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Sometimes the phandom can be quite fun. Quite Fun. we make jokes and have a good time. Then. things have to go sour. Somehow, they always do. yesterday i posted a pic of one of dan and phils’ friends’ instagram (which i in fact did not even take the screenshot of it was sent to me and i shouldn’t have even posted it). it was for Fun because it showed that dan and phil hung out with their friends and made cute iron bead art. The End right? No. people had to go on and stalk her instagram and now she’s gone private. i deleted the post around two hours after i posted it but the damage had been done. What The Fuck guys. the name and info was blurred out. Was That Not Signal Enough. i actually forgot how invasive people can be. i’m sorry i posted the screenshot and im sorry people took it and started being so creepy and horrible. can y'all take this as a lesson and realize dan and phils private lives are not something to meddle in? it’s for fun but as soon as someone takes that extra step it all goes to shit. so thanks for that. someone, more than a few someones, took that extra step.

  • Aoi: moooorniiiing! seems that, you know, that GazettE world tour thing is on sale today! the highlight is definitely that thing, you know. uuuumn, what was it, I forgot the name, but that thing, you know, that that guy does. it’s definitely a must-see!
  • so guys, that thing from the GazettE is on sale now ! !
  • Aoi: but it always happens that some well-meaning person tries to spread the word of what we released by uploading a video. that only brings about a "sudden important notification" so please don’t overdo it, ok? 

  • sorry to bring up an unsettling topic first thing in the morning but there’s always someone that does it, so please forgive me ! !
  • Aoi: we, well, I mean, I want to be forever laughing with all of you guys. if the (music) industry is a place of quickly passing trends, I wanna try to stay with you guys as long as possible, even for just a second more. 
so, I’m telling you, that, you know, world tour thing is on sale now ! !
  • Aoi: 📞missed calls
  • Aoi: whyyyy aaaareee youuuuuu sleeeepiiiiing?! leeeeet’s plaaaay!
  • (I’m done with work and I just got home a little while ago. I’m totally sober.)
All Started With a Song Part 5// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 648

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) sorry this one is short. part 6 will be up tonight and it will (hopefully) be much longer! hope you guys enjoyyyy


“Uh, is Conor here?”

“Yeah.” She smiled, “Conor!” a few seconds later Conor showed up, wrapping an arm around the girl.

“Oh shit. I forgot.” He sighed, “Y/n. I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you gave a weak smile, “I’ll just go.”


Then he shut the door. And you remained in front of the door until you realized that was creepy. You walked back to your car, not turning it on for a solid ten minutes.

What did you do wrong?

How did he forget?

He messaged you.

Why did he do that to you?

He talked to you first.

Why was he being so mean?

You went home, not replying to any social media notifications. Alice and Olivia tried getting a hold of you, but you ignored them. You weren’t in the mood. You were disappointed, angry, confused, but most of all, you were sad.


It had been 5 hours since you met Conor. You were still sad, but now it was on the back burner. You had decided to not order take out tonight. Cooking always helped take your mind of things. You were making spaghetti, it was simple but could keep you occupied.

You had texted the girls saying you were safe so they would stop pestering you. You didn’t feel like talking about what happened.

But they didn’t stop. They continued to text you, asking if you were okay. You hadn’t gone on any social media so you hadn’t seen their tweets.

The girls had gone viral, mostly hate though. All of Conor’s fans, and the other boys’ fans were going off on them.

But you had no idea, because you had shut your phone off.

It wasn’t until 8 o’clock that the girls had shown up at your house. You weren’t mad, it was bound to happen.

“Hey,” you sighed, going back to your spot on the couch.

“We defended you, the least you could do is say thank you,” Alice said, grabbing a cup from the kitchen.

“What?” you asked, oblivious to their twitter rants.

“Have you been living under a rock for the past 5 hours?” Olivia joked.

“Kind of, I shut my phone off.” you said.

“Check twitter,” was all Alice said.

You gave them both a confused look while turning your phone back on.

Alice :) @aliiibooo

Good to know that people still blow off others. Learn some respect #annoyed #plsstop

Olivia Jones @viaoli324

Hate seeing my best friends sad, especially when you know who did it but can’t stop them

Alice :) @aliiibooo

Hey @ConorMaynard maybe you could not be a dick to people? Thanks

Olivia Jones @viaoli324

@aliiibooo @ConorMaynard yeah that’d be nice, seeing as you’re the one who got her hopes up

Tears ran down your cheeks as you read what your friends had said.

“Guys,” you said softly. “Thank you so much.” You hugged them both. “But why?”

“He deserved to be told that,” Olivia huffed, “No one treats Y/n like that and gets away with it.”

“Yeah, if someone hurts you, we hurt them. Best friend privilege,” Alice smiled, but it quickly faded, “Do you want to talk about it.”

“It’s nothing crazy. I just knocked and a girl answered instead.” They both gasped.

“What a dick!” Olivia screamed.

“And then I asked if he was there.” You looked at the ground, “He was. He said he forgot.”

“Forgot?” Alice said slowly, “he fucking forgot?”

“I guess. And then I said okay, and he closed the door.” You looked at them, they were fuming.

“I can’t believe him!”

“How could he forget?!?!”

“Guys, it’s not a big deal.” You tried to sound believable.

“Yes it is!” they both shouted.

“There’s nothing we can do about it now,” you sighed, leaning against a pillow.

“What are you talking about?” Olivia smirked.

“There’s only one thing we can do,” said Alice, looking at Olivia.


I drew this for my boyfriend. We don’t really do Valentines Day because we are not terribly sentimental (and my birthday is so close), but he had to work late last night so I took him this, a Cinnabon and a bottle of Coke to cheer him up.

Semi-related story: Yesterday, I stopped at a no-name dollar store down the street from me to buy the bottle of Coke and a nice baggie to put everything in. Shortly after, a couple came into the store and the guy proceeded down the kitchenware aisle whilst yelling that he needed “a tray to do coke off of”. 😑 Happy Valentines Day, indeed.

EDIT: and sorry for another potato-quality photo. Took this with my phone. No time to scan it before delivering it.

EDIT 2: shit I forgot to add that I know this joke has been done before. Wasn’t going for creativity points with this.

Hey everyone! In honour of so many things, namely bc I’m almost done with high school, I’m so close to a follower goal, exo and bts are winning so many awards, teen wolf’s final season and also because I’m going to change my url soon and I really wanted to do a ff with this url, ANWAYS! This is my first follow forever and I want to deeply thank every single one of you, I love all your blogs and you guys really make my dash a better place. I don’t talk to some of you (bc I’m an awkward turtle with the conversation skills of a piece of bread) but I admire you all. This is probably so long and y’all are getting irritated by now hahaha but I’m such a sap, sorry ^.^

Special thanks to my stydia fam, I love you guys so much and I am so grateful for your support and love: (y’all are gonna kill me for being sappy aren’t ya hahah sorry guys) 

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Thank you guys very much for joining! I had lots of fun there. Here’s the end results haha ^^

Thank you: @ask-the-cupcake-king, @askshapeshifterjones, @ask-storeworker-switzerland@ask-usuk-ao, @askdoctoroliver@ask-ollie-bloody-kirkland, @ask-englat-blog@ask-washington, @bethofawesome, @ask-fran2pame-ao For visiting! The others whose blogs I don’t know too ;; aka Awkward, Ally, TrashQueen, and someone else whose name I forgot I’m so sorry;;, you were one of the ones who joined late into the stream!

I had lots of fun, I hope you guys did too! Extra apology to those who can’t join due to full spots.

Interrupting my queue to tell you guys...

I met @natashajanardan and @meghaljanardan (I’m really sorry for butchering your name) and they were so nice and they hugged me and everything! I swear I don’t freak out over people often, like didn’t freak out when I met Laverne or Judy Smith or anything, but it’s like I lost all my marbles and I forgot to tell them how many times I use them in Fleurish moodboards and how much I love their channel. The funny thing is I was just checking their IGs to see what I should do today and it’s so magical to me that we ended up in the same spot. If you guys are reading this, it was really great to meet you and if we ever end up in the same space again, I promise not to freak out.

  • Emi's blablabla

Accent challenge!

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What’s your name & username?
Where are you from?
What’s the time where you are?
Pronounce the following words: Meme, Pepe, Doge, Sudoku, Espresso, Celtic, Açaí, Dr. Seuss.
What’s your favourite pizza place? Favourite pizza topping?
What’s your favourite dessert?
What’s your favourite food? What food do you hate?
What’s your favourite TV show? Which show were you into, but then got out of?
What brand is your phone?
Do you speak a second language?
How do you define a group of people when you’re talking to them? Do you say ‘guys,’ or ‘dudes’ or?
What Harry Potter house do you most identify with? If sorted by Pottermore, did you agree with the one you got?
Is there something you should be doing right now but are procrastinating?
Now that you’ve talked about what you need to be doing, go do it!

Oh, dear, I feel terrible-

I forgot to do something for passing 50 followers !
Of course I just got twenty new followers yesterday because Gnat and Zach did some sort of torture method to get them here–
Uh, if you guys think my art is worth all the trouble of going through this.. I make ze contest like Gnat did. (IM SORRY FOR STEALING AN IDEA I FEEL LIKE A JERK PLEASE FORGIVE ME)
Rules/WTF is Going On:
-I draw you stuffs if your name is picked by my picky thingy. (Coded on Scratch)
-You must be following me to enter.
-I don’t draw porn please–
-Don’t worry, I know how to draw bodies. c”x I just prefer drawing shoulder and up because I can put more detail into the lovely face.
-Like this post and then choose to either submit a picture of a cat to my inbox or ask me, “Where you hiding this junk?” c;
-I’m sorry, it’s just traditional art. ;n; 
-PM me questions
First place/to be pulled:
-=Up to 3 characters
-=Shading optional
-=(All of these should have easy enough backgrounds. x”D)
-=Up to 2 characters
-=Shading optional
-=Up to 2 characters
-=Shading optional
-=One character with optional shading
-=1 character
-=Uncolored (Just lineart- but it can have a rainbow background ;D Just the lineart can be really cool when you get creative.)
        To see examples of my art, just go to my art blog. c”x I feel like this post is way too long already because I’m using the space very inconveniently.

floralghostnet intro thing I forgot to do oops sorry

hey frens!!!

my name is dahlia (duh-lee-ah or dal-ya, or whichever is easier for you tbh) and this month I will be 20! I am named after a flower (fun fact yay) and I live in Sydney, Australia but I am a proud Lebanese and muslim girl ✌🏽 I’m currently at uni studying health sciences with a second major in hearing and speech! Also I am a lame nerd who likes to play top songs on ukulele (i suck though) and I love cats

also I love u all and I’m gonna hug all of u and I’m very grateful to be a part of this net!! floral ghost tyler always makes me laugh!! I can’t wait to talk frens pls have a good day 💛✨