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#256 Combusken

Day 25 is Combusken! I had to have it sitting down because it can’t stand on its little chicken feet. I might look into getting some wire for some of these crochets so I can pose them and have them stand upright more easily!

So last year i made an appreciation post and I love making them and I have not made appreciation posts in a hot min so here we are.  (I meant to post yesterday on my bday but i forgot to oops) 

@ragnarable lau, my alien loving friend. I am so sorry I did not make you a bday appreciation post or a graduation one. I just want to say I am so proud of you. You graduated??? No more IB??? Stress is out??? Shitty school is over for you?? I am v proud and excited for you if you can not tell. I love the pictures you send of all your pets. I treasure them dearly. Thank you for always being there for me deer.I appreciate you so much. You are such a great friend. I love you very much deer.

@acmilans Kat, my favorite hoe. I love you so much. One of the people I trust the most (i mean like ya got all the passwords lmfao) Thanks for being you hoe, and trusting me a lot. I LOVE HOW MAD WE BOTH GET OVER DUMB SHIT AND JUST BE RANTING OH MY GOD i live for those convos. Thanks for hyping me up on ig sometimes. You too sweet. I love u v much pal. ((OUR STREAK IS GOING SO STRONG I’M V HAPPY V PROUD)) also that private message you sent really warmed my heart i want to print it out  

@fabiantasticschaer IS BEEN A HOT MINUTE you have come such a long way since we first met and I am so happy for you??? You deserve to be happy and I am glad you getting that. I hope you getting that. Let me know if ya ain’t i got it lol. I love you so much pal and I appreciate all that you have done for me. Thank  you. ((i think abt that eric short story you wrote for me a lot actually.thank you for that blessing)))

@boreussia-durmmund MY LOVE we been friends for such a long time. Lord knows how you put up with me but thank you. Out of the two of us you are the most reasonable and bless you?? We gon be adulting next year and that’s so crazy to me. I am so excited to have 500 pets with you, the only thing that makes adulting seem okay???i love you so much.

@pjacas Idk if you even gon see this bc you never on but BIh. We finally hit our 100 streak??? After like ages of trying to get there. Thanks for putting up with all my complaints i really appreciate it. I know we don’t get sappy a lot and all but I love ya hoe. Even when we don’t talk for 600 years lmao.

Some of my fave blogs

@abcde-fc @acmilans @arrahakimi @asensihoe @balesmanbun @bmthope @boreussia-durmmund @bvborusse @chichagol @cutereus @dailyrmadrid @darth-bale @deledier-draxler-durm @delesdier @desciglios @dortmunds @dulcefinha @edenshazards @ericsdier @fabiantasticschaer  @felixpasslck @foreverpsg @forzamilano @fromdortmundwithlove @fuckneymar @gloria13 @greatsofthegame @haladoblas  @halamadrid-f @hamisco @ikercasiillas @iscoalarcock @iscomorata @iscoyasensio @james-rodriquez @k-arim @la-duodecimas @lukaszpizczk @madridmivida @magisco-alarcon @marcelovieirajr @meslut @messikobe @messisballondor @mesutthegoat @mia-san-madrid @oxochamberlain @pjacas @potatonicloss @rabioting @ragnarable @realarsenal @realmadridaf @realmadrids @reyesdelmundo @rey-ramos @rodriguezs @rojiblancoss @sanikre @scottmcwinchester @siankellyx @soo-fresh-portuguesa @swhs  @tecahoe  @true-obsidian @tricolordecorazon @tonikr8s @toronjada  @yedlinny  


TFW you continue BnHA using the manga because there’s traffic and then it went from 0 to 100 in a speed of light.

*(Last Surprise plays)*

P.S. I read the manga yesterday up until the latest one (ch. 150+? Can’t remember.)but my hazy memory comes up so don’t expect me to answer questions regarding those.

Late Models // Byron Langley

Word Count- 1420

Summary- You, as a model, are forced to work with a surprise model, who happens to be MIA at the shoot.

Warnings; A few swears, maybe.

A/n; I finished this like yesterday, and forgot to post. Oops. Also, might not be the best, wasn’t sure how to write the fight. Also I had no idea what to name this. x

Requested; Yes, another two in one because I have so many Byron requests lately. I hope you both don’t mind, the requests were changed a bit to fit together. Enjoy!

req; I bloody love your byron imagines tbh you should do one where you guys meet unexpectedly in a park or in a photoshoot yeah that would be really cool💕 thank youuu❤️

req; Hiya, could you do a Byron imagine please, where him and the reader have a silly fight but it ends up all cute and fluffy? Thank you, love your writing!💞


“Alright, Y/N.” Your manager said, walking into the dressing room. “You’ll have to start without him, the male model you’ll be working with is running late, so the photographer said we’ll start with individuals.” She said, flipping through a page on her clipboard. “Follow me.”

You were a model, and a good one at that. You started out on a small campaign.. Or so you thought. Turns out, the line you were modelling for was a huge success, and that designer had asked you model for their newest line’s fashion show. Of course, you accepted, seeing as your time together, you’d become good friends with the designer. Ever since then, you’d been her go-to model, (for anything, really), and she hooked you up with a good manager. A few months later, you were known by many people across the world for the many jobs she’d set you up with.

So you did, you followed her through the halls until you reached the area where the lighting was all set and ready to go. “Okay, Y/N. Awesome, you’re here. I’ll have you stand right here if that’s okay, and we just want to see some natural poses. This is all about you, do what feels right.” The photographer instructed, and you nodded. You stepped where told, and flashed the camera a shy smile. You could see your manager out of the corner of your eye smiling proudly.

After a few more shots, and a very happy photographer, you jumped when the door slammed open. “Sorry we’re late!” A man ran in, and by his attire, you assumed he was your partner’s manager. Still, your to-be-revealed partner was MIA. You sighed, your manager had been talking up this model you were to pose with for a magazine cover, but you had no idea who it was, and by the looks of it, he wasn’t as good as your manager had made him out to be.

Finally, someone was rushed in, followed by the costume manager and a few other assistants who’d been running around the set. When you laid eyes on him, your heart began to race. Wow. He was hot. Not just model hot, you had worked with many other male models over the years, and they’d been decently hot, but this was different, No, he was really hot, and he was your partner. The moment you and his eyes met, it was as if time stopped. By the look on his face, he felt the same.

You didn’t have time for introductions or to enjoy the moment, because the photographer and managers were pushing you two together, rushing you into positions. You didn’t even know this guy’s name, but you didn’t care at this point. You were just appreciating the time and small space between the two of you. You did as instructed, some of the shots called for him to give you a piggyback, to which he lifted you with ease, and you wouldn’t tell anyone, but the smile on your face was genuine. You didn’t even know his name, and you already cool feel how much you enjoyed the company.

That was, until break. After catching up on the shots, the photographer brought in a few other models that were there and let the two of you have a bit of a break, before returning for some final shots and then Byron’s solo photoshoot. “You’re not half bad for someone who’s late.” You said, as you two were sitting down in another room and were out of the way. “Shut up.” He grumbled, his attitude taking you by surprise. “I was just kidding, relax.” You said, rolling your eyes. “Whatever.” He mumbled, looking away.

“So, do I get to know your name?” You asked, trying to ease the now heavy tension. You were hoping he was just embarrassed he was so late, and he wasn’t actually as bitchy as he was coming across as. “Byron Langley.” He said, simply. At least you could put a name to his face. Now that you looked at him and analysed him a bit more, you realized the name suited him. “Well, my name is Y/N L/N. I know you were dying to know.” You said, throwing your hair over your shoulder smoothly.

“Mhm.” Byron hummed, pulling out his phone. “Rude.” You muttered, annoyed. So much for the positive thought that he wasn’t bitchy. “Excuse me?” He asked, eyebrows raised towards you. “Oh, nothing.” You said, a very clearly forced smile present on your delicate features. “You don’t know me.” Byron said, a dangerous, warning tone laced in his words. “Doesn’t mean I can’t decipher a rude person when I see one.” You retorted, looking away from him.

“I’m not rude.” He defended, slightly tensing as you continued. “Well I suppose you’re right, but your actions were quite rude.” You said, pretending to ponder it. “Do you ever shut up?” Byron asked, now very obviously annoyed. “Not when teasing you is so much more fun than being quiet.” You smiled. The banter between you shot back and forth for another solid 5 minutes.

You checked your phone for the time, standing up. “Now where are you going, princess?” He asked, smartly. You nearly laughed at how clueless he was. “I mean, I’m going back to set, it’s been 10 minutes, our break is up. That is, unless you want to be late again?” You asked, whipping around on your heel, so your hair spun with you, and strut out the door.

You heard Byron curse silently, or, attempted silently. He jumped up, his feet pattering against the floor as he ran after you. You laughed as you entered the main room. “Where’s Byron?” The photographer asked, slightly annoyed. “He’s coming.” You said, smiling and taking your place. Byron ran in less than 2 minutes later, apologizing to the photographer and starting to tell how he had to go to the bathroom, but the photographer held up a hand. “It’s fine, Y/N told us you’d be a minute. You’re lucky she did, too. Late twice, not looking to good for you.” He said, clapping Byron on the back and instructing his position.

This left Byron a bit confused, but he listened to the instructions. Why would you cover for him? A few minutes ago, you were bickering back and forth about him being rude. Maybe he rushed to conclusions about you. You were more than just an annoying partner, and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel a spark when your eyes met for the first time. It was undeniable that you were attractive, but Byron knew better than to get his hopes up, especially with models. It never worked.

That was his one rule, but for some reason, with you, it slipped his mind completely. He felt drawn to you, and the banter you shared earlier, now that he thought about, went so smoothly for two people who barely knew each other’s names. Byron was usually a bit of a shy guy as well, but his walls were down completely when it came to you. He didn’t know why, but he knew he wanted, no, he had to get to know you better.

As the photoshoot came to a close, you packed up your stuff, and were following your manager out the door. “Y/N!” Byron called, running over. You gestured for your manager to go on without you, and she nodded as she obeyed, “Just don’t take too long.” She said, and left. “What can I do for you, pretty boy?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest. “I think I was fast to judge you, earlier. Here’s my number. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to make it up to you.” He said, handing you a slip of paper, and surprising himself with the sudden boost of confidence, but he wasn’t going to question it now.

“Sure. Here’s mine.” You said, grabbing a small paper and pen out of your bag and scribbling your number on it. You handed it to Byron, pulling back when he reached for it. He sent you a confused look, and you chuckled. “If you’re late, I’m deleting your number from my phone.” You teased, and he sighed. “Never letting that go, are you?” He asked, finally taking the slip out of your hand, once you allowed it. “Not a chance, Langley.” Little did you know, Byron secretly loved it, and wouldn’t have it any other way.


Yesterday was day3 of Japan Expo!

I almost fainted while talking with a customer because I forgot to eat and hydrate for 6hours (oops), and also maybe because I’m really over enthusiastic, moving a lot, talking fast, etc. It was weird, my brain just slowed down suddenly. (I faint a lot btw, one day i should draw a comic about how ridiculous my fainting are)

In summary:
-D.Va approves YOUTH.
- @moemai and myself did a BNHA pic at a photobooth and i’m looking as creepy as i am :D
-Cutest Deku and manly muscles 💪
-So much good cosplays today!!! And look at @professeuryawa cosplay of Tintin & Haddock! Also Clem & her friend as Shouyou and Kenma (i’ll edit the post later and taggong you Clem, i just don’t remember your tumblr account and i’m in the car rn for Day4!!)


(I tried to post it before but didnt worked… stupid internet company)

First one is Takoyama in the dress that Touko used in my yesterday draw, @viridiansword wanted me to draw him in that dress so here you go, enjoy!!

Second one is sad Takoyama… (mental note: dont draw while listening sad music)

Third one is Guru Ant with his TV (the memeeees) also I have this headcanon, basicaly his favorite show is Sailor Moon (weird I know, but i like it)

Fourth one is mah girl Noodle… wow she grows fast (actually I did this some weeks ago, but i forgot to post it… oops)

NaNoWriMo Day 18

Progress for Imperfect Storm

Today’s Word Count: 3049

Total Word Count: 36,329

I kinda forgot to do one last night? Oops. But I did some writing, like 1100 words or so. Honestly it’s neat I got that much considering I got a new pokemon game to play. Yeah. I’ll do yesterday’s excerpt and today’s, so you get a double.

Excerpt 1:

“Can she even tell I’m here?” Eral called to Elias, who was making his way along the length of the prostrate serpent to rejoin them.

Elias patted Gladys’ side. “Yeah, she knows,” he replied. “She doesn’t see like most would, but she can tell you’re there.”

To confirm what he said, one of the feelers actually approached at last. Eral tensed, but it paused an inch away from his chest. He could hardly believe the accuracy.

Then she poked him right in the chest and her feeler darted back. The ground rumbled slightly as a rhythmic wheeze shook through the giant serpent. She was laughing.

Excerpt 2:

“No wind for me today, Gladys,” Elias shouted, pushing shakily to his feet. “I forgot to explain, but I can do that after you eat. I promise. For now, I’m gonna need you to keep part of you over the water for us until you can surface again. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?”

Gladys made a few trills of surprise. Then, Yes. Elias. Careful. Fae sharks.

“You got it,” he said. Then, he went to Joleth, who was trying to hang on. “We gotta run to the back of her. She’s gonna go under.”

NaNoWriMo Day 17

(Totally forgot to post one of these yesterday oops… That’s okay, you all probably think they’re annoying anyway)

Officially determined that this fic is not going to fit into 50k words (I kept lying to myself and saying that it would but damn i knew this from the beginning) Anyway, I’m gunna make sure Act I looks nice by the end of the month and start publishing because I want y’all to read this. But… Wow, no idea when it’s going to be finished because I’m terrible at WIPs and… anyway, this is looking intimidating. 


I got 1,857 words yesterday and 1,462 words today (total of 32,778) so that means I have about 17k left to go, so I’m feeling optimistic!! A lot of what I still need to do require rewatching the movie/rereading the novelization and Rebel Rising (what a gosh darn shame that is, really) but I think I know what I’m doing??? Eh, I’ll probably change the plot along the way anyway, but we’ll see. 

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Pregnancy Preferences- Baby Bump

So I forgot to post yesterday. I post early last week and late this week… Oops! Also sorry that this one is a bit short. Next one will be a bit longer. ~Cel

Luke: He liked to sing to the baby

Luke was gone on another tour again. You were already 6 months pregnant, but he promised he would be back in time for the birth. It still made you nervous despite his promises.

It was the middle of the night and the baby was not letting you sleep. It was times like this when you really missed Luke. He seemed to be the only one who could calm down your little girl.

When the baby would kick or make you feel sick all he had do is sing and she woul instantly calm down. It was very obvious that she was going to be daddy’s Little Princess. The thought of Luke being wrapped around her little finger made you smile.

With a sigh, you kicked the covers off. You went to the nursery in hopes that she would eventually calm down. As you walked in, you noticed a wrapped box sitting on the dresser. No one had been in here since Luke left for tour so you were a bit confused. You walked towards the box, noticing one of those oversized labels attached to the side.

For when she gets a bit rowdy ~Luke

Pulling the top, of you smiled once you saw what the gift was. Inside was a pair of big headphones, a CD player, and a CD labeled: Princess Alice.

Tears welled up in your eyes. Luke had made a mix for the baby. No doubt it was filled with songs he sang. You sat down in the rocking chair, placed the headphones on your belly, and pressed play.

“Hey Princess!” Luke’s voice said over the recording.

More tears fell down when you heard the voice you wanted so desperately to hear.

“I hope you’re not giving mommy too hard of a time. I just want to say I love you very much and I’ll see you soon.”

Luke’s voice cut off and then a song started playing. The first song was Firefly by Ed Sheeran. One of your favorites! Once the song was over it went to another favorite of yours For My Father by Go Radio. There were songs by Ben Howard, Front Porch Step, and even Mayday Parade. It felt like a playlist of all your favorite acoustic songs being covered by Luke.

You were getting sleepy by just listening to him sing. The baby had stopped kicking and had finally left you at peace. Your eyelids were dropping and you had little energy to walk back to bed. You were so tired you almost missed Luke talking again.

“This last one is for you baby.”

Right on cue To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra played through the headphones. It was your absolute favorite and hearing Luke sing it made your heart swell.

Slowly, you fell into a deep sleep and for the first time in days, you slept great.

Ashton: He liked to take pictures

“Babe!” Ashton called out.

“Bedroom!” You yelled.

You out down your book in time to see Ashton poke his head through the door. He had a smile that made your heart melt. One thing you absolutely hoped was that the baby looked like him. Whether it was a girl or a boy, if it looked like him, it would be the most beautiful baby in the world.

Ashton walked over and laid his head on your lap. He looked up at you with those beautiful forest eyes. You never knew the color for sure. They were either hazel or green so you just called them the color of the forest.

“How can I help you my love?” You asked.

He gave you a sheepish smile and held up his phone. “Picture?”

One thing Ashton loved doing was taking pictures. You would joke that he should learn to be a photographer if he music career were to ever fail. He would just laugh it off and continue to take pictures. One of his favorite subjects was your pregnant belly.

He said that he was documenting the pregnancy, but you knew he was doing it so he could show everyone on Twitter. Every week he would take a picture of you and post it so the whole world could see Bump. It made you feel a little self-conscious, but you complied. You would do anything to make that big dork of yours happy.

“Do I have to Ash?” You sighed.

“Please babe. Everyone loves seeing Bump. I get ten tweets a day about it!”

You sighed again before leaning down to place a kiss on his forehead. “You are so extremely lucky that I happen to be madly in love with you.”

With a wide grin, Ashton sprung from your lap, pulling you along as well. You stood with your side facing him so he could get a good shot and pulled up your shirt to reveal your pregnant belly.

You heard the snap of his phone a couple times until he eventually put the phone down. He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Thank you babe.” He said before kissing your head and leaving to post the photo.

You shake your head with a small laugh and go back to your book. Not even five minutes later you received a notification from twitter.

@Ashton5sos: I am so lucky that @y/t/n loves me!

The picture was in the tweet as well. There were already hundreds of replies from fans saying how happy they were for the two of you and how beautiful you looked. It made you smile.

@y/t/n: @Ashton5sos you are such a dork

Michael: He liked to draw on your tummy

The sound of your alarm rang and you groggily got up. Kicking the covers off, you got out of bed and made your way to the bathroom. As you walked in, you noticed something on your stomach. Drawn in black marker was a smiley face.

“Michael.” You laughed quietly.

Michael was always a bit childish. It was something you loved about him despite how annoying it could be. He matured quite a lot since he found out about the pregnancy, but he still had his moments. One of those being that he would love to draw on your stomach.

Every morning you would wake up to a lovely knew drawing on your stomach. At first you were worried that it would affect the baby, but after researching it online, you found it out it was okay. So you continued to let him draw on you.

It actually amused you to wake up every day with some new creation by your silly fiance. It also amazed you how he could do it without you waking up. One day he had drawn entire comic strip without and you didn’t even realize it until the next morning while looking in the mirror.

Most days it was just a cute smiley face using your belly button as it’s nose. Those were your favorite because it was just so cute and simple. It brought a smile across your face.

“Why do you draw on my tummy?” You asked one day while the two of you were in bed.

Michael smiled while tracing circles on your arm. “To be honest it was suppose to be a prank. But then you started really liking it so I just did it to see you smile.”

You beamed up at him and planted a kiss right on his cheek. “You’re cute, you know that?”

He laughed at your words, but nodded. “Yeah, I am pretty cute.”

Calum: He loved talking to the twins

It was late and you were extremely tired. You were laying in bed with the TV on and you were just moments from sleep when you felt Calum’s hand rub your stomach softly and lean close to you. At first you thought it was just him cuddling, until he started talking.

“Hey Little Ones.” He whispered against your tummy.

You felt your insides just melt and wanted to kiss him, but you continued to pretend you were asleep. He went on about his day and all the things he had done. Then he moved on the topic of you. He talked about how beautiful you were and how you hoped they would look like you. He said how much he loved you and how they would love you just as much.

And at the end of the conversation he told them how much he loved them. He said of all the wonderful things this world had to offer them and all they could achieve.

He leaned down to kiss your stomach and whispered. “Goodnight Little Ones.”

Then he snuggled into you with an arm gently placed over your belly. In a matter of minutes he was fast asleep. You laid there in awe of his adorable act. You wanted to wake him up and ask him why he did that, but you feared he would never do it again if you did.

Every once and a while, you would fake sleep at night just to hear him speak to the babies. He would have a full on conversation despite the fact they couldn’t respond. You thought it was odd that he didn’t want you to hear, but didn’t say anything. So you kept it a secret and it was worth it.

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