i forgot i had this shirt omg


Words count : 2.6k
Pairing : Loki X Yara
Warning : oral sex (both received), unprotected sex (wrapped it then you bang it pals) and a lot of sex (what did you expect this is smut)
Summary : Yara got injured on a mission so she got a free week and Loki come to her apartment
A/N : this is my first smut so forgive me for so many errors and my bad English because English is not my native language. Enjoy!

I just got back from my mission with the other avengers and got leg injured which means is great because I will have a lot of free time until next week so I decide to stay at my own apartment because I miss being here.
Since I joined the avengers I stay with them I got my own room in the headquarters but still this place is the best place for being alone. It’s quite, nobody will take my food, and I can just using my underwear all day long, and it’s my third days now being in my lovely apartment.
I sing along with music from the speaker that I connected to my phone and I do a little dance like swing my hips right then and there, until someone knocked on my door wait why I didn’t see him coming? It’s Loki that who knock my door. And by the way he is part of avengers now, even though he rarely speaking or hangout if there is a mission he really great I mean really great he is fast and accurate really accurate he never get serious injured well he is god after all.
Yeah that’s my ability if I stay in some building I can see everything that happen in this building and what happens around it. But I don’t see that Loki even enter my apartment building, maybe this because I get too excited.
I immediately open my door and greet Loki “HI! What are you doing here?”
“I heard that you got injured so I just want to see you and give you this lady Kyara” he said but his eyes staring to my chest, his voice always makes me think what it would sound if he’s moaning in pleasure I mean his normal voice itself really sexy I can never imagine what it would sound like.
“Oh thank you so much Loki and please just call me Yara okay? Because it’s sounds odd in my ear” I said as I take a basket full of my favorite fruit like grape, banana, apple, orange, mango and avocado. Is he really knew about my favorite fruit or he just takes what his heart desire?
“You’re not feeling cold lady uhm I mean Yara?” he asked because I only wear a bralette and blue denim shorts.
“No I feel a bit swelter actually” I admitted and casually add “but if you feel not comfortable I will put on a shirt”
“No don’t. It’s perfect. I-I mean it’s your home you can do as your heart desire” he nervous? Then I see his eye looks like he regrets saying that.
“Thanks! And by the way Loki you look so magnificent in that leather outfit but is it comfortable? It’s hot right now Loki” I said wonder what it feels like under that leather outfit and capes and everything. Wait is he going to the store like this?
“Thank you for the compliment but yeah in weirdly way it’s comfortable but if you wish to see me more casual I can handle it” he said and then he magically changes that entire leather outfit with grey long sleeves shirt and black jeans.
“I forgot that you had magic and things and sorry I don’t have anything” I chucked as I give him a glass of water and think how can he still he looks so freaking impressive in that grey shirt and black jeans? He just drink water why is he so damn sexy? He said something but I don’t know what he is talking about.
“Uhm sorry?” I lost in his glow omg.
“How about you did you see me when I come here?” he chuckled.
“Oh well it’s oddly nope, it’s really odd because my eyesight getting better and stronger but I can’t see you. Like now I can see to the place that I spent a lot of time there” I explained to him. I close my eyes to show off to Loki what can I see in avenger building now.
“Like right now I can see Tony and fuck-” I immediately open my eyes. That is not for my eyes I feel bad now because everything was so clear I see everything.
“What did you see?” Loki panicked looking at the expression of my face.
I see Tony pounding into Pepper really hard I heard screaming.. Shit I have to let it go I have to forget that. “It’s nothing I-I can’t see it-it’s blurred” I stuttered, Natasha right I’m a terrible liar.
“You see Tony the man of iron and then what?”
“Its personal stuff Loki” I said as I scratch my back of my neck.
“Tony and Ms. Potts made love?” he asked and I just nod and murmuring “if that kind of thing still being called made love”
“Tell me Yara what you see? I’m curious” he insisted.
The thought of what I see makes me aroused so I squish my thighs together and nibbling my bottom lip as I looked to the wooden floor like it was the most interesting thing that I can see rather than Loki that sitting in front of me.
“If you’re not going to tell me its fine” he said that give you a little relief because I don’t know why I always want to obey him, “but please lady Kyara stop nibbling your lip because I will not sorry for what happens next” is he just invited me? Or warned me? Because, I see no difference.
I look at his eyes through my lashes and licking then biting my bottom lip after that I said to him “I will not regret it either my lord” and then I climb across to the dining table and kiss him I thought he will push me away but what he does is lift me up and then put me on his lap.
His lips feels so soft against my chapped one I don’t know that I crave for his lips so much until he kiss me so good so gentle that it’s like he gives me really alive.
“Loki” I moaned to his mouth and this passionate kiss turn into something rough and lustful kiss his tongue slid into my mouth fighting with my tongue for being the dominant but of course he wins. His right hand sneaked around my neck while his other hand traveling my back, i close my eyes because of this overwhelming sensation.
I unconsciously start grinding my hips on his crotch and feel something getting behind his jeans, he moaned my name in between the kiss and how his moan sound makes me really wet because it’s more beautiful and arousing than what you can imagine.
His mouth now traveling over my jaw and my neck make hot trails with his tongue and shower my neck with kisses and hickeys I can’t help but moan and arch my back give him a better view to my breast and because of that Loki rips my bralette in two.
“That’s my favorite bralette!” I shouted and Loki just chuckle and then lifts me up to my bed easily like I’m just as light as cotton.
“You’re so beyond words my lady you have no idea how long I wait for this, how I crave you so much, how much I desire you?” his words sent shivers up and down my spine and I can feel familiar heat pooling between my legs.
I get up from my back and kneel before him, then start unbutton his jeans I know he can just make disappeared both our clothes from our bodies with his magic but where is the fun from that.
“Someone’s eager” he said as he kicks his pants and I replied “and someone’s excited here” then I palming his erected length. I am amaze by his size, is this a god-size cock or he just actually so huge I never know.
I locked my eyes with his while I give him a sloppy kiss to the tip of his throbbing and covered precum lick at his tip, he groaned in frustration. I want to teasing him more than this but I think is not a good time for that.
I bit my lip slightly before I took him all the way down my throat as far as my gag reflex allowed and it turns out that I can take all over his length to my mouth. And now I know my ex-lover calling me long throat.
I started bobbing my head in painfully slow pace and I turned then twisted my tongue touching every inches of him.
“Oh my little love I never imagine that you will have this skilled of mouth” his word makes me want to pleased him want to makes he feels good. So I give him a long licked from base to the tip and then started bobbing my head faster.
My name started rolling from his mouth like it’s the only words he knows, his cock twitching inside my mouth and I know that he’s getting close.
It didn’t take long for him to reach his edge and spill his cum; I tried my best to swallow everything he gives.
“Yara, my sweet sweet Yara” he sighed his eyes still closed and his breath still panting. I get up and standing in my tip-toe to kissing him, I’m too focus with his pleasure that makes me forget about mine and now i’m really thirsty of his touch and I can feel that my panties are really soaking wet.
He laid me down to the bed with our mouth still connected. Now he buried his head in to my breast sucking, pulling and biting my hardened nipple with his hand pinching my other nipples. I let out a load moaned and he groaned because of it.
He leaves a hot trails all the way his mouth going down to my dripping core. When he’s right in front of my clothed core he rips my pants with my ruined panties.
He licked his lips hungrily like in front of him served the most delicious food, he breathed out slowly, and I desperately whimpering.
“You are so wet for me, it is only for me love?” he muttered his voice so deep, dark and yet makes me squirm. I moaned in respond, I buck my hips up to him but he puts his hand on my waist so makes me stand still.
“I asked you question love” he bellowed against my aching cunt the vibration makes me growled in frustrations.
“Yes it’s all yours, I’m yours Loki.. Please just do something…” The God of Mischief chuckled as he let his fingers grabbing my legs to lock me in place, and he suddenly pressed his mouth against my shimmering folds, his tongue darting out to taste my bundle of nerves.
I’m always sure that I’m not a screamer until now, how he eating me out in a way that my ex-lover or my one night stand could never do. Loki groaned hearing my pornographic sound because his actions, the vibrations the seducing sound caused having me squirm once more.
His tongue eagerly circling around my clit in an very torturing pace, licking my core to lap my juices and then sucking the sensitive bundle of nerves between his lips, repeating the pleasuring process over and over again until I whined with shaking limbs, I know that my building orgasm is nearer and nearer each time he repeat all of his torture. I feel that I’m so tense and right on the edge.
Loki notice that you coming undone he increasing his pace and sliding two fingers inside me as he did and moving them rapidly, curling them to hit all of your sweet spot and he knows that he finding my G-spot when I scream when he hit that special spot, so he repeatedly hit that spot again and again with his digits. And that’s it all of that took me into the most intense pleasure.
“Fuck Loki!” I screamed his name as I come, my walls clenching around his fingers as I arched my beck, my toes curling on his shoulder, my vision going black for several seconds. Loki didn’t waste any time to taste my arousal that he has caused, lapping up all you gave him and then he pulled away.
He pulling of his grey shirt and for the love of god his appearance really beautiful, but I know that beautiful it’s not enough to explain how he looks like right now it’s like he’s being sculptured from the most talented sculptors. He is hovering above me once again, his naked, intimidating and his perfect appearance filling me with arousal again.
“I want to explore every inch of your beautiful body love but for now I don’t have that much of patience” he growled as I can feel his tip teasing my entrance.
“Ye-yeah we can do that later right now just fuck me already” I panting. He smiled in a way that I can understand and after that he thrust himself without warning in a swift motion, my warm and wet core welcoming him by clenching around his cock.
I let out another scream from my lips as I dug my fingernails in his back leaves long red marks. It felt more incredible than I’ve ever thought possible, he filled me up so well in a way I could never imagine it’s like that we’re made for each other or maybe just filling up for each other.
“You’re so tights around me love” he let out a breathless moaned as he gives me time to adjust his god-size cock. When he began to thrust his hips in and out really slow enjoying every seconds of it, I’m not gonna lie that I’m enjoying this too but I crave for something more. I need more.
“Loki faster…” I moaned and he grant my wish as he fasters his pace. My eyes shut and my mouth hungs open everytime he hits my sweet spot hard and fast, he connect our lips again. Kissing hungrily with our mouths open.
His growled, the sound claping that our skin-to-skin smacking caused, my moaning in pleasure fill my entire apartment. He pumping me in and out so roughly and now I gasping for air and I wrapped my legs around him to give him the opportunity to get in even deeper and hit my G-Spot again and again.
Now this pleasure mix with pain but I don’t give a single shit because the pain is worth it. I feel a familiar heat in my stomach, my muscles are tense and I can feel my orgasms built inside me.
“Oh god! Loki I’m close…” My voice was only whisper but I’m sure that he can still hear it.
“Look at me love look at my eyes” he growled as he quickened his pace even more, pounding into me relentlessly until my lips parted in pure pleasure, I look at his beautiful eyes like he asked and a wave of ecstasy rolling over me as I came really hard again, my walls clenching around him, milking him.
He followed me only few seconds after, spilling his cum inside me, the feeling of a hot liquid filling me up causing me to moan with relish. Panting heavily, I steal a light of kiss from his lips and then smile at him as he propped himself up on his elbows to face you, gently stroking my black hair.
“That’s was really… I can’t explain it with words actually” I said as I make a random pattern on his shoulder with my finger.
“Strongly agree and well so you are because I can’t explain how beautiful you are with words either” he smiled still looking at me like I’m kind of master piece.
I’m blushing like hell and quickly change the topic with “Now I know that everyone calls you silver tongue for nothing” he just laughing so hard and then kissing me again with our bodies still connected.

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omg help when is camren day ? i forgot gfhkjsdfgf

Afkhkdsf I forgot for a moment too 😧😅I think 9th of July.. I’m not sure if this is the official day but I class it as camren day bc it was the day that they first officially met at the X factor auditions when we had the awkward “I like your shirt” interaction

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meme / accepting / @amidalc

he had not been SNOOPING necessarily, merely looking for the shirt he had LEANT HER the day previous, needed it to make it to his meeting on time. without delay. instead he had found her diary. tucked neatly beneath her bed and anakin COULDN’T RESIST the temptation of looking. 

is wracked with the guilt said action brings and yet, he needs to be SURE. needs to know if she loves him as dearly as she proclaims, cannot fathom why or how she is so DEVOTED to him. 

thinks she could have anyone she wanted, anyone who made her happy, and instead has settled for him, has allowed herself to grow comfortable with him regardless of what she desired. his thoughts run rampart as he opens the book —

 — flicks through the pages, is CONSCIOUS of her returning, of the shower turning off and her entering the room, he FROWNS

pausing upon a page that contains his name and READS

feels his heart flutter within his chest at each word, each sentence, the paragraphs which have his cheeks burning and his eyes filling with unshed tears because he is ENAMOURED by this woman. taken so completely by all that she is that he can barely believe she reciprocates his emotions. 

bites his lip and closes his eyes and holds the pages close to his heart because this is all he has ever wanted and all he has ever needed and he BASKS in the rapture – the contentment and adoration which overcomes him. 

SMILES ( watery and shaken ) and slowly places the dairy back beneath her bed. 


Plus, I’ve always had terrible bed head too. It’s got a mind of its own, just like yours! I remember how long you used to spend combing it out for me every morning… Oh, Father… I’m so glad to see you. Even if it is only for a little while…

Noire and Stahl’s Future Past conversation is so cute and sweet i’m gonna die

and a quick omake too

All the Taylor merch I got for my birthday (minus the red blanket)!! The Reputation merch hasn’t shipped yet! I totally forgot about the Fearless box on her record labels website! IM SO GLAD THE SHIRT FITS!!! The album in the box is straight from 2009 and it smells brand new. There’s also a little card in here that says “win tickets to Taylors 2009 concert”, I had a good laugh at that! I’m going out soon to buy some frames for those posters yALL IM SO EXCITED OMG I FEEL LIKE IM A LITTLE KID AGAIN THIS IS SO NOSTALGIC

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Have u ever thought about Lardo and Shitty taking Bitty to his first ever Pride and like he's nervous but so excited and so glad his friends are supportive and love him and when they're there at first Bitty is like...hesitant still but by the end of it he's got his shirt off, riding on Shitty's shoulders and wearing a rainbow flag like a cape yelling about how gay he is


Meeting Korey, Troye & Tyler in Singapore! ♥♥♥

What in the worlddddd. I wasn’t even expecting this. I was thinking about writing a letter to them last night but didn’t get down to doing it cos there would be absolutely no way (or so I thought) for me to meet them and pass the letter. Okay let me calm my nerves and try to type properly. This post is gonna be so disorganised please understand my situation here. Heh(:

My lecturer gave us free passes to Music Matters (some event that’s related to Youtube Fan Fest) and since no one else would go with me, I went alone. After registering with some lady at the booth, I felt less out of place with a name tag (yknow w the lanyard those name tags). There were so many professionals there like wth and I was alone and freaking out cos this wasn’t what I expected. Nevertheless I went boldly into the ballroom and listened to the talk for awhile (it was social matters talk, I guess I missed the music one) Couldn’t find a seat (or rather too scared to walk up to anyone to ask) so I left the ballroom after 15 minutes of freaking out on whatsapp to my friends.

I then left the ballroom, sat down in a random corner and tried to look busy while I contemplated my next move. I got up and decided to just walk about and check out the YouTube event area (The Music Matters event was one level below the YouTube event area thingy whatever) As I was walking up the spiral stairs, this woman walks down the stairs and declares to her friend, who’s behind me, that “The YouTube stars are here!” Theeeeeeennnnn I freeze. What did you freaking say. Anyway I continued walking up the stairs thinking no way, why would they be here. No. So I looked up and there they were.

This was exactly what I saw when I looked up and saw them. 

It’s really weird seeing the people you usually see on your computer in real life. I cannot process this.

My first thought was: OMG SHIT. That's…..that’s Tyler….and Troye. OMG Korey’s here too. OMG WHAT. They’re right in front of me. (Right at this point my legs kinda gave way a little and I started feeling weaker and weaker HAHAA YES THIS IS FOR REAL)

They were getting their name tags at the registration booth and there were quite a few security guards around them (celebrities plz hahaha) I figured that it wasn’t the right time to approach them cos there was so much going on so I just followed them around quietly. They went into some room, probably to take pictures, idk really. So I waited outside, once again, trying to look calm and relaxed and not so out of place. (I mean seriously everyone was chatting in groups and I was alone and not quite dressed for the occasion I should say)

They came out soon and I panicked a little not knowing when to approach them for a picture and a fangirl moment. When the security guard’s body was finally not blocking me from Tyler, I went up to Tyler and asked for a picture. He was like yeah sure dyou wanna take it over here then I was like maybe let’s take it over there it’s brighter. Then he had to settle some stuff at the registration booth again so he told me to hold on and stuff. I then approached Troye, since he was free now, told him I watch his videos and asked for a picture. I totally saw my fingers trembling as I passed Troye my phone shit hope he didn’t notice that HAHA. Took a few cos why not. He’s so cute really, all smiles and dem blue eyes. Gosh. Friendly. I asked to hug him and he went sure! So I went for it omg he’s so skinny whatttttttttt and tall. And I recognise his shirt HAHAHAHA.

Tyler was done by now so I did the same with him, selfie and hug. He is so cute. Don’t mind my EXTENSIVE VOCABULARY in this post I have no more brain capacity for that. His height and hair and smile. Ugh. Precious. HIS SKIN IS PERFECT TOO OMG. Oh and I made him do his selfie face hahaha. 


I entirely forgot about Korey cos some other dude came up to them and they had to talk to him so I politely left the scene with one more picture.


Soon after that, it was lunch (buffet) so I stood in a corner to wait for them to finish their food. Just as Korey was walking towards their table, I asked him for a picture and he told me after lunch(: So yeah, I was pretty much high by this point, I just stood in a corner trying to regain strength and not pass out. I kept my eyes on their table, making sure they stayed in my sight. I hope I don’t sound freaky cos I was sure to keep my distance. Some woman came up to me and asked who were those people I took photos with so I just briefly explained to her. And she went up to them to ask for a picture too (for her daughter) LOL.

Fast forward to after their lunch. They took quite a while and I used that time to call my friends and tell them about this miracle meeting (!!!) I saw some local YouTubers as well, and went up to chat with them and take some pictures. How wonderful. This is my life people. Well in case you don’t know them, check them out at www.youtube.com/treepotatoes I LOVE THEM. They were really friendly too, chatted with me and took photos etc. How nice. 

As I was chatting with Elliot from treepotatoes, I noticed that Korey kept glancing over. Then I realised that he remembered his promise to take a picture with me after lunch (AWWW SRSLY) So I shamelessly approached  the 3 of them again (I FELT SO BAD FOR INTRUDING) (APOLOGIES X 9431694362952) and the first thing I did was KOREY CAN I HUG YOU and he was like YEAH and he is so tall srsly I didn’t know he was so tall. 

HE IS SO NICE REALLY. FRIENDLIEST EVER. (honestly I’m not too familiar with korey but this meeting made me become a fan of him) 

Me: OMG you’re so tall!!!!! How tall are you?!
Korey: Yeah, 6'1?
Me: …
Korey: Uhhh right you guys go by centimetres? I’m 2 metres?
Me: WHAT?! REALLY? ARE YOU SURE? :O (cos bro, 2m is REAL tall.) I’M  1.65M! HOW TALL AM I?
Korey: 3ft is 1m so I’m 2 metres? You're… 5'6!
Me: Oh cool!

Korey then asked Tyler and Troye about height conversion so Tyler took his phone out  and asked SIRI. We then started discussing our heights; Troye’s 1.74 without his shoes (those were THICK ) and 1.8 with them, Tyler’s actually MY HEIGHT:O (i mean i thought he was shorter but ah well), Korey’s probably 1.84? Tyler announced that he’s 1.65 after checking with SIRI and I blurted out THAT’S CUTE and he was like all DID YOU JUST SAY THAT’S CUTE  (sorry i couldn’t think properly yknow you don’t get to meet your fave youtubers everyday they don’t fall from heaven  yknow) I also told Korey that SIRI never works for us asians cos it can NEVER understand what we’re saying. So I was really fascinated when SIRI responded so well to Tyler’s question.

Oh and halfway through I suddenly remembered I didn’t introduce myself, yes cos that’s what you do when you panic and freak out, you don’t introduce yourselves and blah. So I went OH BY THE WAY I’M SABRINA (shows them my name tag) and Troye was like HELLO SABRINA(: He then asked what’s POLYTECHNIC and it took me a while to gather my thoughts to explain it. Tertiary education I guess? I told them it’s like Pre-U.

I kinda also asked them to follow me on Tumblr and idk why Troye laughed when I told him my URL. LOL IS IT THAT EMBARRASSING. WELL THAT’S ME FOR YOU :> I also told him it’s a fangirl blog when he asked what kind of blog is it.

Anyways I kept apologising cos I was obviously just taking up their time and disturbing them I guess and I didn’t wanna leave just yet so yeah I felt really bad. Troye was all it’s ok but I still felt like it was quite rude of me (but once again this is such a miracle I can’t just leave without seeing them leave first) Oh and at one point, a security guard came up to Korey and (if I’m not wrong) asked him if he was okay with people like me disturbing them. Korey said it was fine so the guard just went back to his position or smth. Thank God the guards weren’t overly protective and violent. Towards the end there were a few more people taking photos with them so I just stood there awkwardly, just thankful that no one chased me away. 

A few more selfies to end the meeting. I am truly blessed. 

As they left I discreetly followed them to the lobby, maintaining some distance too of course. When I saw that they were really leaving for real, I decided to be embarrassing for one last time and shouted BYE TROYE! I was so prepared to walk away with the whole lobby staring at me cos I thought they wouldn’t hear me. But he turned, smiled and waved. Then Korey and Tyler turned, smiled and waved too. Goshhhhhh. That was like the most perfect ending to such a crazy meeting. 

And yup that sums up my day of bumping into Korey, Troye & Tyler. Phew. What a day.

PS: Can’t believe they haven’t tried local food yet! Told them to try chicken rice & chili crab. Idk why Troye laughed when I said chicken rice. Hope they try it tho. Oh and Troye, the place is Bugis. B-U-G-I-S.


Hope to see yall again soon x

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i opened my tissues before the movie started because i started to tear up a bit with the "if i stay" trailer. and i told everyone to come get tissues if they needed them. and when the prefuneral part came on this guy whispered to his friend " dammit, i wish i wouldve taken that girls tissues when i had the chance"

Omg, this is such a cute action! You know, i love to see peopke fron the same fandom together, sharing feelings, tissues… haha I unfortinatelly forgot my tissues, I had to use my t-shirt lol