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looking thru my old files and i had remembered there was actually a beta?? a first attempt to make a stuco/delinquent au haha,, originally they had their canon uniforms on.

Boring (Lex Luthor/Reader)

Are you still doing requests? Usually I would have more of an in-depth request but all I really want is an imagine where the reader meets the Batman vs. Superman version of Lex Luthor at a party and they have some flirtatious banter. Thank you :) I love your writing.


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“Bored…bored…boring…” Lex huffed lounging near the fireplace of one of the richest men in Gotham at a party that….he forgot why he was here….regardless it was boring. 

He emptied the champagne glass into his mouth before sitting up looking for another round. He hated these things and only showed for the sake of his company. Donors and research grants were a necessary evil in the R and D world.

And it was booooring.

He stood up running a hand through his hair before heading over to the bar. His mother told him to get a haircut. He would never do it. His hair kept the idiots away. If someone really wanted to speak to him, they wouldn’t let a trivial thing like hair stop them.

It did get in the way though, “Ooof!”

“Whoo there! What are you blind?” He scowled.

“Uh…yeah actually.” You told him. He looked at you clearly seeing that you in fact blind, “Sorry…didn’t mean to get in your way.”

“Oh no..no no…it’s…” He started but you cut him off.

“It’s fine…I just really want to get outside. You can repay for being an ass by getting me there.” You told him taking hold of his arm. He stood there frozen at your touch, “Well…come on now, I’m sure you’ve got better things to do at this hell hole the hang out with me.”

“I…right. Right.” He wasn’t often taken off guard, but you had definitely thrown him. He took out out the back into the garden, “Uh…we’re out in the back.”

“The garden, excellent choice.” You told him letting go of his arm.

“You…don’t have a cane.” You laughed at him, “Is that funny?”

“My father doesn’t think I need one. Wants me to use these…stupid…” You held up your wrist showing these clunky bracelets, “things that barely work. He doesn’t want the family to appear weak.”

“Hm…I know that feeling all to well.” Lex smirked.

“From your tone, you most certainly do.” You smiled.

“What does that mean?” He crossed his arms.

“Don’t take offense.” You tilted your head a little, “It just means I feel a connection to you. You have a pleasant voice.”

“I don’t believe I’ve heard that one before he.” He chuckled a little, “Lex Luthor.”

“Oh I’m in the presence of a Luthor. My father speaks highly of you and your work.” You told him, “I’m intrigued myself. Your work on nuclear clean energy is impressive.”

“And your father is?”

“Shaw Lord.” 

“Lord…you’re…Y/N Lord…sister to Maxwell Lord…children of Shaw Lord.” He spat out quickly.

“You know my family.” You smirked.

“I know your families work. I’ve been trying to set up a meeting with your father for months.” He sighed.

“Huh…well…how about this…take me dinner…a nice one.” You told him, “I’ll get you your meeting.”

“Di…dinner?” He stammered.

“Yeah…you seem handsome…I’ve been told I’m pretty cute. Not that I actually know.” You smirked.

“Oh you’re very hot…pretty…” he corrected clearing his throat.

“So?” You smiled at his shifting noises, “We have a deal?”

“Well…how could I refuse?” Lex smirked.

Not…so boring…

Supernatural BSM #49 What would each brother do if you were 16 and afraid of thunderstorms?

A/N: My updates are going to be very irregular and the requests got messed up and I’m just taking them in whatever order I want to, I apologize for any inconvenience!

Request: What would each brother do if you were sixteen and afraid of thunderstorms?

DEAN 16: “Vampires.” You lit a candle. “Dragons.” Another candle. “Djinns.” And another. You stood back and admired your handiwork. “All of those you can handle, but one little– “ you jumped in the air with a screech as a flash lit up the motel room, lighting up the crooks and nannies the candlelight couldn’t reach. You dove onto one of the beds, grabbing a pillow and shoving it over your head, begging for either of your brothers to just come home.

Just as you’d finished the thought, the thunder rumbled through the room. You started singing to yourself to drown it out, when the doorknob rattled. You flew up in the bed, heart beating loud in your chest.

“Dean!” you yelled in relief as your brother passed the threshold.

“Hey bud, the hell happened here?” he asked as he shook off his jacket, wrinkling his nose as the wet fabric slicked up his arms. He shuddered once before kicking the door shut behind him.

“Thunder a–and lightning,” you stammered, pulling a duvet from the foot of the bed to your chest, curling around the pillow in your lap. “Power cut off,” you managed to force past your shattering teeth.

“Shit I forgot you were scared of those,” Dean muttered, more so to himself. His boots were kicked off before he hurried to the bed and curled around you from behind. He enveloped you completely, so you had no choice but to roll up and hide in his chest. He smelled faintly of leather and worn books.

“How did r–research go?” Dean shifted so he could lean against the headboard and pillow your head on his stomach. He shrugged.

“Didn’t find much of anything. Sammy is at the police station right now, hopefully he’s got something.”

“Keep talking,” you ordered frantically when Dean slowed to a stop. “It distracts me.”

So in true older brother fashion, Dean talked. About nothing and everything, about the case and the food he’d had that day, and even managed to go so far back in his memory and remember a fairytale he used to tell you as a kid. When Sam got home, the storm was still racing, but you were safely asleep in Dean’s lap.

SAM 16:

“What can I do?” Sam asked lowly. He was gently running his fingers through your hair as you shuddered in fear. You didn’t dare cuddle up to him because you were afraid you’d break down altogether, so instead the only point of contact was the gentle tug on your scalp.

“L-let’s do something,” you said instead of answering. Sam untangled his hand from your hair with a nod as he got up from the bed. Usually, you couldn’t tell when there were thunderstorms in the bunker, but this one was so violent the lights flickered on and off, and you could swear you could feel the rumble of the thunder.

“Bake cookies?” your brother suggested as he dragged you to the kitchen.

“Chocolate chip?” you asked in a timid voice, bowing your head to make yourself smaller, just in case the lightning could somehow make its way inside.

“Anything you want. Dean wouldn’t mind coming home to something good either. He’ll be in a right state after driving the Impala through this.”

You tuned out as your brother rambled on. His voice carried over you and your shoulders lost some of their tension as he droned on. Your brothers knew exactly how to handle you in all given situations, and Dean’s absence didn’t change that fact.

“Turn on the radio for me, bug, I’ll start mixing the batter, okay?” He was almost whispering as he talked to you. He could tell you were jumpy and on edge, in a way that you rarely were. You could usually handle most of everything. A lot of strange creatures had stood on your doorstep before. But this? This was beyond your limits.

The lights flickered and then turned off. You screamed and dropped to the floor immediately, curling up in a ball and hiding your head in between your legs. The generator in the bunker quickly coughed into action and turned on the lights again, but by then the tears were already rolling down your cheeks.

“Hey hey hey, you’re okay, you’re okay, we’re fine,” Sam blabbered as he dropped to the floor beside you, pulling you into his arms and hiding you in his chest. You sobbed for a while until the timer for the cookies dinged. You calmed yourself enough for Sam to pull out the cookies, and then he convinced you to move to the couch and eat cookies and watch a movie, and that’s how you rode the storm out.

I really like character design, so I’m going to start doing a thing where I review mascots that I unutterably loathe.

We’re gonna start with one that isn’t a widely known mascot. Bunny Bread looks like it’s exclusively sold in or around the state of Tennessee. it’s bread. It’s okay bread. Who cares? You’re here for the mascot review.

 The only big deal so far is that his catchphrase doesn’t make any sense. “That’s What I Said!” What’s What You Said, Bunny Bread Bunny®? The point of a catchphrase/slogan printed next to a mascot is that you’ll get it instantly. Hell if I’m about to research it to find out what it means. Other than that, he looks normal. Nothing’s wrong. Nothing’s off.

Until you look down. This lanky, minimalistic body is so completely different than his chubby, pinchable face that it makes me freeze and forget whatever I was talking about every time I see it. Was this some kind of mascot review? I forgot because his head clashes so badly with his body that it’s jarring.

There’s never any consistency with it, either. Most of the time you’ll see him on billboards with an angular physique assembled in ms paint with the line tool, but other times you’ll see this… hunk. jesus. Excuse me for a couple of minutes.

The mascot is pretty old, and he clearly had a real bunny body once. if I had to take a guess I’d say they were afraid of getting sued for recoloring Thumper, so they stole Bugs Bunny’s body and fired their art guy to save money. The result is far from wholesome and I don’t want their bread in my mouth anymore.

What the hell else could have prompted this heinous design decision? Everything about is is uncomfortable and screams “we didnt want to pay someone to do real work”.

hey there folks, i know it’s not the new year, it’s far past it. but in (dis?)honor of getting another year older today (24 *sigh*) here goes…

partly as a replacement for doing that ‘tag five blogs’ thing i’ve been tagged in a few times and partly just because i want people to know how amazing they are and earn them all the followers, first and foremost i’m personalizing a few thank-you’s. there are things that make me want to quit tumblr sometimes but then i am reminded that these fantastic people are still on here and that it’s worth staying yet :] every person on the below list is someone i can’t imagine tumblr without… so, everyone included: thank you for being you i will literally never unfollow you, please never leave!

anniviech one of my favorite d/r artists ok and also TOO NICE TO ME like seriously she’s one of those people you can always just talk to and who’ll tag you in things and make your day just a lil’ bit better :]
castiels-dean ridiculously gorgeous deancas edits. i am constantly in awe, i physically can never unfollow her even though i don’t watch spn anymore.
dirty-brian was indispensable help writing the biggest work of fiction i’ve ever even dreamed of writing and a constant encouragement in my life when i really needed it most. plus, got me one of the coolest personalized blankets in existence!
dunderklumpen their dt gif series (especially the evolution of tennant series) make my life, seriously. you’re a blessing to the dt community!
fadewithfury one of my favorite artists AND fic writers, seriously such a talent for drawing and weaving together lovely words.
fogsblue excellent source for fanfic and a lovely person to chat with, honestly never a sour moment on her blog she’s just friendly and charming and a good resource :]
 made my dwsecretsanta gift and i love it to pieces. it’s literally the best thing and exactly what i requested and she is a lovely artist.
hanluvr someone i can always bounce fic ideas off of and who is a lovely writer herself, also a pRO beta and reviewer and one of the few i can discuss my adoration for leo leike with :]
lixabiz oh my, some of the loveliest d/r edits you can find and a sweet blogger behind them (and she cracks me up on a regular basis). PLUS i got the best ask i’ve ever gotten from her
 i don’t even know how anyone would survive without all the hardy/hannah crossovers this lovely lady brings to our lives. not to mention the rpf! just brilliant stuff! :]
mizgnomer those behind the scenes dt photosets consistently make my day (and the tennant photos and sets make my tuesdays) - you’re a treasure!
moltobenebananas one of the nicest people on this site, i swear, JEEZ i love her. and a fellow lover of dt PLUS she has the freakin cutest accent i’ve ever heard :]
nowrunalong this amazing girl made me this awesome url graphic and is just generally very very sweet.
phoebeweatherfieldcaufield a fellow emotionally compromised d/b shipper that i know i can always rant to when i’m crying over them, and really she just makes so many people’s day with her random impassioned all-caps asks doesn’t she? :D
purdygirl69 sister for life (literally). god her blog cracks me up.
shutupandlovetennant WHERE DO I EVEN START THIS WOMAN IS MY SOUL MATE. seriously. a+ person here. a+ blog. soulmate. dt fangirl, dw lover, ten lover. tentoo defender. excellent fluff writer. BFF FOR LIFE.
tennantaddict OH MY GOODNESS. one of my partners in (dt) crime, this lady is amazing. so kind and always supplying quality dt gifs :)
tennantsaurus-rex god her tags make my life complete. all the damn time. fellow dt fangirl. hilarious. cutie. all of the above.
tenrose-s consistent supply of quality dw and dt edits and a menagerie of beauty on this blog, and she is often gives us great new photo edits and videos and stuff pronto and i tremendously appreciate that!
thebadddestwolf probably my favorite author, period… go-to for d/r and rpf, and of course any d/b or billie info, speculation, research, photo references, analyses, you name it… this lady is five stacks of amazing. brilliant.
weeping-who-girl i would honestly consider leaving this site without her daily dose of dt and the lovely ideas for gif series she does! and she’s ridiculously nice enough to do all these livestreams and that helps hundreds of people :)

And there are lots of honorable mentions who are also wicked awesome and brighten my dash so please do check them out (i’m sorry if i forgot anyone!):


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