i forgot i never posted this!!! i made it ages ago!!!!

There’s a response to a post that I wrote up like 3 years ago that’s going around for some reason, and I honestly completely forgot about it but the neckbeards are reblogging it and tagging me in their responses like they expect me to care, and I was honestly really fucking confused as to where this post came from and why I was being tagged in it and I’m obviously not going to respond to anyone because… I mean, why the fuck would I. That post is three years old and I can’t be fucked to care anyways. But holy shit these people are obnoxious lmfao. One dude was like “women let themselves come in last in the gaming community because you all made fun of us when you were kids and called us virgins and nerds and shit and now you just want to be accepted now that gaming is suddenly cool and wahhh girls didn’t like me when I was a kid so blow us and also I’m in my thirties and I haven’t aged mentally at all" like. Why are they like this lmfao.

And also he called me a clickbait article. I don’t even know where to begin to try to understand what that’s supposed to mean.