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henlo i am mild noob at fr. I'm more just playin for the fun of it and making pretty dergs so do you have any advice on picking out apparel and such? Maybe writing lore? I dunno, just, hit me with whatever beginner advice u got. (Joined last welcome week so not TOO noob lol)

Ayy firstly welcome to fr and sorry for the late response so many things are happening that I didn’t have time to make a nice response to this until now

Lore and dressing dragons appropriately goes hand-in-hand in my opinion so lets tackle both at the same time. Writing lore and worldbuilding is an entire lengthy post itself so lets simplify things and focus on one dragon instead of a community of dragons that lairs usually are. For me personally, I usually decide on lore first and then dress the dragon to match their lore, that way its easier for viewers to visualize the character you are writing and really sell it. 

After the dragon’s character is decided, I will determine if the dragon is mostly gonna be dressed for lore (like a courier dragon having journeyman satchels) or aesthetics (like a warrior having a daisy flowerfall just because its pretty) and then I will plan the rest of the outfit around that, usually starting with a skin/accent since skins and accents are the most unique thing about a dragon. I like to match accents with either the tert of the dragon, or their eyes if their element has some sorta significance to their character. From the skin or accent then I choose apparel pieces that compliment the dragon’s colours and the skin/accent. There’s a lotta words so have some visuals:

(fullsize on imgur here)

Virya is my clan leader so she’s my best example for a lore-dressed dragon. In my lore, pearlcatcher pearls have a connection to the moon and the moon has a connection to the Shadowbinder which makes pearlcatchers the true offspring of the Shadowbinder. In this case, Virya has two moon relating items, her accent and her Cloudy Wings which are also made of moonlight in my lore. Both her accent and apparel are white so they match her tert which goes well visually and for lore. 

So in conclusion: Determine the character of a dragon before dressing them so it is easier make the character come alive through customization like apparel and accents. Don’t overthink apparel too much, choose one thing on the dragon (i.e. the tert or eyes) and use apparel and skins/accents to draw the viewers attention

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