i forgot that i changed my url and now

So a few days ago I hit 1.7K!!!! Tysm for following me!!!  I was gonna do these sooner but my forgetful ass forgot so here we go now!

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lesbill -> lesbianthirteenth

I nearly forgot to post this lmao

(I change my icon back for the time being as well, to save confusion)

y'all laughed when I saved this URL but look who’s laughing now

anonymous asked:

could you possibly recommend bruins blogs to follow? i feel like there's not a lot of those on tumblr but I may be wrong

You mean my favorite tumblr people of all time??? you’re not gonna find a lot of bruins content this time of year but these people are Certified Good Bruins Fans

@mmmarchy (because i forgot you on my last follow forever so you’re going first because !!! i love and i feel bad)

@pbergeron, @highstik, @zanoinsano, @zdenocharazard, @nosefacekillah, @nsfwhockey, @kurally, @rask-me-anything40, @backcheckswing, @raskattack, @british-boston-bruins, @boston-strong-forever, @bostonianrhapsody, @mattfroyofraser, @marchandsnose, @ptuukkadactyl, @adammcquaidschesthair, @davidbackes, @antoineroussel, @saintmcavoy, @davidpastaanak.

and there are probably more but either they changed their URLs or they’re not on my dash right now so i can’t remember their URL. They’re are a bunch on tumblr if your search boston bruins and look through the blogs but these are the ones that I can attest to.

anonymous asked:

Helloooo!! Are you really streaming the Inuyasha Stage Play on June 8?! I'm so excited!! My heart is about to break. Pls say it's true. I have not seen any post of the time and URL as of yet.


I’m indeed going to stream the Stage Play.

The original date was going to be Saturday June 10. However, I forgot I’m away that next Sunday and since most of my followers live in the US, I will have to stream in the middle of the night in my time zone. So, that probably won’t work.

I’m going to make post with all the information tonight.

Right now, I haven’t decided yet if I will change the date to Saturday June 17. First I need to see what time it will be exactly where I live, for the stream to be most convenient for everybody and if I’m able to manage that, regarding Sunday.

anonymous asked:

howd u get ur url back?

ok i SAID id make a post when i had the energy for it but… i guess u all have a right 2 know bc ive been moping about it for a good half week now gfhgj

basically!!! i thought id remake- for no good reason, i was just being impulsive. n i went through the first few steps of remaking, idk, changing my url to this n making a new acct with the same url for my main there. n then i completely. forgot. i have adhd bros… its like i said 2 ria, i cud marry a guy then propose to him again that evening.
(n u all SAW what happened when i forgot. gdkjnksd i was so mad!!! i made myself so damn sad. i called my OWN pussy dry)
ghjfgkdjn so i forgot about this, then i remembered this evening out of nowhere.. ‘didnt i do… something.. idk it was something… what was it tho…’ n i logged into the second acct- just to check things out! n found four furious messages that i had sent. to myself. i stole my own url.

anyway the shortest version of the answer is- i had the url all along n was messaging myself telling her i had rights over the url. it’s hilarious, i cried with laughter, ill change my url now.

// im shit and kinda forgot about this blog cause idk drrr is over and i have been kinda busy i guess but i reached 5500 followers sO I LOVE U ALL. and i kinda want to shizaya now that the actual series is over…i wont change the url but ill just do shitty shizaya stuff sometimes probably IDK im sorry i know a lot of u hate it orz  yay or nay in the replies?


@acecommunityreceipts​ - too patient and amazing, doing the lord’s work, sifts through bullshit blogs so that others don’t have to. blocked for making me feel bad about myself

@aphobiakills​ - my wife, beautiful, that one long post (you know the one) was one of the most well-written things i’ve ever seen. blocked for making the hetkeepers threatened enough by her goodness and logic to form a smear campaign against her

@h8keepers​ - that one account everyone wants to be noticed by, always giving advice, could probably take over the world. blocked for being good at everything and also because s made me gayer by replying to me in hebrew that one time

@hate2breakittoya​ - stick with the lesbian flag icon even though it makes me confuse them with that one shitty blog you know the one, singlehandedly start 95% of important discussions, use their mogai hell denial tag to give LGBT people a place to vent. blocked for being amazing but double blocked for distracting me from my musical with the fucking ace discourse musical fuck

@discourseful​ - knows how to handle anon hate, has a detailed callout masterpost WITH RECEIPTS that they consistently update, shamed me for dabbing to HSM2 like a good friend should. blocked for being petty enough to queue blazinace’s callout post to repost every month (and for being taller than me)

@furriesfortrump​ - iconic, stole all the usernames pertaining to furries supporting trump, writes amazingly clear arguments. blocked for being such a good discourser that hetkeepers resort to making fun of their clearly sarcastic URL

@allodiscourse - level 10 aphobe, absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t post enough selfies, either never sleeps or has an amazing queue set up. blocked for making me a level 25 gay with her selfies

@relatablehetaceposts - literally so funny, makes so many original posts, roasts Ross from Friends like a true heterophobe. blocked for making me cry with that one “cishet ace moodboard” post

@fulldiscourseofantibiotics - somehow on every post i see, has a cute icon but doesn’t mess around. blocked for being more popular than me even though i’ve been in the discourse since april

@the-ace-community - makes iconic posts making fun of the hetkeepers, says everything i’m too afraid to say (especially that one recent reply to someone’s post about how assuming the amount of sexual attraction a gay person feels is inherently homophobic that was amazing). blocked for always having a good argument and making me feel inadequate. 

@tiredofcishets - always remembers to tag EVERYTHING (fr i applaud that), cites everything, is there anything she doesn’t know. blocked for making up the majority of my reference tag with long, well-researched posts about LGBT history

@the-shitcourse - confused me with the URL change just now, claims to be on hiatus until september 5th but is always online (seriously go take a break), grew and changed so much in the past few months making me strangely proud. blocked for handling being called out perfectly and apologizing sincerely like the good person she is


anonymous asked:

did you just changed your url? this new is amazing keep it!!!!

Oh, wow, that was fast lol. And yes, I did change my URL (I forgot to make a post about it lmao) and despite loving my old one I really wanted to change it for this one because I wanted to use the icon I’m using right now and it would be weird using it with Clara’s name on my URL lmao. I’m glad you liked this new one I intend to keep it for a while. :)

ok bitchachos i’m gonna try to be more active for once in my sad life! i have dropped most of my characters so now i have piper, winnie, daphne ( as if i could give up my angry child ), karissa, & johanna. ONE: y’all should just plot w me more i’m in need thx. TWO: i’m gonna drop the few threads i have so like this for a starter & reply with the urls for who you want them for ( if you don’t give me urls i stg i’m gonna fight )


Hey guys!! So I’ve wanted to do a Follow Forever for a long time and since I just recently hit 1k+ followers (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!), I thought now is the perfect time to do it. I LOVE YOU ALL and especially my beautiful mutuals!!!! ❤ Please forgive me if I forgot anyone. It’s so hard keeping track of url changes. 

My special loves - @thatiswhatiloveaboutyou // @ktnseverdeens // @swarkles-will-always-be-canon // @cerezaaa91 // @ikeepyouwarm // @herondale-ivashkov // @nateschucks, @lydmstilinski // @ohhnoobabe // @swiftyandme // @london-s // @naphie88

(#) @99royalty

(A - D) @a-newsoundtrack // @adoringelizabetholsen // @aliciavikandersource // @andriewdwyer // @animations-daily // @autumncozy // @avikandersource // @b99 // @b99daily // @baebastianstan // @beardedchrisevans // @beckysinthewoods // @blankspacepen // @caitssmoak // @cametotheshowinsd // @catherinemiddletons // @chckbass // @chiaratippy // @chrisevansl // @chuckandblairdaily // @chuckblairgifs // @clintandnatasha // @corlgrimes // @cosmokaramel // @crisshastings // @dailygossipgirlgifs // @dailyjakeamy // @dailyjaneausten // @dailylizzieolsen // @dailymarvel // @dailypawnee // @dailyteamcap // @dansrs // @dundermifflinscranton

(E - H) @earnmysong // @edwestwikcs // @enchanted-to-meet-hiddleswift // @everything-onetreehill // @feministperalta // @floraizon // @foxesruninwonderland // @friendsgifs // @fuckyeahthewalkindead // @gifbuckybarnes // @gleggie // @glennfreakinrhee // @glennmaggie // @hedasambassador // @hellbentclara // @heromills // @hershelgreene // @hijacked-peeta // @hilaryduffs // @howimetyourmindy // @hydesbride

(I - L) @ifreakinlovetaylorswift // @ihavealotofopinionsmostlyabouttv // @imbrokegirl // @interstellarbeams // @itsbrooklyn99 // @j-akeperalta // @jake-peralta // @jakeperaltaz // @jakesjohnson // @jenniferlawrencedaily // @kathybeales // @kittcattcastle // @laughcentre // @leawrences // @legen-daary // @leslie-wyatt // @lexgriffins // @littlemixtakes // @littlemixurl 

(M - P) @martym // @marvelgifs // @me-youhaveme // @mrbenwyatt // @neverfacedthemusic // @newgirlthings // @nickmlllers // @obi-babe-kenobi // @ohmymarvelousswift // @onlychrisevans // @oswinyoswaldy // @paramuswriter // @parisinthe1920s // @peeta-everdeen // @peetamellarkthebaker // @peetas-function // @perrielouiseed // @pinkmanjesse // @potter-weasley // @princesconsuela 

(Q - T) @queenclintasha // @redbuckybear // @reyismyprincess // @rosesofmargaery // @samswarek // @scarlettmaximofff // @scrantonpaper // @schrutesfarm // @stanacatic // @stanley–kubrick // @sterekpeeniss // @stolenkissesprettyliies // @swiftsloki // @swifty4infinity // @sunnysilhouette5 // @sylviesbrett // @tashalyonnes // @taylorrecordbreakingswift // @taylorswift // @tayngelswift // @taysgrammys // @teamswiift // @temporaryxbliss // @thanksforsayingthat // @thatharrypotterfangirl // @thatonekimgirl // @thattimethatplace // @thealluretodarkness // @thestilinsksi // @toobusydancing-13 // @tswiftdaily // @tswiftslyrics // @twddaily

(U - Z) @uhstydias // @vanessah-ives // @vasi16 // @wornbyallthedust // @xbeautifulview // @xchanniess

+ blogroll


Banner credit goes to the lovely Sasha

Here it is, my first ever follow forever! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. 

Anyway, I’m sure I forgot someone, so if you’re not on this list but I’m following you right now, there is still a 99% chance that I will follow you forever. It’s just that I follow a lot of people, and that plenty of you have recently changed URLs for the holidays or otherwise. Still, I love you all, thank you for being awesome, and I wish you all the best for 2016!

* You’re all my mutuals, and my favorites obvi


@acklescollins@acklesjensn@ad-astra-castiel ❁ @addmparrish@almaasi@anastiel ❁ @animaatra ❁ @appleblossomdean@aprettygirlandpie ❁ @ara-claire ❁ @assbuttsassemble@astra-lux@asupernaturalfansite ❁ @avyssoseleison  


@baethazar@bamf-castiel@beestiels ❁ @bert-and-ernie-are-gay@bookkbaby ❁ @boykingdom ❁ @breathedean 


@captainbunnicula@carelessdean ❁ @carryonwaywardangel ❁ @casbadass@casbean ❁ @casinthongs ❁ @cassammydean@casseil@casthartic@casthegrumpy ❁ @casthewise@castiel-brother-of-erikas ❁ @castiel-for-king ❁ @castielnovak@castiel-left-his-mark-on-me ❁ @castielslight@castiels-playdoll ❁ @cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you ❁ @charlie-minion ❁ @chevrolangels@chevydestiel67@clairebrovak@comtessedebussy ❁ @constiellation@consulting-mutt  ❁ @cuddlebearcas 


@daenw@dahliasheng ❁ @danglingthpider@deanandhiscas ❁ @dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala ❁ @deanfucker ❁ @deanhugchester@deanisanactualprincess@deansangelicpurity@deansanchor ❁ @deans-colette ❁ @deanshandprint@deansteil@deansurvived ❁ @deathtwonormalcy ❁ @destielfactory@doieverforgetthepie ❁ @doofcas ❁ @dudewheresmypie


@elegantdean@elizabethrobertajones ❁ @enochiansubtext@envydean@eonchian ❁ @eternallydeancas ❁ @fallencassbutt@fallenfortherighteous@feelsnotfeelings ❁ @fictionalguysarethebest@fireintheimpala ❁ @flightlesscas@flydestiel ❁ @foolmeetwice@friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman ❁ @frostedmisha ❁ @fucktoydean@fvckingjensen 


@gazetiel@grumpycas ❁ @habitatfordeanwinchester ❁ @hefeelsthesame ❁ @heyacas ❁ @ilarina ❁ @impalaforthree ❁ @inacatastrophicmind@interncastiel 


@januarycas@jensdmitri@jensen-danneel-please@jensenstiger@jewelcas ❁ @jinglyjensen ❁ @just-siri ❁ @katteens ❁ @kittyaugust ❁ @kookiecas ❁ @ksenianovak ❁ @ladydemacabre@lafleurfersure ❁ @legendofclarke@leviathncas ❁ @livebloggingmydescentintomadness@lolnovak ❁ @loverofwingsandcoffee 


@maidmisha ❁ @manateeparty@m-arci-a@marilynmay ❁ @mashiarasdream@minxdean ❁ @mishacoliins ❁ @misha-collins-angel-of-thursday@mishajunkie ❁ @mishanarry@mishananigans ❁ @mishasbabyminion ❁ @mishaskrushnic@mishaswhore@mishfortunes ❁ @mrsfitzgerald ❁ @mummytroll@mundanecas ❁ @mundosdepapel@museaway ❁ @nerdanqel ❁ @niftysam ❁ @notobadthings@novaks ❁ @officialdestiel@onekinkywitch@ozonecologne 


@padaleckhi@paledestiel@patrcolvs ❁ @perlukafari ❁ @playfulpanthress@plutodean ❁ @poorbeautifuldean@powerfulweak ❁ @preciousmish ❁ @princesscas ❁ @profoundbondoflove@puppycastiel@puppymish@purgatoryjar ❁ @redeemcas@renegademisha@reveetrange@rockandrollchick@rosetylr ❁ @royalrowena


@salesassociatesteve@sarah-winchester-313 ❁ @scruffyseraph ❁ @sentimental-apathy@shiphitsthefan@slayerangels@slayermish@snowlantern@some-people-call-it-tragic ❁ @soupernabturel@spacecrazyartist ❁ @sparksflycastiel ❁ @ssjdebusk ❁ @strengthcas@sunlitcas@supernaturalapocalypse 


@tabbydean ❁ @taintedean ❁ @tenoko1@the-almighty-hobbit ❁ @thearchangelofsass@the-art-of-fangirling ❁ @thebloggerbloggerfun@thedoctorsjawn ❁ @thekingslover@the-rising-demonmistress-of-styx@theywearpink@timetraveldean@too-much-tv-no-social-life@topcas ❁ @trenchcoatandimpala@ughdean ❁ @unfenced-fire@unholynovak ❁ @venuscas@vinnie-cha 


@whataboutthefish ❁ @whelvenwings@whothefuckiscas  ❁ @winjennster@wisepuma23@worthycas ❁ @yourfavoritedirector

2016 is almost over, and even though i am drowning in revisions, i decided that thanking you all for this amazing year is more than worth it.

so much has happened in the space of 12 months, be it in here or in my life. i graduated, achieved one of my goals by entereing medical school and achieved another by meeting alycia debnam carey (and traveling for the first time on my own!). i made friends, lost some others, contacts intertwining and breaking away as i gradually tried to become a better version of myself everyday. i reached my first milestone on tumblr and met so many amazing people i can now be proud to call friends, no matter how far we live from one another, or how much different we all are.

i can definitely say that 2016 has been a pushing-limits year for me, and i laughed and cried all the same while going through whatever life had in stock for the little bean that i am.

so that’s for you, peeps. tumblr is far from being a safe haven for everyone, but you guys have contributed to make it feel like it is for me. i am not on holidays, but i wish you all a good one. love yourself and those around you, god knows how much love is needed right now.

everything is under the cut :

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Hi everyone, I just hit 1K followers and I wanted to thank you all so much for getting me this far! For reaching this new goal, I decided to celebrate by making a follow forever!

Everyone on this list (and the first) has an amazing blog and I love every single one of them. They are all definitely worth checking out, I promise! For the sake of making things easier for myself, I added regular URLs instead of the halloween themed ones. If you changed URLs and I didn’t realize, please let me know and apologies if I forgot any of you! (see broll here

↳ mutuals are italicized
↳ personal favorites -or- friends are bolded
↳ my absolute favorite right now is marked with a ** :)

# - G

@21potter / @acciofreddie / @aguamcnti / @andpadfoot / @angrydraco / @astcriagreengrass / @astraera / @avadaqedavra / @awdraco / @awloony / @azkvban / @baginsfrodo / @beaubaxton / @brighttestwitch / @bsexualremus / @buhtterbeer / @cedrric / @dailypotter / @danielosbournee / @dearestlupin / @deatheateres / @demenfor / @dracocos / @drascomalfoy / @dumbledore / @elderrwands / @ermykneeandwheezy / @expclliarmus / @fantastlcbeasts / @fawxkes / @finnick / @flcurclelacour / @fredweazley / @g0lden3o / @gallecns / @geminoweasley / @ghcstlydraco / @ginnhyweasley / @ginnydear​ / @gnvraweasley / @goldensnltch / @goldentrio / @grannger / @grimmauldhollow / @gryffrindor / @gxnnyweasley 

H - O

@halvbloods / @harry-potter-alohomora11 / @hellodraco@hermiiony / @hermionegrangcrr / @hermionesgenes / @hermioneshour@hermionici / @hocusqocus / @honeydukinq / @hp-picspam / @jamespotte / @jammespotter** / @jilys-deathday-party / @katniss-everdien / @knockturnallley / @leasarfcti / @letsdropacidpops / @leviccrpus / @licorice-wands / @lilypcttcr / @lookdraco / @lordmalfoy / @lovegodluna / @lunacrowd / @malfoycat / @malfqy / @maruolo / @maurudermap / @merlin-was-a-slytherin / @mydraco / @naricssa / @nevillles / @newtscamandeur@nothorcruxes / @nymphaddoras / @octxvias / @ohgeorgie / @ohmynargles / @ollystarlings@otterandterrier / @ourwizardinglives  

P - Z

@partywithslughorn / @percywheezely / @pickpocketpadfoot@pooterpotter / @proudneville / @quaffl / @quibbleresque / @quiddithc / @quillsandink / @quldditch / @remrus / @remusolupin / @regulusblxcks / @rlupin / @remusses / @richardganey / @rixddle / @romicne / @romionearemyhorrocrux / @ronaldbiliiusweasley / @ronaldweasl-y / @ronhaldweasley / @ronuldweasly / @ronweasxley / @rufusscrimgeour / @shacklebot / @slytherimn / @slytheriny / @snuhffles / @stubbs-the-boardman / @stuckwith-harry / @takeitawayernie​ / @tcmriddlc /  @timerturned @tomrddles / @tomriddl / @tranxfiguration / @triwizarded / @twinklupin / @voldemortrs / @watsonita / @weasley-wheezy / @weasleyco / @weasleysghost / @weaslings / @weazelbee / @wizardingsociety / @zabxni / @zonnkos 

Kay-Chan’s Follow Forever

Since the end of the year’s closing, I decided to do a little follow forever thing because why not! I still can’t believe I’m so close to having 900 frickin followers like holy shit I never thought I’d be that close to such a high number!!! Thank you all so much for it! 

Now, I will name some very, very cool people I know! If you’re not on here, it’s never because I hate you or anything: I either forgot, thought I already put you there, you changed URLS and I forgot it.don’t know it, or don’t know you that well enough to place you in. Either way, I still love you all sooo much!!!! 

First: Meme Monarchs: these are the people I am very close with and love with all my heart! And if you already don’t, you should totally follow them just to see how frickin fackin AMAZING they are. Seriously, without them, Tumblr wouldn’t be nowhere near as enjoyable, y’know? Okay, so here they are:

@anobservingphantom @batgirl99  @ghetsexy @alfonsobeilschmidt @apolloterran @mooniighteevee @askellielayton @askmargretandjinx  @slimesmcgoo @kaileeshz @clippedquills @pupiscle @souryuu-sama @turnabout4what turnaboutsister @bpd–apollo

Secondly: Meme Royal Captains: these are the people I talk to occasionally but not as close with them as the first group but that doesn’t mean I love them any less! These cool cats are: 

@flyinglotads @monarchofmadnezzzzzz @astro-gay @the-wright-ass @ace-attorney-trash @asougisenpai @mr-naruhodou @rniafey @bpd-absanket @klaviersapollo @bluffing-attorney  @murhuedur @aria-strong @ivyclanmoonblossom @hoennian @arc-de-terres @youhitmyfunnybone @rumpelspartnerincrime

Third: Meme Royal Knights: these are the people that I haven’t really talked to either very often or rarely at all, but they’re still very cool and I hope to chat with them more someday! You should totally follow them as well if you don’t already: 

@gaylawyers @officialmattengarde @trucys-wright  @elovers  @iamfuckingtrash @trucy-wrights @michael-laser-cykes @aceprotorney @sha-je @rumpelspartnerincrime @sakkayakka @smilesmcgoo @cogfondler @ravioliocelot @simon-blackquills @actual-rin @pkmniris  @thesmallestmagicienne @friskmp3 @future-justice @apolleh @trigendersei @harichann @pk-espurr @detectivecharleyaceattorney @all-star-baker @sasusquatch

And with that…
         ☆.。.:*・°☆.。.:*   HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! ☆.。.:*・°☆ 

I don't have the time to write a very emotional intro that will make you all cry (sorry?) so yeah, if the gif didn't give it away, this follow forever is in honor of 2015 (more like the end of 2014 thank god this year is over) but also kinda a little bit in honor of 1.2k followers :)

(Bolded are the people I not so secretly stalk)

These Queens: 

agentswan nataliedromer champagnesnowflake howeverlongs horcruxa kickassfu lieutenantsmoak once-upon-a-blake onlyklarolinefeels breakdown-yourwalls

A - B

addriannadestiny  alovelikethisneverdies, afigureofspeech, allineedisvolleyball, anaelletvd, beermestrengths, badasslexa, bellamyblakesrifle, bellamys-brave-princess, bellamys-c1arke, blakesclarkes, bellsgriffin, bellamyv, bellamysbootie, bellamyblako, b-llarkebellarkehugged, bellcrkes, braveclarkegriffin

C - F

caitlinssnowing, connorwaelsh, colinodonorgasm, clarke-grifffincaitrionabafle, clarkegriffencorybaboonmatthews, crytalreed, dontbeangrylove, dreamsarefleeting, fanfantasticworld, frecklyblake, felicitysmoakh, fangsxclaws

G - K

goonergal81, hugvvarts, housetaragaryen, iftheladyinsists, iangaliagher, intostarlight, jaspergoggles, jchnmurphys jxhnmurphy kingsbellamy, klarolineforevermine, klarolineskhaleesi, klausswordholder, khaleesiofthewolves 

L - Q

laprincesadelamor, mercuryslunacies, mikaelshakenymerrias, northernswillneverforget, octxvias, oliveresqueen, outlawqueener, olicitysbond, ohhbellamy, octavianblake, prettylittle-klaroline, qwibbler

R - Z

ravnnreyes, ravesreyes, rxvenreyes, reapersblood, rebelandaprincess, samxcait, sacrificiallame, seriouslymilady, sexybexy19, shelovedtooeasily, smoaksolicitys, starqued, theboyinplaid, they-chose-each-other vampiresandwhitewalkers, willowolven, zooxzoo

+ Thank you guys for filling my year (sorta) with awesomeness.
++ I'm about 300% sure I forgot someone bc I did this in a hurry SO IM SORRY I SITLL LOVE YOU.


(this banner was made because i am a Loser who loves memes ha sue me)

following my year-long departure from twitter, i returned to the fandom in september. the tumblr fandom is a whole new world but with the same language, and i’ve loved every bit! thanks to all those who have made it such an unreal experience. since last week, there are 1k of you now, but i still want to get to know as many as i can, followers & friends included! there are still so many more of you out there who i’d love to meet & befriend. come tell me about your favorite AU headcanons whenever :)

first, a few shoutouts:

@louieetommo: kylie, you are first because u r #1 to me & also my first real friend here. you’re also the only person here who i text everyday & am comfortable with sending weird shit even tho u think it’s weird shit. thank u for your support, likewise, i will always give you mine. i am so grateful for you! i <4 you so much.
@areyougoodwithyourhands: aud, my longest internet friend who i’m still close with. thank you for being my source of knowledge; i love you a whole lot. our friendship with the girls will undoubtedly always be the best part of my entire fandom experience. and we will meet soon!
@givenchyloueh: nadine, my other half of #hadine. there are only a handful of people i’ve ever met on the internet who are so genuine in caring for others without asking for anything in return. you are one of them. thank you.
@louisloveclub: you are one of the sweetest people & you have such a pure heart (except ur mind is v nsfw ;) cough cough). your amazing art makes me feel so special! you really do make me smile.
LIAH group chat: for the countless!!! laughs, the support, for homework help, the video chats with brendan, steph, anna & kirs that make me fuzzy & warm. I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. i wish i could give a shoutout to EACH OF U. (i just might. even though there r 22 of u) I LOVE U. I DO.
and @platonicallyhomo, the instigator of this chat, for being the first to genuinely make me feel welcome on tumblr. you have no idea how much that meant to me. thank you.

(and individual shoutouts to @arrowtat@neurtsy & @larriesvip for the great chats! i love you.)

~ favorite blogs who i see frequently on my dash, the amazing friends who i’ve gotten closer with during my time here, people who i am still so happy to be mutuals with! trust me :) ~

# - G
@18lou16harry @aimhtweet @allegedlymags @antilarriestears @areyougoodwithyourhands @arrowtat @backhometolou @bleachedharry @boobearau @boogielouis @brianamontana @collarbonekink @cuddlylarents @dadhairlouis @daggerslouis @daggertat @dancyharry @darklarries @darkrainbowlouis @dimpledlouis @donnyscheshire @dragmelouis @escapadetotheseaside @euph-emism @existentialouism @fire-ben-winston @floppyflamingoharry @fookinlarryloser @frayrolouis @fuckituplouis @gaysexuals @genuinelyalarrie @givenchyloueh @grayromanticharry

H - M
@haroldy @harryinthehandshirt @harrylikeslouisbutt @harryswhale @hedgehogkink @honeyharreh @ifhalocouldfly @inkedlarrie @inkedupspouses @itskindamutual @jealouslouvers @jetpackinglou @jointhelarrycult @kingsoflarry @larriesvip @larrymvp @larrypeach @leadingcompass @leedsfics @liltinylouis @littletummo @londonfairy @longhairedhaz @lou-are-my-sunshinexx @loueish @louieetommo @louisgotpappedsnoggingt @louisgrrl @louisismighty @louisloveclub @louismvp @louissin @louistosmlinson @lovesincerelyharry @matchingheadbands @mickeylouis @miniature-lou @moonlarrie @mutualfond

N - Z
@neurtsy @nowkisssmeyoufool @officialseaworld @paynefulperiods @platonicallyhomo @poetryhoeharry @poinsettatomlinson @punkharryau @punkxlouis @rbbboyfriends @santababyharrie @sappyfic @since16and18 @sinlouis @smol-friends @snowpealarry @softloueh @staytilltheam @stronglarents @stylesperfect @stylinsketchy @stylinvevo @subobama @sugarbabykink @sugarcubelouis @superlou @teenytommotummy @theboyfriendstagram @thekalehoe @thetomlinbooty @thiccthighsquad @thighau @thighstattoo @thightat @tigertat @tomlinrawr @tomnlinsuns @uanspouses @urfookinjob @veggyharry @viplourry @wastedlarries @wattpadfic @whattarush @whiskfic @youwilll @youfookinglosah @yslpoutine @zouismorangejuice @zouiz​ 

off the top of my head, a few favorite non-mutuals who are still a big contribution to my tumblr experience! @bearmustard @ferntattoos @lhrry @saracha33 @verily-i-say @since-he-was-eighteen @scrufflecake @tellmethisisnotlove @yslboner @zenlikejen 

i don’t think i did, but PLEASE TELL ME IF I MISSED ANYONE! I MADE THIS A WEEK AGO & forgot about it till now. i love you! pce out


so i hit 5k and that was amazing and i havent made one of these since april….so why not!! thanks everyone for stickin around. most of my mutuals are on here, but if youre not im sorry!! its probably because i dont know you or your blog very well + that should change :0. ALSO i gathered everyones url by hand and then put it on here so its entirely possible i forgot some people here it is


comingeasily / darkbluetennesses / firstrayofsun / onehandfeel shouldvessaidno / thestarsthatshined


captureitrememberit / catchmenows / babydriveslow / firstkissflawless / flfteen / juniorjewels / tasteofheavens / theothersideofthedoor / theothersidesofthedoor / youbelongwithmes /


backtodeccember / burnedthemout / enchanthed / julyninths / kingdomlightsshine / likeafireworkshow / longlivethegirlinthedress / lovetheriddlesthatyouspeak / lovedyouright thelookonyourface / wegotbillstopay / wishingitwasyouinstead


all-too-well / andialmostdo / andyoucallmeupagain / best-apologies/ breakburnandends / chasingfortunes / dancinroundthekitchen / demonsandarling / feelslikeaperfectnight / gotyourdemons flashbacksandechoes / gotalktoyourfriends / iconfessbabe / imparalyzedbyitt/ ineverycrowd / itwasgood-neverlookingdown / iwearheelsnow / justbeforetheyloseitall / lovespretty / mosaicbrokenhearts / neverevers / ofbeinghonests / sadbeautifultragic / sixtiesqueen / theblameisonme / themomentiknews / timeerasingyou / treacherrous / treachreuos / ;whostaylorswiftanywayew /


anygreatloves / badblocd / badsblood / fellawiththehellagoodhair / hellaswift / hellagoodhair / howyougethegirl / howyougetthegirl / ifitstorture / im1989af / keepcruising / knowsplaces lightingonmyfeet / listofexlovers / lyingsonyourcouch / newromanxtics / ofloudheartbeat / outoftheswoods / shakeitoft / shakesitsoff / shedancedtoforget / sotallhandsomeashell / thenewromntics / tothesesickbeats / tothisickbeat / torturedloves wearethfoxes / wegotsbadblood / wentmad / wilclestdreams / wildestsdreams / wildestdrean / youareinloves / 1989tour /


andstay / aynmaliks / calumthomashood / canadianheaux / captivd / divergentswift / drunkswifts / emmaswna / emotionsofbeingafangirl everswift / fearofbeingaverage / fleurdeswift / fuckskarth / fundon / geckoghost / harrycanunot / hawksquad / hazlegrace / hazzaswiftie / hellagoodhaylor / hemeings / iknitsweatersyo / itsmediiaanne / jennacolevman / kissinbarsyoufool / knotty-kai / leavemyheartoutofthis-13 liamsbirthmom / lipscal / malibamis / masterpiecestheatre / mckennahemmings / memoryslane michaelgordns / milksbars / mscalum / mycatisgossipgirl / mysweetayngel / nataaliaromanova / percabeth-is-endless / pezzajade / putthosetearsaway / rainyblueskys / sarcastictaylor / sexualnico / shakimebarak / sherlockswift / slaylorswifts / stopitcalum swiftscheshire / swiftbeautifultragic / taylorstagram / taylortookapolaroidofus / taylorsvifts / taylour / tayswiftnation / tenerifeseas / tenerifeswift tsweezys / voguetaylor / waakeme-up / whereveryouares / wvvatour / zayncal / ziall / 19blacks / 1989harrys /



first of all, merry christmas! it’s still early december but i’m putting this up now just in case more of you change your urls i probably forgot tons of people cause i don’t recognize some people anymore OTL
so this is it, thanks to all of you for this year, it’s been better than the last one, still i hope it’ll get better soon~ i wish all of you a wonderful new year, merry christmas and all the happiness in the world ♥ ;v;/

special thanks in italic (hover over your link ♥), most important in my year in bold

[  rukichii / princenyeh / aozoro / pagansminions / locksters / lady-phantomhive / rukixakuchxkx / ulquioras / reira69 / taak10 / kazanogi / ellaperkele / hlflores / shutokuhigh / takaokazunyari / garekis / mmakotoz / baskebu / k-urie / aqrilene / matoki-kpop / shingekinobl / futabasan / kagamiiz / aetherreise / lifesflames / shinigami-sustituto / tsundergaay / fuckyeafma / yoshitakas (*so sorry for misspelling your url up there maria) / nakurawari / noeins / natsudragneels / trafalgar-dlaw / kazuyamiyukl / neeshinoya / emilystrawberrymilk / murasockibara / kuriiyama / shotabutt / yegas / t-oridori  ]

please listen to this and this, and have a wonderful december, don’t stress out too much and spend time with those who make you happy, don’t let anyone ruin anything for you!! thank you again. - hanna

sorry for the awful edit its 2am but i tried

oh my god oh my god oh my god i remember when i just made my blog and i had no idea what i was doing and i didnt know anyone and now fast forward 2 years later and im still on this stupid site with all you cute friends and cute followers i just love all of you okay thank you for putting up with me and being incredibly rad for 2 amazing years

im super sorry if i forgot u, i didnt get everyone because everybody changed urls and im a poop at keeping up with urls but i still love u lots ok

italic means i have a lil crush on u
bold means i cry over ur blog at 2am
none means ur still rlly special to me and i heart eye emoji u

*:・゚✧ let us begin ✧ *:・゚

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