i forgot i had this gem


I remembered that I forgot to post this here when I made this a month ago.

Basically, here’s who I think Peridot’s corrupted gem ‘friend’ is.

I’m thinking of making more corrupted gem theories when I get ideas.

I’m bitter AND sticky so let’s get gooey on topic!

People just? forgot that ton of season 3 episode’s visuals are  actually amazing? I mean it could be just me but this season clearly trowed a ton of budget into some scenes an episodes! 

Super Watermelon Island got an amazing fluid fight scene between two giant women and it was as energetic as it sounds 

Gem drill, even tho it was pretty chilly on animation, had ton of detail on Steven’s faces, I find it like such a sweet detail having in mind the episode was focusing a ton on Steven and his connection with the cluster 

(this is my personal favorite)

Hit the diamond had a TON of characters on-screen at the same time, having in mind 5 of them where new characters and they had to design new clothing for 5 of them 

Even though my favorite part of this episode is the bond between Amethyst and Peridot, I think Too Short To Ride was pretty consistent, I am in love every time they put little lines under the eyes of the characters because it usually helps to remark the emotion they are feeling, is personal. 

Stevonnie’s back for Beach City Drift and the thing I like the most about this episode is the backgrounds and the color choices, they are AMAZING and pretty relaxing to watch on their own. 

Monster reunion was pretty harsh to see for me because painful scenes (aka scenes where the character is clearly in pain) make me feel incredibly bad, but I again shot out how they draw emotions and the subtle lines that make it all even better. 

More than for animation itself, I praise a lot Alone At Sea because of writing and atmosphere, and the last one really works, I felt incredibly… tense, when Jasper showed up, how she acted and the way she expressed herself, and how the colors got dark and the rain around it… just gosh

Even tho it was a pretty okay-o episode in general, I really liked Gem Hunt’s backgrounds, the whites and cold tones made a good mix with Jasper’s colors and really helped her to pop out! 

I’ve talked a lot about Bismuth, so at this point everything would feel redundant, so I’ll just say that the first and last scenes have pretty good colors, one being calm pastel tones and the other reddish dark tones #BRINGHERBACK2K17

And finally, Bubbled, which has some on the most beautiful space backgrounds i’ve seen in an animation product, is the feeling of emptiness that makes the most of the episode personally, how is literally just Steven and Eyeball and Eyeball pretty much tries to kill him, in other situations you can think about something going on, but is the fact that they are in space what makes it feel… well… empty, giving more focus to the characters that contrast the most in a sea of dark cold tones and blacks! 


God this took forever but I think it was worth it. So ya’ll know how I said I was gonna do UF journal pages? Well I did one. And it turned out meh. I’m proud of that drawing of the Gems though. But I meant to shade in the drawing of the temple and I forgot and layers fucked me over and ugh whatever. Also, I basically had to create my own font for this, imitating how Ford writes and even still it doesn’t look anything like it. Plus the font fucked up in several ways and I didn’t even realize it until like right now, hence why there might be typos. Fucking photoshop, this is why I never use you. Ah, whatever. Enjoy! (and yeah, I am gonna do more of these. Eventually). 

Holy crap fusions can fuse the weapons as well! That makes sense. I’m in love with the design of her bow.

I forgot to mention but i love this freaking music. It’s absolutely fantastic. I think the fusion dance music had Pearl and Amethyst’s themes as well, that was a really great detail, Opal’s theme is also excellent. The music composers are really talented people.

I also like how they didn’t just put Amethyst and Pearl’s voice recordings over each other and got a whole new VA for Opal.

Opal is officially fighting Garnet for most badass character.

Also… now that i am putting these two together, they have lots of similarities. Garnet has two gems as well, they’re from the same color scheme, she has incredible strength and fast reflexes, and so does Opal, Garnet has three eyes, Opal has four arms. That might be some typical crazy theory, but what if Garnet is a fusion as well? That would explain most of the things around her, including her having more abilities than the other gems, her extra eye, super strength, two gems, etc. But i might be just overlooking at things, it’s pretty hard to tell whether that’s true or not right now as we’ve just been introduced to the concept of fusion.

You see this gem of a screenshot here? I forgot this existed so let me tell you a tale. 

Back on November 30th, the day after release, my game shat itself.  I didn’t have too bad glitches on day one, but after about ten hours straight playing the next day it just went NOPE.  After falling through the map and having to reset, we went for a little drive.  it was dark, and we all know how iggy feels about driving in the dark early in the game so I braved the perilous roads, up until sun came up and Ignis offered to drive again.  I was quite enjoying myself so I was like nah fam it’s cool, I’ve got this.

However after we had our chat, Ignis decided he didn’t want to sit down and proceeded to stand up the entire drive. In the drivers seat section.  It was raining.   The roof was up and  sliced the man in half and he just stood there, for 3 solid minutes with his hand on his hip, hair billowing in the breeze, taking every bug in creation to his face pelted by the rain, sawn in half by a roof as he continued to be stubborn and not get off of the drivers seat.  All while rufus’ welcome ceremony played on loop in the background (something that is still a common occurence in my games)

I know Nocts a terrible driver but rly, iggs? 

During this period of my game crapping itself I also got stuck in the car dashboard, aswell as everyone else failing to get in the car in the animation so just stood at the parking spot, didn’t even appear when i got to my destination, I literally had to go all the way back and pick them up because they forgot how doors worked.  Amongst many other ridiculous occurrences

Moral of the story?

I really miss the first few days in all their buggy glory

Me on the outside: happy Halloween :^)

Me on the inside: when are they going to release bismuth from the bubble. Like holy shit ok attacking Steven was bad but that doesn’t mean we should put her back in bubble purgatory for another 5000 years bc we don’t wanna deal with her like seriously guys? Maybe from the gems this kind of action seems the most practical but you’d think steven or sOMEBODY would be like “umm…. Isn’t this a little fucked up” bc its literally exactly what rose did, stored her away like…. Ok…..my best friend and I had an argument that resulted in violence so in order to put off resolving this conflict let me put them in my freezer while i fight this war but oops I forgot to let them out for 100000years sorry not my problem anymore I’m dead

How You Save The Earth
How You Save The Earth

HOW YOU SAVE THE EARTH - a Steven Universe fan song

@squaremomgsquad @stevenuniversse

(@jasper-jen I forgot to ask you, but would you like to hear this? Sorry)

A cheesy song I wrote and recorded about the Crystal Gems (some parts Rose in particular, but there are allusions to all of them) and their mission.

It’s not a perfect recording - there’s a lot of fuzz for one thing because my mic is cheap, and some parts are out-of-time - but I had fun playing with texture and not really caring about scansion. And look out for a familiar tune in the violin part! It didn’t really fit the chords without a bit of adjustment, but I couldn’t resist :)

Reblogs are appreciated (because this took a lot of false starts and growling at the microphone, as well as reviving my violin from a coma)

(If you like it, check out my other SU fan song, Dissonance!)

Lyrics under the cut.

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to remind you that I love talking with you. If you are following me or not!

I love talking about witchcraft, animals, hockey, stones/gems, divination, fandom stuff, or just how your day is going.

I know this blog is a mess of things but please don’t let it scare you away with how disorganized it is. I’ve tried in the past to have a side blog for my more random and fandom posts and another separate blog for my more witchy posts, but things kept getting put on the wrong blog or I forgot that I had one….

So I guess what this late night ramble is all about is that I love talking with people and both my ask box and messages are always open if you need any help or just want to chat!

[DeusEx] I forgot something...

I was supposed to put this on the other post I made but I also found this gem which would be great info for artists and writers:

I also found this in the kitchen. I had asked @malwa1216 if she may be familiar with the language to get insight. A quick google search for Zdrava Zelenina came up with some Czech sites, that when translated, come up with super fruits/veg health articles.
Which makes sense if Adam is deficient in a variety of vitamins and doesn’t want to take more pills.
There’s also a Czech cookbook which raises the idea if he tries to cook and if he’s any good at it.

Just found these to be really adorable easter eggs. I like knowing that it’s not all just cereal. :P


When I first thought of this patient I had a clear image of how it should react to the enviroment. 

From the fist panel to the newest one it changes what I didn’t intend to do. I forgot her arm straps and her colors changed a little bit. 

I even had a name for her at first. I called her Moonstone, even though she’s not a Moonstone or a corrupted gem in particular. 

Now I have a more fitting name for her. :3


I went and had fun with that icon maker again (With a few of my own edits because using an icon maker has a few limitations)

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen any of these for Steven Universe yet, so here you go fandom! Have some Gems! Feel free to use them as icons, no credit needed, just don’t repost them, kay?

Have fun~

(Had to repost because I forgot Ruby and Sapphire OOPS)

"You Owe me 47,000 gold"

From the group that brought “Don’t split the party”, we’ve had a couple character deaths at this point, we lost our crystal gem, who got replaced by a druid. This interaction from the start of today’s session takes place between myself(Sylph Sorceress), the dm, and the new druid.

DM: I forgot that at the end of last session you resurrected the guy. So now he’s back, but no one restrained him, so he takes a swing at [the druid]. Does a 27 hit?

Druid: Uhhh, i use a point of mythic to get a +10 to AC, so no, i’m at 29 now.

DM: Alright. What’s next?

Druid: I ready some rope and ask everyone for help subduing him again.

Me: (ooc) dude I’m gonna kill him again if I attack him with a spell.

Druid: (ooc) no, man, he took three hits last time, you’re not gonna kill him.

Me: (ooc) No, I you guys hit him up a few times, but I only attack twice, once damaging severely the hellhound, and then again accidentally killing him!

Druid: (ooc) No, he’s not gonna die, you’re not gonna do enough to kill him!

Me(exasperated and not wanting to argue about something that happened two weeks prior): (ooc) Alright, fine. (ic) I recognize this is very important, so I’m casting 3 bolts of scorching ray at him.

DM: Alright, roll to hit.

Me: (ooc) *rolls five* I don’t think that… What do i add to spell attacks? 

*debate about when you do and don’t add spell casting modifier to rolls*

Me: (ooc) well that’s only a 12 then, does that get his touch ac?

DM: Yeah, it does, go ahead and roll damage now.

Me: (ooc) Thank god. Okay let’s.. I need four more dice. *rolls* uhh… That’ll be 47 damage to him then

DM: Give me a second I’m trying to recalculate this guy’s health. *cue five minutes of semantics while dm tries to math* So that’s 32 and his con makes that another 15 so..

Me: (ooc) That’s 47, so I just knocked him out again.

Druid: Oh my god if you’d killed him again. You know what, I saved you, You need to pay me for that!

Me: What are you talking about? Have you gone crazy again?

Druid: Yes, but that’s not the point, I saved you, so you owe me 47,000 gold!

Me: Look, I know these slavers priced me at 30,000, you’re asking way over price. Screw off.