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Conner is being a teenager lately.  It is extremely irritating.  Is anyone interested in adopting him for the next four years and then returning him?  Any takers??

He stole some cookies at lunch from the cafeteria a couple of days ago.  WHY he did that when he could have just bought the cookies with the money in his lunch account I STILL don’t understand.  My theory: He is an idiot a teenage boy.  Apparently, it was a dare.  We had a long discussion about the whole thing and about having to learn to draw your own lines about morality, etc.  And, as part of his punishment, he is no longer allowed to purchase lunch from the cafeteria for the rest of the year.  He has to bring his own lunch.  Well, today, he texted me from school, “Can I buy a lunch?  I forgot mine.” Instead of texting him back, I called.  I said, “I distinctly remember reminding you TWICE to bring your lunch–once when I woke you up and once when you were walking out the door.  When I left, I saw your lunch bag thrown on the floor and I didn’t see anything packed and left anywhere… .”  I was going to continue, and I was CONSIDERING letting him get just a sandwich, but then the line was dead.  That little shit hung up on me.  I called back and no answer.  I’m currently brainstorming all of the ways I can make his life miserable when he gets home.  I miss when I was just teaching teenagers–it didn’t matter how awful they might be at any given moment…they ultimately weren’t MINE to have to deal with.  UGH. UGH.  UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

i forgot to tell you guys but you know that crush i have?? yeah she put her hand on my back for like ten seconds. like you know that thing where you’re writing a fanfic and you’ll be like, “they touched a second too long” or something? yeah that was us except she had no need to put her hand on my back in the first place (and for ten seconds!). so yeah it happened a few days ago but i’m still riding on a high from it

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Bulletpoint for breaking up with Shawn. It's sad but you know. All the feels

  • The I love yous stop meaning as much as they used to
  • Shawn being gone on tour for long periods of time
  • Not being good together anymore
  • A lot of silence
  • No longer going out of your way to make the other happy
  • “This is for the best.”
  • Not knowing where you stand with him
  • Arguing
  • Learning to depend on yourself instead of him
  • “I think I’ll always love you.”
  • Him picking up everything he had left at your place
  • And returning all of your things
  • Deleted instagram pictures
  • Trying to force yourself to forget
  • “Maybe one day we’ll be better for each other.”
  • Hearing Shawn’s new single on the radio a few months later
  • Breaking down in tears because you know it’s about your breakup
  • Still being reminded of him every time you eat his favorite food
  • Or pass by the spot you had your first kiss
  • Or find one of his tshirts he forgot to take
  • Missing his voice
  • And the way your name sounded on his lips
  • Bumping into his friends at the mall
  • Them telling you he misses you
  • And things haven’t been the same without you
  • Wanting to text him
  • But stopping yourself every time
  • Reading old text messages
  • Wondering what went wrong
  • Missing his smile
  • It takes a while, but you realize that the sun still shines
  • Even when he’s gone
  • Coming to terms with the fact
  • That maybe it just wasn’t meant to be

1. I made a medieval campsite at the halfway point between the monastery and town… I had to edit the objk resources of the tents so they would be permanently set up (i Have no desire for bears to be toting tents around….)

2. I set up little alters all around town and found the silliest thing i could to live on this shrine. Of course i forgot to put the potty bush in my game before loading it so for now the outhouse stays… but soon trees will be bears shitting in the woods 😂

3. More ruins :) i found an override that makes a lot of rocks and ruins recolorable, bringing so much joy to my life. I hid a moon globe in the middle of the overgrown area… I’m sure the bears will want to know their fortune. 

4. Fuzzy playing air guitar (lute?) While i work on this. 

5. Entrance to the camp. It’s just off the road, hence the directional sign

A bonus: i loaded up my game after editing the files of the tents. I had tried grabbing fuzzy, thinking she could set up the tents and just leave them, but it didn’t work (i think the script editing mod interferes with some things… some pie menu options seem to disappear….) so I went the other route. I reloaded to this:

Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!

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What does it mean for a planet to be in retrograde? Bc I've had panic attacks every day since Saturday

it basically means the planets are going “backwards”. mercury, jupiter, saturn, and pluto are in retrograde right now, and mercury in retrograde is notoriously messy, so that could play a part in it!

edit: i forgot to add that if your sign is ruled by a planet in retrograde, it could be affecting you much more!

Anyone wondering if there are consequences to having 0 settlements and 0 loyalties and finishing the game, the answer is (disappointingly) no.

I suppose I’m not surprised. I thought, maybe, the squaddies who join in halfway through the last fight might not do that if they weren’t loyal. I thought, maybe, the only allies who’d show would be Nexus peeps. Wrong on both counts. I had Angaran Resistance in spite of never doing a thing for them; Sloane, of all people, even though we only met once and pointed guns at each other on that occasion. All squad, even those I didn’t speak to once after recruiting them. *sigh*

I am not here for ME criticism, I am really not, but I feel like the new dev team forgot that this game was unique for the weight of consequences. “Mass Effect” was more than a title. Remember the whole marketing campaign? Choices were meant to matter.

So anyway. On to Ryder #5.

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95-105 :D

Oh you’re a sneaky one. Better not reblog this or I’m going to be worse with my amount lol <333

  • 95: How tall am I? Last doctor’s visit, I was 5′7. Seems I grew an inch. Not happy about that.
  • 96: Can I cook? Yes ^_^ Culinary was actually my major in college. I just don’t like cooking because, THE CLEAN UP!! >_<
  • 97: Can I bake? I had my fun baking a cake or two, but I don’t anymore.
  • 98: 3 things I love? Animals, video games and music.
  • 99: 3 things I hate? Bullies, bugs and that moment as a simblr when you open your game, only to realize you forgot to put important CC in beforehand.
  • 100: Do I have more girl friends or boy friends? Boy friends, definitely.
  • 101: Who do I get on with better, girls or boys? Boys. Some girls have always been a little too “catty” for me. There’s just unnecessary drama between girls when there shouldn’t be.
  • 102: Where was I born? Bronx, New York.
  • 103: Sexual orientation? Bisexual
  • 104: Where do I currently live? Baltimore, Maryland
  • 105: Last person I texted? My mother, because she’s a spoiled brat who always needs things haha.

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚

Voltron actor AU where everything’s the same but Voltron is a live-action TV show and the paladins are actors:

  • Their names are the same in real life. They go by different names in the show. 
  • Keith and Lance still have a “rivalry.” Red and Blue didn’t originally have it, but when the cast first met and the directors saw how Keith and Lance interacted, they wanted to write it in. 
  • Shiro’s arm is still a prosthetic, although the scar is fake.
    • sometimes the makeup crew forgets the scar. literally no one notices until it’s the end of filming
    • “Shiro…” “Huh?” “…they forgot the sca–” “are yOU FUC–”
  •  Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Allura all do their own stunts. 
    • Pidge is only 17 and their mom won’t sign the waiver for them to do their own stunts. 
  • No one really knows how their little production company was able to afford hiring Allura, who’s a big time actress and super talented.
    • they eventually find out that she’s a giant mecha/space nerd and came to /them/ asking for a role and willing to do it for free
  • No one really knows if Coran has a script or if he was told to just say whatever
  • Lance calls Keith “Red” so often that Keith thinks Lance has forgotten his name
    • he hasn’t.
  • The paladins, Allura, Coran, and basically all the actors boycott after season 2, demanding retribution for the way they wrote Hunk and Lance’s characters. 
  • Hunk has an engineering degree in real life.  
  • Matt isn’t Pidge’s real life brother, but when they first meet it goes something like: “baby sister!” “big brother!” and they end up inseparable.
    • Pidge’s mother is known for calling Pidge at work just to talk to her son, Matt 
  • Hunk and Shay’s on-screen chemistry was actually a real thing. Shay was cast at the same time that she was working in the costume/design department, so they’d known each other since the show started. 
    • they’re dating now
  • Every time Lance’s character hits on Allura’s on-screen Lance spends five minutes defending Blue’s character after filming 
    • “he just craves attention, okay? he just wants love!! he’s smart and beautiful and wants to belonG”
    • despite this, Lance is basically his character minus that shoddy writing in season 2
  • Keith and Lance have their own shipping fanbase. It starts out with just their characters, but then Some Mysterious Person starts taking candids between sets and posting them online and klance is born
    • it’s Pidge. Pidge runs five fan accounts. 
    • the pictures are super incriminating, but no one shows them to Lance or Keith
    • there’s a betting pool on when they’ll get together
  • Keith gets super into his roles and ends up genuinely upset after filming the scenes where the princess reacts badly to Red being part Galra. 
    • Allura gives him a 15 minute hug after
  • Bonding Moment Discourse is actually a thing. There was a prop malfunction on set while they were filming and the directors told them to stay put, so Lance ended up being Cradled for a solid half hour.
    • later, they find out that they could’ve moved and just chilled for that time, instead of actually holding each other.
    • “I get it Keith, I get it. You just wanted to hold me. Who doesn’t amiright??”   

Translating is hard work. Even with pretty simple translations there can be unexpected difficulties if one of the languages has some funny special rules that apply to everyday life like honorifics and proper address, or words with multiple meanings so instead of asking what time it is you’ll end up asking for a potato. A professional translator can deal with this, of course. But for someone who just knows two pretty different languages, translating even something simple suddenly takes time and ends up getting pretty confusing for everyone involved.

And that leads us to ALIENS!

I think we’ve all read one scifi story or another where an alien is explaining some kind of concept that their species has - it might be related to their Special Sense or something else, but they always conveniently manage to put it in words that the character (and the reader) understand. This makes sense from a storytelling viewpoint, because we’re telling the story to human readers/listeners/viewers who need to understand what’s going on and why.

But it might be fun if the character is teamed up with an alien who gets so confused and/or worked up about some trivial translation that it gets turned into this big whole mysterious deal.

Human: “So, what’s this word mean, ‘thnguwe’?”

Alien: “Thnguwe has… special meaning for our people. It refers to a person’s ability to… form a meaningful connection with another of our kind, and our… entire society is built according to the… concept of thnguwe.”

Human: “How profound! Your civilization has much to teach us!”

Alien #2: “It means ‘talking’. Thnguwe means talking.”

Alien #1: “Oh, talking! I forgot what that word was in human language!”

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long haired yurio.

there he is!


At first glance Xayah kinda looks like Ahri in the splash art so I ended up doing a face study thing for my personal use. I got carried away.

@gabriielreyes you made like……1 singular post about this a few days ago but i havent stopped thinking about it