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I Love You

Hiccup may be the Pride of Berk, but what if not everyone sees him like that? When a visiting tribe with a nasty group of bullies show up on Berk, five very protective teens will teach them why you don’t mess with the dragon riders.

Written because I hit 300 followers! Thanks so much, guys!

(Yes, the title is I Love You. Don’t ask.)

“I’m nervous.”

“No, really?” Snotlout drawled sarcastically from the chair he was sitting in. Astrid made a motion at him to cut it out, and continued to braid Hiccup’s hair.

“Hiccup, it’s fine. It’s just one peace treaty. Your dad just wants you to be there,” she said soothingly, enjoying the hair between her fingers.

“I know. But the youths never like me. Every time they visit” He pulled away from her hands, only to bury his face in her neck. “Why would they like me now?”

Fishlegs smiled at the sight. “Why wouldn’t they? Come on, what was the worst they did to you, call you skinny?”

Astrid felt Hiccup’s hot breath as he murmured an assent, and she knew he was hiding his face because he didn’t really want to answer. Her neck just happened to be there, but she didn’t half mind. She turned to press a kiss to the top of his head and then looked to see the twins come in.

“Did you plant the paint bomb in Sven’s house?”

“Of course,” Ruff said smugly, “did you doubt us, Astrid?”

“No.” She started running her fingers through Hiccup’s hair as the twins sat. Tuffnut raised an eye at them, and he made a face.

“Do you guys have to do that here?” He stuck his tongue out. “I mean, I’m happy for you guys and all, but…” He stood up, and had that Tuffnut look that she had grown so accustomed to. “What about the magic of friendship?”

Fishlegs and Snotlout both laughed, and Ruffnut stood up and shook a fist at them, making them shut up immediately. She turned to Astrid again.

“He has to go, by the way. The ship is about to arrive, I saw it.”

“No,” Hiccup whined, pressing closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Astrid rolled her eyes.

“Snotlout,” she said loudly, “take him there.”

“Why do I have to do it?”

Fishlegs sighed. “Because you have to be there too, Snotlout. Ergo, you’re the best one for the job.”

“Ugh, fine. Come on, princess.” He jumped up, grabbing Hiccup, who clung to Astrid childishly before she pried him off and he followed Snotlout, pouting.

Astrid smiled. The L word was on the tip of her tongue these days, but she could wait, and so could he. There was no way Hiccup L-worded her.

“So,” she said, turning back to the twins, “how exactly did you get into Sven’s house?”

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Did Burr and Ham forgot and forgiven the problems in the reincarnation au or they keep mutual hating each other?

Its not so much hate as it is Alex is like suspicious of Burr
Burr is sorry but like- who do you apologize the the guy you shot,,,
I think ham is probably salty for a while(jefferson is pissed but he never like burr so)
Burr is guilty
It takes some time and Its never really forgive but they used to be friends but there’s no ill will i dont think
Its just a very VERY strained relationship

I just woke up from a dream about eating pho in a restaurant where I was watching a radiohead music video playing on this tv they had mounted up–and it’s a song that doesn’t exist. It was a music video about a guy in a suit finishing eating a piece of cake while everyone else is rushing to this other guy who’s dying of a gun shot wound and then this other guy dying of cancer. I already forgot the lyics except for the penultimate climax when Thom Yorke is belting it out

“when your tears dry up
will you please find out
If you’re satisfied?

Oh I am
I am
I am”

Dreams are so weird. In case this is going to be a real song and a real video or if it already exists I wrote it down.

New Recruits

Originally posted by 3e3e

Summary: Set in Season 5 of Arrow. The old team has gone their separate ways except for Felicity. She knows that Oliver needs help in keeping Star City safe, the only problem is Oliver. Will a new recruit help Oliver begin to heal or will Oliver’s stubbornness sabotage his efforts to save his city.

Pairing/Characters: Oliver Queen x Reader, Felicity Smoak, Curtis Holt

Word Count: 1246

Warnings: some bad language, violence

Author: Amy

A/N: This is my first Arrow one shot, if enough people are interested, I would love to do another part! Please be gentle :)

Felicity studied the information on the screens in front of her, out of all the ‘vigilantes’ that had popped up in Star City over the last year, the two displayed showed the most promise. Y/F/N Y/L/N, life long resident of The Glades, a girl whose mother worked two jobs to keep her kids fed and a roof over their heads after the father had been killed in a robbery gone wrong. Y/N had excelled in school, getting into med school with a scholarship.  She dropped out when she discovered her family had died in the quake, returning to her roots. Felicity shook her head sadly, instead of lashing out against the Queen family though, she took to the streets to defend those weaker than the thugs who tried to take over.

“Curtis, what do you think you are doing?” Felicity chuckled at the sight of her former R & D developer attempting the salmon ladder that Oliver set up for training.

“This can’t be that hard, I’m an engineer, a bio-chemist and not to brag but I’m a genius,” Curtis replied. He placed the metal bar on one of the rungs above his head. He gripped the bar tightly, swinging his body once, twice, then suddenly he jerked the bar up bending his elbows he reached with the bar to place it on the next rung up. He swayed there for a second, before he attempted to go higher, missing the next set and landing on his back on the concrete floor.

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ML: Marinette’s Brother AU Drabble

Part 2     Part 3

Marinette’s older brother was everything that Marinette was not. He was fairly sarcastic and downright snarky. Nonetheless Marinette and her brother Tyler got along fairly well. There was the occasional times when she stole his phone or he made kissey faces at her when Adrien was brought up but overall they loved each other. They walked to school together every morning much like this one.

“Why are you so eager to get to school?” Tyler asked raising an eyebrow at Marinette who was speeding down the sidewalk.

“I’m not,” Marinette lied.

“Oh right I forgot Adrien was in your class,” Tyler said dreamily to mock her.

“Shut up!” She shot back.

“I just don’t get what you see in that guy! For starters he is one of Chloe’s minions, not to mention the guy has about as much personality as a wet mop!” Tyler complained.

“He does not! Adrien’s really sweet and kind and he doesn’t have a lot of friends. Besides it’s not his fault Chloe is practically in love with him.” Marinette rolled her eyes.

“You could do so much better Marinette!” Tyler said.

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Panic And Surprise Part Two

Just a few notes before you read this :) My friend R wrote the last smut, and now we have joined forces. I have decided to write more of a story before the smut. Let me know if you like the story line with the smut involved, or do you want just pure smut?!

Any way. Enjoy!


Panic And Surprise Part One x

Bodies were pushed up against yours, teenage girls were screaming, some even crying. You had found your way back into the concert, god knows where Sara (your friend) was, but you didn’t really care. She was probably at the front screaming until she had no voice left, hoping that Brendon would serenade her, you’d soon know if he had. But to be honest, you didn’t really care about Sara at this moment, you had just fucked Gerard Way, I mean, Gerard Fucking Way. The concert was a blur, and you really couldn’t wait to stop being pushed up against sweaty strangers backs. Thank god you had already put Gerard’s number in your phone, you knew he had written his number on your stomach so that it was less likely to smudge, but you had already thought one step ahead. 

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Night time cuddles with midorima~ a fluffy time with pillow talk with him? Thanks!

Oh my goooooosh yaaaaaas I love Midorima far too much mkaaaay. Thanks for the request!

Midorima waited in the bed for his girlfriend, reading his book while she finished brushing her teeth. When she came back into the room he set his book on his nightstand, taking off his glasses and setting them on the book.

His girlfriend clambered into the bed and under the covers. Before laying down, she grinned and kissed Midorima quickly. He was left off-put and blushing at the unexpected touch of her lips.

“Good night, Shin!” She said sweetly, finding his hand with her own and twining their fingers and she lay down, her head on his shoulder.

Midorima’s words seemed to disappear. He simply breathed out his own good night to her. He reached to turn out his lamp, and she shot up, eyes wide.

“Oh, I forgot to study for my English exam! Ah, geez! I remember every other course but English!” She started to get up to leave, but Midorima held her hand tightly.

“You shouldn’t worry about it, _____. You’ll do wonderfully.” He nodded to her, his eyes narrowed instinctively due to his lack of clear sight.

She still looked worried. “You think so, Shin…?”

“I know so, nanodayo. You study hard all the time. Perhaps give yourself a break.”

She smiled lightly and gently smacked his shoulder as she lay back down. “Says the guy who never gives himself a break from studying unless someone intervenes.”

Midorima’s lips turned up a bit at the corners. “Well, unlike you, I actually have to study to get good grades, nanodayo.”

Shin, you are literally at the top of the class, be quiet.” She laughed, lightly shoving his shoulder.

He laughed very quietly, but she could tell he was happy. She shifted herself so she could rest her head on his chest. She heard and felt the quick beating of Midorima’s heart.

“Hm? Your heart is beating pretty fast, Shin. Are you alright?” She looked up to him, meeting his eyes.

His cheeks tinted a darker red, and he looked to the side. “I’m just… I’m still really happy about that kiss from earlier, nanodayo…”

Her eyes widened, and she grinned, hugging her boyfriend the best she could given their positions. He breathed out and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You’re such a dork, Shin.” He huffed a bit, but she rested their foreheads together with a smile. “I guess that’s what makes me like you so much.”

And he was a blushing mess all over again.

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I thought Alex died from more of a, "several tons of rubble dropped on him" perspective, and less explosioney. Also, i think he might be resurrected because I think his body was never shown purposefully.

I had thought that too actually.

The more I think of it, the more Alex’s ‘death’ in XMA resembles the ‘death’ he had in the comics, revealing his secondary mutation and his unique connection to the multiverse. 

For those who don’t know, Alex is something called a Nexus. This is because he has a secondary mutation that quite frankly is fucking fascinating and I’m never not going to be angry that it hasn’t been explored more.

He’s the center point of all Alexes- who I’m just now going to start calling The Alt!lexs- across all existing and possible realities, dead alive, here and now, been and gone. It makes for quite a powerful existence if only he knew what the fuckity fuck to do with it. An ability like this gives Alex access to an infinite amount of information so long as one of his alt forms knows it, which given that there are infinite universes, this is pretty much a guarantee. However, Alex can’t, he didn’t even know he had it until his consciousness did hop scotch. 

Alex has had trouble in the past with one of his Alt!lexs being super fucking evil and learning about the multiverse, going around killing other Alt!lexs to steal their power. He eventually found his way to the Main Alex- think Jackie Chan’s ‘The One’- when Alex was ‘killed’ in an accident. While Alex woke up in another reality, his consciousness having been sent there on instinct, that transfer let evil Alt!lex in. The whole thing is eventually resolved by an interdimensional task force coming to wipe evil Alt!lex out for fucking with realities so badly.

@bettiebloodshed explains it a bit better than me, but basically Alex is a point where all these infinite realities touch: like someones gathered up all these strings and tied them in a knot at one end and Alex is that knot. But only in terms of Alexes, the Alt!lexs.

This secondary mutation, along with I presume Alex’s high capacity for holding power thanks to his primary mutation, has also led to him being able to be the Nexus of All Realities host.

The Nexus of All Realities is like Alex x100000000n. Alex was originally just one tiny fragment of a whole multitude of Nexuses out there, each a Nexus in different forms, but the Nexus of All Realities- or NOAR as it’s been known to be called for short- is the BIG CHEESE so to speak. If NOAR doesn’t want you to exist anymore, you never did.

NOAR is every single existing, theoretical, possible, deceased, living, impossible whatever reality. Every single tiny meeting between any realities and that IS NOAR.

Long story short Alex destroyed NOAR’s vessel at the time, an M’Kraan Crystal, and yay everyone thought that power was gone! EHHKKK! WRONG.

Guess what it did instead? Instead the NOAR thought “damn I like this kid, I’m going to have him as my new vessel”. Except I don’t think NOAR is sentient but shh. After a clusterfuck set of events where Alex gets chased for all his NOAR power by the Beyonder, Dracula (funfact, Alex is the Bella Swan of Marvel, irresistible blood apparently) and the Goblin Queen, Alex eventually fuses himself to NOAR to prevent the power from falling into the wrong hands ever again. He also used the NOAR, with the help of some kit made by the Strange, I think Mr. Fantastic and others of that reality, to erase the Goblin Force from all of reality. Gone. Boom. Haha, bye Felicia. Before using the NOAR to then hop back to his own reality and blah blah blah so on so forth.

It’s safe to assume NOAR is deeply buried within Alex, so deep he can’t even access it himself- because oh hey Alex accounted for the fact he might abuse it too so put that precaution in how cool.
That’s the only reason I can think for Marvel never bringing it up again…

(or that they realised they’d made a seriously OP player and thought… oh shit wtf do we do with someone this powerful, powerful is cool but not when they could solve any and all problems by simply waving a hand and the problem never existed in the first place…)

BUT basically

Given that Singer has introduced xmcu to the idea of alternate realities and has said he wants to take Mutants to space- a domain Alex is commonly seen in- it would make a ton of sense to bring Alex back in some capacity in the xmcu franchise as NOAR. Whether he’ll be recognisable as the Alex we know, or a Dark Phoenix scenario where Alex’s body is just being puppeted by a sentient NOAR, I don’t know. But either way it would be incredible to see.

Yes the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix are cool, but Singer that’s already been done show us something new, there are other celestial/cosmic beings out there who can cause some big waves. 

My comic knowledge is all over the shot and I’m tired as hell right now, so this all probably reads like a load of incomprehensible shite and I apologise for that

You're A Work Of Art (Part 4)

Part 4

Summary: “Good girl” Y/N falls for frat boy Luke Hemmings. 

Rating: Mature- slight smut 

This is just fucking perfect. Just what I need. To encounter this asshole again.

Now my dress was stained, and I was now cold.

“Yeah, like it was my fault. Instead of checking out blondie you should have watched where you were going.” I scoffed, while rolling my eyes at him.

I swear to god I have never seen someone’s facial expression change so quickly. Luke’s eyes widened as he looked down to find me standing right in front of him with an annoyed look on my face.

“Holy shit" he muttered while looking me up and down. Was he checking me out? “Asshole” I muttered before turning away and to go find a bathroom to try and make the stain on my dress less obvious. 

 "Wait, Y/N" I heard from behind me. My god, will he ever stop tormenting me?

 "Go away Luke.“ I called over my shoulder, while turning into an empty hall. I looked throughout the hall and eventually found the bathroom. I walked in and then closed the door behind my self. 

 Finally, some peace and quiet. I know I said l needed all that loudness and the alcohol, but I’m starting to think it was a bad idea. I grabbed a hand towel that was tucked into the shelves and started trying to dry up the stain. About three minutes later I heard a knock on the door.

 "It’s occupied!” I called to whoever was on the other side of the door and turning back to my stain. I heard the door handle being twisted and the I saw the door open. “Do you not understand what ‘occupied’ means Luke? ” I asked in annoyance. “What if I was like naked or something?”

 "That would be a sight to see" he replied while smirking and walking into the bathroom. I rolled my eyes before asking “What do you want, anyway. Haven’t you tormented me enough today?” I said while turning around and leaning on the counter to face him. “Nah, I don’t think I’ve done enough damage yet.” he replied causing me to scoff and turn back to trying to the stain.


 "You know Princess, you tend to call me that a lot. Not that I’m not flattered by it, which I so am, I would like a more appreciative name.” He said walking up behind me. 

 I stopped what I was doing and turned around again. “Really? I think asshole really suits you. And don’t call me princess. ” I replied smiling but you could tell it was out of annoyance. I looked up to find him staring down at me again, biting his lip. God, did he look so hot right now. Like I said. I admit to him being attractive but his attitude is horrible.

 "Nah, I like calling you princess. It annoys you which gives me joy. So princess, can I ask why you are out so late tonight. Don’t you have a test you need to study for? Or an ex boyfriend to get over? “ he asked, laughing, while taking the toilet lid and closing it so he could sit down. 

 "My name is not princess, and I don’t care for studying. Especially not when I’m trying to get over and lying, cheating ex boyfriend. So if you don’t mind, I would like to drink my night away. Take someone home with me to forget that I was cheated on. And I would like if you would leave me the Fuck alone because frankly every time you’re around I end up crying over something that’s completely ridiculous. ” I replied while throwing the towel down and walking out of the bathroom into the, still empty, hall.

 I felt tears sting my eyes again. Fucking hell. This is torture. Fuck it.

 I’m just going to go home and deal with break ups like any other girl would. Ice cream and sad romance movies. I wiped my tears away and started walking out to the rest of the party. After one more drink. I was going to go home.

  One more drink, quickly escalated to 2, then 3, then so on and so on. I was on my 5th cup of Rum and Coke. My second shot of Patrone.

 Needless to say, I was fucked up. I was enjoying it though. I forgot everything. I forgot about Luke, and Calum. Everything went away. I was numb. 

 I had eventually found some random guy who I found hot and started dancing with him because, why the hell not? Eventually, I got tired of dancing with him and left to get another drink. I stumbled into the kitchen and saw someone familiar. 

“Luke!” I slurred, laughing while walking up to him. He looked down at my drunken state and slightly laughed. “Oh my god Luke, I haven’t seen you since you were telling me that I was basically and goody-two-shoes who needs to get over her ex! God that was so fun” I laughed while walking to the counter to make another drink.

 "You’re fucking hammered. How much have you had to drink tonight?“ he asked. “I don’t know. It was like,” and with I started counting on my fingers how much I had. Eventually I held up 6 fingers. 

 "I’ve had this much!“I said while showing him my fingers. “Yeah you’re done for the night.” he said taking the bottle away from my hands. He was looking out for me? This was New.

 "I’m just trying to have fun, and not be a goody-two-shoes! And show you t-that I am not hung up on Calum anymore” I replied, reaching for the bottle again. 

 "No, you seriously are done. Okay? No more.“ he replied sternly. This caused me to laugh. “Whooaa, Luke Hemmings, when did you become my father?” I giggled. “I’m not your father. I’d just prefer to make sure you don’t die from alcohol poisoning. ” He replied. 

 "Oh my gosh, I love this song! “ I squealed, totally ignoring what he had said. "Dance with me!” I asked while looking at him. “Uhm, how about no.” he replied while taking and sip of his beer. “What? Why?” I whined . “I don’t dance.” he replied subtly.

 "Fine. I’ll just dance by myself. “ I called over my shoulder while walking into the dining room. I heard Luke sigh and then I heard him follow. "Why are you in the dining room?” he asked. “ To dance.” I replied giggling while stepping up onto a dining room chair and onto the dining table. 

 "Y/N, what the hell are you doing. You’re gonna fall off” Luke said. “Well, then you’re just gonna have to catch me when I do. ” I winked down at him and started dancing to the music. I had no idea where this confidence came from, or why I was sharing the confidence with him. I guess being drunk does stupid shit to me.

 Luke’s mouth dropped and his eyes widened as he watched me dance. My dancing, you can say, was not very kid friendly. More like stripper without a pole status.

 My dancing went on and had attracted a crowd. Around 20 guys were standing around the table watching me dance now. I scanned the crowd and spotted 

Luke still in the same spot watching me, like I had hypnotized him. 

 The song was almost over so I made my grand finale. I dropped to the table and started bouncing up and down on my knees, and then grinding in the air, causing the guys to go fucking crazy. (Yes I just incorporated Halsey’s grinding sue me) 

 The song ended and all the guys applauded and wolf whistled at me. Some throwing money at me like I was a hired stripper. Some chanting that they wanted more.

 I saw Luke push his way to the front of the crowd. I smiled when I saw him. “Luke! ” I called still smiling. 

 I tried stepping onto the chair to get off the table, but that ended with me completely missing the chair and falling. Or, almost falling. “You caught me..” I smiled while looking up at his blue eyes.

 He set me down onto the ground and smiled at me. “Where did you learn to do that?” he asked me. “I don’t know.” I replied. I looked around and saw that the crowd had now left and it was just us two. 

 "Well, whatever it fucking was. It was hot.“ he said while looking down at me biting his lip again. I giggled while looking down sheepishly. Why am I letting this happen to my self? I shouldn’t be like this with Luke. 

 ” You’re so mysterious and hard to understand. You’re always full of amazing surprises. You’re beautiful in every way possible and in your own ways. You’re like a work of art” he said while using two fingers under my chin to get me to look up at him. 

 My heart clenched at the words he said. My stomach erupted with millions of butterflies. I looked into his eyes, and I just knew things were gonna start getting fucked up. 

 "Kiss me.“I said while looking at him. Not even realizing what I had said.

 "You don’t have to tell me twice..” he replied while leaning in and feverishly attaching our lips together. 

 This was wrong. All of it. I shouldn’t be like this with Luke. It was wrong of me. To be with the person who has tormented you for so long. The person who has made you feel like complete crap.I knew his reputation. And I knew this wouldn’t end well. It was wrong, but God damn did it feel right.

. I felt Luke release my lips and he starting peppering my jaw and neck with kisses. He kissed a certain spot right before the end of my neck and I let out a shaky breath. I could feel him smirk against my neck before his tongue slightly grazed the skin causing me to let out a slight moan.

 "Found it.“ he said while going back to the base of my neck and sucking on my sweet spot. I was in slight ecstasy before I realized that this was all happening publicly and people could walk in at any moment.

 I gently pushed him away, his face worried before I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down. I leaned up and whispered in his ear, “We should probably go somewhere a little more private.” and pulled away to see him smirking down at me. God, what the fuck am I doing?


Had a freaky ass dream like first off I was on a date apparently? and it was with a dude named nick and it wasn’t a planned date but it started happening and I was like wait is this a date and I was planning on telling tumblr like yoo went on a first date! but Then suddenly I woke up in a court with a bunch of people and guards and the guards had guns and could shoot anyone they wanted and then certain other people had guns and it seemed like you could use it once and then. I went with this girl I apparently knew and then someone tried to shoot her and then me and I was like crying and screaming in my head  and the gun has like a big barrel and she has it against my arm so I was just like shit my arm is going to break in half and then shooter was giving this big dramatic speech and my apparent friend starts talking all dramatically and gets the gun to her and then I start trying to hide behind pillars and then this other girl with red hair who I felt was the one everyone hated and everyone was trying to get her like even this guy tried to shoot but I remember he had shot earlier so I guess he used all his bullets but he shot right when I was running in front of his to hide and oh I forgot to mention my friggin government teacher was there aka my fave teach ever and so the chick runs in front of his desk where apparently hes just sitting doing paper work!? and then they everyone goes gun crazy and shoots the hated girl and then my teacher gets shot and I start crying and run to him and he just gets up and everybody gasps and he says what you actually think I would risk getting shot and he has this stuff his belly he called taff on his stomach it hardened (btw totally something he’d do) and then I run down to the seats where my friend is and apparently survived and I just start telling her I don’t know what the hell is gong on that I was on a date then I opened the door and I was here and she just looked so confused and I just got the feeling of the hunger games and that one crappy movie where once a year we all do this gun thing and Like everyone could get shot if you don’t have a gun but you can get one and then I just felt like I was targeted because I always stayed quiet even when my friend was doing bad stuff 

and then I woke up and I know how weird this sounds but I swear that’s how I remember it