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Moos Appreciation Post

Ok!!!!! LET’S GO!!!

I’ve been waiting for Moos’ birthday for a while and I am ready to celebrate by writing a LONG appreciation post that no one asked for. I’ve written one before somewhere on here but I want to write another one bc Moos deserves it and I don’t care if I repeat myself a billion times. I adore Moos and his preciousness and I want to share some of my fav things about Kim Sangbae.

The nickname Moos is wonderful! Moos got this nickname from some of his seniors who would tease him because when he was younger he would use A LOT of hair mousse to be showy. He would style his hair into a point right smack dab on the front of his head. He says it looked like a little mountain on his head.

Moos’ smile is like lightening. You never know when it will strike but when it does you don’t forget it.

His sexy face. You know the one I mean. The one when he lowers one eyebrow. THATS THE ONE!!

He DJ’s and rides motorcylces. Like..that shouldn’t even be allowed to be a combination bc how overwhelmingly sexy is that?!!!!!!!

Moos does MAGIC!!! And like legit good card tricks too! Not pretending to pull your nose off crap. The man has quick hands! I love that when he does his tricks people respond with amazement. Also because this is one of the things that Moos is so obviously confident in. There is a swag that Moos gets when he is doing magic that I don’t even see when he’s rapping. Its a particular glint in his eye and a certain way he smiles that shows he is passionate about magic. Its one of the times when you see Moos speak confidently and loudly and without any stuttering or hesitation. He is the master of the cards and he is ready to blow your mind. Every time.

Moos is shy and that this makes me love him even more. Yes, he is nervous talking directly to the camera even after all these years. Its legit a thing that I don’t think will change for Moos. He is just so much more comfortable being behind his members that you are more likely to see him behind Jun (one of his favorite hiding spots. Probably bc Jun is so big Moos can completely disappear behind those broad shoulders hehe) than in front of the camera. If he had it his way he wouldn’t even be in the shot most of the time. haha

Its so cute and a little sad because I want Moos to feel confident and comfortable with Madpi and it makes me a little sad that he still is so nervous around us even though Madtown has debuted 2 (going onto 3) yrs ago. BUT I understand Moos’ struggle and it makes me appreciate him EVEN more. Just imagine how much he must love us and music and performing to keep pushing himself outside of his comfort zone.

I think that apart from being shy Moos is just down-to-earth. He is a humble person. He has been around the entertainment industry from a young age. He came to Seoul at the age of 12 to live with his cousin and to learn dancing from him (his cousin was already a dancer). And he has an understanding of the ups and downs because he has lived them. Moos was supposed to debut as part of MBLAQ but was unable to for personal reasons. I’ve heard from other Madpi that it was because he had to have surgery on his back. And then he had to wait and train AGAIN while Madtown was formed.

All this struggle has made Moos a grateful person. He LOVES Madtown because they are a part of his dream. His LONG AWAITED dream of debuting. When he cries talking about his members or Madpi its because he really loves us all and sees us as a treasure. He always says that even if its for 20 or 200 years he is glad to be together.

I believe Moos deeply means this esp because he is an older idol. He just turned 27 today! Think about it! Madtown is two years old and Moos is 27! He knows that he will have to enlist in the next few years. He knows that time is precious and he values every moment and every stage.

Moos is Dad. And I don’t mean in a kinky way. Although you can go there if you want. Hahaha

I mean Moos is Madtown’s Dad. I feel this great quiet steady presence that Moos is to Madtown. I sense that he is steering the group in his own way. Its not loud or overbearing or even seen all the time. Instead of leading by ordering the members around I think Madtown follows Moos out of love.

Their dynamic is so precious because they seem to tease and pamper Moos as if he was the maknae. They laugh at his mistakes, they get ultra competitive and debate with him when they play games, and they hug and pet him to show their encouragement. Its the cutest thing on the planet. The way they hype up Moos is adorable!

But even amidst this camaraderie Moos is still the undisputed leader. It makes me smile when Moos counts down in his deep voice and Madtown bows altogether. Its a sight and sound I NEVER get tired of.

Ok now I’m getting sappy so I am warning you now.

I wonder how much pressure and worry Moos has felt trying to take care of all his babies? Madtown is so close to him and they’ve been through so much already and its only been two years. I wonder how many tears Moos has shed over leaving Jtune camp. He worked and trained there for YEARS!! 6 years!! Before every debuting. I wonder how close he was to the ppl there and how hard it was for him to decide to leave because it was best for Madtown.

I wonder how upset he felt finding out the CEO of GNI Entertainment got arrested for fraud. Madtown JUST switched agencies and Madpi were so ecstatic because we were getting so many vlives and stuff. I bet Madtown was feeling refreshed too. Then all of a sudden we get this horrible news.

Did he blame himself as the leader for not being able to protect Madtown? Did he regret switching agencies? I can’t imagine the stress and questions Moos had to deal with. I know my own heart was broken and I was worried sick for days. But through it all Moos has never said a negative word about Jtune or GNI. He’s never complained or vented or showed any bitterness over difficulties. He is always grateful. Always sweet and always shyly smiling.

I am amazed at how well Moos is doing. So well that he got an IG and he updates REGULARLY!! Our quiet shy leader is on IG and showing off his cute pouty lips and DJing skills. I am so happy that Madtown has Moos as a leader and a friend. I am happy that I’ve gotten to know him and I am proud of him.

I am SO proud of Kim Sangbae. I am proud of his determination, love, kindness, talent, hard work. I am happy to celebrate him today and FOVEVER!!!

Happy Birthday to my favorite green genius!! 💚

Voltron actor AU where everything’s the same but Voltron is a live-action TV show and the paladins are actors:

  • Their names are the same in real life. They go by different names in the show. 
  • Keith and Lance still have a “rivalry.” Red and Blue didn’t originally have it, but when the cast first met and the directors saw how Keith and Lance interacted, they wanted to write it in. 
  • Shiro’s arm is still a prosthetic, although the scar is fake.
    • sometimes the makeup crew forgets the scar. literally no one notices until it’s the end of filming
    • “Shiro…” “Huh?” “…they forgot the sca–” “are yOU FUC–”
  •  Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Allura all do their own stunts. 
    • Pidge is only 17 and their mom won’t sign the waiver for them to do their own stunts. 
  • No one really knows how their little production company was able to afford hiring Allura, who’s a big time actress and super talented.
    • they eventually find out that she’s a giant mecha/space nerd and came to /them/ asking for a role and willing to do it for free
  • No one really knows if Coran has a script or if he was told to just say whatever
  • Lance calls Keith “Red” so often that Keith thinks Lance has forgotten his name
    • he hasn’t.
  • The paladins, Allura, Coran, and basically all the actors boycott after season 2, demanding retribution for the way they wrote Hunk and Lance’s characters. 
  • Hunk has an engineering degree in real life.  
  • Matt isn’t Pidge’s real life brother, but when they first meet it goes something like: “baby sister!” “big brother!” and they end up inseparable.
    • Pidge’s mother is known for calling Pidge at work just to talk to her son, Matt 
  • Hunk and Shay’s on-screen chemistry was actually a real thing. Shay was cast at the same time that she was working in the costume/design department, so they’d known each other since the show started. 
    • they’re dating now
  • Every time Lance’s character hits on Allura’s on-screen Lance spends five minutes defending Blue’s character after filming 
    • “he just craves attention, okay? he just wants love!! he’s smart and beautiful and wants to belonG”
    • despite this, Lance is basically his character minus that shoddy writing in season 2
  • Keith and Lance have their own shipping fanbase. It starts out with just their characters, but then Some Mysterious Person starts taking candids between sets and posting them online and klance is born
    • it’s Pidge. Pidge runs five fan accounts. 
    • the pictures are super incriminating, but no one shows them to Lance or Keith
    • there’s a betting pool on when they’ll get together
  • Keith gets super into his roles and ends up genuinely upset after filming the scenes where the princess reacts badly to Red being part Galra. 
    • Allura gives him a 15 minute hug after
  • Bonding Moment Discourse is actually a thing. There was a prop malfunction on set while they were filming and the directors told them to stay put, so Lance ended up being Cradled for a solid half hour.
    • later, they find out that they could’ve moved and just chilled for that time, instead of actually holding each other.
    • “I get it Keith, I get it. You just wanted to hold me. Who doesn’t amiright??”   

Link and his cute Zora bf!

( i will make this into charms soon i think, if enough people are interested! ^ v ^ )