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4. Hyuna Yooa Seulgi :v

4. Fuck / Die for / Have a family with

I love these girls so much sdfghjkl ok but I would: fuck Yooa, die for Seulgi and have a family with Hyuna 😀

Thanks for the ask, btw (I forgot to thank the others jfc sorry guys but ty you all as well!) ~

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Hello! I'm a new follower and I'm in need of new blogs to follow;; can you recommend me some good vixx (and other groups if possible) blogs to follow? [ OTX(Number of members), Member, ENG Translation, OTPs, GIF / Edit makers, Rap / Vocal / Dance lines, Maknae / Hyung / Eonnie lines, Birth year lines etc etc etc ] Thanks in advance!

hi, hello~!! and yeah, of course~! (most of these blogs are ot6, but i want to categorise them according to their biases)

gif/edit makers = ♥ *my vixx gif makers recommendation post*      source blogs = ★

!!! translations: @fyeah-vixx & @starlightsgift !!!

cha hakyeon / n (@.@) :

@bottomhakyeon, @chahakyeo ♥, @chakawaii ★, @cha-squad, @ch-y +( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @destroy-hakyeon, @hakyeons ♥, @hakyunie ♥, @hyde-leo-from-n, @nxnight ♥, @shit-vixx-say +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @tranquies ♥, @vixx-syndrome ♥, @wink-fairy +(ㅇㄴㅇ)

jung taekwoon / leo (ㅇㅅㅇ) :

@aclockworkleo +( ‘ㅅ’ ), @at-taekwoons-mercy +( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @chained-up-taekwoon ♥, @coffeeprinceleo, @coffee-taekwoon, @darkest-angels +(ㅇㄴㅇ)+( ‘ㅅ’ ) ♥, @jaetaeks, @jongtaekwoon ♥, @lattefairy +( /ㅁ\ ), @phoenix-vixx-fire ♥, @prince-taekwoon ★, @smilange +(ㅇㄴㅇ ) ♥, @smilingtaekwoon, @taek-danada +( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @taek-squad, @taekswoons, @taekwoonies ♥, @wonsiks-hamster-taek ♥, @xxinkeyxx ♥, @yuu-jin

lee jaehwan / ken  (ㅇㄴㅇ) :

@fan-girl-zone ♥, @fyken ★, @hong-buns +( ㅡwㅡ ) +idk/VIXX ♥, @jaehwanswife, @kennocchio, @kensshine +( /ㅁ\ ), @leejaehwan, @naehwan, @officialjaehwan

kim wonsik / ravi  ( /ㅁ\ ) :

@19930215 ★, @bfwonsik ★, @fluffsik, @gothshik +(ㅇㅅㅇ), @justforshik ★, @kimwonstop, @rapperravioli, @ravbin ♥, @ravinglunashik, @ravsik ♥, @rav-squad, @taekmyravioli +(ㅇㅅㅇ),@the-love-equation-has-n-error, @wonsik-chic, @wontaec +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @wontaektv +(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @wowshik

lee hongbin / hongbin ( ‘ㅅ’ ) :

@hongbeanbong, @hongbin-gifs ♥, @hongbyn ♥, @hugbin ♥, @kongsook ♥, @kong-tv, @leehongbins ★, @reila-ravkong +( /ㅁ\ ), @royalbins ♥, @saltykong +( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥

han sanghyuk / hyuk ( ㅡwㅡ ) :

@baldravi +( /ㅁ\ ), @chyogi ★, @fyeahhyuk ★, @hansanghyuked ♥, @hansanghyuks ★, @hyuk-squad, @sangthyug ♥, @sprouthyuk ♥, @taekhyuks, @vixxmyheart ♥,

otps/ot6 :

@fuckyeahkenbin (ㅇㄴㅇ)+( ‘ㅅ’ ), @fychasang (@.@)+( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @fyeah-raken ( /ㅁ\ )+(ㅇㄴㅇ) ♥, @fyleohyuk (ㅇㅅㅇ)+( ㅡwㅡ ) ♥, @fywontaek (ㅇㅅㅇ)+( /ㅁ\ ) ♥, @kenbinnie (ㅇㄴㅇ )+( ‘ㅅ’ ) ♥, @keoimnida (ㅇㄴㅇ)+(ㅇㅅㅇ), @kim-ghost-sik ( /ㅁ\ )+VIXX ♥, @neo90liners (@.@)+(ㅇㅅㅇ) ♥, @paetoi (ot6), @vixx-otps (ot6) ♥, @v-i-x-x-gifs (ot6)

+ @thevixxforest ♥, (please tell me ur bias ;-;)

OK but if some1 ships a straight ship it doesnt mean their homophobic

i just wanna put that out there.

i told someone i shipped this ship and since it was a straight ship (and that person shipped one half of that ship with some1 the same gender [dam thats a lot of ‘ships’ in one sentence whew]) they told me i was homophobic, i mean, not that i dont ship gay ships either but come on. some1 can ship gays ships, and not be heterophobic or whatever. vice versa: you can ship straight ships without being homophobic.

More from the RP I been doing with my girl lady-of-rohan (also where this one came from, preceding this pic) rife with silly boy ridiculousness and an extended buddy cop car ride. Joseph took pity on Seb and let him smoke in the car cuz he got all muddy. Always fun times :)

Matchmaker (Part 6- Final)

Characters: Steve x Reader, Bucky, Natasha, Tony, Sam

Summary: Bucky and Natasha decide to play matchmaker….

Genres: fluff

Warnings: None

A/N: The last part to this series! Enjoy. :) I totally forgot to name that other guy… oh well!

Masterlist here | Part 5  (previous) 


“7pm tomorrow. You’re having a do-over. I’m sorry for hijacking your date like that. He’s ready for a second chance, if you’ll have him.”

You caught a glimpse of Steve right as the elevator door closed, and waved awkwardly at him as you left for your date.

“Let me know how it goes!” He shouted, and you shot him a small smile.

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Friend: so are all your ships gay af or like two women
Me: no of course not I ship ……
Me: ummm
In my head: korrasami, swan queen, supercorp, sanvers, Yuri and the other guy who I forgot, ray and Frankie(conviction), calzona, Arizona and new chick at greys,
Me: Gwen and Arthur, Angela and Hodgins, and slexie (Sloan and Lexie) see they r straight
In my head: Angelas not straight tho she did date that girl seriously in an earlier season

I need to appreciate Benedict Cumberbatch more probably bc I’ve seen what feels like every obscure Martin thing I can get my garbage phalanges on but I’ve seen a total of 1 other thing ben is in besides Sherlock and that’s the dr strange trailer that plays as a YouTube ad


AU where Caroline is missing and Klaus is worried about her - he has no idea where she is