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Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer


Deepest Darkest Secret

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Chapter 19. Penny.

When Simon comes out of the Mage’s office, he’s glowing.

He’s literally glowing, golden light radiating off him and little sparks shooting off his skin. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He runs down the stairs and I follow him out to the courtyard. I can feel the heat of his magic from here, and the static is making strands of hair float up around my face. Something is happening, and this isn’t the way Simon normally goes off. It’s usually much more sudden than this, a quick burst of light and a boom and it’s over.

Now, he’s glowing from the inside out, and he stops in the middle of the courtyard. His eyes are closed, and he holds his arms out, and the light surrounding him glows brighter and then seems to burst forth.

I stop a safe distance away and stare in wonder. It’s almost like the magic is floating out of Simon and returning to the atmosphere.

Something green streaks past me – the Mage – and before I can shout or reach out to stop him, he runs straight into the glare of Simon’s magic and flies back a few metres. He lays on the ground, unmoving, knocked out by the force of it.

Simon keeps glowing, and the air around him is hazy with golden light. The magic radiates off him, shooting out into the air and then dissipating like pieces of paper burning and then shrivelling into nothing. The atmosphere is healing.

And then the Humdrum’s there, standing right in front of Simon. Simon seems to know and opens his eyes straight away. The golden light seems to direct itself straight into the eleven-year-old boy.

‘Thankyou,’ the Humdrum says. I squint, trying to see if he’s fading – he looks like he’s less corporeal – and then I blink once, and he’s gone.

‘Simon, you did it,’ I whisper. ‘It’s over. The Humdrum is gone.’

noah fence but simon/jason is so good like imagine jason mentioning he’s dating a doctor now and bruce being like oh worm? and going around all like “why can’t you be like your brother and find yourself a nice respectable doctor to date” everytime any of the meta s/o of the rest of the batkids do any shit and always asking jason to bring simon to the manor ( “i don’t even visit that much and you expect me to bring my boyfriend to this *motions to damian and duke fighting with swords* fucking place? you’re crazy”) and all that shit dads do

until one night during a fight when some fucking big green monster takes down like 10 people at once jason yells “thats my fucking boyfriend!!!!!!!”, and bruce is like I’m Sorry What and jason, completely deadpan says “oh yea, my doctor boyfriend? is also kind of an alien monster sometimes.”