i forgot last friday

AU where Keith and Mothman are best bros and have weekly sleepovers where they braid each others hair and gossip

TC UPDATE #5 (9/4/17)

this weekend has been of the BEST weekends i’ve ever had. as you all know, m asked me to watch his house and his golden retriever puppy (which i didn’t know he had until now) over the labor day weekend. this update will be about his house and my experience there ✨

m’s house has two stories and it’s literally so beautiful! it’s so much nicer than i imagined and so much bigger too (all this on a teachers salary👀 his parents are loaded though so?) ! when you walk in, there’s this big staircase that put me in awe because WOW and everything is so neat and tidy ! it looks similar to the picture below but m lives on a farm so he has a lot more land. also, at night he has these lights that line his driveway

m told me i could stay in the guest bedroom so i wouldn’t have to keep driving back and forth, and it was the best decision i ever made because the sheets were so soft and they smelled exactly like him and his yummy cologne 👅 i was walking through his house and doing some things he asked me to do, and i couldn’t help but get distracted by all the pictures he has hanging up. he looks so handsome in every one i-

i’m currently writing this post from his house😏 i don’t want to leave. m comes back tomorrow morning, so i’ll be heading home later tonight and returning his house key to him tomorrow as school

i just can’t believe he lives here alone 😅 i almost forgot! m texted me last friday and said, “don’t throw a big party while i’m gone😉” and then, “a invite from you would be hard for anyone to deny” HAHSKSKSH FRICKKK was he flirting with me???

I had a really difficult experience with a disturbing student. I don’t know how to deal with this.

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I had a really difficult experience last Friday that I need to get off my chest.

I work as a Portuguese teacher in the basement of an ordinary office building. Most of my students are Japanese business people in their 40s and 50s, who are relocating to Brazil because their company forces them.

Being on the absolute rock-bottom of the corporate ladder, I have no say in who I teach, but up until last Friday I had exclusively taught adults. Of course, being forced to learn Portuguese and shipped off to Brazil against ones volition will inevitably make anybody unhappy. The environment in which I work is also terrible. There are no windows and no air conditioning. The whole place is covered with a purple carpet with stains all over it. The classrooms come equipped with a whiteboard, a wobbly desk and two chairs. Nothing else. No ABC posters, no pictures - NOTHING. It often reminds me of an interrogation room. A bell rings at the start and end of every lesson for reasons I have yet to understand.

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femlock uni au where sherlock works at a cat cafe and john works at the local animal shelter and they get to know each other when john comes to pick up the kitties at closing time

john always gets there ten minutes before close and orders a tea for herself. the first time she comes in and the newly-hired sherlock makes her drink and deduces why she’s been getting headaches recently (sherlock loves to show off and john, apparently, needs glasses) she decides to start spending more time there

they get to talking one day as sherlock closes and john tells her that she’s a medical student. sherlock says she’s studying chemistry and doing detective work on the side, and that she was interested in bringing on someone with medical knowledge, does john know of anyone who would be interested?

so they start working together and they fall in love and adopt a cat from the shelter named vincent who’s kind of scruffy and only has one ear and both of his moms love him so much

SF&R, Side Stories: Last Friday Night

An absolutely ridiculous side story that I got the idea for and couldn’t let go of. <3

Last Friday night
Yeah, we danced on table tops

And we took too many shots

Think we kissed but I forgot…

-“Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry

“Alright Catkin,” Thea prompted, “You can open your eyes.”


Cataline blinked a few times, her eyes adjusting to the sudden brightness of Thea’s living room where nearly all of her female friends had gathered: Leliana, Ven, and Josephine were already sipping glasses of wine and giggling about some secret they were passing in whispers. Sera and Dagna were grinning brightly as Isabela tried to demonstrate an act that Cat was fairly certain should have been physically impossible, and Bethany and Lace were speaking quietly with Anora, who seemed just slightly overwhelmed by the group.

“Thea… what exactly is this?”

Her cousin looped her arm through hers and dragged her over to the couch, setting her down and handing her a glass of wine. “This, Catkin, is your bachelorette party. You’re getting married in a week, and while I won’t insult you by pretending this is some last big hurrah before you say your vows, I am going to shamelessly use it as an excuse for us to have a girl’s only sleepover like we used to when we were younger. Now,” she gestured for everyone to gather around Cataline, “We need to do a before and after photo.”

“Oh Thea, we are not,” Cataline protested, but she was laughing. “The morning ones always end up looking ridiculous.”

“Um… exactly?” Thea grinned, and Cat didn’t have the heart to tell her no. It had been a rough few months, and it was honestly just good to have everyone smiling again. So she settled back, waited for Thea to set the timer on the camera, and then held her glass up in a toast to the future. She looked to Anora, who had sat beside her for the photo, and wrapped an arm around her friend’s shoulder.

“I’m glad you came, Nora,” she spoke softly.

“Me too,” the other woman managed a small smile. “I’m afraid I’ve never been very good at… this… however. You need me to stare down an Orlesian ambassador or order soldiers into battle, I’m your woman, but when it just comes to, you know, friends, I am a bit out of practice. If I was ever in practice.”

“You just need more wine,” Thea leaned over the back of the couch with a glass, pressing a kiss to Anora’s temple and prompting a quiet laugh from her friend before she sat neatly down on Isabela’s lap on the other sofa and wrapped an arm around the Rivaini’s neck.

“Besides,” Isabela interjected, her tone surprisingly kind, “After the year you and Cat and Thea have had… you deserve a night to get shitfaced drunk without worrying about the consequences the next morning.”

“Exactly,” Thea nodded in agreement. “Alright, who is going first?”

“Oo! Oo! Me!” Sera volunteered.

“First for what, exactly,” Anora asked, slightly wary, and Cat giggled as she patted her arm.

“Don’t worry: we don’t do any blood sacrifices at these things.”

“Well, not anymore.” Thea winked. “Too hard to find virgins in this group. But half the fun of getting together is asking each other ridiculous questions and telling stupid stories that we are usually too sober or well-mannered to tell otherwise. First rule of sleepovers: don’t talk about sleepovers. Second rule: what happens at the sleepover, stays at the sleepover.”

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Last Friday night.
A bunch of LARPers in a park.
We went fighting in the dark.
Discussing our character arcs.

Last Friday night.
Yeah I dodged so many shots.
Ran around and got too hot.
Think we won but I forgot.

Last Friday night.
Got to stab orks with my sword.
Had to run fast from the hoard.
At Swordcraft you’re never bored.

Next Friday night.
Do it all again!

–sorry for being lame, but this song is stuck in my head–


I have to go offline now/I’m logging off now. But I’ll try to be back online…for a bit..at some point..in next 24 hours. To post more “spoilery” stuff… that has been shared. And I should then probably start working on posting the row of new BTS pics and vids that I’m just too tired to deal with… 

Also…reminder… ep 407 filming is almost done. Yep, already almost time to wrap (up) another ep. Next week they’re filming 408! Oh, bugger, I was so tired last night I forgot that Friday is still workday…so here’s an update: filming ep 408 has started … today, Sept 22nd

This also means we should get ep 409 title next week. On Monday, most likely.

And Monday (in 4 days…).. we’re gonna see the first ep of the season. (but we won’t see how the story/case ends this week..as this years two-parter premiere is shown on two different days/Mondays)

And after that well get new promo pics and press releases and promos and sneak peeks weekly… so new content posted every week…

Also… this year, unlike last year,. my “important Quintis scenes from this weeks episode” video edits will not be posted the same night right after the episode anymore… at least usually not. (Maybe some rare weeks they will). But I do intend to still keep making those videos, and posting them. Time will tell how that goes. But yeah… more changes…