i forgot one for yesterday so oops


so I went to my dads work yesterday and I forgot my drawing supplies (more like I didn’t want to because I didn’t think it would be three hours.) and my dad gave me paper and pen (kinda thought I’d make more mistakes but I didn’t actually SHOCK)

EDIT: I just used my amino account for one of them oops wow ok

hi! so yesterday i hit 5k which i never thought i’d get and i am so happy tbh. ive had this blog for nearly 6 months now which is crazy because it doesnt feel like that at all!! to say thanks im going to do a follow forever (i forgot to do one for 4k oops) - mutuals + faves are bolded :) also a huge thanks to all my followers woo youre the best.


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i probably missed some people so im sorry <3

(also shoutout to my main meme danisnotonfire and my sunshine amazingphil i hate you both)