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Shadow [Tom Holland]

A/N I’m really happy with this imagine!! This idea came to me in school when I was daydreaming and I couldn’t stop thinking about it :D Hope you like it!!

Summary: Reader is married to Tom Holland, but she doesn’t feel like she is.

Word Count: 2, 585

Pairings: Tom Holland x reader

Warnings: none? a lil angst


She sat on the corner of the bed, clutching onto the phone for her dear life. Shaky breaths pierced the silence of the room. She prayed hard. Please. A call. A text. Anything. Her heart ached for some form of contact. She needed to know that he was fine. She needed to know that she was not forgotten. She didn’t realise the tears until the tickle on her cheeks seemed to bother her. Deep breaths. You can do this. For Rosie.

The door creaked open. The squeaking reverberating through the now silent room. She shot up, hoping that he would be at the doorway. Instead, she sees her six year old daughter poke her head through the doorway.

“Mummy…” The little girl looks at her mother. Worry was evident in her eyes. “Are you alright?” She ambled towards the adult. Her mothers lips curled up into a smiled as she wiped the tears away. She had to stay strong for her daughter.

“Mummy is fine. Don’t worry Rosie. It’s just a little itchy.” She rubbed her eyes. By then her daughter had found her way onto her lap. With her tiny hands placed firmly onto her mother’s shoulders, she gently blew air into her mothers eyes. After much inspection, she shrugged and pushed the adult backwards.

They giggled when they fell back onto the bed. Her fingers danced on little body, earning giggles and squeals from her daughter. They swung pillows about, danced to music and sang their hearts out. The laughter of the mother and daughter filled the house, something that hasn’t happened in months.

After a good thirty minutes, they were exhausted. Rosie laid down on the bed and huddled among the pillows and blankets. Rosie was ready to sleep. She tucked her daughter in, placed a kiss on her forehead, and watched.

She scrambled to her feet when your phone buzzed. Maybe it was a text from him. She turned the screen on. It was a text from her mother, asking how they were coping. She let out a soft sigh, hoping that Rosie wouldn’t hear the disappointment.

“Do you miss him?” A soft voice spoke. The phone was placed down onto the bedside table. She hopped into bed and made herself comfortable.

“Mummy misses him so much Rosie…” Don’t cry. Don’t feel. Don’t. She inhaled deeply. She wanted to ask if she missed him, but he was rarely home for her to even know much about him. He was overseas for the first three years. He was busy with projects and films. He never had time to come home, and when he did, it was for a maximum of five days. He didn’t get to spend much time with Rosie. She thought that he was a friend of her mother. Rosie didn’t remember much about him, so much so that when he turned up for Christmas three years ago, she asked “Who are you?”. It disheartened him, so he made effort to calling home whenever he could. But after a year, work start to pile up, and she knew that she couldn’t blame him for not having enough time for her and Rosie.

“But it’s okay darling…” She flashed a smiled at her daughter. She wanted this to end. She wanted to forget. She wanted to put this behind her and move on.

“What do you think of moving?”

He groaned when no one answered the door. He rang it for the umpteenth time, hoping that someone would answer. He frowned. She was home most of the time, so he’d expect her to answer the door. He fished for his keys in his bag, and found them after what seemed eternity. He fiddled with the keys. He attempted to push one key into the keyhole, but it didn’t fit. He had forgotten which key was the one for the door, which key was the one for the shed, or the one that was for the mailbox.

He opened the door, expecting to hear the pitter pattering of feet, but instead, he finds himself standing in dead silence. He scans the house. It’s devoid of any signs of life. No more flowers that she loved, no toys strewn on the floor, no blankets piling up on the couch. It seemed as if no one was living in the house anymore.

He furrowed his brows. Where was she? Where was Rosie? He shut the door behind him, and walked around the living room unhurriedly. His hands ran on the couch, recalling every bit of memory he had of this place. There were few, but they came flooding back into his head. He could almost hear her laughter, her cries, her giggling, and their child.

His eyes stopped at the coffee table. A ring, a bracelet and an envelope sat neatly on the table. He quirked a brow. He picked up the ring, the diamond glistened in the now setting sun. It was the same as his wedding ring. The bracelet. The one he gave to his daughter on her fifth birthday. Or the one he sent. He ripped the envelop open to see a letter written in pencil. It was from Rosie.

Hello Daddy. We’re leaving today. Mummy says that she wants to move out. She says that she wants to leave everything behind. I don’t know why. Sometimes, I hear mummy crying at night. I think it’s because she misses you. She is in a lot of pain, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to leave this house, but I want mummy to be happy. So that’s why I’m going with her. I’m going to miss this house, and I think I’ll miss you. I hope that I can see you soon.


He was shocked. He never thought that she’d be in so much pain to leave. He always saw her as a strong and independent woman. He didn’t understand why she decided to leave. How could she miss me that much that she’s willing to leave?

He thought about the last time he came back. It was nine months ago. He thought about the last time he called home. It had been seven months. He thought about the last time he celebrated her birthday with her. It was four years ago. Reality slapped him hard on the cheek. He realised that he had been such a terrible father and husband.

He picked up his phone and dialed the once familiar number. All that was heard was ringing. He dashed out of the house. He had to find her. He called his mother, his brothers, her mother and even her friends. No one knew that she moved. No one knew where she went. He sighed and thought hard of who she’d tell. Harrison. He dialed Harrison. He was right. Harrison knew where you moved to.

He made his way to her house.

He stopped in his tracks in front of the door. He didn’t know what he was going to do. Embrace her with his warm arms? Dot her face with kisses? Pick her up and twirl her around? His was snapped out of his trance when the door opened. He didn’t recall knocking.

“Come on Rosie! Let’s g-” she stopped when she saw him. She didn’t think that he would find out where she was. She thought that he was going to be out of town for another month. She thought that she would never see him again.

She stared into his eyes, she bit her lip. Emotions stared to flood in as if the floodgates had opened. Her hand flew to her mouth, holding in the sobs that threatened to slip out of her mouth. She attempted to close the door, but he stuck his foot out, preventing it from closing.

“Y/N.” Was all he said.

She flashed a small smile before she tried to shut the door again.

“Why’d you move?” He pushed the door open, allowing him to step into the house. She called out for her daughter again, ignoring the questions that came from him.

“Just answer me. Why did you leave?” He raised his voice a little. He was mad. He wanted an answer. He wanted to know why she had left the house they once shared.

“Do you really not know why?” She asked coldly. He looked at her expectantly, awaiting the truth.

“Do you not realise what has happened? Do you not understand the situation? I don’t feel like I am your wife. I don’t feel like you want me. I don’t feel loved by you anymore. Every day, I wait. I wait for a call or a text. I wait for you to show up at the door. Every day, my hope diminishes. Every day, I tell myself that you’re just too busy for your wife and daughter. I find out what you’re doing or where you are through the media. I read articles. I see Instagram posts. I see tweets. It is as if I’m not your wife Tom. It is as if I’m living hidden in the shadows. It is as if I’m just another fan. I don’t want to live as if I am not married to you. I don’t want to live in that house, holding onto the love that may not even exist anymore.” Her voice went weak. She was now crying. Hot tears flowing out like a running tap. She was letting go of all the pent up emotions from the past year. They were finally out.

“I don’t even know if you love me anymore. Every night I lay awake for hours wondering what you’re doing, who you’re with, and maybe even which woman you might have beside you. It pains me to think that way, but it’s all I can do. I can’t be hopeful that you remember me or you love me because I never hear from you. No calls or texts. What used to be surprises became skype calls. Skype calls became phone calls. Phone calls became texts. And it’s reduced to nothing. I haven’t heard anything from you for the past seven months Tom. Don’t you know how hard it is?” She let out a shaky breath.

“I want to call you everyday but every time I pick up the phone, I remember how you haven’t called in ages. I remember how I haven’t seen you in months. I remember the rumours I hear of you dating other people. It makes me think twice. It makes me think that you’ve moved on, and maybe forgot the woman you married.” Her voice was laced with bitterness and sadness. She was broken. She lacked so much love and care that she had fallen into pieces.

Tom stood in front of her, shocked at what he had heard. He never realised his actions would have had such a great impact on her. He thought that by working and earning money, he would supply you with everything you needed. He never realised that what you needed was him. Only now, after hearing her heart, he realises. He realised how their love was built on more than just the cash and gifts.

She turned away from him. She couldn’t bear to reveal any more of her brokenness. She wiped her tears, even though they seemed like a never ending stream. She felt something wrap around her legs. Her daughter embraced her legs into a hug. She laughed a little.

“Mummy is fine… don’t worry dear.” She said, squatting down so that she was at her daughter’s eye level. Her little hands caressed the crying woman’s cheeks, whispering ‘it’s okay’ over and over into her ear, and rubbed her back.

“Rosie…” He said. He watched in amazement as his daughter cared for her. He watched how she whispered ear, how she wiped away the tears, how she reassuring she was towards her mother. All theses things, he did for Y/N before. But now, he finds his daughter doing what he should be doing for his wife.

He bents down and takes his wife’s hand. She mutters something to her daughter before turning to him, standing up again. The little girl ran into another room, maybe to to give them some space.

“I am so sorry.” He starts. “There is no excuse for what I’ve done. I’ve been a terrible husband. A terrible father. And I know that I should’ve done so much more. I should’ve called. I should’ve made more time for you. I am so sorry. Forgive me love. Forgive me. Give me another chance. I love you. I love you so so much, and I will be here for you from now on. Please Y/N.” He slips the ring into her hand. “Please love. Let me show you how much I love you again.”

She looked at the ring in her palm. She admired the details on the ring. She saw the diamond. It was worth thousands, but their love was worth so much more. So much more than this little ring. She used her finger to outline the ring, touching the cold hard metal. She sighed. How could she let go of the love he gave her? But how could she forgive him for abandoning her? She looked up at him. His brown eyes pleaded with her. They begged for forgiveness. They begged for another chance to prove how much he can love. He took her other hand, his warmth now seemed familiar. She looked at the ring, then at their interlocked hands.

“I… can’t.”

His eyes showed it all. It showed the pain he felt. He could feel what you felt.

“I can’t let go of the love you gave me. I can’t let go of the only man I’ve ever loved. I can’t let go of you Tom. I love you too much that it hurts sometimes. I love you so so much.” She smiled at him. He could see the sparkle in her eyes, the ones he fell in love with every time he looked at her.

He was overjoyed. Excitement coursed through his veins. He picked her up, causing a squeal to escape her lips. She pressed her lips on his, savouring the sweet taste of them. He smiled into the kiss and silently thanking God for blessing him with another chance.

A giggled from behind them made them pull apart. There stood their daughter by the stairway, her smile is as a thankful hymn. She was ecstatic. Her mother was finally happy again. She was no longer in pain because of her dad. And she was elated to have her father back, to finally be with him after so long.

“Let’s go for dinner.” Tom gestured towards the door. He knew that they were heading out for dinner when he arrived. Rosie ran up to him, embracing him with her short arms. He picked his daughter up, and peppered kisses on her face. She giggled.

Y/N had opened the door and was ready to leave. She took his hand and smiled. The warmth she felt in her heart now was indescribable. She felt as if her heart was going to burst.

As she walked on the sidewalk, she thought about her situation. It was dumb for her to run away. It was dumb for her to not try even harder. But it was all alright. It always turns out alright in the end.



“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Making Bruce Wayne blush

I felt inspired today, and so here’s for my second post on Tumblr…Some Bruce Wayne loving. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

WARNING : Mention of sex. 

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


Tonight, at yet another boring charity gala, you decided that your favorite game was DEFINITELY “Make Bruce Wayne blush”.
It wasn’t an easy game, and sometimes, when he was broodier than usual, it was like playing on “hard mode”…but it was so worth it when you succeeded.

Part one of your plan, was always to make him jealous. He was more receptive to your teasing when jealous. His mind was always somewhat slower when jealous, focused on the fact that it wasn’t him flirting with you, but some asshole he suddenly didn’t like at all. 

You rarely had the occasion to make him jealous though, as he rarely let go of you during one of those charity soirée. He knew you were uncomfortable at those, and he knew you found his arm around your waist comforting. Besides, he loved to show you off to anyone he’d talk to that night. And you absolutely loved that he liked it, it made you feel good about yourself, that billionaire ex-playboy Bruce Wayne was proud to date you. You were rarely alone…but sometimes, a particular guest would take up all his attention, and you’d slip away to the bar to get something to drink, and escape the boring conversation about trade and such. 

Tonight was one of those occasions, and to hell if you weren’t going to take advantage of it. 

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Who Are Your Sugar Sisters? (And How to Find Some if You Don’t Have Any)

Do you remember what it felt like? That first message you received or sent to another sugar baby that you wanted to connect with? Do you remember the feelings of being nervous and excited that someone you admired wanted to talk to you? Someone that was making strides in the bowl or was just on the verge of it was interested in being friends with you. Do you remember rewriting your message and wondering whether it made you sound like a dork? Did you have to tell yourself to be cool the way I did? 

Do you remember when the conversation stopped feeling stilted and awkward? Do you remember your first inside joke? The first time you met in person? How good it felt after that first meeting that they weren’t a weirdo? Do you remember the moment you realized that you weren’t just sugar sisters you were sister-friends?

Do you remember how it felt to hang out with them? To talk and know you weren’t going to have to apologize or explain? They were just going to have your back. They were going to root you on, prop you up, guide you when they could? Do you remember the relief?

My sugar sisters are @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby They have each been in my life for at least two years now but have become so much a part of my daily habits that I cannot imagine life without them or before them. We have traded tips and advice, joys and sorrows, ups and downs, great outfits (them) and times when we looked a busted ass mess (me). They are core parts of who I am, and I repeat: I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I never met them. 

I don’t just say that because they are amazing but because conversations with them and the relationships that I have built with them inspired the characters in The New Money Girls. Delia and Zion came alive for me when I was writing the book because while they are not @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby exactly sometimes Delia and Zion will open their mouths and my sugar sisters will speak. 

That feeling of sisterhood was important to me. It was more important than writing a book about glamour, sex, men, romance, or love. I love the way black women love each other. I love how we are ride or die for each other before we acknowledge a man, especially in the sugar community. We, as black women, routinely save each other’s lives in ways that we don’t always recognize. 

I want you to have sugar sisters if you don’t have them already, so I’ve put together some things for you to consider to build your own New Money Girls crew.

  1. Get yourself ready first. Clean up your room before you invite friends over. Maybe your mother didn’t say that to you, but mine sure did say it to me. Get your shit together before you go looking for friends. Does your blog say anything about you as a person or a sugar baby or is it a collection of reblogged posts? Can I vet you? Can I see you grow in your sugar journey or will I walk away wondering if I’m being catfished? Even if you don’t write posts as long or as detailed as mine write something. Do it for two reasons. 1-You’ll want a record of your journey. 2-We need you. This is a community. We need to know we aren’t alone. We need to know that someone goes through what we go through and has experienced what we experienced. I started this blog because I was looking for someone who could admit they were still trying to figure it out. I couldn’t find it, so I became it. So many of you have approached me since then to thank me for saying what you needed to hear. But the thanks goes to you. It was such a blessing to know I wasn’t alone, that even if I messed up my mistakes would help someone. Post to the brown sugar baby tag. Let us know you exist. You won’t feel alone anymore and neither will we.
  2. Know what it is to be a friend. To get a friend you have to be a friend. If all you want is someone that will give you advice and read entire essays of your complaints and gripes with the sugar bowl, then you don’t want a friend. You want free advice and therapy. No one owes you that. If you have a question, ask it. If you want to be a friend, provide support. Let that person know that you aren’t there to leech from them. Ask them how their day is. Let them know you appreciate them by messaging them and telling them how special something they said or did was to you. Just tell them you’re thinking about them and hope things are going well. I got a few messages from people when I wasn’t on Tumblr from women who just wanted to make sure I was okay. That meant so much to me. Those are the women that message me and always get replies. I know they aren’t just here to take. They give. That makes me feel valued and appreciated and makes me want to return those feelings to them.
  3. Remember you’re a stranger. I didn’t get either of my sugar sisters’ actual phone numbers until we knew each other for months and built a solid friendship. I didn’t know what @brownstatuesquesugarbaby looked like or her real name until I met her in August after knowing her for two years. That didn’t bother me. This is the internet, and until we’re friends, we’re strangers. We don’t know who is actually behind these accounts. It could be a brown sugar baby. It could be a bored middle-aged white man. We have to be careful so don’t get upset if people protect their privacy until they get to know you better. They have that right, and I hope you’re also exercising the same level of caution. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn’t want a sugar daddy to find out whatever it is about you (address, real name, job, familial information, vanilla social media) don’t demand that a sugar sister give it to you. 
  4. Remember they’re human. Sometimes life happens. Sometimes we get so busy that we can’t respond to a message right away. I can admit that I’m guilty of this right now. I’m currently trying to write three novels and publish another and work a vanilla job and make sure I’m healthy and sane. I don’t have a lot of time. I don’t get a lot of sleep anymore. My life is fueled by cheap coffee and editing software. But I see every message. I will respond to every message that I can when I can. Don’t get anxious, angry, or accusatory if someone doesn’t respond to your message right away. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want to speak to you or think you’re a bother or that they’re stuck up. Sometimes even when we want friends, we don’t have the time to make them.
  5. Don’t be afraid to message again. One of my favorite things about @lustington is that even if I don’t reply to a text right away, she will keep texting me. She has something to say dammit, and you’re going to get these texts. She has been like this since she first messaged me on Tumblr. She understood that I might be busy but that I wanted to talk to her. She was never afraid to reach out again, so I never forgot her. If you message someone and a few days or weeks have gone by don’t be afraid to reach out again. Say hello again. Tell them that you loved a post. Ask if they saw that interesting post that made you think of them. Like I said, we’re all human, and sometimes life gets in our way.
  6. Let things happen naturally. On the one hand, you shouldn’t be afraid to reach out again. On the other hand, don’t be a weirdo. Don’t pressure people into doing things they aren’t comfortable with or pretending to have a relationship with you that doesn’t actually exist. Trust takes time to build. That feeling of intimacy takes time to build. Don’t rush it. If that sugar baby is supposed to be your friend, no matter how many false starts or time between messages, she will be your friend. @lustington and I met a year after we first began messaging online, @brownstatuesquesugarbaby and I met two years after. Meeting both of them felt natural and exciting instead of nerve-wracking and awkward because they were already my good friends. I didn’t have to worry about whether they would like me because they already knew me. Don’t rush. 
  7. Be honest. If you aren’t looking for sugar sisters or don’t think a sugar baby is right for you say so. Don’t lead people on or play with their emotions or time. Be honest. Each of you can then find people that are the best possible fits for you. 

I hope this helps, sis. I hope you look up six months from now and realize you have your own crew of New Money Girls and they change your life the way @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby have changed my life. The way Delia, Zion, O’Shea, and Nadia change each other’s lives. I’d also like to use this as a shameless plug to reach out to a few women that have messaged me or caught my attention as I roll through these Tumblr streets: @onikaahonee @saaint-sugar @thotinda6ix @locd-nubianqueen  @baroquebrownsugarbaby @afrolatinasugar @chanelsugababy @nycsb @brainybrownsugar and there’s also a brown sb that lives in the midwest that I messaged a few months ago maybe about a post she had about a condom that got stuck in an…interesting place that made me convulse with laughter. You’ve been on my mind for WEEKS now, but I can’t remember your username to save my life. Put yourself on this list, too. If you’re on this list, it’s because you’ve messaged me and either said something so profound, intelligent, caring, supportive or funny that I’ve thought “that girl should be my friend, ” but I’m too awkward/busy/forgetful to reach out to you to make that happen. If you find yourself with a moment and want to be friends too, please message me. I promise I won’t fuck it up or at least I’ll try not to. 

If I haven’t mentioned you, but you’ve messaged me, please understand I’m not slighting you. I love you too sis. Every black ass thing about you. I just haven’t read your message yet (remember how I said my life was in a shambles?). Reach out to me again. Help me be accountable to, and for the amazing friendship, we’re going to have in the future. 

Remember this is our sugar bowl. This is our community. We can be tight-knit, loving and supportive the way my New Money Girls are. We just have to build it. We just have to love each other. If there’s a sugar baby that you want to be friends with message her or mention her in the comments (I hope you do this so I can root for your future sugar sisterships). Let’s love on each other. Let’s push each other to succeed.

I said it already, but I’ll say it again. I love you, sis. Every single thing about you. I can’t wait until we’re friends. 

“About Damn Time” // G.D Imagine


A/N: I know in the last imagine post I said I was back, yeah well life happens and I forgot to update. Here’s a request that was requested weeks ago. 

Feedback is always nice xx 

REQUESTED BY @maria-diver12

Can I have an imagine where the reader has toured with Ethan and Grayson for a while and all the fans know her as part of the crew. But in recent videos and and photos fans spot Grayson staring at y/n and becoming really close and they all start talking about it which makes Grayson talk about the crush he’s developed on y/n and then telling her.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! XX Sorry it’s up so late ): 

The screams of thousands of fans filled your ears as you stood in front of tje large crowd. You held your camera up to your eye as the boys stood next to the silver ball and DJ Khalid. 

The job as their photographer was was fairly easy due to how photogenic they both were. The hard part was when you found a good shot of them but they decide to move before you even take the picture. It’s a guessing game with these two. Are they going to move before you take the picture or will you actually get the shot? You never know the outcome but you have a lot of funny pictures you sometimes send them as memes. That of course sometimes annoys them but you love it. 

You’ve known the boys for ages now, probably around seven years. The three of you met in Jersey when you had just first moved in into the neighborhood. The two boys and Cameron walked over to the house to greet you when you were about to leave to walk your dog. Grayson started sneezing non-stop as he stood near the dog. When you asked him if he was okay he just awkwardly laughed and said yes. His sister then went on to explain to you that he was highly allergic to dogs which is the reason as to why they can only have pet birds in the house. 

The four of you hit it off from the start but you would always have a stronger bond with the boys considering how close in age you were to the two of them. You three would do everything together and when they started embarking on social media you were there to support them every step of the way. They would ask you to help them film or to take a picture of them. That was when you spark in photography started. When the boys asked you to be their official photographer you of course said yes. 

Now here the three of you where in NYC Times Square at the relaunch of TRL. Both the boys were host of the show and you were doing what you love most; photography. 

You snapped pictures of the happy smiles both the boys had as the ball officially dropped. Ethan and Grayson counted down loudly with the timer and the moment it hit zero they started clapping along with the crowd. You took pictures of every moment and loved how happy they looked on camera and off. Their happiness radiated off of them and that made you happy. 

The boys finished their surprise appearance and the three of you were escorted back into the building. The building halls were quiet as everyone was outside or in the opposite side of where you were. You could still hear the screaming fans and the DJ playing music. The boys were walking in-front of you while talking to their manager. You trailed behind them inspecting the large building that you would be going back and forth in for a while. 

“Hey Y/N, can you take a picture of us in this hanging chair thing?” Ethan asked while pointing at the wall with three round clear plastic chairs that were hanging up in the air. 

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled while walking over and standing in front of them. The boys dashed to sit in the chair. Ethan beat Grayson, who pouted knowing he would have to sit on the floor. 

“Gray can you please put your hands over his legs. You look awkward when your arms under them,” you laughed softly at the boys position. 

“Like this?” Gray asked as he did as told. 

“Yes, perfect,” you mumbled while closing an eye and looking out through your camera lens. Snapping three pictures of the boys in different poses you lowered the camera and inspected the pictures. 

“Can I see?” Grayson asked causing you to look up. You face felt really hot as you noticed how close he was too you. 

Nodding your head you gave him your camera and took a step back from him. Ethan stared at the two of you for a second wondering why you got to flustered over Grayson standing close to you. It wasn’t the first time he’s seen that happen. Shrugging it off Ethan walked over to the three of you and looked down at the picture Grayson was inspecting. 

“These are so good Y/N. I’m so happy we got you to be our photographer before someone else came in and took you away from us,” Ethan complimented you making you smile. 

“Aww thanks E,” you giggled feeling happy that the boys appreciated your work. 

“Yeah these are really good,” Grayson smiled while handing the camera back to you. 

“Thanks Gray,” you smiled while taking the camera from his hands. Your fingers grazed gently against his making your entire body fill with goosebumps and your face to heat up into a crimson shade. 

You turned around and started walking out towards the exit door not wanting for either of the boys to notice your blushing face. As you did so the boys walked a few feet behind you whispering to one another. 

“Do you like her?” Grayson asked his twin brother with a sense of urgency. 

“Yeah, she’s a really good friend.” Ethan responded not getting as to why Grayson was suddenly asking him this. 

“No as in do you like her as more than a friend?” Grayson asked with a raised eyebrow as his face grew a pink from how irritated he was growing with his brother. 

“What no! I wouldn’t do that to you bro. You’ve liked her since we were ten. I mean yeah at some point I had a thing for her but not anymore.” Ethan shrugged. Grayson took a quick glance at you hoping that you couldn’t hear them whispering behind your back. 

You were too busy trying to close your camera bag to listen in on the two boys whispering to one another behind you. In all honestly you have learned to not listen in to their conversations since you two were 10 after the boobs incident. 

“Hey Y/N, are you going back to Jersey with us?” Grayson asked as the two boys walked closer to you. 

“Yeah, I have my cousin’s wedding to attend remember? I’m one of her many bridesmaids and you two promised to go with me.” You answered while looking back at the boys with a raised eyebrow hoping that they didn’t back out. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry we will still be gracing the wedding with our amazing presence,” Ethan smiled making you laugh. 

“Oh I’m sure they will,” you smiled. 

The conversation was cut short as the loud screams of the fans filled your ears. Turning around you looked out the glass doors and saw fans circling the entire sidewalk. Thankfully they were being held back by metal barricades and security were standing on every corner possible. Despite going on tour with the boys and always being surrounded by a group of fans when you were with them. You weren’t used to the large crowds. One time as you walked by a girl tried to rip your camera off your shoulder. That resulted in your have a large bruise going across your chest and shoulder. 

Grayson came over and had to rip the girl off of your bag because she was so keen on getting the pictures on the camera. Since that day the boys grew more protective on you when you walked out in large crowds. The boys would either make you stand in the middle of them or they would take you to the car and come back to meet the fans who waited for them. 

“Here let me,” Grayson mumbled while walking in front of you and holding the door open for you to walk through. Thanking him you walked outside and let the cool New York air fan you body. 

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Winterhawk Mini Bang

Here it is folks all the works from the minibang! All the fics have art accompanying them. Take a look through these works and give the authors and artists some love. Please remember to check the archive warnings and be sure to read all the tags before you start reading.

Standby (T) Words: 2,387 by @mollynoble

Tags: AU - Modern Setting, Veteran Bucky, Veteran Clint, brief mention - anxitey

Clint and Bucky meet when they become trapped in an elevator. Clint is an idiot, but Bucky likes him anyways.

[Art] by @torii-storii

birdboy and grumpycat17 (T) Words: 2,020 by @varilia

Tags: Friends to Lovers, Interplanetary Travel, “The Space Between Us” AU

Clint was born on Mars. Only, like, two people on Earth know that, and his best– only– friend, James, is not one of them. When given the opportunity to visit Earth, and therefore James, Clint is eager to tell James the truth: about where he’s from, and the fluttery feelings that he gets whenever talking to James.

[Art] by @sian1359

Americana is for Lovers (M) Words: 8,232 by @ccbytheseashore

Tags: road trips, americana, sexual content, developing relationships, getting together

Please tell me you are still alive, read Steve’s text.
In Virginia, Bucky replied.
The hell are you doing in Virginia?
Would you believe me if I said trying to find a foam sculpture of Stonehenge?
Tony said to make sure his car comes back in once piece. Please don’t shoot each other.

Clint and Bucky set off on an adventure to find an infamous work of Americana history, but find literally everything else (including love, and a Magic Fingers) instead.

[Art] by @bvckyboy

My Depths for You (M) Words: 7,287 by @shellsxo

Tags: Domestic Fluff; Domestic!Bucky; Domestic!Clint; Anniversary

Somewhere down the line, Bucky Barnes had become the sun, and Clint’s life had begun revolving around him. Neither had expected their feelings to become so strong, to grow in strength or in depth. But it had.

Lilac Alstroemeria Aster (T) Words: 7,303 by @jenjo93

Tags: No powers AU. Bucky works at a flower shop; Clint is a human disaster by day, vigilante by night

On the surface, Clint Barton shares nothing with Bucky Grant, the cute florist he helped save from thieves. Bucky has a business, owns more than one outfit, and looks to have a stable life. Worlds away from Clint’s drama-filled past. Bucky being kidnapped reminds Clint why he doesn’t put his heart on the line anymore.

[Art] by PlaidHunters

Edge of our Hope (T) Words: 5,956 by @punxbarton

Tags: Pacific Rim AU, mention of past character death, mention of past loss of limb

Nobody wonders whether Clint and Bucky are drift compatible. They clearly are. Which is the problem, since Clint already has a drift partner, and Bucky can’t ever pilot again. Well, it’s the problem for some people. Not for them. Never for them.

[Art] by @bizrreer

Still Breathing (T) Words: 8,241 by @victorianbreaker

Tags: Canon-typical Violence, vague Mentions of suicidal thoughts, blood

Clint just wanted to get away. He didn’t want to hurt any one. But he keeps seeing blue…I dodged a bullet and I walked across a landmine / Oh, I’m still alive / Am I bleeding am I bleeding from the storm? / Just shine a light into the wreckage, so far away, away…‘Cause I’m still breathing / 'Cause I’m still breathing on my own / My head’s above the rain and roses / Making my way away / My way to you

[Art] by @theassassinhawk

Not Such a Risk (M) Words: 3,311 by @aw-hawkeye-no

Tags: Dom/Sub, Bondage, dom!Clint, sub!Steve, Sub!Bucky

“Buck, I gotta ask – are you here of your own free will, or did Clint kidnap you and force you to watch Dog Cops?” Steve smirked as he glanced from Bucky to Clint.“Hey!” Clint objected just as Bucky said, “Bit of column A, bit of column B.”Clint huffed indignantly. “As I remember it, I was minding my own business when you barged in here and started questioning my eating habits.”

Or, Clint has been acting as Steve’s and Bucky’s dom for weeks now, but the three of them have never done a scene together.

[Art](nsfw)by @xbittenx

Save Me. (T) Words: 4,867 by @hodginsismylife

Tags:  Not Captain America: The Winter Soldier Compliant, Swearing, Canon-Typical Violence.

Clint Barton just wanted an easy recovery after being braiwashed, he didn’t want to be kidnaped by HYDRA, he didn’t ask for any of this.

[Art] by @marvel-4-life

How to Mate Your Cyborg (G) Words: 2,092 by @nightshadezombie

Bucky and Hagrid spend every Tuesday and Thursday morning at the Midnight Roast, studying and sampling Wade’s questionable baked goods. And maybe pining over Wade’s Other Favorite Cyborg. BTW, Wade totally ships it, guys.

[Art] by fitzz106

 The deals you  made (T) Words: 6,321 by @aijja

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Implied/Referenced Torture, AU-Canon Divergence, Fae & Mythical Beings

Bucky is ten when he meets a boy who helps him win a prize for Steve. There’s handshake to agree to a contract, due sometime in the future. They never meet again. Or at least, Bucky doesn’t remember it.

AKA. Don’t make deals with people who appear from thin air.

[Art] by @sian1359

Through the Streets of Long Gone Dreams (T) Words: 10,937 by @rivulet027

Tags: Nightmares, PTSD, Recovering Memories

Bucky’s having trouble sleeping until Lucky decides to adopt him. Now Bucky isn’t sure if he’s sleeping better because of a dog or the archer that comes with the dog.

[Art] by @placna

This Is Where We Start Again (G) Words: 3,377 by @jeminamoonnight

Tags: Kidfic, Accidental baby acquisition, body dysphoria, deaf!Clint

When Clint brings home a baby and wants to keep her, Bucky must confront his  lingering body issues and whether or not he’s ready for the challenges of parenthood. 

[Art] by @fee-does-band-art

Empyrean (T) Words: 2,694 by @icantseemtomiss

Tags: Minor violence, mentions of past abuse. Alternate Universe- Greek,Mythology.

There’s plenty of things you get taught how to handle; like your pet hamster dying, or your girlfriend breaking up with you. But no-one ever teaches you how to handle the Greek god, Apollo, attaching himself to your soul.

[Art] by @pathulu

I Slept With An Assassin and Now I Have Feelings (T) Words: 3,911 by @useless-empty-brain

Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, mentions of brainwashing, getting together.

Years ago Clint and the Winter Soldier are given the same target and meet. Instead of eliminating the competition, the Soldier is intrigued by the disaster who beat him to the target. Through years of mind wipes disjointed images of blond and arrows keep coming back. When he breaks the mind control permanently, he wants to find Steve and the guy who kept sneaking around Hydra’s mind wipes.

[Art] by @mariana-oconnor

Like That Counting Crows Song (T) Words: 4,643 by @madetobeworthy

Tags: No Warnings, fluff, mutual healing, slow burn but it forgot to be slow

Clint’s life is a series of unfortunate events that somehow peaked at his apartment getting blown up. Bucky doesn’t really want to get caught up in his mess, but it’s hard to avoid the homeless guy sleeping on your couch when all you want to do is watch Netflix.

[Art] by @girlouttaplace

Springfield (T) Words: 1,779 by @precise-desolation

Tags: Slow build, Service dogs, PTSD

There was a man who walked  his dog every morning in the park where Clint went for his run.  Of course, Clint knew that was perfectly normal.  It was the dog’s service animal vest that caught his attention.  He had the guy figured for ex-military, he just hadn’t figured him for the Winter Soldier, the ghost sniper.  Or, well, former Winter Soldier.  It was a spur of the moment decision to buy the guy a coffee from the stand they both frequented.  He had wanted to ask about the dog.  He didn’t expect that it would become anything more.

[Art] by @mollynoble

Words Left Unsaid (M) Words: 2,067 by @i-will-always-kneel-for-smut

Tags: Swearing, Not Captain America: Civil War (Movie) Compliant, Not Avengers: Age of Ultron (Movie) Compliant

Clint agreed to an afternoon sparring session with Natasha. Little did he know that by the end of the day he’d be responsible for a former Hydra agent…and one of Steve Rogers oldest friends.

[Art] by @meesedraw

The Barton-Barnes shelter of abandoned animals (G) Words: 1,960 by @asamandra

Tags: barton farm, clint and his strays

For once it’s not Clint who brings in another stray… and Clint is not amused when he finds out what kind of stray it is.

[Art] by @aw-hawkeye-no

As Lucky Would Have It. (T) Words: 6,698 by @dapperanachronism

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Get-Together, Anxiety, Lucky is the best dog,

He tells himself a lot of things. Things like he’s not a burden, things like he’s getting better, things like he’s awake in the middle of the night by choice, just because he enjoys prowling around the tower at night when it’s quiet. It’s the truth, if not the whole truth. What is also the truth is how much he enjoys finding Clint curled up on the living room floor next to a scruffy dog that Bucky knows doesn’t live in the tower with them.

[Art] by @placna

Just a Fool (Whose Luck Has Turned) (E) Words: 4,965 by @words-aremy-weapons

Tags:  Second-hand embarrassment

Clint makes a fool of himself over the comms during a mission, going into vivid detail of everything he feels for Barnes. Embarrassment makes him hide away, until Barnes forces him to come clean about everything.

[Art] by  PlaidHunters

Strike at the Heart of (T) Words: 20,528 by @captn-sara-holmes

Tags: Canon Divergence - Post-Avengers (2012), Clint Barton Feels, Everyone Has Issues, unhealthy platonic relationships, Trust Issues, Emotional Manipulation, Angst and Humor, BAMF Clint Barton, Mind Games. Mind Control, Yasha, STRIKE!Clint, Clint is actually fine, psychological evaluations are not for everyone

The Avengers think he’s traumatized, Fury thinks he needs a break, Natasha wants him to recover. Well, screw those guys. Clint is going to go and make some new friends that appreciate how badass and competent and not-messed-up-after-Loki he is. It goes great, until it doesn’t.

[Art] by @cratercreator

The Broken and The Brave (T) Words: 5,892 by @somnambulist-x

Clint Barton is acquitted after killing the Hulk.No, after killing Bruce Banner.After killing his friend.And Bucky could understand Barton’s next move and as the archer left the city and drove west in his disastrous Dodge Challenger, Bucky grabbed his backpack, hopped on his bike and followed him.He wasn’t going to stop Barton, he wasn’t going to catch him and bring him back…He was simply going with.

[Art] by @mollynoble

5 Times an archer walked into a bar (And one time the bar came to him) (T) Words: 1,553 by @adamsgirl42

Twist on the film "He’s just not that into you”

[Art] by @bizrreer

Dog Cops, Pickpockets, and Love, Oh my! (E) Words:3,634 by PlaidHunter

Tags: sex, blow jobs, rimming, cute dog cops, star wars

“I stole your wallet because I was desperate for money a few years ago and I’ve finally gotten my life under control but the guilt hasn’t left me because you looked like a really sweet person so I went to the address on your driver’s license to return it and apologize but when you answered the door you took one look at me and shouted, “YOU!” and punched me in the face!“

[Art] by @fadesealcat

Five dates Bucky didn’t realize he went on, and the one he planned himself (T) Words: 11,750 by @redsector-a

Tags: Oblivious Bucky, Slow Build Romance, Bucky Feels, Clint is a good boyfriend (even when Bucky doesn’t know he’s his boyfriend), Steve Rogers is a Good Bro, Fluff

To say that Bucky was surprised when Clint kissed him was an understatement. But it was nothing compared to the shock he felt when he learned they’d been dating for months without him realizing it. Clint gets whisked away for a mission before they have time to talk and Bucky is left to figure things out on his own - hindsight being 20/20 he can’t help but wonder how he missed things the first go around.


Tom Holland! Peter Parker x Reader

Author: Grae | Edited by: Cosmo

Word Count: 1204 | Warnings: None (peter may be OOC)

Summary: A busy coffee shop, an asshole boss, and a mischievous spider’s first latte.

A/N: What are summaries? Forgive us for all the Tom Holland/Peter Parker spam. We’re still hooked on Home-coming. More stories featuring other Avengers/Marvel characters coming soon! (don’t forget you can send in requests) If you haven’t already check out our other two stories Tessa and Talula and We’re live in. (Part 2 for We’re live in… will be posted as soon as we get more people who want to be tagged in it) If you enjoyed this story leave a like and comment!


“Peter hun I’m working” you said rushing to finish the latte that a now annoyed middle aged woman had ordered five minutes ago. “Soy latte with one decaf shot and one regular.” You set the latte down on the counter and gave a customer service smile to the lady. The attempted good service went well over her head as she picked up the drink and left without another word.

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Our Kind Of Love (Part 7/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  


a “baby did you eat today?” kind of love.

You had been sitting in the day room wedged between Charlie and Bucky, watching the baseball game.  Steve was currently signing autographs for a boy scout group that had come to help out at the hospital.  Sam who was suppose to be watching the game, was at the reception desk speaking with Clara, the new receptionist.

The sound of Bucky, Steve, and Sam’s phones going off at the same moment drew your attention.  If all three were going off, it was going to be something work related.  You tried not to show your disappoint and slight fear.  You were always nervous when the boys left.  Steve meant the world to you and every time he left a piece of your heart broke and followed him out the door.  

After some shared glances Sam and Steve made their way to where you and Bucky were on the couch.  You refused to look at Steve’s face knowing if you did, he would see right through you.  A light squeeze on your leg had you looking at Bucky, by the look on his face you could tell he knew what you were thinking.

“Y/n…..Darlin’ we have to-”

“Go. I know. It’s okay, be careful, all of you.”  Steve gave you a grateful smile and pulled you from the couch wrapping his arms around you.  

“Gonna miss ya every minute.” You smile at him, Bucky was right you were turning him into a softy.

Before you could open your mouth a silky female voice filled the room.  “There you boys are we have to go.  I have your bags packed and ready.”

You glance behind Steve to find two gorgeous women, both with perfect bodies.  Steve turned leaving one arm wrapped around you.  “Nat, Wanda come meet Y/n.”

Looking at the two women you suddenly felt completely under dressed and plain.  These were the girls your boyfriend spent time with?!  What the hell is he doing with you if he could have them?!  Is this why you hadn’t been introduced to them till this moment?

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A Day in the Life

Characters: John, oldest Winchester sister!reader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester.

Words: 2000

Warnings: A teeny tiny bit of blood, a little bit of a language (probably just one word or something), a little bit of fluff. Nothing bad at all in this one.

A/N: So I was debating whether or not to post it since it’s a bit similar to stuff I’ve written lately, but then again, I felt like I needed to post something, and some of you even seemed to want me to post it <3 

Have you seen Shameless? I’ve only seen a handful of episodes (started watching the other day) and this is a little bit inspired by Fiona taking care of the other siblings. I think it’s cute, so yeah, just a fun fact I guess. Also, this is pre-series (my favorite thing to write) and pretty much focused on the reader and her life.

So yeah, hopefully this is okay for now and I’ll try to vary the fics more until next 

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Your name: submit What is this?

You looked down at the fresh fake IDs you just made for you and your dad, pictures of the two of you staring back at you as you thumbed through the thin stack. Reaching the Impala, you opened the door, and sat down, stuffing them into the glove compartment for now. You would need them for the investigation you were continuing tomorrow, going undercover.

Nowadays, you and your dad split up for the most part of the cases, during basically all of the research. It was fine, you were young — 21 years of age — but still good at your job. You did have quite a lot of experience contrary popular belief, judging by your youthful appearance. Since you graduated, this was what you did 24 hours around the clock, hunting was the only thing that made up your life. That, and taking care of your baby brothers, of course.

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mochiiswan  asked:

request: what if gaston and the reader are in love (but not a couple) but had to move to paris because of something? and they're like 14 and 15 so they're young and in love. so they make a promise to come back to each other in a few years. gaston goes to war and the reader goes to paris with her family - then seven years later she comes back to see if gaston is back and yep, he is!! fluff!! like, he was in love with belle (while the reader was gone) but completely forgot when you came back.

omg this is so cliche but i loVE IT ANYWAY OKAY LET’S GET THIS THING GOING

word count: 2847


“Promise me you’ll come back in one piece?” 

Gaston chuckled. “That I’m afraid, I cannot do.” Kissing your knuckles, the teen smiled sadly. “However, I shall try my best to do so, should you promise me one thing in return.” 

“And that is?” You inquire of your admirer, raising a brow. 

“Wait for me,” Gaston responded, keeping your hands in his as he looked into your eyes. “If you could do just this one thing, wait for me, I should be a happy man going to war.” 

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LMAO RIP QUALITY OF GIF. HELLO ALL!!! This is my thank you to everyone who decided to follow me and help me hit 3K+ followers!
So this is my second followers forever. Since my first one a few months ago, this blog honestly grew a lot bigger than I ever imagined it to. You guys really fill my day with joy, regardless of how negative my views on life can get and I really thank you all so much for dealing with my ass. This is also a post to say that I’m probably going to be a lot less active (as some of you may have noticed) because school is starting soon and I’ll be focused on my college apps and getting good grades for the next 4 months. IF I FORGOT YOU WERE A MUTUAL PLEASE LET ME KNOW BECAUSE IM BAD AT THIS

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everybody’s looking for something

x-men one shot [nsfw, male reader]

i present to you my first ever one shot imagine, based on this request sent to not me that is literally the reason why i made this blog, i started writing it back in january and it was fun so i made an imagines blog an d now im fucking posting it

dedicated to @transpetermaximoff who encouraged me to post this & also probably bribed me with memes to do it

Originally posted by lokiyoulittle

pairing: peter maximoff x male reader
warnings: nsfw, not like full smut but like…. close enough. also mentions of dicks and wanting to suck said dicks
notes: yes im aware trans guys (i.e. me) exist i just am one that likes pretending i have a dick so if you want this but without the references to dicks request it
word count: fuck if i know 1,406

You were sitting cross legged on the couch in the mansion’s living room area, your best friend Peter’s feet in your lap with your textbook resting against his shoes. You both had a calculus test tomorrow, so you were studying together – but the silver haired mutant was definitely not studying. Your ability was telepathy, which meant you heard everyone’s thoughts – even if you didn’t necessarily want to. For example, as you tried to focus on the words and numbers in front of you, all your brain could pick up on were the busy thoughts of those around you. Students passing, with thoughts of their romantic partners/crushes, school (much to your surprise, passing thoughts had revealed there actually was someone more anxious for the calculus test than you), teachers with… Well, you could never really hear Professer Xavier’s thoughts. Maybe he blocked them from you for a reason? Whatever the reason, you definitely did not want to know what it was, especially if it was about a certain metal-manipulating mutant you’d heard he might have had a relationship with at some point. (On second thought, for the sake of your friendship with Peter, you were glad you couldn’t see into Professor Xavier’s mind.)

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Imagine Nick not acting like himself because he thinks you like Sonny

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you enjoy this, sorry for the long wait and thank you so much for the sweet message you sent. It really made me smile and sorry I didn’t reply but I needed to keep your message so I knew what you wanted. Also, I’m pretty sure this will be the last imagine I will post until my exams are over because I’m so tried that I just don’t have time. I’m really sorry. I hope you understand and I’ll try but I wouldn’t want to ruin anyones request or mess u my own because I’m so tried and busy!) 

Imagine Nick not acting like himself because he thinks you like Sonny

“Sonny,” You hissed quietly, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him aside as he unsuspectingly walked passed you.

“Y/N,” He spluttered, as he steadied himself and as you shut the door of the soft interrogation room, “What are you doing?”

“He hasn’t said anything,” You stated with a sigh, resting your back on the door.

“What? Who?” Sonny asked, confused.

“Nick,” You sighed, dramatically, “He’s still acting strangely.”

“Still?” He asked, surprised.

“It’s been over a week,” You reminded, walking over to him and peering out between the blinds to look at Nick who was sitting working at his desk.

“I just can’t think of what might be up with him,” Sonny commented, looking with you.

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"Zombies, Run!" - the app that changes lives

Did an app ever change your life? Did an app ever make you laugh, cry, yell - while making you healthier? Did an app ever get you so caught up in a story that you forgot the world around you while listening to it?
The app “Zombies, Run!” does all of those things for me on a weekly basis.

Seeing how my favorite app ever is currently celebrating its fifth anniversary, I thought I would tell you once again just why you should try “Zombies, Run!”

I have been running on and off for ten years. Back in early 2007, I think, I began because I wanted to lose weight. It did help. And I did get in much better shape. But I never really made it past 5 km runs. I got bored.

Soon to be three years ago, in May 2014, I saw a Tumblr post describing an app in which you ran from zombies while being a part of an awesome story line. Having been more off than on running for a couple of years at the time, I decided to give it a try.

I have never regretted it.

I remember it vividly. The first time I played “Zombies, Run!”. It was May 29, 2014, at 10.06 AM. I pressed that “Start mission” button, and then I wasn’t in Copenhagen anymore. I was on a helicopter, making my way over an apocalyptic England towards a small settlement called Abel Township.

Only before I reached the township, my helicopter was shot down by an unknown party. Having survived the crash, I had to run through a zombie-infested area to get to safety, with a stranger named Sam talking to me in my headset, guiding my way.
“I’m gonna call you Runner 5,” he told me. I have been Runner 5 ever since. And now I have even managed to finish a 25 km run. That’s quite a bit more than the 5 km ones I began with.

The glory of this app is that YOU are Runner 5, and Runner 5 can be ANYONE. The characters talk to you, but they never indicate gender, age, or looks. It also doesn’t matter whether you go on short or long runs, or even whether you run or not - you can also walk the missions, if you want. What the characters do tell you, however, is how important you are to Abel Township. That what you do matter. You become a hero.

As you run, you make your way through an amazing story line: Each mission is an episode in a season, as if you’re running a tv show. There are currently five seasons. The writers are working on a sixth. I am continuously amazed at the twist and turns of the story, the character development, the “ohfuckingshitthatdidnotjusthappen” moments … And that’s saying something, because I can be a picky skeptic.

You can use your own music playlist for your runs. Every mission has music breaks between the sound clips. During these breaks, you also pick up items to expand your base in the app. And (if you choose to put that setting on) you can get zombie chases - which means that when the app tells you that zombies are approaching, you have to speed up to get away from them. It’s great for interval training, and it’s completely optional; you can turn it on and off.

All in all, I want to recommend this app to anyone who needs motivation to get out there and move your body - or to anyone who wants to listen to a well-written and exciting post-apocalypse story with zombies and lovable people. And if you’re just starting out and would like a training program to follow, you can also check out their “Zombies, Run! 5k” app, which guides you through eight weeks of training, from couch to 5 km runs. The story line is not as “on the edge of your seat” as the original app, but still very captivating.

So what are you waiting for? Go find it where you usually buy your apps! The first season is free, the rest costs less than 200 DKK a year, and it is money well spent.
And then let me know how much you enjoyed it!

Greeting Kisses l.h

A/N: forgot I had this, I was supposed to post this ages ago. I don’t really know what this is, I was bored

Summary: Luke and his girlfriend (Y/N) accidentally uncover that they’re dating in a livestream and then they perform a song together

Word Count: 5,529


“How long have we got here again before we play another show?” My band mate Todd asks.

“I don’t even know anymore. Avery?” I ask my other band mate.

“3? 4 days?” Avery shrugs.

“Something like that, I’ll ask Joe later.” Julian my final band mate concludes.

“Where is Joe anyway?” I ask, referring to our tour manager.

“In the hotel or something, apparently something happened to a venue we’re performing at in a couple months, so he’s on the phone talking to them.” Todd replies.

“Where are the boys?” Avery asks as she plays with her bass.

“Here.” Todd and Julian say in unison.

“Bitch I always know where you are because I can hear your annoying voices all the time.” Avery tells them.

“That and you never leave us alone.” I add.

“Firstly I hope you can hear me because I kinda sing in a band.” Todd points out the obvious.

“Secondly, we never leave you alone because we’re kinda in a band together, have been for the past 5 years…” Julian trails off.

“Yeah but this close? I can easily hit you with the neck of this guitar.” I ask and I gently tap his chest with the neck of the acoustic guitar.

“I’m sorry I like your company.” He puts his hands up in surrender and stands up wide eyed.

“Aww, you like me!” I grin at him.

“Well I have to, we’re with each other 24/7, and who else is gonna be our frontman? I need to make that money, so without you, our band will go down hill.” He explains.

“I’m a woman, not a man.” I point out.

“Hey, I don’t know what you identify as!” Julian exclaims.

“True.” You shrug and look down at the guitar, strumming random chords.

“Could you pass me my phone?” Julian asks Avery from his Cajon.

“It’s literally a metre away from you but fine.” She shrugs and gets up.

We’re all in 5 Seconds Of Summer’s tour bus, just hanging out together. We’re great friends with the band, such great friends that Luke and I are dating, we’ve been dating for a little over a year now. We all became friends around 3 years ago, we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, just so happened to fans of each other’s bands and we hit off from there. We have different relationships with everyone and we get along really well.

Luke and I haven’t told the fans yet, we’ve barely even talked about it. We’re just not the type of people to be very public about things like this. Sure, we post pictures together and stuff, and interact a lot on Twitter, but never once even hinted it online. There was one time where we were all out, we were all so drunk, and Luke and I were holding hands as a million paps blinded us with the flash. That did spark dating rumours but it died down faster than it sparked.

Luke was the first I connected to, we used to walk around cities we both coincidently played at or when the boys visited us or vice versa, and just talk, from useless things to such deep things that it felt like I needed a nap after. We first kissed a year before we actually started dating. We were all on a night out, and Luke and I ended up making out, there was this tension between us in the past month, and it started from there. The kiss felt magical, and then we slowly started to develop feelings for each other, the following year was made up of lingering touches, burning gazes, and a fuck ton of tension. Then we were at a charity concert in London, and we ended up in his band’s hotel room balcony, that was so close to the venue that you could see and hear all the performances, and all of a sudden we just looked at each other, the moon was shining down on him, he looked so beautiful, and he gingerly held my jaw and kissed me to the sound of Sycamore Tree by The Hunna. That went on for a couple weeks, sneaky kisses and sharing knowing glances across rooms, before we made it official. Ever since then I’ve made some of the best memeories with one of my favourite people.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m in a band. I’m the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Todd is the lead guitarist and vocalist, Avery is the bassist and vocalist, and Julian is the drummer and vocalist. I met Julian and Todd at school, Avery used to live next door to me, and I’d hear her play the bass and sometimes hear her sing, so then I kinda asked ‘hey, wanna be in a band?’ We’ve been a band for 5 years now, coming up 6 soon, we’ve released 3 albums, gone on so many tours, and written countless songs. We’re currently working on album number 4, but it’s not in demand because we’re still touring and busy with other things. The chemistry between us all is unbelievable, sure, after touring for 10 months and being stuck in a tour bus, things can get a little tense, but besides those moments, we get along so well, and our minds work really well together, when we’re writing songs, we just get each other, and understand each other’s vibe. I couldn’t ask for better bandmates.

“Oh my God, no!” Avery says as she recognises what I’m playing.

“Let it be an exception this only time.” I laugh.

“Did you just- g-get out of the band.” Todd stutters.

“Come on.” I encourage them and start the beginning chords again, Julian beginning to join in.

“It has overplayed syndrome for me!” Avery shakes her head.

“Amuse her Ave, she’s only gonna keep on doing it until you join in.” Todd tells Avery.

“Fine.” She sighs.

Todd pulls out his phone and starts recording it all.

“When I was younger I saw my daddy cry
And curse at the wind.
He broke his own heart and I watched
As he tried to reassemble it.

And my momma swore
That she would never let herself forget.
And that was the day that I promised
I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.

But darling,
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

Maybe I know somewhere deep in my soul
That love never lasts.
And we’ve got to find other ways to make it alone.
Or keep a straight face.

And I’ve always lived like this
Keeping a comfortable distance.
And up until now I have sworn to myself
That I’m content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.
You are the only exception.

I’ve got a tight grip on reality,
But I can’t let go of what’s in front of me here.
I know you’re leaving in the morning when you wake up.
Leave me with some kind of proof it’s not a dream.

You are the only exception. [4x]

You are the only exception. [4x]

And I’m on my way to believing.
Oh, and I’m on my way to believing.”

“It wasn’t that bad was it?” I ask.

“You’re right, it was kinda fun.” She sheepishly says.

“This is going straight to Twitter.” Todd grins.

“I’ll admit, it does have overplayed syndrome.” I agree.

“Just please don’t make me sing Wonderwall.” Avery cringes.

“I can agree with that.” I chuckle.

“So where are the boys?” Todd asks.

“I think they’re in their dressing room, I’m not sure.” Julian answers.

“Can we go see them?” I beg.

“Aw, is little (Y/N) getting boyfriend withdrawals?” Julian teases.

“Yeah, now I’m going, you joining?” I ask.

“Sure.” They all nod and we head out the tour bus, Todd bringing the guitar, toying with the strings.

As we walk through the venue, I begin to sing a song we’re currently working on, and it sounds really cool because the halls are so empty, my voice echos around.

“I really like that song, sure it needs tweaking at some parts, but I can’t wait for it to be released.” Julian pauses his conversation with Avery.

“Yeah, I think we should add a high note somewhere.” Todd adds.

“(Y/N) does the high note, whilst we sing over it, and when we perform it, all these lights and explosions go off.” Julian starts getting excited.

“That or there’s a huge build up and then the high note, and we kinda have tiny pause between each drum beat.” Todd suggests.

“I’ll write it down.” Avery tells us and pulls her phone out.

The sound of All Time Low meets our ears, and I can hear Ashton’s voice – looks like we’re close to the dressing room.

Todd knocks on the open door and all 4 boys turn to us, and smiles break out.

“Hey.” Avery waves walking in and goes straight to the sofa with Michael, the others following her.

I walk towards Luke, and he places his hand on my right ribcage, before pressing a short greeting kiss to my lips. “Hey.” He smiles.

“Hi.” I chuckle and walk over to the others.

“Hello.” Calum grins and pats the spot next to him.

“How are you?” I ask

“Tired, but besides that, I’m fine, you?” Calum answers.

“Yeah, a little jetlagged and all that jazz, but I’m good.” I nod and Luke comes over to us and sits next to me, placing his hand on my thigh.

“What have you been doing?” Calum questions.

“We’ve been writing, well, trying to, but we just kept messing around, but we did make some progress.” I explain. “You?”

“We’re doing this live stream thingy, there’s cameras on the walls and stuff. It’s actually live right now, so be careful what you do or say.” He chuckles.

“Oh cool, how long has this been go in on for?” I ask, learning against Luke’s shoulder as he talks to Julian.

“An hour and a bit so far, I think it goes on until we go on stage.” Calum replies.

“You excited for the show?”

“Always am, when’s your next show? Surely your little break should be over soon.”

“The break lasted 3 days, I wouldn’t call it a break.” I comment. “I think it’s in a couple days, we’re not sure.”

“You did a cover of The Only Exception?” Ashton questions and gestures to his phone.

“Well the evidence is on your phone.” I point out.

“Is it any good?” Michael asks.

“I wouldn’t say that.” I laugh.

“Yeah I would say it’s fucking amazing!” Avery exclaims.

“I wouldn’t say that either, we were just having fun.” I shrug.

“I’m gonna go check out the stage, you wanna come?” Luke asks me.

“Ohhhh, you’re gonna check out the stage.” Michael wiggles his eyebrows with a teasing smile.

“Yes, I’m going to look at the stage, with my girlfriend, you can come if you want.” Luke states, and begins to get up, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Nah, I’m not that into that, but (Y/N) though.” Michael winks at me, making me laugh.

“Fuck completely off.” Luke laughs and holds his hand out for me to take, and I grab onto and he helps me up. “Now, we’ll be at the stage if you need us.”

“Wow that’s brave, getting it on whilst there are people around.” Todd smirks.

“Really Todd? I taught you better than this.” I shake my head.

“I’m older than you!” He claims.

“By 4 months.” I deadpan.

“Come on, babe.” Luke lightly tugs on my hand and we leave the room.

“How many people are gonna be here tonight?” I question and slightly swing our hands.

“I’m not entirely sure, but I know it’s gonna be a load of people, and I’m kinda nervous to be honest.” He confesses.

“Really?” I furrow my eyebrows.

“Yeah, what if I sing the wrong part? Forget the words? Mess the guitaring up? Fall?” He questions.

“Babe, what if you do mess up?” I ask. “You’ve got your bandmates that will take over for you and it will be like it never happened! You’ve got millions of people that support you in everything and you’re surrounded by people that love you. If you mess up nothing’s going to change, it’s going to be the best night of some people’s life’s tonight, if you mess up, it makes their concert unique. You’ll be fine.” I tell him.

“That well enough said, but it still doesn’t change anything, I’m still going to be nervous and stress about it.” Luke shakes his head as we get out into the open, surrounded by all the chairs people are gonna sit at later on.

“You’ve got to learn that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve achieved so much, messing something up is expected really, Luke.” I reply. “Would it help if I was on stage too?” I joke.

“It would actually.” He seriously says as we walk onto the stage.

“Seriously?” I question.

“Yeah, I know how much you miss being on stage, even though it’s only been a few days, and it will help my nerves.” He nods.

“I don’t know, Luke.” I sheepishly say and Luke lets go of my hand before wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Come on, we’ll pick out a song, and then you will be the suprise guest.”

“Just me or the whole band?” I question.

“We’ll figure it out later.” He shrugs.

“I’ll think about it.” I tell him and sit at the piano. “When’s soundcheck?”

“Sometime in the afternoon, a while yet, they only just set up the stage.”

“Oh.” I nod looking down at the keys.

“You going to sing me a song?” Luke asks like a little school girl.

“Sure.” I smirk and place my fingers on the right chords. “I don’t love you, like I did yesterday. Joking I love you really.” I laugh.

“I was about to say!” He laughs.

“This is more the song for you.” I smile.

“Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know:
That everything you do,
Is super fucking cute
And I can’t stand it

I’ve been searching for
A girl that’s just like you
Cause I know
That your heart is true

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know:
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can’t stand it

Let’s sell all our shit,
And run away
To sail the ocean blue
Then you’ll know,
That my heart is true

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know:
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can’t stand it

You, you got me where you want me
Cause I’ll do anything to please you
Just to make it through:
Another year

You, I saw you across the room
And I knew that this is gonna
Blossom into something beautiful.
You’re beautiful.

Baby, I love you
I never want to let you go
The more I think about,
The more I want to let you know:
That everything you do,
Is super duper cute
And I can’t stand it
No I can’t stand it
No I can’t stand it.”

“Aw, babe.” He bites his lip bashfully.

“You’re just too damn cute, I can’t stand it.” I shake my head and stand up, taking the few steps towards him, and loosely wrap my arms around his neck.

“Well, I have to say, you’re pretty cute too.” He smiles and holds my waist.

“Thank you.” I say and Luke connects our lips, I can feel how he is smiling through the kiss. His hands travel up my body and go to my cheeks/jaw as he slides his tongue into my mouth, making the kiss more intense.

We get interrupted by Luke’s phone going off, making us both jump and we jump away from each other. Luke pulls his phone out of his pocket, with his eyebrows furrowed.

“It’s from Ash, saying check Twitter.” He reads to me.

“Uh, what?” I question.

He just shrugs and presses a few things on his phone. “Oh shit.” He sheepishly speaks.

“What?” I ask confused.

“Here.” Luke passes me his phone.

There’s loads of gifs of us kissing when I walked into the room, and tweets about us, our ship name is even trending.

“Oh yeah, shit.”

“I’m sorry, I forgot that we were live and stuff.” Luke apologizes.

“It’s not your fault.” I tell him.

“Who’s is it then?” He asks.

“It’s totally yours, but I wanted to make you feel better.” I confess with a laugh, him joining in with me. “It’s both of our faults, but it had to happen at some point, we’ve been going out for over a year now.”

“That’s true, what do we say about it? ‘Hey, this is my girlfriend, I love her, bye’?” He questions.

“How about I do join you on stage for one song, and we kinda confirm it all and stuff?” I suggest.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea.” He nods his head with a smile. “Any song ideas?”

“Uh, no, you?” I shake my head.

“Not yet, we’ve got a while.” He shrugs.

“Did the live stream have sound?” I question.-

“I think so, I’m not sure.”

“They probably heard our weird conversation about sex.” I groan.

“How did everyone forget about the whole stream?” Luke asks.

“Blinded by my beauty.” I jokingly flip my hair over my shoulder .

“I can agree with that.” He chuckles and pecks my lips. “Why don’t we sing the song we had our first kiss to?”

“It was actually our second kiss.” I point out.

“Our first kiss was pretty hot.” He comments.

“Shut up. So we’re gonna do Sycamore Tree?” I ask for confirmation.

“I think so, unless you don’t want to be the cheesy couple.”

“We’re always cheesy, it wouldn’t be us if we weren’t.” I joke.

“That’s true.” He nods.

“Is it just going to be us or your band and me, even both of our bands?” I question.

“Why don’t we try them all and see what we like best.” Luke suggests.

“Okay, you wanna invite the others here now, so we can rehearse it now?” I ask.

“Yeah.” He pulls his phone out and types on his phone, as he does that I go towards the guitars.

Picking up Luke’s black and white one, I plug it in and sit at the end of the stage, playing with it.

“You do know that’s tuned differently.” Luke comes and sits next to me after a while.

“You do know I’m in a band myself.” I mock and stand up putting his guitar back, instead picking up the one in standard tuning. “Happy?”

“You know I don’t like people touching my guitars.” He groans.

“Welcome to my world, I have a whole band who use my guitar all the time, but they still use it.” I deadpan and do the intro to the guitar battle of Castaway.

“That’s my song.” He points out the obvious.

“Well done.” I send him a sarcastic smile.

Luke gets up and grabs Michael’s guitar, before joining me again and he does his part of the intro.

“Aw, look at the happy couple doing guitar battles, how cute.” The voice of Ashton coos once we’re done.

“Does this mean I’m joining your band now and you take my place?” Michael asks me as I stand up, putting the guitar back to its original place, Luke following my actions.

“If you want.” I shrug.

“Finally I can sing Wolf live!” He exclaims.

“What?” Avery questions.

“You’ve never sung it live and it’s such a good song.” He tells us.

“It’s never felt right to perform.” I reply.

“Are we going to talk about the little doozy you and Luke made or what?” Julian asks and I punch his arm.

“Yeah, about that.” Luke mutters.

“Luke and I decided to confirm it my doing a duet tonight.” I explain.

“I don’t think they need any confirmation, they’ve got all the information already.” Calum jokes and him and Todd high five.

“Funny.” I sarcastically say with a glare.

“Have you chosen a song yet?” Ashton questions.

“Yeah I think so, we’re gonna so Sycamore Tree by The Hunna.” Luke says.

“That’s a bit specific.” Todd furrows his eyebrows.

“It’s the song that was playing when we had our first kiss.” I explain.

“That was playing in the club?” Todd smirks.

“I need a new guitarist.” I whine and rest my for head on Luke’s chest.

“So who’s playing? Are we all playing? Is just you two? Your band or our band?” Calum asks.

“I don’t thinks it’s gonna be all of us because there’s no need, I think it’d be good if we one of our bands played.” I suggest and turn around so I can breath properly, Luke presses me against his body and rests his forearms on my shoulders.

“If we played we won’t have our instruments.” Avery says.

“You can just use ours.” Ashton tells her.

“No, she doesn’t like using other people’s instruments, because it would feel like cheating on her bass.” Julian explains for him.

“I get that.” Calum nods.

“So I take it it’s us playing?” Michael questions.

“I guess.” Luke shrugs.

“Is this our first time performing together?” Calum asks.

“I think it is, at least at a proper show.” I confirm. “Ew, our band has gone in such decline I’m performing with some losers. We really need to get that album out fast.” I mutter and Luke tips my head up so I’m facing him, and he squeezes my cheeks a little.

“Play nice.” He mumbles and kisses my lips lightly before walking off, leaving me to look at his back with an unimpressed face.

It’s a little while later now, the boy’s and I rehearsed the song and it sounds really good, we all love it. I’m a little nervous to perform it because a secret I’ve been keeping for over a year is finally gonna be out but it had to happen at one point. At least once it’s out we can be ourselves around each other on camera or when we are out.

My band are currently messing around on stage, the boy’s are sitting on some of the many chairs, talking about whatever, and we had some free time and we were bored so why not?

“When was the last time we played a cover?” Avery questions.

“Legit hours ago.” I shrug.

“Live.” She sighs.

“Uh, a while, back in Birmingham we did.” Todd remembers.

“We covered Smoke by Pvris right?” Julian asks.

“Yeah, right before (Y/N) was sick.” Todd says.

“Don’t remind me.” I shudder.

“Why’d you ask?” Todd Julian asks Avery.

“I just thought it’d be nice if we played a cover at our next show.” She answers.

“Yeah that could be cool.” I agree.

“What song?” Todd asks.

“I heard (Y/N) singing Don’t Let Me Down the other week and that sounded great.” Julian suggests.

“I was?” I question.

“Yeah, we were in Seattle or somewhere, I was in the dressing room whilst you were trying to get some bars so you could call Luke, and you were singing to yourself.” He tries to jog my memory.

“Oh! That one, you liked that?” I ask.

“It would’ve sounded better with music but your voice sounded amazing.” He tells me.

“Where were we?” Avery asks and gestures between Todd and herself.

“I don’t know, think you were going sight seeing.”

“So you want us to perform that?” Todd asks.

“Yeah but I think we need to come up with a new version because I’m not into the original.” I say.

“Same.” Julian agrees.

“It shouldn’t be hard.” Todd shrugs and looks down at the frets.

Julian walks over to his drums and sits down, picking up his sticks then swirls them around his fingers before hitting what feels right.

“Go faster.” Avery tells Julian.

“Oh, you like fast?” He winks at her but does what she says and I go over to todd and tell him what we should do guitar wise.

After 10 minutes we’ve got the track finished, just need to sing now.

“Does anybody know the words?” I laugh.

“No.” Avery shakes her head.

“I don’t.” Todd replies.

“Me either.” Julian chuckles.

“Well then, I guess I’ll look up the words.” I mumble and pull out my phone.

“Do you want me to do the guitar part and then you can just do the singing?” Todd suggests.

“We’ll see how that sounds and if we like it then sure.” I respond.

“Okay.” He nods.

I take the mic of the stand and listen until it’s my time to come in.


“WOO!” Someone shouts and clapping following.

I turn around and see the boys cheering and clapping at us. “You guys suck!” Michael shouts.

“Fuck you.” I flip him off.

“Okay!” He smirks.

“Dude!” Luke exclaims and hits the back of his head.

“Yes?” He asks.

“Bro code.”

“What about it?” Michael asks flatly. “She’s hot, can’t I just appreciate it?”

“No, no you cannot.” Luke shakes his head.

“Now that’s just rude.” He crosses his arms.


“You still nervous?” I question Luke as he puts his guitar strap over his head.

“More than ever.” He sighs.

“You’ll do great, plus I’ll be out there in while so don’t worry.” I smile.

“Are you nervous at all?”

“No not really, the only thing I’m nervous about is that we’re going to be official and so exposed. I love the thrill before a show, it’s one of my favourite feelings.” I explain.

“Are you going to stay here?” He asks.

“Of course.” I nod.

“'Kay, it’s just a lot of people and I’m terrified I’ll mess u-”

I cut him off with a kiss, which works efficiently because he holds my neck and kisses me back. “Babe, you’ll be fine, now go and give it your best, see you soon.”

“Thanks, love you.” He smiles and gives me one last kiss before pulling back.

“Good luck!” I wish but he probably can’t hear me because the crowd becomes alive as I say the second word.

I’ve always loved see in Luke perform and seeing the most genuine smile on his face. When I’m missing him on tour I’ll go on my laptop and search for their live performances, which always makes me feel so much better.

He once admitted he does the same but then denied it as if it’s the last thing he’ll do. I found it cute but he thought it was embarrassing.

Luke looks back at me and I smile and give him a wink, he returns my smile and goes back to singing.

I continue to watch their performance, the nervousness disappearing fast as he gets used to it and messes around with the boys.

“So uh, I thought we’d bring out a special guest tonight.” Luke announces at the second to last song and I adjust my earpiece. “Everyone welcome my girlfriend (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!”

I walk out and the crowd erupts with even louder cheers, I smile and wave at a few people as I walk up towards Luke.

Luke gives me a small hug and takes my earpiece out.

“You ready?” He asks.

“I think so.” I nod and he gives me a subtle kiss on the cheek.

“You’ll do great.” He encourages.

“Okay whilst those guys be all gross over each other, we’re actually going to start the song.” Michael teases.

“I have to watch you be all gross over Luke.” I retort.

“Touchè, Muke af.” Michael shrugs.

“Can we actually start the song?” Calum asks.

“Yeah, we all know Cashton is the best ship, no debate.” Ashton says and Michael starts the opening guitar piece.

“Sitting under a sycamore tree
You turn those beautiful eyes to me
And then whisper so delicately” I sing the first verse starting out soft.

“And you say what will become of us, my dear
And I’ll smile at you and clutch your hand real tight
Coz your changing my life” I sing the second verse, smiling at Luke when I sing the second line.

“I say our future is ours to pain
And I don’t have much but I’ve got a lot to gain
And I wanna share it all with you
And I feel your heart go oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo” Luke sings, an adorable grin settled on his face

And darling, you know we’ve got youth on our side
Lets have no worries or troubles in our minds, tonight
Lets take these moments day by day
And whats in store for us, who can say…“ we sing together and I do the high note at then end.

“And I feel your heart go oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo” Luke sings, playing his guitar slowly.

“And I swear I love you till the end of our days
And oooh I swear I love you till the end of our days” we sing together, making end contact with each other.

“And I feel your heart go oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
It goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo
If goes oo oo oo oo oo” I sing the last verse and Luke joins in on the last two lines.

“Wow, what a great crowd.” I say as I look at all the phones with the light on in the crowd.

“I didn’t think it was going to be that romantic, I thought it would be a casual cover, but wow that was something.” Calum chuckles.

“It’s always something with these two.” Ashton jokes.

“First he’s holding hands with her going out of a club surrounded my paps and now he’s kissing her infront of thousands of people.” Michael mocks.

“Hey, why are you making it seem like it was all me? I needed to be holding hands with someone, I needed to kiss someone, it wasn’t just the air.” Luke exclaims.

“Yeah, fuck you (Y/N).” Calum laughs.

“I will walk off this stage.” I threat.

“Go on, you need to check on Twitter, make sure it hasn’t died.” Ashton comments.

The crowd starts chanting something that I can’t understand as I walk towards Luke.

“What?” I bend my ear, taking my other ear piece out.

“Does anybody know what they’re saying?” Michael asks us.

“Wait, you’re chanting kiss? You want us to kiss?” Luke questions and the crowd cheers loudly.

“No I think they want (Y/N) and I to kiss.” Michael says and stare at him in a ‘are you fucking serious’ way.

“I don’t think you do, it gets pretty intense.” Luke jokes making me hit his arm.

Despite our denials, they still chant ‘kiss’.

“I don’t think they’re gonna stop.” Ashton laughs.

“Give ‘em what they want!” Calum speaks.

“No.” I laugh.

Luke just shakes his head with a grin, and walks over to me.

“Hemmings! Back the fuck up.” I warn and begin to take some steps back.

“I’m not doing anything?” He shrugs but continues to walk towards me.

“I’m not gonna kiss you infront of thousands of people.” I tell him.

“I wasn’t coming here for a kiss.” He replies.

All of a sudden Luke leaps at me and wraps his arms around my waist, despite me trying to get away.

“I love you.” He says into my ear.

“One kiss.” I sigh.

“I wasn’t actually gonna get you to do it, but as you insist.” He smirks and turns me around so I’m facing him.

He presses his index finger under my chin and I place my hand on his shoulder, then we press our lips together, going for just a little more than a peck, smiling into it.

“You happy?” I ask.

“Oh my God, you’re so cute.” Michael laughs.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this happy, I’m with some of the people I love the most while doing the thing I love most. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Go finish the show and meet me in the dressing room.” I urge.

“Cuddles after?” Luke asks.

“Of course.”

May I? | Part 1 /2

Being the only Princess of your Kingdom, turning of age meant an extravagant birthday ball to celebrate. But upon being asked to dance with the Handsome man that had intrigued you since the first time your eyes met years ago, You discover something that will bound you to him till the end of time…

Part 1 | Part 2

Vampire!Yixing  x  Royal!Reader

Theme: Vampire!au, Past-Future!Au

Genre: Fluff, Angst | Warning/s: none |

Words: 4000 | Music: For Life- EXO  | Inspiration: t h i s 

Dashing through the extravagantly decorated halls, your long gown bunched within your hands, you rushed to reach the white staircase that led down to the main hallway. Your insides danced with anticipation, as you looked forward to admiring all the pretty dresses and suits the guests were wearing, as they arrived. As well as hoping to catch a glimpse of the handsome man that had become engraved within your heart. Passing various, doors and large windows overlooking the green gardens, you internally admired how beautiful the stars and the moon looked within the vast night sky. As you ran from your room in the east wing, to the centre of the palace you noticed how the light began to grow brighter as you approached your destination.

You were highly tempted to stop for a moment to kick off the sparkling heels that had been digging painfully into your ankles, since your maid had strongly suggested for you to wear them that afternoon. Because it was in fact, “the ball to celebrate this kingdom’s one and only princess’ birthday” your maid’s calming voice spoke before she added “and you can’t go to your own birthday without at least some foot coverings on”.  You almost giggled at the memory but you were restricted by the lack of oxygen within your lungs. The sound of chatter from the guests was already streaming up to the second floor of the palace. Your heart dropped for a moment out of disappointment of being too late but then as soon as your eyes spotted the familiar marble railings of the double staircases, you began to slow back down to a more graceful pace (like you had been taught in all those princess lessons). A goofy smile playing at your lips as you straightened out your long gown, and the shimmering tiara that rested on your head.

You pressed your back to the white wall that occupied the space next to the staircase. You took a deep breath in, to compose yourself after your excited sprint to the main marble staircase.

Sure no one would notice, you popped your head out from behind the wall. Blinking to adjust to the sudden light. The main hallway was large, high ceilings that were intricately painted with flowers and trees of all sorts, tables with candles and vases filled with roses, and paintings that decorated the white walls, that majestically shined and lit up the room as if the moon were shining straight into it.

A sweet smile graced you face, as you watched people from all around the country as well as many foreign lands, stream through the main hall and into the ballroom to commemorate you turning a year older.

Suddenly your breath hitched within your throat as a tall man in a crisp uniform strode in, observing his surroundings with a straight face. It was him. You recall seeing him from other events held by nobles of this region. Even though you had noticed he had remained away from the spotlight, staying instead with his male friends who were almost as dashing as he was. Making him even more of a mystery to you.

It was as if no one noticed him and how unbelievably handsome he was, more handsome than any man you had seen that evening or anywhere for that matter, enough that you had never heard his name being uttered by other gossiping women of the noble class.

Unknowingly your heart thumped within your chest as you watched him walk slowly behind other guests. A warm smile graced your face seeing how well the uniform suited him, although you noted that he looked dashing in anything he wore.   That was until his intense gaze noticed you spying on him. The man completely stopped in his tracks slipping one hand into his pant pockets in the most attractive way. Your heart instantly skipped a beat, causing something deep down within you to flutter awake.  Your mouth fell agape out of the realisation that your eyes finally met his.

All you could hear was your heart pounding within your ears. For a moment, you stared at him out of complete shock, and him at you out of curiosity. His beautifully coloured eyes twinkled under chandelier lights, as they danced over your form.  

 Shaking his head at your antics, you watched as he giggled down to the floor, welcoming an adorable dimple to his right cheek. Instantly blood rushed to your cheeks as you whipped around and sunk down the wall, covering your face with your hands and hiding your embarrassment within your shimmering baby pink gown.  

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ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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Mafia AU Character Sheet

What’s up guys, so this is what I’ve been working on since yesterday. This is a character sheet of what each Got7 member will be like in my Mafia AU choose your own adventure type of story. I still don’t know what I’ll title this story so if you have any suggestions just send me a message since I already have some ideas of what I want the first chapter to be so I’ll start writing that. The character sheet might change depending on how the story goes but this is what I want them to be like for now. I hope you like it! 

Exclaimers: This story will contain violence, blood, profanity, severed limbs, maybe sex, and a lot of other things that may trigger some people. If you know that these normally have a negative effect on you, please don’t read this story. I want you to feel happy and comfortable.

A young Mafia legend fleeing from her past life style, ends up in the same place.

  • Main Character(Y/N): Daughter of a Mafia boss in America.
  1. Mafia name: Lumberjane
  2. Backstory: At a young age she is taught how to fight and use various weapons ranging from guns, knives, and axes. In high school she begins noticing the effect her family’s actions were really having on her hometown, and decides that when she’s older she will distance herself from them. She then studies in an art college in another state away from her family finding true freedom and realizing that she can be a normal girl. After graduating college, she moves to South Korea to try to start a new life from scratch in a new location without anyone who knows her. But she forgot she had been there as a child when her family made an international association with the GOT family.
  3. Weapons of choice: Shotgun, Ax, Hand Gun
  4. Perspective on love: “Would anyone love me… if they knew who I really am?”

  • Jaebum: Leader/Blackmailer
  1. Mafia Name: Father
  2. Backstory: His father died five years ago and since then he has been the new father of the GOT family. He trusts very few in his family mostly just the six orphans he befriended as a child and welcomed into his family as brothers. He protects them and treats them as if they are his own children. He’s in charge of all of his family’s illegal acts but is smart enough to keep everything under the government’s radar. When another mafia gang tries to interfere with them he puts his best skill at work, taking pictures and videos of his enemies in very compromising situations.  He then uses these to blackmail them into submission.
  3. Weapons of choice: Camera, Shotgun, Handgun
  4. Perspective on love: “Every woman who has approached me only wants my power; they’ve never loved me they’ve only feared me.”

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Jake Virtanen #5

Requested by Anon:  Love your stories!! Can you please do a Jake V one where you visit your friend in Abby who happens to work at the same rink as Jakes brother. And you kick it off with Jake on the ice. Thanks b!

*Hiii!! Thank you so so much! This isn’t exactly like your request but I hope you like this just the same. Enjoy!:)*

Word count: 946

Originally posted by jakieboo

The gold streaks on his hair shone like a halo on top of his holy head. Except this is Jake Virtanen and you know he’s not as holy as he seems. Except maybe he’s changed seeing that you haven’t seen him post-NHL draft.

You’ve always spent a couple of days during the summer with family in Abbotsford up until a few years ago, when college took over your life and you forgot that you had people in Abby that you care about. Jake, once upon a time was one of those people but that’s a time forgotten. Now, he’s just this NHL player who you used to watch twirling on ice with his brother when they’re both in town during the off-season.

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Five Times Zethrid Flirted With a Cat (and one time it flirted back)

Rating: T (language and brief but graphic depictions of violence)
Words: 5392
Summary: Zethrid has a problem, and that problem is a cat.

(Or, Zethrid might be crushing on Narti. She might be too much of a coward to talk to Narti. Not that she’d ever admit it out loud.)

Written for @queen-gr​ as part of the @vldlunarladies​ exchange!

[Read on AO3]

1. Accidental

It was a slow day in the Galra Empire. No rebellions to put down, no threats to confront, no large game on nearby planets to hunt as a gods-damned break from the monotony.

“I hate this assignment,” Zethrid said to no one in particular. It was just her in the officer’s lounge on the space station in the middle of literal nowhere that had been her home for the last… how many decaphoebes? Hell, she’d given up counting ages ago. Not like she was going anywhere anytime soon. All the interesting posts were reserved for the pure Galra. The ones with respectable parentage. The real soldiers.

Yeah. She’d like to see one of them step into the ring with her. Then they’d see who the real Galra was.

The lounge remained disappointingly quiet, and when she drove a fist into the couch cushion in frustration, it gave a rather anticlimactic huff and then, slowly, sagged beneath her knuckles.

Groaning, Zethrid flopped backward and pulled a pillow over her face. She could only imaging the lecture Lotor would give her if he saw her moping like this—let alone Acxa . But she couldn’t help it. She was bored. There was nothing to do except go down a few decks and pick a fight with one of the enlisted men, and it had already been made clear that that was not an option befitting one of Lotor’s generals.

The door hissed as it opened, and Zethrid groaned into the pillow. “I swear to fuck if you’re here to tell me there’s some dumb-ass meeting I should be at right now–”

Something small, light, and poky landed on her gut, forcing the breath out of her in a rush.

“What the–? Kova?” Zethrid lifted the pillow from her face and glared at the cat as he began kneading at her stomach. He didn’t purr—he never did—just stared her in the eye as he jabbed his tiny, sharp-clawed paws into her again and again. She swung the pillow at him and he scuttled back, hissing at her. Zethrid hissed back.

They glared at each other for a long moment, a silent battle of wills that dragged on longer than it should have. Once Zethrid realized she was having a staring contest with a cat, she flopped back down and cursed at the ceiling.

“That’s just perfect,” she grumbled. “I’ve stooped to getting territorial with an animal. Great job there, Zethrid. Really striking fear into the men’s hearts with this one.”

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I fucked up, I know that - Part 3

omy god. first ever proper imagine i have ever posted online that is in english. man, i feel weird. i don’t know what to expect from you guys. i don’t know if you’ll like it, love it or hate it? this blog started out as a message imagine blog thing and now i’m posting a written one bc most of you asked for it like this. omg i’m so nervous lol. tell me all your thoughts about it and also if you want more of these or if is should just stick to the messages. ☺ did i already say that i’m nervous af? bc i totally am omg lmao. btw if you’re not sure how this has formed, i advise you to check out PART I and PART II then come back to this and read it all as this is PART III but i’m sure you could figure it out by its title lmao omg i’m rambling. okay i’ll stop. tell me your thoughts pls pls pls pls omg

Length: 5,299 words and 8 pages

I couldn’t believe what was going on. At one point I thought I actually did something wrong. I mean, I did kind of have a go at Harry for always being in Los Angeles and such, but I knew I had every single right in the whole entire world to do so.

I missed my boyfriend more than anything and the fact that he basically gave absolutely no shits about me or my feelings honestly broke my heart a little tiny bit. Yes, he spent my birthday with me in July and like two more days after it. But then he left. As if those few days didn’t mean anything to him at all. He came home after almost three months to celebrate with me then he left soon enough again. It was now September and I actually felt like we weren’t together anymore. I mean it wasn’t even like we were in a long distance relationship. We never called each other, we never facetimed each other. Nothing. Yes, he asked me like twice to go and visit him in America but I had a job where I had to go and work at. I couldn’t just pack up and leave. I need to tell my manager like three weeks in advance that I’d like x amount of time off from work for whatever reason. I know her well enough to be sure that she wouldn’t let me leave in a blink of an eye just because my boyfriend wants me to travel to a different continent to visit him. I couldn’t and to be fair wouldn’t ever use that excuse that my boyfriend is Harry Styles. That wouldn’t be me. I never actually told anyone who I was with unless they asked because they kind of realised me and stuff. But other than that, I never in my life have ever used Harry’s name or fame to get me somewhere in life. I didn’t even really care to be honest. I was proud of him, of course I was. He has achieved so much with the other boys so there was no reason not to be proud.

A big sigh left my mouth as I put my phone down after having that amazing conversation with Harry. I couldn’t believe that after almost a whole week we finally spoke – well, more like argued. But still. We interacted. And we might have broken up too. Also, he never denied the fact when I said that he never loved me and that it was all a lie. To be brutally honest, that did hit me hard in the heart only because he always used to tell me he loved me more than anything, any chance he got. But I guess things and people change which brings along a change in feelings too.

My phone suddenly started to ring, but I knew better than to expect it to be Harry. But when I saw the caller ID, which was set up as “Anne Twist” I didn’t quite know what to assume was going to go down.

“Y/N, hello,” she greeted me cheerfully which was a big ass relief for me. I didn’t want her to be upset with me because over the years I’ve learnt to love her so much; it was like she was my second mother. “How have you been? It feels like I haven’t seen you or my son in absolute ages!”

“Anne, hi,” I said it back just as happily as she was talking to me. She lifted my mood up instantly, which I was really pleased about. I didn’t want to tell her straight away that Harry and I might have broken up minutes ago. At least not right then and there. I had much more respect towards her than to tell her through a phone call about what happened. I knew for a fact that she’d be kind of devastated and also, I wasn’t entirely sure if we really did break up or not. “I know right, it does feel like ages since we last met up! Gem was talking about you the other day and how much charity work you’ve done these past few months!”

“Oh, yes. I need to keep myself busy these days,” she said laughing and I joined her. She was such a positive person it made me want to be like her. The relationship with my mother and I haven’t been the best recently, which is actually why I have been so fond of Anne. She treated me like her own even though I dated her son. “So, tell me. How’s your job going? Would you like to come down to Cheshire someday? Maybe you could bring my son as well! I feel like he forgot where he came from.”

“I’ve been doing good, getting lost in all my work. But I like it, so I’m not complaining,” was all I said about the work bit, because I never really liked talking about my job. Yes, I liked it but I never felt like it was something I should discuss with others. I guess it is just personal preference. “Yes, I’d absolutely love to visit you sometime! To be honest, I do miss Cheshire quite a bit I haven’t been there since last year! Oh cranky, that is bad, isn’t it?” I asked Anne laughing quietly. Seconds later she joined on and that eased my mood, once again. The last time I went to Cheshire was with Harry, so if I were to go again I think I would be taking that trip on my own. And I just knew that it’d be much more different, not only for me but for Anne as well. She kind of always wanted me to marry her son but I never really got a reason as to why.

“It does sound a bit bad, you’re right about that, dear. But you are always welcome here, you know that. Or at least I’d like to think so.”

“Of course! You made sure I know that which I’m really thankful for. Honestly, sometimes I feel like you’re my best friend and I know that sounds weird but…”

“Oh, no, Y/N!” she laughed and I smiled hearing her reaction. I didn’t plan on making myself look or sound like a freak even though I knew she would never say that to me or anyone else about me. “I in fact am really pleased to hear that you think so… highly of me, I should say. No one ever, well, apart from my children and friends said that to me. It means a lot, actually. So, thank you.”

“Anne, you’re going to make me cry,” I said chuckling as I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to get myself together properly again. “Listen, I’m free this weekend, so I might as well go down and visit you and Robin, right?”

“That is a good idea, honey. What do you mean by weekend, though?”

“From Friday to Sunday. There are some changes that my manager needs to work out so all of the staff is basically off. I wouldn’t have anything else to do anyways so that’d really be my only chance.”

“That’s fine. Yeah, erm, I’m free as always. Robin as well, even though I think he might have a shift on Friday night.”

“We can have a girls night then,” I suggested laughing. “Is Gemma coming down anytime to see you?”

“She’s a busy woman, I’m not too sure.”

“Well, I’ll ask her before I head down and text or WhatsApp you the details, yeah?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” she agreed. “Well, then I’ll let you go and do your stuff. I just called to see how you’re doing.”

“That’s really kind of you, Anne.” I said. “Have a lovely rest of your day and talk to you soon.”

“You too, my dear. Bye-bye.”


All I could hear was birds chirping when I woke up from my deep slumber. I didn’t even realise what time it was I just rolled onto my other side and let out an exhausted sigh. I had worked my ass off at work yesterday, I felt like I was treated like a dog honestly. I had to run up and down the building to get literally every single person a coffee or a sandwich just because they are working in a higher sector than me. I was hoping that my boss wouldn’t let that happen, but she was a total stress head with all the people in the room and her presentation that she’s been working on since forever. I was really flipping glad that I had a long weekend, which instantly reminded me of the fact that I’m driving down to Holmes Chapel today to meet Anne and Robin. Gemma said she’ll tag along but she’ll only get to Cheshire around seven pm. So, until then, I’m guessing I’ll be left alone with the parents. Which, by the way, I don’t have a problem with.

After getting myself together properly, I locked my apartment up, took the lift down to the underground garage and with the keys in my hand I pressed down on the circle shaped button to open my car up. I have always wanted an Audi so when I got my first ever payment now three years ago, my baby was the first thing I invested it in. It was a black A1 and it was love at first sight.

The journey from London to Holmes Chapel was around three hours since the traffic was terrible. There was an accident on the road and I was on the verge of crying when we couldn’t move more than twenty meters in half an hour. I was never a patient person and I knew that I should have worked on that but come on… effort. But then finally, when I made it to the house that I’ve learnt to like quite a lot I kind of wanted to turn back and go home in an instant. I was honestly not in the mood to talk to Harry and you may wonder why I’m saying this. Well, the reason for this is that his big ass Range Rover was parked in front of the house where he grew up and I was meant to be going and staying for the weekend. Anne didn’t mention this to me and I just knew that she was aware of the situation between me and her son. Why else would she keep Harry visiting a secret? This again, made me realise that the boy who was once my lovely boyfriend really didn’t want to do anything with me. Like, he came back from Los Angeles to visit his family which is okay. Fair enough. He misses them, I get it. But he didn’t tell me? I mean I know that we didn’t have the nicest conversation the other day but… ugh, doesn’t matter. We’ll just have another argument in a minute so I better get over it. Knowing this “new Harry” he’ll find a problem in me coming here rather than me going to America.

I knocked on the front door once I got out of my car but I didn’t bother bringing my bag with me. With Harry here the chances of me staying for the weekend is really damn low.

“Y/N! Hello,” Robin greeted me in a happy mood, his arms wrapping around me in a tight hug. He kind of reminded me of my dad which wasn’t a surprise since Anne was like a mum to me. “How was your journey here? How come it took so long? Anne said you’d be here around 1 pm.”

“Sorry, the traffic was horrid,” I said chuckling lightly as I left out the fact that I slept in until 10:30 am. “I was tempted to take the other route but I much prefer driving on the motorway.”

“Yeah, that’s understandable,” he said nodding his head in agreement. “Oh, gosh, come in, please. I don’t know why we’re standing here still.”

My teeth sunk into my lower lip when I took a deep breath and kicked my shoes off my feet. I was so close to entering the living room and I just didn’t want to. However, I knew that I didn’t have any other choice. Not only was Anne expecting to finally see me but I would’ve been really rude to just turn around and leave. Plus, just because Harry was there it didn’t mean that I had to talk to him.

But then my breath quickened and so did the beat of my heart. It was like as if it wanted to break through my chest and I felt my hands shake and sweat a bit. I haven’t seen him in absolute ages so compared to the last time, he has changed loads. Like from the outside. And most definitely from the inside too because I’ve had the chance to experience his new, I-don’t-care-what-you-think aura. So back to his physical look, I could totally understand why everyone drooled over him. I always could and did. It actually made me quite proud because hey, I could call him my own even though I wasn’t really fond of this “you’re mine and no one else’s” bullshit. As always, he was wearing black jeans which fitted his legs, especially his thighs perfectly. I had a thing for his thighs but we were together for a long enough time for me to realise that his whole entire fan base thought the same. With them black skinny jeans that he never seemed to put down he wore a blue shirt, it was most probably Saint Laurent, with Mickey and Minnie mouse on it. His hair was short which I have noticed through the pictures on twitter and when he came to visit me on my birthday. He smelled insanely good, I could actually sense his aftershave from where I was standing and it wasn’t helping my case. At all.

“Finally, Y/N,” Anne made me jump back to reality from all my thoughts of Harry. I was glad she was the one to break the silence in the room because knowing myself I would’ve said something stupid. And it probably would’ve been directed towards Harry. “I thought you won’t come at all.”

“Oh, no,” I said, smiling. “I wouldn’t just ditch on you like that. It was just a long journey because of the traffic. I just said to Rob that I was thinking about taking another route but you know how I am.”

“It’s fine, dear. I’m glad you are here,” she said then looked at Harry. He was just standing there, quietly watching me and his mother talking. It was awkward, like really awkward. I wished he wasn’t there so I wouldn’t have to keep looking away from him but I wasn’t so lucky. Of course he had to be here for whatever reason. “So, now that you and Harry are both arrived, me and Robin will just go to town and let you two have a little chat. If I’m right, and I know for a fact that I am, you lovebirds need to have a proper conversation.”

“There’s really no need, Anne,” I said right after she had finished talking. I didn’t want to be left alone with Harry. “I came to visit you and not him. Quite frankly, I didn’t even know he was going to be here and I don’t want to sound disrespectful or bitchy or anything like that, but if I knew he was gonna be here I wouldn’t have come down.”

“Now, my love, that is exactly why Robin and I will leave you two to talk things through!” she said confidently. “Please, be careful and don’t make a mess. Thank you. We will be back when we feel like you’ve had enough time just to make sure that you didn’t kill each other.”

And with that, they left. I didn’t actually realise that they were all ready to leave the house when I stepped in and greeted Rob then Anne. I mean I knew Rob had a shift tonight since Anne told me but other than that I thought it’s gonna be me, Anne and Gemma. I was kind of frustrated because I didn’t want to see Harry, I wasn’t up for another argument and I really hoped that he wasn’t either. I knew that if he’ll open his mouth to say shit I’m gonna slap him across his beautiful face, but then again, I wasn’t one to hurt him so I also knew that I would never do that. I wouldn’t want him slapping me so it was only fair if I kept my anger on the down low too.

“So, how have you been?” he asked quietly, taking a seat on one of the armchairs. I had to control myself not to react to his question in a way that would tick him off. Nowadays it was the easiest and the only way for him to react to whatever I said or did.

“Fantastic,” I said sarcastically. “I’ve been fantastic. How have you been?”

“Good, but… erm, could’ve been better.”

“How come?” I asked, arching a brow. Obviously, I knew where he was going with this but we had to keep up a conversation and I wasn’t going to ruin it.

“I just… since that last text message between us. I don’t know. I miss you,” he said, getting quieter with each word that left his mouth. I was a bit surprised, I thought he was gonna cause another fight between us. “I know I said some things which I shouldn’t have but I am well aware of the fact that I was wrong. So damn wrong, Y/N!”

“Glad you realised,” I muttered. He shot his head up, looking straight into my eyes. He looked lost but cuddly at the same time so I wanted to wrap my arms around him and just lay on the couch with him. But then I snapped out of my thoughts and went against it. I had to. We weren’t in a position where I could be day dreaming about shit like this. We had to sort it or end it first. “So then what now?”

“What do you mean what now?” he asked back, confusion spreading on his handsome face that I just wanted to kiss. It’s been way too long since I had the chance to and to think about his friends being able to do it when I wasn’t just made me feel pure shit. “I came home because I want to fix things. I realised that I’ve made a mistake and I kind of already lost you. I don’t want to lose you completely so while I have the chance to make things better, I will.”

“You came home because you wanted to or because your mum found out and she ordered you home? There is a big difference and I don’t know which the truth is. Yeah, you made a mistake and to be fair you already lost me but I’m too stupid to let you go so I guess you still have a chance to make it up to me. I don’t know if it’ll work for sure but you can do it.”

“You’re not sure it’s going to work?” he whispered back but I could still hear his voice crack for a minute. I didn’t like that sound. And not just when it happened to him, but when it happened to other people as well. It made me weak so I would give into people and also draw tears in my eyes for no reason and I just didn’t like it. “What’s that supposed to mean? You’re not going to take me back?”

“I mean I don’t have to,” I said, shrugging. “You didn’t treat me right for a while now. How am I meant to know if you will now? Are you even going to stay in England if we work things out or go back straight to America? You’ve changed so much Harry and I’m so sad when I about it.”

“I haven’t changed, I swear! I’m still the Harry you know and love and I was just influenced by the people who surrounded me. I knew it was a bad decision to be around them but they persuaded me and after I properly realised I couldn’t just back up and leave.”

“Why?” I asked back, curious to know his answer. “Did they threaten you? Did you get involved with people who use drugs and stuff? Is that why you ‘couldn’t back up and leave’?”

“Y/N, don’t take the piss. Not right now at least,” he said, a sigh leaving his lips as he leaned forward and covered his face with his hands. “I’m trying, okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” I nodded while responding normally. “Now answer my question from before. About the drugs and stuff. Unless you have something you are hiding from me.”

“No, I wasn’t threatened and no, I didn’t get involved with drugs. I would never.” He shook his head after he answered. I didn’t want to feel sorry for him but I just couldn’t help it when I heard his sad voice. He always got me and he probably knew it because he used or maybe still does know me better than some of my close friends. “I’m just so fucking sorry, okay? I love you so much and I know I messed things up lately but I didn’t want to! I was just so angry all the time because of my friends, who actually don’t deserve that title. I don’t think they ever did. I mean, they made me turn against you so now you hate me and don’t want to do anything with me.”

“I never said I don’t want anything to do with you. I don’t hate you either. Hate is a strong word and even if you did something really bad I don’t think I could ever hate you. I love you too much to even consider it.” I told him casually, shrugging my shoulders a little. He looked up at me with red eyes while he sunk his teeth into his lower lip. I wanted to hug him so bad and I just couldn’t control myself when I stood up and went over to him.

I sat on his lap, putting his arms around my waist loosely and wrapping mine around his neck so that his face was against my chest while leaning my head on top of his. I closed my eyes as I hugged him tightly, feeling myself warming up from the inside just by being close to him. I have missed him too much and to finally have him here no matter the circumstances I was actually quite happy. Harry tightening his hands around me shook me out of my thoughts and hearing him quietly mutter “I love you so much” a few times made me forget about all of the crap that has went down between us in a snap of a finger. And it was bad, I knew it. I shouldn’t have allowed him to think it was all okay however I had to be close to him for a bit. If I were to not take him back I need to make sure that I’ll remember what it was like to be with him.

A long few minutes passed by and we were just sitting in silence, holding each other tightly. I wouldn’t have had it any other way to be fair. I mean every other girl or woman would have whipped his boyfriend’s ass if they were to be in our position but I wasn’t every other girl or woman. I was different. And maybe stupid.  But I already knew that so it was nothing new.

“I fucked up I know that.” He started off, slowly pulling away from me. He took one of his hands to wipe his cheeks that were stained with tears and that broke my heart. Every time he cried I died a little. “I also know that I didn’t treat you right, oh gosh, I treated you really-really bad and I’m so sorry, baby. I’m possibly the most awful man in the whole entire universe for behaving the way I did especially when it came to you. I should never ever take you for granted but I did and we basically broke up through a text message which was worse than doing it in real life. I’m so horrible I don’t even know how you can stand being in the same room as me.”

“I know for a fact that you’d be on your knees, begging me not to leave the room, so I don’t even want to try.” I laughed lightly which caused him to crack a tiny smile then roll his eyes. “I’m glad you know you fucked up and I hope you also plan on actually making it up to me somehow. Like I don’t know. Staying home for more than two nights? Yeah, that would be an amazing start, don’t you think?”

“Yes, Y/N, that’s what’s going to happen!” he agreed, his voice confident. That made me smile then I remembered that I need to act like a strong, independent woman. I mean that’s what girls say, right? “I have also been thinking about treating you to something for a while now. I never knew how I could just bring it up, then we fought so there was really no place or time for it.”

“Well, then you can re-plan it or something and then surprise me again.” I said. “But make sure it’s a weekend because you know how my manager is.”

“Why do you call her your manager and then your boss? Isn’t that supposed to be two different people? Like your boss would also be your manager’s boss, right?”

“Don’t know and don’t care to be perfectly honest. She pays me anyways and I don’t think she’s bothered what I call her as long as I work properly for her.”

“Oh, okay.” He smiled then it disappeared from his face and I just knew what’s going to happen. “So, am I okay then? Are we okay?”

“I mean I love you, you love me which means we love each other,” I said, over complicating the whole thing but I couldn’t help it. Also, there was nothing else that came to mind that I had to discuss with him even though I was sure there were loads of things that we haven’t even talked through. “I’m quite okay with you trying to get me back and stuff so it’s up to you now really.”

“I have to win you back?” he asked as a big grin spread across his face. I rolled my eyes so hard I could see my brain. Well, okay, maybe I couldn’t but it made me feel like I was funny even if I was only thinking about it. Man, if only Harry knew who he was putting up with, pft. But then again, he was worse. “Okay, I will win you back.”

“I can’t wait to see that.”

“So, Miss Y/L/N, would you like to have lunch with me?” he asked smiling. “I know just the place we could go to, they have your favourite.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked back, pretending to be shocked as I still sat on his lap. One of his arms was still around my waist while the other one holding my hand, our fingers intertwined. I loved it when he intertwined our fingers, they just seemed to fit perfectly and I don’t know. I also had a thing for his hands so I’m guessing this was the reason I really liked it. “So, then what’s my favourite?”

“Anything that’s edible,” he winked at me cheekily and I just laughed. It was true, I was exactly like his band mate, Niall, the only difference is that the boy was half of me. I didn’t have a fast metabolism, I wish I did and I never really worked out so I didn’t have a flat stomach or thigh gap but I was okay with it. “But you absolutely love brownie with vanilla ice cream as well as cookie dough with vanilla ice cream especially the ones from Pizza Hut.”

“True,” I nodded in agreement. I was a sucker for sweet things and he knew it like he did with everything else. He could easily pass as my best friend if I were to challenge him. “But what about like proper food?”

“Even though you’re not American you love Mac and Cheese and I’ll never understand why but you just do. You also love chicken soup, you could eat it anytime doesn’t matter if it’s three am or one pm.”

“Aw, you’re cute. I love you,” I kissed his temple as I smiled.

“I love you much more.”

“Not possible, but okay. So, um, can we go and eat now? I’m quite hungry.”

“You slept in, didn’t you?” he smirked as the question left his kissable lips and I just had to attack them. The kiss was soft and sweet and just perfect and I didn’t want to pull away but we both ran out of breath so we kind of had to. “You slept in so you were late.”

“No, there was an accident on the motorway, that’s why I was late.”

“That and you slept in.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Oh, yes you did, cheeky girl.”

“Piss off, Harry,” I rolled my eyes as I got off his lap. I felt his hand wrap around my wrist so I turned back to face him just to see him smile in victory. Did I already say that he knows me too well? “Okay, yeah, I slept in. Happy now?”

“More than happy, my love,” he winked at me. “I love you and I’m so sorry, okay? I swear I won’t do it again.”

“Well, actions speak louder than words, right?” I sang back to him.

“And you’re about to break from all you’ve heard.”

“But don’t be scared, I ain’t going nowhere.”

“Okay, that was enough of me and my band for today,” he laughed. “I’m supposed to be on a break where I don’t sing, okay?”

“Oh my god, why are you lying, eh? You’ve been working on a solo album or more for that matter so you sure been singing during this hiatus as you and your friends call it.”

“Shut up, woman. You know too much,” he said jokinagly. “Come give me a kiss then we can go get food, yeah?”

“You don’t deserve none of my kisses, so just get up and let’s get food.”

“Why are you being so rude?”

“Because I can and after our fight you deserve it, so shut up and buy me food,” I winked at him. He just pouted as he stood up and intertwined his fingers in front of himself. I rolled my eyes as I stepped in front of him and I put my hands on his cheeks. His head snapped up and I just pressed my lips against his, a sigh leaving both of our mouths. I might have missed his kisses too much.

“You’re amazing.” He said smiling as we pulled away from each other.

“I know right?” I smirked then took a step back and started to walk towards the hall to get my shoes. He followed me soon enough, slapping my bum gently. “Oi, behave.”

Oi, behave.” He mocked me.

“Shut up and as I said before get me food already. I’m getting moody because I haven’t had anything to eat.”


“Oh geez.”