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A good story: I had a conversation with a regular a little over a week ago about how her daughter loves to bake & that she makes the best cupcakes. She asked when I worked next & said she'd bring me some, but I never saw her & didn't think too much of it. However, today she popped in just to give me the cupcakes & nothing else! She didn't want me to think she forgot about me despite her busy schedule. The nicest thing to have happened at my job in awhile. :') Also, the cupcakes were AMAZING.

Hetalia Characters as things that I/My friends have said

America: The chicken wing place just sent me a birthday coupon. It’s not actually a thing they do I told a waitress that it was my birthday and I go there so much they sent me one. I guess this is my life now.

England: I had to wake up early and forgot my tea so don’t talk to me unless you want to go to the ER with a pencil lodged up you nose

France: *horrible french accent* Bonjer mez ames how are you aujourd’ooey? Je m’apple red stylo

Russia: Russia doesn’t start with an A you f#cking f#ck now snow beasts are going to kill you for your disobedience to the dark lord Putin.

China: Behold; power of the mom friend *Pulls two umbrellas out of backpack*

Germany: Why am I only friends with the annoying people you guys suck. I love you, but you suck don’T TOUCH ME.

Italy: What do you mean I can’t make pasta for breakfast? It’s like basically toast.

Japan: My only true allies are cats and sushi.

Spain: I spained my ankle it’s quite spainful

Romano: Sorry not sorry I maybe told my parents you were gay for each other so suck it

You knocked on Dan’s door.

“Come in!” you heard Dan call from inside. Even though you were going to leave the apartment a few minutes ago, he definitely knew it was you. You always left things at their apartment by mistake.

You opened the door and founding Dan sitting on the edge of his bed.

“Hey, Dan. Sorry, I think I forgot—” you couldn’t finish. Dan knew exactly what you had forgotten, because he was turning the pages of it and carefully looking at everything.

“Are you looking through my sketchbook?” you asked, hearing the anger in your own voice.

“Sorry, I didn’t know what it was so I picked it up…” Dan mumbled, still looking intently at your drawings.

At first you wanted to snatch the sketchbook away and tell Dan to mind his own business, but your heart melted at the sight of him admiring your work. His eyes traced over every detail, and his fingers brushed the paper gently.

“You’re really incredible,” Dan told you, looking at you with those gorgeous eyes. “You shouldn’t be embarrassed about anyone seeing this.”

You gave him a gentle smile. “Well, if you want, I can draw you.”


“I forgot we installed those clapping lights. Your shrieking must have triggered it somehow?”

“Oh yeah, they turned on all of a sudden. It’s too convenient- It’s almost like someone’s planning all this.”

“Okay, the lights are on, that’s enough paranoia. Can you let go of me now? I actually want more than 3 hours of sleep.”

“Hey have we always had that weird plaque thing?”

“Yeah it came with the apartment, remember?”

“It feels so.. creepy. Let’s get rid of it.”

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Top five favorite girls in town? Top five guys?


  • @fallonrobinson: Because I’ll let no one else wake me up at one AM to see how pretty the moon is knowing how damn well I’ve had decades of moon gazing. 
  • @thalia-dunne: Smart, beautiful and makes a mean chicken noodle soup. 
  • @rachelsilverwolf: Who else is going to save me from the children?
  • @gabbymontgomery: Best sister in law ever. 
  • @cassandracresswell: Sparks, shocked me with her electric feel and I’ll never feel the same way again. Literally. 


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: @dashhastings, @rowanxhastings, @clarahastin, @catriona-the-witch, @adelaidebeauchamp, @addiexxleroux

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because some of you were sharing ghost stories recently - at least once a day, things will suddenly fall over or fall down from shelves when there was no way that would happen. today, we had a ticket for one specific meal, but once we had finished preparing it, we just couldn't find the ticket anymore. the waiters didn't have it either, it was nowhere to be found. about half an hour after we put the meal out, the ticket was suddenly right back where we usually put them, it was so weird

Oh shit that reminds me that I forgot to share the last story I had.

When I was a keyholder I’d open the store sometimes. I’d be the only one there for about an hour before everyone else started coming in. When I was done setting up the registers for the day I’d go around the store to tidy things up.

It was around Easter so we had a lot of the plastic Easter grass. I found one sitting in the middle of the floor between aisles, a green one, so I picked it up and put it back. I walked away a couple of feet to straighten something else up and I heard the sound of something rustling/hitting the floor behind me. I turned around and it was the easter grass. Thinking that I didn’t put it up properly, I put it back again and walked away several aisles to start straightening up something else. As I’m doing that I heard the sound AGAIN. Looked to my left and saw the damn bag of green plastic grass. I Left it there and noped the fuck to the front to hide and wait for my coworkers to show up. -Abby

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I was at the vet for one of our cats and met a middle aged man with a beautiful African Grey. She was just here for nail trimmings and was so calm, watching everyone and taking things in at her own pace. The man said he never planned to have a bird, forgot what reason he was given one by a relative... But he said he's had her for four years and has fallen in love with her

Greys are amazing. They were my original dream birb to one day own but I met Rose and worked with the cockatoos when I worked at the avian clinic and even tho they’re fucking nuts and batshit crazy 99% of the time I saw a lot of myself in them and I fell in love and rose is my entire world ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Of all things I forgot to submit, it’s this one.

So I made this before Christmas time…because this was the last Christmas I was going to spend with my family before I moved out on my own. I had a REALLY limited budget, you see, and I decided quick things for all I wanted to give a gift to: gift cards for my mom and her bf, a classic TMNT mug for my stepmom, a Waluigi plush for my younger sister, @dreamy-serenna (as a last bang to a joke)…

but what to get for my father? I was already running low on money. I usually give him the more expensive stuff, namely Playstation games, but of course even if I had the money, I dunno what he’s been hyped for.

When I browsed the frames in my dollar store, I had an idea…and almost broke down there, too.

You see, even when he and I bumped heads with our own point of views and even almost destroyed our relationship at one point, Papi was the person who really made me who I am. He made me wise and he taught me how to be the better person in any situation (unless your life was at risk). And at the time….

…I felt like I was nothing but a disappointment to him since we moved to Kentucky.

Even after he told me that I wasn’t, if nothing else…

I want to make him proud.

I will make him proud of what I set out to do, and that when he sees Shisenota or another project of mine somewhere on the internet, I hope it’s when I have succeeded in some way.

Right now, this picture is framed and hanging in the living room at his place. Maybe one day, I’ll have him or my sister send me a picture of it.

3 good things that happened to me yesterday (because i forgot to do this last night!):

1. I went out to dinner with my brother in law and husband last night. While out, we wound up at an arcade, played pinball and played an Alien shooter. We had fun!

2. My husband and I then met up with my good friend Anneliese and we went Pokémon hunting in the city and drank lychee bubble tea. We had so much fun.

3. Insurance finally got a report back from the engineers yesterday. It’s not much - but it’s progress! ♡


Almost forgot to post these

My mother, sister and I went on a little picnic to catch up on a lot of things. My sister forgot to mention to us.. well the whole family that pretty soon she’s going to have a bundle of joy of her own. I broke the news to my mom about the singing competition .. she hasn’t really been on board with the whole singing career but she told me that she’ll always support my decisions. When I fall she’ll always be there to help me back up. 

P.s. Mommy didn’t want to be in these pics (-_- ).. she just had surgery done so she’s feeling a bit insecure..OH WELL x_x

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Mom, I've had a stressful day. I forgot that oven gloves existed which led to me losing the ability to move both of my pointy fingers(whatever they're actually called) and because it's my dads birthday I had to put up balloons with my remaining 8 fingers and I had to babysit my brother at the same time. The only reason I can write this is because of autocorrect. For once. Anyway, no requests just looking for attention. You're the only thing keeping me going right now. ;)<3

Aw, I’m sorry you had a stressful day D: hopefully tomorrow will be better! You should get someone to kiss your fingers better because, ya know, that's how healing works ;-)

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ok so one of my best friends is a trans guy (i met him on here) and today he was like "ugh i have period cramps" and i had a weird moment bc i forgot that he wasn't amab?? is that bad

No that’s not bad at all. A lot of trans guys actually like that their friends and family forget that they’re trans, it makes them feel valid.
But everyone experiences things differently.
I don’t see how it could be bad though. Just be there to support him in any way that you can. :)
- Casper

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You English is awesome!!! I only recently found out that English wasn't your native language, so I never wouldn't have thought that from your writing. I am always impressed by people like you who not only communicate extremely well but also write stories in their second (third or fourth) language! English is my native and only language and I still suck at it. Just wanted to let you know, your English in not terrible :D

Awww thank you so much! It means a lot <3 I think I’m a bit too much worried about my English, as I didn’t finish the course I had and I forgot so much about the English grammar. There are things that really got me confused, like the tenses and the prepositions too. So I’m always worried. English is my second language, I can read in Spanish and Latin and a little bit in Italian and French, because as Portuguese, they are all Latin languages, so they have similarities, but I can’t actually write in them or speak. After Portuguese, English is the language that I can at least write in it. Ah, I can understand, there are things in Portuguese that I still stuck too, I think it’s really hard to learn completely a language, even our native languages. But thank you so much! It means a lot as I’m always worried if what I’m writing in English is making at least sense. :D 

i decided to start a new FO4 playthrough yesterday. i’ve only ever played the game once, though very thoroughly, because i wasn’t sure i’d ever do a second run; i think i romanced everybody and did every faction quest by just…glitching my way through. this time i thought it’d be fun to actually make choices instead of avoiding them and utterly destroying immersion, lol.

though, predictably, as soon as i had access to the workshop at sanctuary, all i really wanted to do was walk around scrapping and building things. soooooooo that’s what i did, all the while just imagining what the few settlers + preston think of this SS, wandering around with her pipboy tuned (quietly) to diamond city radio, setting up turrets at two in the goddamn morning.

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anxiety got another magic anon.... these things just keep coming, dont they

Yes that they do.
Aww my puppy dog ears and tail are gone. I forgot I had them I get so use to them :(

I see a lot of posts about people feeling embarrassed, like, about everything, all the time, being embarrassed is I guess a huge part of some people’s lives. well listen

my girlfriend left her shoes in the middle of the living room floor, so I hid them in the oven drawer. because I thought it was a drawer that you could like–store things in?? I don’t know, I somehow made it to this point in my life without knowing that the fire happens in there. then I forgot I’d done it, and like, two days went by.

so the next time we went to make dinner, the shoes caught on fire.

then the oven caught on fire

then our whole house was full of black smoke

then the NYC firefighters had to come out to our apartment. there were like six of them.

half the people in our building came out of their apartments to find out what was going on, and if they were going to die or if they needed to evacuate their cats or something

and then an actual, New-York’s-finest firefighter looked me wearily in the eyes and said “try not to keep shoes in your oven” as he left.

and now we need a new oven.

and I would say that I felt…mild embarrassment? I experienced a patina of chagrin. “whoops,” I thought to myself, as the firefighters tromped off and the firetruck drove off into the night. “I should probably have known that about oven drawers.” then I bought my girlfriend a new pair of shoes, since I’d burned her old shoes. then we ordered a pizza.

if I can not feel embarrassed about that, I hope you guys can take heart.

@gabriielreyes you made like……1 singular post about this a few days ago but i havent stopped thinking about it


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long haired yurio.

there he is!



i’m really surprised that i haven’t seen this in the fandom yet! each ‘page’ is numbered for your convenience. based off the picture book (x)