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colored some doodles in ;_; i drew them just for the record, now ive officially drawn them kissing and can proceed with my regular life again… mwah mwah

20 Questions

So seeing that I got tagged so many times, I knew I couldn’t just pass up the opportunity to do this!;) Shoutouts to @mermaidwarriorqueen @xbellaaaaaa @m @lanapowellblog @endlessraj @annyvil @quinn-kelly and @pixelchoices you guys are all so sweet:)

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you want to know better.

1. Name: Meghan

2. Nickname: Meg, M&M, NutMeg

3. Zodiac sign: Gemini

4. Height: 5′3 1/2 

5. Ethnicity: Caucasian

6. Oriention: Ummm.. wut

7. Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

8. Favorite Season: Summer

9. Favorite Book: I have no freakin’ clue😂

10. Favorite song: It changes every week but right now, it’s a tie between “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes, “Hollow” by Tori Kelly, and “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts (especially as I’m counting the days to graduation:()

11. Favorite Scent: Cinnamon

12. Favorite Color: Okay brace yourselves because this is gonna be a long-ass list: Pink, black, green, turquoise, baby blue, violet…

13. Favorite Animals: Dogs, cats, bunnies, and pandas

14. Favorite Beverage: Milk, water (you know the classics)

15. Favorite Movie: Well, over the past couple of months, it’s been Beauty and the Beast. But now, I’m really psyched to see Wonderwoman come out!:)

16. Favorite Characters: I’m gonna keep this within the Choices world. Jake McKenzie (Endless Summer), Zig (The Freshman), Kenna and Dom (The Crown and the Flame)

17. Blanket Number: 2 (1 if it’s hot asf)

18. Cat or Dog: Dog

19. Follower number: 67

20. Blog created at: Umm.. I think 4 or 5 months ago?

Alright so since a lot of people who I was going to pick had already done this, I decided to tag others who haven’t had a shot yet. (sorry!) I’m tagging: @val-greaves @storiesbehindyoureyes @jessicamckenzie @zahranamazis @tkxo-ashton @princess-scarletxx @kara-choices @justapapercut @a-fangirl-at-heart @choochoochoosy @emma-d-artagnan @fyeahjanethevirgin @elizabethshark @merakifangirl @katpixelberry @krystas @principal-mc @justbeingc @choicesimaginesandmore @choicesmyway


This was just suppose to be some random human AU where Peridot is tall but became an amputee because I never drew her in that case before. Until I drew a mermaid Lapis and became @treker402‘s PoC AU. (And two chibi doodles, one being Miraculous Ladybug cross over. I’m not that creative you know.)

Genderbend Challenge (click for HQ yo)

I’m not 100% sure what this challenge actually is… buuut I was tagged by @qvoix to do this, thank you! ♡ Anyway, I simply turned Sam into a guy in CAS! The only thing I changed was the hair and the nose the tiniest bit! :^D

I tag @stephanine-sims, @sul-sul, @thesadnesshotline, @purrsephonesims, @simlydarling, @sim-bubble, @asleepmoodlet@our-dazed-sims, @citrontart aaand @bonehlda! I most likely forgot to tag someone but if you wanna do it, go ahead! ;^D

“””There have been countless evidences that support the fact of “KxK” being an item, from multiple sources.. “””

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i want to date a guy who rides a motorcycle and wears all black and smirks a lot and looks like he can fight anyone he sees but at the same time I want to date a huge dork with cute lil glasses who wants to stay up watching doctor who with me all night and go on adorable study dates with idk what I’m doing to myself


some of my favorite akus (●♡∀♡)

Four Times They Lucked Out, and The One Time That Luck Ran Out

again, so so so sorry this took so fucking long, but I hope you like it!



“We shouldn’t be doing this here,” Clarke says, turning her head to the side to avoid Bellamy’s kisses. Of course, this only makes him kiss her neck instead, sucking bruises into the skin there.

“Your sister comes up here all the time,” Clarke tries to reason, while she’s still able to think.

“Are you really thinking of my sister right now?” he says, kissing back up her neck until he’s at her mouth again.

“Are you?” she returns, and he groans and laughs.

“No,” he tells her. “I am definitely not.”

They’re in the top level of the drop ship, where mere weeks ago Bellamy was looking to Clarke for nods to keep torturing Lincoln. Now, he’s gone, and Octavia has been practically living with him in his cave now that they’ve managed the shakiest peace treaty with the Grounders ever. Anya had agreed to it after there’d been no drop ship, besides the one that had crashed, but it was still uneasy at best.

If Octavia’s not with Lincoln, though, she’s usually up here, because as much as she hated living in the same room, primarily under the floor of it, for sixteen years, sometimes she just needs to world to be small again.

Clarke really can’t say she cares much about that, though, not at the moment. Not with Bellamy holding her up against the wall, her legs tight around his hips, his tongue in her mouth.

She’s at least coherent enough to hear the hatch being pushed at. They’ve put a box full of God-knows-what on top of it, but it’s barely heavy at best; Octavia won’t have too hard of a time opening it.

“What did I tell you?” Clarke hisses, but she isn’t all that mad. She shoves Bellamy off of her, clumsily stands on her own two feet again. Combs her hair back over both shoulders so that whatever marks Bellamy’s left on her neck are hopefully hidden. There’s not much else she can do; she just hopes Bellamy will be able to handle Octavia.

The box flips over, and thousands of little nuts and bolts and various other machine parts spread themselves out among the floor haphazardly. Clarke smacks a hand over her mouth to avoid laughing, and Bellamy shoots her an annoyed look.

This is, of course, the moment Octavia pops her head through the hatch, and she groans when she sees the look on her brother’s face.

“Oh God, tell me you guys aren’t fighting again.”

“No,” Clarke says quickly, at the same time Bellamy shakes his head rapidly.

“Then why are you guys up here?” Octavia says, eyes squinted in suspicion, pulling herself the rest of the way up.

“We were talking and wanted somewhere private,” Bellamy says, stuttering slightly in his haste to get the excuse out, and Clarke smirks at him from behind Octavia.

‘Smooth,’ she mouths at him, making her way to the ladder.

‘Shut up,’ he mouths back. If Octavia notices she doesn’t say anything. She just shrugs.

“Whatever,” she mutters. “Can you guys go?

“Yes,” Bellamy says quickly; Clarke’s already halfway down the ladder.

They meet at the bottom, breathe equally loud sighs of relief.

“Told you so,” Clarke says, smirking playfully.

“Shut up,” he replies, kissing her quickly.

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hey guys!! I decided to make my very first promo just in time for new years. I also recently hit a follower goal so there’s that too!! 3-6 people per category. this will end january 2nd and results will be posted soon after that. ((forgive me for the banner))

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