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5,8 and 19 smut game with Bambam plz! The last 1 was just 2 perfect 😍

Title: Playtime 

Pairing: BamBam X Reader Rating: NC-17 

Summary: After your wild three orgasm night with Bam Bam you woke up sore the next morning, annoyed with your boyfriend for how hard he was going last night. Bam Bam on the other hand found this funny and so decided to treat you to a nice day in and relaxing. But as the pain stayed Bam Bam decided to help you find some relief. 

Prompts: ❝That better be your toothbrush I hear princess.❞ |❝Give me a look.❞ 

A/N: This is Part Two of Playtime which is linked here if you want to read that first. In a way, you sort of need to read it to be able to get some of maybe the jokes and all but….you don’t have to. Also I forgot to add in the third one sorry I hope this will do though. Enjoy reading.  

Smut Game Post: here    

You awoke the next morning, straight away feeling a sharp throbbing pain in your centre but choosing to ignore it. Turning your body around while BamBam still held you close to him, his pouty lips still looked glossy from what you can guess from last night.

You were glad he was back now, holding you in his arms and by your side when you would wake up. Trying not to wake him you went to turn around and slip out of bed only causing him to pull your body so it was now pressed up against his own.

His hot butterfly kisses were placed on your neck and shoulder, his smile burnt into your skin as you ran your fingers through his hair. You missed mornings like this where you both could relax and just stay in.

“Good morning princess.” His hoarse voice hummed as he pulled back and opened his eyes to scan over your face.

“Morning baby.” You said smiling slightly before leaning in and giving him a quick kiss.

“What do you want to do today?” You asked and BamBam shrugged, his body not wanting to leave the bed at all.

“Can’t we just stay in? I would prefer to do that. Plus, we still have some home stuff to get done. Like re-painting the playroom.” He said and you nodded, the last word rolling off his tongue with ease and causing you to shiver and that intense feeling to come back.

“Okay.” Was all you said before getting up, a small smirk on BamBam’s face when he saw your thighs clenched together as you waddled to the bathroom.

“Aww, is my princess sore?” He cooed, still laying in the bed propped up on his arm to watch you struggle while walking.

“I’m fine.” You snapped straight away before turning on the shower and waiting for it to warm up, turning back around to the sink and turning on the faucet and washing over your face quickly. You began undressing yourself before you saw BamBam staring at you.

You didn’t know why but you felt a little…self-conscious so you closed the door and locked it before continuing to peel your clothes from your body and getting into the shower. Drowning out BamBam’s singing as he probably made his way downstairs to make you breakfast.

You honestly were finding it hard to stand, you had to lean against the tiles wall to hold yourself up. You just wanted to sit back down so you grabbed the body wash, squirting a few pumps onto your hand before running it all over your body.

Starting with your back and shoulders before moving over your breasts and down to your stomach, not wanting to travel any lower due to the pain. But you needed to wash down there, as soon as your soapy fingers ran over your folds though you yelled in pain.

It hurt, it was stinging like it had been burnt. You know when you get carpet burn on your leg or arm and a layer of skin comes off and it’s sore for hours? That’s what it felt like.

You washed yourself off and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around your body before stepping out of the bathroom and as soon as you did BamBam was there with a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” He asked, turning your body as if looking for blood or something that could have caused you to tell out like that.

“N-no. I-I mean. Yeah but…it’s nothing.” You said trying to not talk about it, even though he was your ‘daddy’ it felt embarrassing to say it out loud. He would only smirk and feel proud of what he did.

“No, love tell me okay? If you’re hurting then it’s serious.” He cooed, tilting your chin to look at him, he could see your eyes slightly watering.

Your cheeks bright red and tears threatening to fall at any given moment.

“M-my clit. It hurts.” You admitted, waiting for him to smirk or say some stupid comment about how he ‘did you well.’ But instead he cupped your face and kissed your forehead.

“Okay, lay down.” He said and like the good girl you are you sat down on the bed. Letting the towel go as it unfolded and you now laid naked.

“Give me a look.” He said hands on your knees and slowly pushing them apart. Leaning forward more and eyes scanning over your slightly wet and swollen folds. Parting them and exposing your clit to the cold air causing your back to arch. He could see how red and sore it was, he tapped it lightly and you let out a small cry of pain.

“Aww, my little princess.” He said with a slightly pout seeing he tears stinging your eyes once again. He quickly grabbed some ointment and squeezed some onto his fingers.

“This will help ease the pain a bit.” He said before placing his fingers to your clit. You hissed as the cold clear paste touched your clit. It did help with the pain, causing it to go away slightly. He stopped rubbing and wiped his hand on your towel before sitting up and allowing you to close your legs. He leaned forward and connected his lips with your pouty ones.

“I’m sorry Daddy. If I hadn’t have been a bad girl and waited then you wouldn’t of had to punish me like that and I wouldn’t be sore.” You said hanging your head low. He tilted your head up once again.

“Princess…I should be the one sorry. I went too hard on you last night thinking you can take it. If I had known you’d be in this much pain I wouldn’t have thought about it.” He said and you smiled before kissing him once again.

“I’ve…made…breakfast.” He said between hot sloppy kisses, you nodded your head and smiled while pulling back.

“Daddy…” You said with doe eyes, knowing the effect of had on him whenever you did it.

“Yes kitten?” He asked and you leaned forward to place a kiss on his jaw lightly.

“I want to eat you for breakfast.” You whispered into his ear while running your hand over his hardening member that was being restricted by his sweats currently.

“Are you sure kitten? You know Daddy like to fuck your throat. I don’t want you to hurt your other pretty lips.” He said but you just kissed him hard, palming him with more force now that he was dying for a release.

You moved off the bed and onto your knees, butt flat against your calves as you waited for him to stand up and once he did you pulled his boxers straight down. Pooling at his ankles while you grabbed him by the base.

“F-fuck. No teasing this morning kitten.” He growled, your thumb running over his tip and spreading the precum before leaning and licking his slit. Sucking on it often which had his sighing before tangling his fingers in your hair.

His way of telling you to take him all in, you had to obey Daddy and prove you were still a good little girl for him. You opened your mouth and allowed him to enter, his cock almost touching the back of your throat.

“Suck kitten.” He said, eyes burning into your own orbs and you began sucking like a vacuum, bobbing your head back and forth while running your tongue flat over the areas you knew he was sensitive. One hand reached up and began playing with his balls, rolling the heavy sack between your palm and fingers lightly while the other gripped his thigh to help steady your pace.

He tried his best to contain himself and let you enjoy your treat but his dominant side took over and he began thrusting into your mouth. His tip hitting the back of your throat with each thrust.

It hurt slightly but you moaned, loving the sight of his face scrunched up as he chased his high. His thighs tensing as he got closer and so to help him reach that satisfaction you began doing one of his favourite things. Swallowing around him, making your throat envelope around the tip of his cock which had his head thrown back and his Adam’s apple moving up and down.

“S-shit. I’m going to cum. Be a good girl and swallow all of daddy’s cum kitten.” And with a few more thrusts he was releasing his seed in your mouth, the sticky warm substance running down your throat. Maintaining eye contact as you swallowed every last drop, licking the corners of your lips for the bits that slipped out of your mouth. You stood up and he embraced you in a big hug.

Did you enjoy your breakfast kitten?” He asked and you nodded, moving your face into the crook of his neck and breathing in his scent. Lavender, the scent of your body wash in the shower.

Days passed and you healed up nicely, taking a break from playtime. You two stayed together like glue majority of the time but not right now. No BamBam had gone to do grocery shopping, yesterday he asked if you were ready to start playtime again but you simply told him you still were slightly sore and you might need two more days.

That was a slight lie, you were fine now and there was no pain. But in a way, you kind of enjoyed it, you enjoyed the time you two had when it wasn’t playtime. You both had serious conversations about the future and plans.

You liked it a lot, but you felt like BamBam was only sticking around because you’re the only person he’s expressed his kinky side to. Even the other members don’t know of his kinky side, he hides himself from people and you felt like if you asked to know more of him he’ll hide away from you too.

You had always said ‘I love you’ to him but it was only for the whole daddy and princess relationship you had going. You, y/n, had never said ‘I love you’ to BamBam. You know it’s dumb and cliché but there was no other way to put it that didn’t sound cliché.

You walked into your play room, grabbing the familiar pink bullet tool and turning it on full blast. Feeling the vibrations in your hand, this is all you were to him. A toy, and once you ran out of juice he would either find new batteries for you or simply buy something else. A better upgrade with more settings to offer, more things it can do. You sighed, lost in thought you didn’t even hear the front door slam shut and the sound of BamBam’s boots stomping around.

He could hear the familiar sound in the silence, knowing exactly what you must be doing. Making his way up the stairs.

That better be your toothbrush I hear princess.” He called out, you didn’t have time to put the toy away and instead just let yourself be caught breaking the rules once again. You sighed, turning around and BamBam was surprised to not see you playing with yourself.

And instead this time just holding it, he held a confused expression. Until he saw your teary eyes and made his way over to you quicker than a flash of a camera.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asked and you nodded, turning it off and putting it back where it belongs before walking around him and downstairs.

“Y/n, do you want to tell me what’s going on?” He asked following you. And you turned around, finally admitting to him how you felt.

“I love you.” You said and he smiled, stepping closer so he was now right in front of you. Cupping your cheek and smiling.

“I love you too kitten.” He said softly, leaning down to kiss you but you pushed him away.

“No BamBam, I love you. I love my daddy but…I also am madly in love with Kunpimook Bhuwakul.” He looked shocked, he had never heard you say his name before. And each syllable that rolled off your tongue when you said it made him realise that he was feeling mutual.

But you took his silence as him being scared and so you ran past him crying, locking yourself in his room. Not wanting to leave as you cried hard into the pillows, you wanted this to end. It has to end now, it was fucked up.

BamBam didn’t do anything that night, he didn’t try to get you to open up and he didn’t even say anything. But once he heard your crying stop he came in and checked on you, he had his own key to his room. You had fallen asleep in the foetal position, curled around a pillow and clutching it tight.

He felt a sharp pain in his chest at your tear stained cheeks, he hated seeing you cry and he hated himself even more when he was the one who made you cry.

Days passed and you didn’t say anything to BamBam and he hadn’t said anything to you, the tension was thick in the air every time one of you would enter the room while the other was in there.

You missed him, you missed his kisses, his touch, his scent. Everything. Playtime was on hiatus for now until you both worked out what you really want which would require talking to each other. BamBam had left you a note when you got back from the gym saying he’d be at the studio practicing and to not bother making him dinner because he’d eat there.

You felt your heart clench, you wish this would stop. You wanted it to stop but you feel that if you were to sit down and talk you’d end up leaving heartbroken. You showered quickly before heading back downstairs in one of his shirts and some black lace panties.

Sitting yourself on the couch while going through Netflix and figuring out what to watch, you stayed away from any romance or relationship movies so three quarters of your list was gone. Instead searching for a comedy and coming across ‘Scary Movie.’ Which wasn’t so bad.

You clicked play and curled up, eyes glued to the screen and watching the movie. You didn’t hear the door close but you did hear the loud thudding of boots walk down the hallway. BamBam knew you were on the couch and could see the light of the TV.

Had timed passed by that quickly? You glanced at the clock to see it was only 15 minutes into the movie and you thought he’d be there until early hours like usual. You didn’t press it though, instead keeping your lips sealed and hearing his footsteps get heavier and closer as he entered into the living room and sat himself down on the couch next to you.

“I love you, y/n.” You turned your head to see BamBam slightly sweaty, probably from practicing. You were stunned by his words thought.

“I love you my princess and I love you as a person. You’ve been in my life for a whole year and you understand me in ways that others would think is weird or disgusting. I’ve never felt this way about a girl in my life, I’m surprised you’ve stuck around this long and put up with me. I know I’ve been strict and harsh but I don’t know how to show true feelings towards someone I really love—“ You shut him up with smashing your lips against his.

Sliding onto his lap with ease, his hands resting on your ass to push you into him more. You both have been craving one another’s touch these past few days and it’s been killing you both. The lack of touch has made you both sensitive and wanting each even more.

“I love you…y/n.” He said against your lips, your fingers tangling in his hair and pulling harshly at his roots. Just how he likes it.

“Shut up and touch me.” You growled against his lips, grinding your hips down into him.

Things were getting heated fast and you needed him desperately now, you felt like if you didn’t have him you would die. You continued to pry his mouth open with your tongue before exploring when he finally grabbed access.

Your tongue dancing with his own, finding a way to win the small ‘battle of dominance’ you two were having. Something about tonight made you want to just get right into it, pulling away while heavy breaths left your lips.

You pulled his sweats down so they sat just above his knees along with his boxers while pushing your underwear to the side. Tonight you weren’t have sex with Daddy and He wasn’t having sex with Kitten or Princess.

You were having sex with BamBam and He was having sex with you. No pet names, no toys, no rules. Just two people, sharing their bodies to show their love for one another. You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face before positioning his red angry tip at your entrance.

Sinking down on him slowly, feeling him pulsate against your walls.

“Fuck.” He gripped your hips as you began bouncing up and down. The room being filled with moans and the sound of skin slapping. One of your all time favourite things was riding BamBam, enjoying the way he would roll his head back like he has now.

It gave you the perfect opportunity to mark him, which you had no problem doing. You loved coating his fair skin with your purple flowers. And even though he’d never admit it, BamBam loved it even more. BamBam was now thrusting up into you while meeting your thrusts of your own, your stomach twisting as it searched for your orgasm. Finally finding that spot and pounding hard into it, BamBam knew how much louder you got.

His name and other profanities rolling off your tongue while you threw your head back. Soon tucking it into the crook of his neck while clenching around him and letting your orgasm take over and your legs shaking. BamBam continued to chase his own high, soon finding it and his hips stuttering as he spilled his seed into you. His beautiful white cum coating your walls like art. You say there, his softening member still inside you.

You wanted to just stay like this forever. It was so intimate and it reminded you of your first time together. The first time you two had sex, it was…special.

“Y/n, will you officially be my girlfriend?” He asked and you nodded meeting his lips and smiling into the kiss.  

“I love it when I’m kissing you and I can feel you smiling.”

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Hi! I noticed you did a awkward first time with Chen. Can I request the same thing except with Xiumin? Also could you please make the girl more shy and awkward?

❝ sorry for the long wait, love
►887 words; short drabble 

“It’s okay” Xiumin says, his words comforting and hushed. His hand overlapped yours, gently guiding your shaky fingers down his bare chest at a reasonably slow place. Your face was flushed a deep rose, eyes averting from his half naked figure and focusing on the slight discoloration on the wall produced from when forgot and missed the section while repainting your room a few weeks ago.

“It’s okay, baby” he whispered, knocking you out of your short lived trance to softly grip your chin and turn your face back to him, pecking your lips in reassurance. You nodded, adjusting your current straddling position in his lap to prepare for what was about to happen,

It wasn’t like you were scared - you were absolutely petrified - deep down you worried, teeth producing red marks on your bottom lip and inside of your cheek, that if you did something wrong it would ruin everything. This was supposed to be romantic, a special and sweet first time between you and the man you loved. But alas you knew that that was not in fact true; you were shy, awkward even and to say that it would be exactly like it would be in the many pornos you watched in preparation would like a big, fat lie. Your hands shook, breathing irregular and eyes wide as you watched your nimble digits graze the curvature of his abs and down to the hem of his jeans.

“C-can i?” you stuttered, retracting your hand slightly in case he changed his mind about this whole ordeal. Xiumin nodded, a small smile present on his lips as he watched you as you apprehensively unbuckled his belt and unbutton the button, unzipping the zipper by it’s teeth. The checkered pattern of his boxers stood out, a small tent forming as it hit the cold air of your bedroom.

“I don’t know how to do this.” you whispered, embarrassment crawling up your spine, full force. You fiddled with your fingers, picking at hangnails and examining the lines that run along the inside of your palm; anywhere but Xiumin. He nodded, gently pushing you by your shoulders so you were laying on your back against the soft gray sheets of your bed.

You let Xiumin take control, and with steady hands clothes slowly come off; the sound of the soft material hitting the hardwood floor feeling a million miles away. Naked, against soft silk sheets you shivered; head spinning with anxiety and embarrassment at feeling so exposed at another person’s viewing. Your hands quickly covered your bare chest once the thin material of your bra hit the oak flooring at the foot of your bed.

“Don’t hide from me,” Xiumin whispered, one hand gripping your chin and turning your face back to his. “You’re pretty. Oh so, pretty, my love.”

You smiled a small smile, letting his unravel your crossed arms like a present on Christmas day. He kissed your lips once, twice, three times before pressing soft feathery kisses down your neck and to the curvature of your upper breast. He stopped, taking one hand that lay rest by the side of your head and slowly inserted it into you, twisting and curling and rubbing against your walls to prepare for what is about to come. He added another, and then another until 3 of his fingers are moving a reasonable pace inside you and his lips enclosed around your nipple. Your back arched, bare skin coming into contact with bare skin and once he deemed you ready enough, he pulled his fingers out of you and distracted you with a tender kiss, full of love and compassion, that you can tell immediately. He leaned up, grabbing a condom from the bedside stand and rolled it onto himself carefully. Xiumin lined up with your entrance, He pushed in slowly, and as gentle as he could, watching with hooded eyes as you winced at the sudden stretch.

You didn’t know where to put your hands, deciding to keep them at bay at your sides as Xiumin started a slow pace, thrusting in and out of your heat lovingly.

“P-put your hands on my chest,” he said, heavy pants filling your ears. “please.”

You nodded, unfisting the bedsheets and placing your palms on Xiumin’s bare chest, whimpering as he that spot deep inside you that makes your entire body shiver with pleasure.

His thrusts got sloppy, sweat dripping down his tanned skin and you felt a coil in your stomach; an undeniable lump on pleasure that felt as if it would break at any second.

“Cum for me, baby. Can you do that? Can you cum for me?” Xiumin whispered in your ear, breathily. You nodded, moaning loudly as he stopped rubbing slow, hard circles into your clit. You clenched around him tightly as you came, whimpering as you felt Xiumin cum into the condom; the warmth oddly soothing. You both winced when he pulled out, throwing the soil condom into the nearby trashcan and bundling you up in his arms underneath the covers.

“You okay?” He whispered, petting your hair lovingly as you snuggled into his chest.

You nodded, pushing your head into the crook of his neck and placing a chaste kiss there.

“I love you.” You whispered, eyes leaden with exhaustion.

“I love you too.”

  • Steve : So, Barton and his wife are going out of town this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of the kids.
  • Tony : Whoa, whoa, whoa, that is a big responsibility. What do we know about children?
  • Peter : I am leaving. Spider suit?
  • Tony : (hands Peter the suit) I swear you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. (To Steve) I don't know the first thing about taking care of a child. (To Peter) Where is your jacket? It's cold outside.
  • Peter : Forgot.
  • Tony : Here take mine. (To Steve) Kids are a lot of work.
humans are weird -- adhd.

So after reblogging literally every single “humans are weird” post that came on my dash I decided it’s time to make my own!

Consider the following;

Humans are already weird space orcs that like either worship the term “fuck it” or make sacrifices to the ship’s rulebook, basically. They have a strict series of social interactions that even distinguish themselves between cultures. Deviation is rare, and sometimes ostracized, no matter how seemingly arbitrary.

So when the ship of the Vyrg’s first human shows up, they were expecting a smiling (humans smile for a lot of the time) human who will shake their first right hand.
Instead, they got a messy, spaced out creature whose hair was falling in their face and whose things were overflowing from their arms, all seemingly hobbies and random trinkets. A backpack hung on their back.

Their first words were accompanied with a (sheepish…the captain thought) smile;
“Sorry, I overslept and I forgot deployment was today! And I forgot my saline for my contacts back in my room but we’ve got to take off, right?”

Great. The crew got a dumb one.

Or so they thought, until their human explained the entire summary of how their ship’s mechanics worked, and fixed their left engine to work at maximum capacity in record time. The human followed it up with a seemingly random tangent about something called the “Stonewall Riots” and “gay rights”.

“Sorry,” Human-Clara said.
“A bit of light just reflected here and it looked like a rainbow and it made me think of it.”
Human-Clara had a tendency to speak either so fast they ran out of breath, or with so many pauses it sounded like they were gathering their scattered thoughts at that moment.

Life with Human-Clara was – odd. They kept to themselves mostly, quietly chatting with crew mates on certain days or absorbed in their transponder for others. Sometimes they would walk out of their room so wholly absorbed in yet another new hobby that the Captain feared xe’d never pull them out of it. The crew never saw a hobby finished. Sometimes when they were spoken to, Human-Clara responded slowly and distractedly, eyes distant and far away as if still thinking of something else. They regularly forgot to eat, or sleep, or take care of themselves if they were absorbed in something else. Directions had to be written down or sent to their transponder. The Captain learned to be patient, as Human-Clara seemed to excel with patience.

Human-Clara was also oddly sensitive. It was quite a culture shock for them to learn that the Vyrg didn’t really have a notion of “friends” other than immediate family, and was almost – crushed, for a few days, the Vyrg’s usual polite friendliness not enough. They seemed depressed when their crazy, thousand-lightyears-an-hour tangents weren’t paid attention to, so the crew began to adapt, and things became much more harmonious.

Sometimes Human-Clara got angry. They were terrifying when angry. It lasted only a few seconds, really. They would blow up, the explosion big enough to scare even the Captain, and after the explosion, be calm in seconds afterwards.

Stimulant chemicals made them sleepy, which the Vyrg thought was adorable. They watched videos of what they called “stims”, and flapped their hands when they were happy, and slapped them quickly and repeatedly on flat surfaces when they were really excited about knowing something. These were “stims” too. The Vyrg wasn’t sure what these “stims” were, really, but they seemed to regulate Human-Clara, emotionally.

Then they got another Human, Human-Steve. Human-Steve was often condescending in their remarks, saying that if Human-Clara “tried”, they could concentrate. It was then that the Vyrg learned what “attention deficit hyperactive disorder, primarily inattentive” was.

They panicked, a little. Was their first human sick?

“No,” Human-Clara explained. “It’s just where the connections in my brain are different, so some things I do differently. Human-Steve doesn’t have that, so he doesn’t understand”.

The Vyrg didn’t either, but their previous methods of interaction worked just fine, so they kept using those.

(If anybody wants to add anything, you don’t have too, but feel free!)

Maybe when I am in New York City, I will visit a old book shop, bump right into you, Go to a coffee shop, talk about anything and everything, visit the museum of modern art, share true love first kiss, in front of Vincent Van Gogh starry night, go back to your hotel, my hands in your hair, your hands touching my face, looking into each other’s eyes, experience cosmo bliss Or I am one minute late, It was rainy, I forgot my umbrella, I had to run back and get it, I just missed you at the bookstore, I went to the museums alone, took a selfie in front of Van Gogh starry night by myself, went back to the hotel all alone, daydreamed about you, what it be like kissing you.
If it’s meant to be, we’ll find our way back to each other, If we don’t, It wasn’t meant to be, no matter what, if I see you tomorrow, or in 10 years, or never again I love you, darling, I know you will love you me too.
Our love is epic, I know not many people walk this earth feeling what we did for each other, we’re pretty special sweetie.
  • Magnus : So, Catarina is going out of town this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of Madzie.
  • Alec : Whoa, whoa, whoa, that is a big responsibility. What do we know about children?
  • Jace : I am leaving. Seraph Blade?
  • Alec : (hands Jace his blade) I swear you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. (To Magnus) I don't know the first thing about taking care of a child. (To Jace) Where is your jacket? It's cold outside.
  • Jace : Forgot.
  • Alec : Here take mine. (To Magnus) Kids are a lot of work.

It’s my first session as a DM and I’m using the tavern trope. The party’s warlock, also a new player, approaches the dwarf running the bar.

Warlock: “Hey, I hear you have work for those looking for it”.

I, as a DM, and subsequently the Dwarf totally misunderstand.

Dwarf: Yeah, we’re holding open interviews for a bartender position tonight.

Warlock: Here, look over my résumé.

The player hands me his character sheet.

Dwarf: …Yeah, this is very interesting. You seem to have assigned numerical values to all of your skills. A 12 in strength?

Warlock: I forgot to put it on there but I also have a 13 in soft skills.

Dwarf: Can I ask what unit of measurement these numbers are in?

Warlock: Celsius.

  • Pepper: My friends are going to Chicago this weekend and wanted to know if we could take care of their child.
  • Tony: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's a big responsibility. What do we know about children?
  • Peter: I'm about to take off. Have you seen my backpack?
  • Tony: [Hands Peter his backpack] I swear you'd lose your head if it wasn't screwed on. [To Pepper] I don't know the first thing about taking care of a child. [To Peter] Where is your jacket? It's very cold outside.
  • Peter: Forgot.
  • Tony: Here, take mine. [To Pepper] Kids are a lot of work.
quotes from the music department

*Repeatedly sings part of the music in scat*

“Ben swore to Jesus that if he didn’t help me at the concert he’d do thirty push-ups in front of the entire band, and I’m just as excited for this as you guys are.”

“If it were easy, football players would be doing this”

“We were 4.75 points off of the next band, and I’ll make certain this number will haunt you until next season.”

“Tomorrow’s gonna be a rough week.”

“I’ll just get a golf cart to follow the band in the parade. Maybe one day I’ll play a halftime show in a golf cart, all by myself.”

“No, Danny, you’re not starting a group chat for jazz.”

“Someone made me a 22&½-inch stick to measure steps. Don’t make me use it.”

“Trumpets, raise your right hand, and move it over to the person next to you. You’ll be fingering the notes on their trumpet.” *leans over to woodwinds* “this is gonna be really funny”

“We don’t have Thursday night rehearsal this week, so live the lives you have outside of band. So basically, catch up on homework.”

“Here it is– wait no, that’s 32 pages, that’s not right.”

“Before we step off on Saturday, you need to focus and say the following prayer”

“All the freshmen are on break, none of them are here!” *section leader raises hand* “Adeline’s here” “She’s the only one ADELINE WHY DONT YOU TAKE BREAKS IN THE STANDS”

“I hope this is loud enough, because this is as loud as its gonna get” *glares at the saxophone that forgot the speaker* “He forgot the speaker, my own flesh and blood.”

“As usual, the bassist knows the articulation and rhythms to the saxophone parts better than the saxophones do.”

*beatboxes to metronome*

“I want you to go home, do homework, practice, do more homework, have a milkshake, and practice some more.”

“If you want to annoy the heck out of a musician, play a cadence but leave out the last chord and wait like 20 minutes”

“this passage is called ‘Glendy Burk.’ I went to high school with her, actually.”

“you aren’t feeling well? Drugs?”

“while I was in the middle of complimenting you, you made a mistake”

“that saxophone line was jazzy as hell”

“you just have to play angrier”

“what’s the point if they’re all accented?”

“you squeaked in tune”

“can you take that d?”

“you can play my final pitch”

“imagine brass knuckles, but on a tambourine”

“I had to blow on my tongue”

“Bethany, you’re my number one!”

“the entire band is pianissimo, so play really loud. mezzo piano.”

“go through the head”

“BAD tambourine!!!”

“112 is the American tempo”

“the audience started clapping during the caesura. I didn’t know whether to continue on or leave the stage.”

“Matthew, while you were gone, Ed and I determined that you’re a freeloader”

“you came in early” “I don’t remember”

“did you just compare terrible bass parts to a terrorist attack?”

“Christ, Elizabeth, you’re such a violinist”

“All of our violas are at another rehearsal today, so we’ll begin today’s rehearsal with a prayer as that is the only thing that can save us.”

“We don’t have a spare bass bow to use while Ed’s is being rehaired, so you two are just gonna have to share. Yeah. Sorry about that.”

“Ah, yes, but what baroque style are we talkin’ here”

“It was at that point she handed the first chair violin a viola part. He proceeded to hand it back to her.”

“I went home and cradled that music. I never get original bass parts.”

“She turned the page in her score and forgot to continue conducting. Honestly, I would’ve been less surprised had she thrown her baton into the cello section”

“There are two basses in pit this year, so we’re an actual section, so he can’t just shove us in the corner this year HIGH FIVE”

“Does she really know how to buy a bow? She should make it a field trip so you get the right one.” *swings hands in air super wide* “it has to AGREE and BLEND with the instrument DO YOU SEE”

“When the orchestra director doesn’t know what to do she just asks the second chair. If he’s gone, she waits until a day he attends rehearsal to ask him.”

“Don’t be afraid to play out. Except during rests. Then you should be very afraid.”

“is it ok if I start to cry a little right now?”

“I had anaemia as a kid, and my schoolteacher’s name sounded like ‘anaemia’, so naturally, I hated her”

“she took the pen out of my hand and said, ‘no, Richard, use pencil.’ I was so mad”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there are fewer bassists today and higher rates of suicide, gang violence, school shootings…”

“channel your inner Whitney Houston”

“play quietly, like you’re about to wake a baby. except you’re the baby, because you didn’t practice”

“I have another metronome app now. I collect them.”

“if someone calls my bass a cello one more time I’m gonna lose it”

“at the gig, a drunk guy came up to me, pointed to my harp, and called it a sideways piano”

“I want the space between these notes to be so big you can fit a little drawing of a house, a sun, a tree, and little dog in there.”

“90º angle notes”

“I want the sixteenth notes so sharp they could kill a man”

“turn the soundbox on”

“do you have a fancy phone? the answer is yes, yes you do.”

“I listened to the narration a few times before realising it was in German”

“I’ve got, like, four copies of that piece. the conductor keeps forgetting that I already have it and makes me a new copy.”

“soon I’ll have AIDS. Hearing aids, I mean. I’m old, is what I’m saying”

“more birdlike, turn on roundabout faster”

“kissing from the left is different from kissing from the right. not that I would know. asking for a friend.”

she was the blush of the first morning i remembered how to breathe again, a patch of skin that was finally healing, a cut that froze over so it wouldn’t hurt anymore. i’m saying that she sewed up some part of me i forgot to take care of and the rest she held my hand for. a practiced artform. she taught me how to come together. a rearranging of puzzle pieces until i woke up and she was there and breathing in the sunlight and i was suddenly peacefully whole.

“Take my hand”

First date with our blue boy <3

This can literally be for any Lance ship, imagine your otp lol!

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SO @saisai-chan was telling me about a cute idea she had that when Uraraka grew up, her parents always kissed her bandaids after putting them on a cut, because they were too poor to have like anaesthetic spray or anything? And then she applied it to a kacchako idea where Bakugou protects Uraraka from something and gets cuts and Uraraka bandages him while he’s out cold and kisses it and so on.

Anyway I kinda… did an alternate take on her idea and she asked me to post it BUT REALLY THE MAIN IDEA IS HERS SO IF YOU LIKE THIS THANK HER FOR IT.


So, what if the students were out doing like a training exercise, and same thing, Bakugou protects Uraraka without thinking with his super fast reflexes, and he gets banged up. And because they’re supposed to be self sufficient or something during the training and they’re just scratches, someone hands Uraraka some bandaids (maybe Momo makes them) and Uraraka applies them to Bakugou’s cuts.

He’s just sitting there, fuming because he’s having bandaids put on him for stupid cuts and he can’t believe he even got cut in the first place. But Uraraka just sees him sitting there sulking and has a lightbulb moment.

And she’s like “Oh! I forgot!” and she kisses the bandaid on his forehead (or cheek or something) and she’s so in the moment she’s just like “My parents always said that bandaids aren’t magic unless you kiss them!”

And everyone is just going ?????????? did Uraraka just do what we think she did?????

Bakugou starts literally steaming, speechless. And only then does Uraraka realize what she’s done.

I was doing well, and then one thing hit and after that I can barely lift my head up from everything thats crashed down onto me.
And half of it is because of you.
After you left, I hid my feelings so well that I even forgot I felt them. I used forgetting as a way to heal, I forgot to feel the emotions that come after a breakup and I was doing so well because of that.
But now I’m remembering. And since I’ve started I cant stop. I remember being there the first time our hands intertwined and I remember the way it felt to be so close to you. and I remember every single phone call that we had. And all that may sound nice, because it did make me smile, it did make me laugh thinking about the things you’d say but then it just hurt because your not here. none of that is here anymore.
You use to text me in all caps saying you loved me and now you don’t even look in my direction. You can’t even say hello anymore..
And it hurts, because now that I remember how it felt to be there, to have you, to love and be loved, I miss you.
I miss you so damn much and I can’t breathe because suddenly I’m reminded of when you ended things. and then the picture flashes through my mind of you with her.
And now I can’t even get out of bed anymore because life hurts too damn much.
Because I’m reminded of how people can wake up one day and decide that they don’t love you anymore. and I’m so scared that everyone I have ever known will leave.
—  you screwed me up
Aim to Please (NSFW)

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Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I fucking love this gif, I want this image of his little shithead face on everything. This boy is ruining my fucking life.

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Ever since I read chapter 9 of Hang the Fool by @arcanebarrage I wanted to draw this scene. I love it more than anything. This fic is so beautiful, I can’t remember the last time I was so invested in something.