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Ignored - Elijah Mikaelson

Request: Hi!!! i have e request for Elijah, i saw your last oneshot with him and it was amazing!!! ok, so the reader is a Salvatore sister and she tries to avoid Elijah after he’s back in town with Kaherine for the cure. ((Anon)) 

Warnings: angst, so much angst. Crying. Sadness. Depression. The bad stuff.

Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Fem!reader 

 A/n: I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long I’ve been so hectically preoccupied with school that I just forgot to post. 

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 “Hey, little sister.” Damon’s voice drawled from the archway to the kitchen. Your mouth was around a straw you had stabbed into a blood bag, like a fucked up juice box. 

 “What do you want?” You ask, turning around to toss the empty bag into the garbage can. Damon frowns at you with a roll of his eyes. 

 “Just to tell you that your boyfriend is back in town.” You don’t even flinch, you hadn’t had a boyfriend since 1910, and he knew that. 

 “My last boyfriend is in the ground, has been since the sixties, you know that.” Damon tsks and taps his fingers against the kitchen island as he sits down.

“Did he really make that much of a fleeting impression on you? I mean the undead one, the beast to your beauty, consumed by saving his little brother, a thousand years old? Ringing a bell?” You tense up, you didn’t think you’d ever forget him. How had you forgotten him? 

 “Elijah’s back?” Damon smiles toothily at you. 

 “Oh, Elijah’s back, and as far as I know he came back with the cure for vampirism. For Katherine.” The smile that was growing on your lips fell. Katherine, of course he came back for Katherine, you hated that bitch. 

“I want her dead, I’ve wanted her dead for one-hundred-sixty years.” You cross your arms over your chest, resembling again the little girl that could get anything from Damon with a pout and puppy dog eyes. 

 “If you can give me a way to keep her dead forever, I’ll take it.” You roll your eyes and turn around to look out the window, Stefan was throwing a ball with a dog you had taken in. 

 “She’s such a-!” You cut yourself off half way through your shout, taking a deep breath and unclenching your fists. 

 “I know, she’s a bitch, an undead skank, you’ve said it all before.” You roll your shoulders, taking another deep breath. 

 “I hate her! I don’t- I wanted to be with Elijah and I thought I could be happy with him but then she comes back and he just becomes her little bitch all over again. He basically worshipped the ground she walked on!” Your hands rested in the island and before you can think about it two handfuls of granite are in your palms. Damon lifts his eyebrows. 

 “So tell him.” Damon says, you can hear the soft tone of his voice. If there was one person he wanted to be happy it would be you, and you knew it. 

 “No, he’ll come to me, I’m not going to run after him all over again.” You cross your arms and Damon smirks at you. 

 “That’s my girl.” You smile at him before throwing the crushed granite away. 


 You could hear them talking from the open window of the living room. You were petting Frank the fluffy collie dog and reading a book. Elijah was talking about you to Damon and Stefan, asking them to let him see you. 

 “She doesn’t want to see you, not as long as your Katherine’s bitch.” You could practically feel Stefan’s sass through the walls. 

 “I don’t belong to anyone.” You snort out a laugh. 

 “Yeah, right. But hey, as soon as you stop following Katherine around like a little lost puppy you can see her. Until then, if I see you around her I’ll rip your heart from your chest.” The door opens again and Frank lifts his head only to put it back down when Damon walks through the door. He winks at you and you smile smugly.


 It had been a week and you were finally ready to go see him. You had dressed up for the party, some stupid ball that Damon insisted on throwing for your birthday. But mostly you were dressed up for Elijah. Katherine was gone, and you looked amazing. 

 “Have you been ignoring me?” You had just reached the bottom of the stairs when you heard Elijah’s voice. You smiled and turned around. 

 “Why would I ever do that? It certainly wouldn’t be because of that undead skank that constantly makes you her bitch, now, would it?” He frowns. 

“Would you care to dance?” He straightens his back and holds out a hand to you. You take it and let him pull you into his chest on the dancefloor. 

“I’m sorry about Katherine.” You roll your eyes when he talks. 

 “No you aren’t, Elijah, don’t pretend. It’s rude.” You were fed up with his bullshit, he didn’t feel bad, you know he didn’t. 

 “But I still missed you.” You look away from him and click your tongue in annoyance. 

 “Just because you don’t believe me doesn’t make it any less the truth.” He grabs your hand and you don’t try to pull it away. 

 “Let’s say you missed me, why didn’t you come back?” Your words cut through the air like a knife, you were still angry and hurt that he left you behind. 

 “It was Niklaus, I couldn’t-” Now you pull your hand away. 

 “It’s always Klaus isn’t it? You’re so devoted to his redemption, he’s a monster Elijah, he’s not the little boy you knew when you were children anymore.” Elijah looks at a loss for words and when he does start to speak you cut him off. 

“No, okay just- no. If I’m not dead by the time you finally come to your senses about Klaus then come and find me but until then- stay the hell away from me.” You turn your back on him, walking away and bringing a hand up to wipe your tears away. Damon is sitting on the couch when you come home, flicking through the tv. You wipe away another tear. 

 “Hey how did- oh no.” Damon stands up when he sees you crying. He’s pulling you into a hug in less than a second. 

“He’s never going to love me as much as he loves them.” Damon tries to shush you, putting a hand over your head as you cry. 

 “I just want him to love me like he used to.” Damon gives a nod as you cry. 

 “I know, I know you do. It’s going to be okay.” 

But was it really?

||❥ the coat controversy

j e o n g h a n ! s c e n a r i o


word count: 1,690

includes: a chilly winter day in which you ride the train with bf!jeonghan nd he contemplates snuggling u into his coat. 

request: some jeonghan jealousy

✎ okay so there ain’t much jealousy but aghh bro it’s so hard 2 be original and not use a plot everyone’s heard a thousand times but at least there’s wholesome fluff,, didn’t realize i wrote this then forgot to post it whoops.

Jeonghan couldn’t stop glancing at you from the corner of his eyes. Sure you appeared completely fine and dandy, armed with your woolly hat that had a pompom perked like a gumdrop on the top, a tiny quirk on your lips attributed from idly scrolling through your phone. He wanted to believe all was peachy-keen, but a litany of protests were rattling within his head.

This was the subway train after all, the sand coloured floors and dull silver benches hardly appealing on a winter day. Snow began feathering from the sky in fashion to powdered sugar, coating car roofs and clinging to fur hoods. Quite a beautiful sight, yet you insisted on taking the subway, Jeonghan crinkling under your sweet pleas a little too easily.

He wondered if you brought up the idea because you were cold and hoped the subway would offer some heating. However the minute you stepped inside, the same draft cloaked the air, any chances of nabbing seats by the heater purloined by the elderly couple who shuffled on just before you. It was always like this, similar to when your parents would advise you to dress warmer, yet their entreating’s would get brushed off out of petulant stubbornness.

“It doesn’t even look that cold Jeonghan! I’ll be fine in this jacket.”

He recalls eyeing you ineffectually, knowing his advice falls on deaf ears. Tucking a lock of hair behind your ear, Jeonghan sways your attention to the tree branches bobbing outside the glass panes belonging to your home, attempting persuasion one last time.

“Do me a favour sweetheart and go stand outside. I know you’ll get cold, so why don’t you check now rather than when it’s too late.” 

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( n o t e s ; ♥ )

Okay, uh, I actually made this a long time ago, and I was planning to post this. I just forgot to. Heh, whoops! The images I used for these edits are not mine. I merely only put our princes’ sprites on a random background. I should also mention that these were originally posted on my Instagram account. Well, that’s all I have to say. Enjoy our BMP guys in yukatas!  Please do not repost w/o crediting me.

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I WANT TO ADD TO MY FAVORITE PHOTOS OF 2015 because I forgot I took some nice photos of other people’s rats & I only looked through my folder of my rats & so I missed some good ones & now I regret this decision but I cannot edit the original post because it’s already been reblogged.  so this will just be part 2 or whatever.

1. Brooklyn, owned by @gotchakatjaa (1/31/15)
2. Zeni, owned by @mayisay-ilovedyoumore (8/16/15)
3. Aphrodite, owned by @a-l-m-o-s-t–l-o-v-e-r (5/10/15)
4. Juneau, owned by @karasratworld (5/9/15)

Earl of Winchester Drabble

A/N: So, I’ve had this idea for a while and was feeling inspired. I typed out a bit of what I’m considering as my next- longer- series once LHYHM is finished. Anyone interested? 

Basic Idea: Dean is sent into London during the late Victorian Era to be hidden from the angels. Sam is sent to a different time period. As the stay becomes prolonged, Dean decides to assist the older Men Of Letters. He takes on a plea to handle a vengeful spirit in the home of a Marquess. Where he stumbles upon the reader. 

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Warnings: No editing. If made into a series, it could change drastically before part one is released. Will also likely contain smut. I believe that is all.

I realized that I forgot to tag you guys when originally posted! @kazchester-fanfiction @unefemmedelettres

Word Count: Roughly 600

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