i forgot i made it ahaha


lol i tried to animate… anyway trapper is really cool and i needed to draw him looking really cool, here ya go

cherry kisses & sequined dresses

day 15 of @snowbaz-feda!!

length: 1.1k

genre(s): fluff

triggers/warnings: none

trixie and keris get ready for the leavers ball

a/n: katie wrote femslash?? whaaaat??? also massive thank you to @snowbazilu for the last minute beta :D (i also forgot that @pennybunceforyourthoughts prompted some femslash aaaages ago so this counts i hope ahaha)


Keris looks gorgeous, like a freaking mermaid! I’m so proud of how our dresses turned out. I told her everything would go perfectly, and of course I was right. She’d made a face at the shop when I’d held up the sequined fabric, but come on, even she has to admit we look amazing. Her skirt is flowing just like I envisioned it would, and I’m so in love with my own dress I don’t think I ever want to take it off.

I can feel Keris watching me as a I struggle with the strap on my shoe. She’s waiting for me to ask her for help, but I’m not going to. I can do it on my own, I can–oh, fuck it. “Can you give me a hand?”

She pretends like she hasn’t heard me, staring down at her nails (I finally convinced her to try acrylics and they look amazing).

Keris,” I groan, “I need help with my shoe.” The corner of her mouth twitches, a sign she’s about to stop fucking with me and actually help, but I get desperate. “You can wear my new earrings if you get off your perfect arse and–” I stop talking when she stands, smirking as she walks over and drops down to her knees, her mischievous eyes letting me know she’s perfectly aware of what she’s doing.  

When she finally leans down to tackle the buckle, a lock of her wavy brown hair falls forward. I reach out and brush it back from her face, and catch her chin with my fingers.

“Trixie, your shoe…” As if she actually cares about that now.

“Fuck my shoe,” I say, “kiss me.” Keris rolls her eyes, but lets me guide her head up and press my lips to hers. She kisses me back and I can taste her cherry lip gloss, the one that always reminds me of our first kiss (I think she wears it on purpose). I slip my tongue in her mouth and try to deepen the kiss, but she grabs my by the shoulders and moves away.

“Trixie-,” she admonishes, “we have to get ready! You’re the one who wanted to go to this thing, remember?”

“Don’t act like you don’t want to go.”

“I don’t.” She stands and holds out her hand. I take it, allowing her to pull me up.

I make like I’m about to kiss her, leaning in close and sing-song, “yes you doooo.”

She pokes me in the side. Hard. “What the hell, Keris?” I whine, and she just shrugs and bats her eyes innocently. I want to smack her. And kiss her again. Maybe more of the kissing and less of the smacking, actually. Or maybe just…

She yelps when I poke her back, and narrows her eyes. “Are we doing this?”

I nod, and she smiles evilly as we start to circle each other. She feints to the right, and I brace myself for an assault, completely unprepared when she pounces on me from the other side and tackles me onto the bed.


Trixie’s struggling underneath me as I move up her body until I’m straddling her hips.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” I ask, my voice dripping with mock innocence, and she sticks her tongue out childishly. I make myself comfortable on top of her, and she tries to buck me off. I lean down to tickle her and she manages to unseat me. I fall on the floor and Trixie’s up in a flash.

“Oh, shit, Keris! Are you alright?”

I’m laughing to hard to answer at first, and once she seems satisfied that I’m okay, Trixie joins in.

“We’re going to ruin our dresses,” she giggles.

I look down at my own. Two days ago I might have wanted to burn the thing, but it’s grown on me. When Trixie had suggested we make our own dresses, I’d been more than a little skeptical. Some of her ideas are a little…out there. “Let’s not do that,” I say.

This time it’s her turn to help me up, and I let her, squeezing her hand along the way. When she pulls me close to her, I notice her eyeliner is a bit crooked.

“I think you need to fix your wings, love,” I say, and for some fucking reason she looks behind her, as if she’s got actual bloody wings back there. (When we met in first year I was convinced she had them and just spelled them invisible.) (How ridiculous is that?)

I can tell by her face when she realizes what I mean, and she starts to rustle through my make-up bag. I sit back down on her bed and reach for my mobile, scrolling through my new messages when I remember what I was going to say earlier.

“Dev told me Basil and Simon are together now,” I say, and wince when I hear what sounds like Trixie dropping my compact.

“They’re what?”

“Together, dating, in love, whatever.” I can’t say I’m surprised, they’ve always been obsessed with each other. I guess I’m just better at spotting that stuff than other people. Like Trixie.

“You’re joking,” She says incredulously, and I smirk.

“Completely serious. I swear on Mr. Pickles.” (My cat.) (This is how she knows I’m serious.)

“Tell me everything!” She squeals.

“I just did,” I say.

“We can find out more tonight at the dance, then!” She says excitedly.

I roll my eyes. Only Trixie would get that invested in someone else’s love life. (Except I’ll admit I’m a little curious myself.)

Apparently deciding to abandon my compact, Trixie skips over to the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door.

I slink up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist and resting my chin on her shoulder–something I can only do when wearing heels. “I’ll tell you what our future will be like, Trixie the Pixie.”–she snorts at that–”You’re going to cut the hair of the rich and famous, and I’m going to mold young minds and we’re going to be so fucking happy everyone will be jealous of us always.”


Always.” I say firmly. This seems to placate her, and I can feel her shoulders relax under my chin.

I press a quick kiss to her neck before stepping back to zip her dress. It’s backless, and she’s not wearing a bra. The urge to slip my hands through the sides and make her forget about this bloody ball is strong, but I resist. Somehow. Trixie really does have excellent tits.


“Right, sorry, just spaced out.”

She considers our reflections in the mirror and nods approvingly. “I ship us.”

I laugh. “I bloody well hope so, considering all the dating we’ve been doing.”

She laughs along with me, and then asks, “Are you ready?”

I search around for my clutch, and then grab it and nod. I catch Trixie winking at her reflection before she grabs my hand and drags me out the door for the last time.

i also had a great morning bc when i woke up i forgot that last night i was so tired and goofy that when a villager asked me to give them a new greeting i made their greeting:

“oh yeah mr krabs”

and i was just snickering like oh boi im so sneaky ahaha

and then this morning when i talked to Tucker the first thing he said was oh yeah mr krabs and i just busted up laughing

No Stream tomorrow!!

Sorry!!! I totally forgot that I took, like, 2 weeks off of work ahaha … And I’m going next week to poland .. again xx… So yea … Dunno about next week so I’ll be sure to post if it will be or not :,D I’m sooo sorry… Aaah … Take those 2 doodles I made while beeing in the train ><!!!

anonymous asked:

Heyo could you maybe do some spamano stuff (smol interactions, how they met and fell in love) plus a drawing of the pair doing cute shit????

this picture legit made me scream. i had some major laptop struggles so like :)

also i hate hands and romanos hair. more to come, my dudes!


I wrote this when Phil made his ‘My Secret Files’ video and totally forgot about it until I was moving stuff over from my old hard drive and figured posting it is better than just having it exist but not be anywhere so I hope you enjoy lmao

Summary: Phil is sorting out his old computer and he finds an accidental sex tape of his and Dan’s. 

Warnings: idk slight sexy times(ahaha I cant write smut lol) sad break up times and a little bit fluffy

Word count: 3489 

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Anonymous said: oooooo beat up GTA V Ryan is one of my fav things. Can you draw him stumbling towards the rest of the gang holding his stomach to stop the blood from a bullet wound and just being like ‘job’s done’ before collapsing?


this took me way too long and haha i forgot the story i had behind it 

i made this for a farewell video you can watch over here. definitely check it out and look at everyone else’s AMAZING art!

life is long and full of adventures–even though i’m not currently pursuing animation on a professional level, i think i’d really enjoy exploring that path at some point in my life! thanks for everything, wander

also my animating program dates back to the early crusades so yes every frame here is hand drawn :)


Last night master was in charge. Before he got home from work i made the box of toys all nice and neat, dressed in a sexy leather top i forgot i had, and some cute undies. i thought i had all the toys but remembered the blind fold under the bed. heard him come in the door and thought id hide. realizing after a few minuets he wasn’t coming to find me, i went out to him. 

quick smoke and i was on my knees, he didn’t like me staring at him , so i would look else where but try keep a look out from the corner of my eye ahaha

I received pinch nipples for not holding my hands on my head. after that he decided to tie me in a chest harness, and tie my arms behind my back. He proceeded to tickle me, before putting on the blind fold and gagging me for a short time, while he gave me a few good edges.

I had to then go find my bit gag, since it hasn’t been used in a while, but cheeky as i am i pushed it out of my mouth. mainly cos master couldn’t understand my muffles.lots of edging were hand while on my knees, only taking a few seconds to beg if i could cum. sadly denied each time.

Still stuck, and on my knees he made me suck his cock, all the while i was trying to get my wrists free. trying to do this while bent over is difficult by hey i became mrs Houdini and my wrists were free Yippee. 

Still being the good slave i continued to suck master. 

He let me sit up on his lap for a while, edging me a whole heap more, begging every time. Ropes still sort of attached, I was then laying on my back, knees bent while master fucked me hard, and again it didn’t take long before i was asking to cum, pulling faces, holding my breath while trying not too cum. or id be in a whole heap of trouble. 

we finished up on the floor, with me on top for a while, then me on my back, and my body finally kicked in and let master have his orgasm, while i still await my time to cum.

As i write this story, master is at work and i was told to edge my self for half an hour while i doing this 


summary: Dan moves in to Manchester to study Law at University. Phil is his neighbor who happens to own a flower shop and he likes to flirt with him via flowers. The only frustrating thing is that Dan has to google the meaning of each flower and the boy can’t take a hint.

warnings: ?? none

words:  2k

a/n: i’ll be real this is 1990 words. A short thing, wow. Anyway, this is just a silly, easy read. I think I’m still high off April Fools so this is less serious than other stuff. It’s really just fluff,pure fluff ahaha. haven’t written anything in ages. I forgot how to write. oh, i’m rambling again. thank you for reading. have a great day, you deserve it.

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When you suddenly meet your lifelong idol in the afterlife and you realize that you forgot he was a total babe… :U

These two again, of course.

This is a WIP, but I had to post something since I finally feel like I’m getting out of that long art block a little bit, ahaha ;w;

Of course I remember certain people’s excitement for the stuff I made with them, so this is my way of saying that I still love these characters as much as you do. <3

Does this ship even have a name tho? 


ahaha remember when I came up with the free! climbing AU a year ago?  Last summer I made sketches for photo-like-pictures of what it’d look like if the iwatobi boys went on a training camping trip in the mountains. I just kinda forgot about it, yet here it is.

The whole reason Haru likes climbing is because he likes heights, so he loves being in the mountains. Makoto on the other hand, has a had some traumatic experience with the mountains. Some tragic back story about an old man that died there, but of course he will go camping for the team! Rei tries to climbs at night and gets stuck, drama ensues. At the end of the day Nagisa manages to make them all smile and they watch the stars or something cheesy like that and all is good again.