✨

When I wake up the first thing I notice is how nice my hospital room is. I must’ve been moved to a VIP ensuite. I have to blink several times to focus my eyes and when I do I see my parents lying together on a pull out couch, a shaggy blanket resting over them.

“Mom?” I croak my throat is  on fire. Neither of them budge and I can’t blame them, they’d probably been here since the… The accident. My hands fly to my stomach and immediately a surge of pain shoots throughout my body.

“Mom!” I say louder and this time my father wakes up, his glasses resting messily on his nose.

“Amelia! Louise ( in all honesty you guys i forgot what I named her mom. If u remember comment it lmao) wake up!” He shakes my mother awake and she is immediately attentive, pressing all types of buttons next to my bed and running into the hallway calling for my nurse.


“Don’t try to talk sweetheart, they just took out your trachea tube a few hours ago, your throat is going to be sore for a bit” I nod in understanding and accept the icy glass of water he’d poured me.

“Miss St. John, how are you feeling?” A female doctor walks in with a timid looking nurse trailing behind her.

“Where’s Justin?” I ask in a panic. He was the one driving, did he take the brunt of the accident? Everyone’s eyes shy away from me and I clench my fist and then regret it immediately as it crunches in pain.

“Answer me, please?” I beg and the doctor nods.

“Mr. Bieber, Justin. Has been placed into a medically induced coma. Though he didn’t suffer nearly as many injuries as yourself his were a bit more taxing on his body.”

“But he’s okay?” I ask and the doctor gives me a sad smile,

“not at the moment no, but he will be” I nod and decide that that answer is more than enough for me. Justin is alive.

“Rhiannon, sweetie, how much of the accident do you remember?” My mother asks from her spot behind the quizzical looking doctor I close my eyes and wrack my brain. Flashes of headlight, the beeping of horns, and the shattering noise of class come rushing back full force and I wince with a sigh.

“Don’t strain yourself Miss St. John. Many patients find it hard to recall traumatic accidents” I try to rub at my temple but a large white cast covers one of my hands and the other arm is wrapped from elbow to wrist.

“We were driving, we- we fought, someone honked and then nothing”

“Miss St. John you were thrown nearly a yard away from the vehicle. You experienced mild trauma to you spinal cord and as you can see your arms were damaged as well.” My body starts to ache as the doctor continues with a list of injuries,

“The glass from the car caused several deep lacerations to your shoulder area as well as to your forehead and your right leg had been dislocated. We have since rectified that.” My eyes travel down to my stomach which feels oddly numb with a dull, throbbing pain.

“The force at which your body impacted with the ground caused severe internal bleeding and…” Here she pauses and looks from my mom to my dad and then to me,

“Unfortunately Miss St. John, the fetus was for lack of a better word… Decimated” I pressed my castless hand to my stomach and felt a few raised ridges. The doctor saw my concern and began to explain,

“We had to stint a few of the internal organs in order to cease the bleeding. Those stitches are dissolvable and should start to blend with the skin in a month or so.”

“My baby is gone?” I ask with a croak and the room is completely silent. Why did I care about scars when I had lost a fucking child?

“We are so sorry sweet pea” my mother says, pushing past the doctor to kiss me on the forehead. My dad follows suit and soon I’m sobbing, loud, horrible tears.

“This is all my fault” I whisper and my parents attempt to hug and comfort me but I manage to push them away. I don’t deserve to be comforted.

“Can I see Justin?”

“Not at this moment no. They’re running some diagnostic exams” the doctor informs and I only sniffle.

“Can I see my friends?”

“Five at a time. I’ve seen our waiting room, you and Mr. Bieber have a wonderful support system” I nod and wipe my nose with an offered tissue.

“Kylie, Cara, Gigi, Kendall, and Selena. All the girls basically” my parents and the doctor leave the room and moments later a flurry of sweatpants and Nike short clad women hurry inside and flock to my bed.

“How are you doing Rhi?” Kylie is the first to speak and the rest look on with timid eyes.

“I um… I lost the baby” my voice cracks in the middle of my confession and my friends are quick to fuss over me.

“We heard earlier this morning, when they said your vitals were looking stronger. We’re so fucking sorry Rhi. You and Justin don’t deserve this” Selena says with her voice full of sympathy and her brown eyes watery.

“I just don’t know what, or how I’m going to tell him if he wakes up oh god what if h-” Cara places a firm index finger on my slightly bruised lips and apologizes when I let out a tiny wince.

“Justin is going to be fine. They should wake him up in the next week or two”

“Two weeks?"  The girls nod and a fresh round of tears attack me.

"I can’t handle this by myself for two fucking weeks” I say quietly and that’s when Kylie loops a pinkie with mine and says a firm,

“you aren’t alone Rhi. With us around you’re never alone.”


“I knew I should’ve stayed here in California. I knew it” mom?

“Pattie. Even if you were here what could you have done to prevent this accident?” Dad?

“I would’ve been stricter on what type of cars he could drive, he’s over here being speed racer and look what’s it’s done to him! Oh my beautiful boy” my mom starts to cry here and I can imagine my dad pulling an awkward face. He never was one for tears.

“You think that you could control what this kid whips around these streets? Try again Pat, he’s an adult now.” Dad has a major point. I want to tell him this but being in a coma is number one on the shit list. I can’t do anything but I can feel and hear everything around me and it’s driving me damn near insane.

“God it looks like it’s so painful” mom whispers and my dad grunts in agreement and then I feel a bit of pressure on my neck, not quite pain, thanks to the pain meds but an uncomfortable feeling nonetheless.

“Scooter is already looking into speech therapist and vocal coaches. He’ll sing again Pat, he won’t rest until he can” the pressure stops and my mom starts to sniffle.

“That’s what I’m worried about. He’s going to push himself so hard to get back to where he was, but what if that’s unattainable now Jer?” I hope dad hugged her I wish I could.

“The doctor said that it’s not totally impossible remember? When he ran the diagnostics he said that it wasn’t as slim a chance as he once thought”

“God it’s going to kill him if he can’t sing again” it really will.

“I almost don’t want him to wake up” what the fuck mom? My dad must’ve made a face because she’s quick to clear up her mistake.

“Not like that Jer. It’s just because when he wakes up he’s going to be hit with all of this news and I can’t bear to watch him digest it all at once.”

“You mean this on top of Rhiannon…”

“Poor thing. I’m going by her room in a bit. The girls are in there right now” what about Rhiannon? I’m panicking, I want to fucking scream I want to wake myself up but something is keeping me under and it’s so fucking strong.

“Pat call the doctor again”


“He’s crying again and I think he’s in pain.”