i forgot how to use ps

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Your posts are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I looove your blog and you seem like a really sweet person. I do have 2 questions. 1- do you have any advice for building/decorating and also how do you edit your images?I have PS and Gimp but I barely know how to use them lol. Thanks so much for your time!!!

OMG I remember you, you already asked about decorating and i totally forgot about it o_o I’m so sorry, I remember your profile pic I’M SORRY I was at work, and I wanted to get home and do it with pics and all, and then I FORGOT LIKE A MORON THAT I AM. I’m so sorry, you’re so sweet. I’m at work again, so as to not risk forgetting about it again, I’ll just answer now. 

Firstly, about building. I’m in no way as good as @jenba or @peacemaker-ic or countless other amazing builders, but I figured with building, it’s most important to just try everything. Most of us have those two windows we really like and use for everything, well forget those, try that one ugly green window you never used in your entire life, maybe it’ll give it some charm. Add wood to EVERYTHING. I like nature, and I like natural looking houses, i’m not really big into minimalism or these modern b&w schemes, I like brown, and green, and colours, lived in, family feel to it. I play legacies, so my legacy houses usually start with one bedroom and then slowly add onto it, so they come out these mismatched attrocities, but with some charm to them. But I can’t do second floors lol did you notice that my houses never actually have any rhyme nor reason to their second floors xD I FORGET THE STAIRS. I keep forgetting stairs and then I have no place to fit them in, and they just end up a eyesore. Really, building, it’s not something I’m very good at, but I try. 

When it comes to decorating, my secret is CLUTTER. No really, just clutter everything. Look at your own house and remember how you were reading a book and then your whoever-you-live-with called you to come over and you stood up, dropped the book on a side table on your way, next to a mug of hot coco. And then there’s that endtable next to the entrance with the bowl for the keys, but the actual keys are next to the fridge, but you’re currently being called over by whoever-you-live-with to help them look for the keys in the bedroom. Yeah, well, that’s my decorating style. Plus, I’m european, I like smaller rooms with more furniture and decoration. Big empty spaces are a no no for me. I always hated those big rooms with just a sofa and a tv and I’m like “what’s with all the empty, you doing cha cha cha??” No, you put everything you have including those five sofas your family’s been inheriting since ppl still used leaches in medicine. We cha cha cha in the backyard like civilized ppl. 

Bear in mind, the more stuff you put and the darker the tones you use are, the smaller and more lived in the room is going to look. 

I hope this helps, I’m not really an expert, but I try, that all any of us can do. 

I’m sorry again for not answering the first time ♥♥


Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

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Hi! I just wanted to ask for some good tips on digital art? I'm starting pretty soon and getting my first tablet for Christmas but I don't have a clue where to start! Thanks!

Hi and congrats on your very first tablet,that sounds super exciting!

Tbh I don’t really have tips for how to use a tablet because it just takes some practice and some getting used to. But if you don’t know which program to use I suggest using either paint tool SAI or FireAlpaca. (or photoshop if you’re feeling fancy heh)

  • SAI is really simple and great for beginners and I love how soft the brushes are (this is what I use to make art)
  • Photoshop is also great but it has a ton of functions that I don’t even use or need so I only really use it to make small animations. I literally only click 3 buttons when I use photoshop 😂
  • FireAlpaca is kind of a mix between SAI and PS in a way? It’s easy to use but it has a lot more functions and tools compared to SAI. edit: I forgot to add that this is 100% free!

EDIT: Oh! Also remember to always save your files as PNG,not JPEG! And save them at atleast 300dpi!

Cressida by @gravityfying happy birthday!

I tried to message you earlier because I was in doubt about a few things, but you weren’t online… So I hope you don’t mind a few liberties I took… I hope you like this! @artgirllullaby did the shadows (and the gloves, was a cute touch - PS: Sorry for handing you a 6B instead of a 2B Lully, I know you tried your best ^^’)

I also forgot to sign, so.. sorry guys ^^’

Happy birthday, Grav! I hope you have a great year full of happiness and shining! And maybe join the shipping squad? *hint hint * lol I know these guys would love you there (and even if you don’t join, drop at @shippingsquad anytime you want to talk with any of us and also laugh on how we ship everyone lol)




13/? films - Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

“Lawrence, only two kinds of creature get fun in the desert: Bedouins and gods, and you’re neither. Take it from me; for ordinary men, it’s a burning, fiery furnace.” “No, Dryden. It’s going to be fun.”

it’s you; a very angsty zayn/louis playlist

who doesn’t like a lil of angst on their lives, right? this mix its quite long, it has 80+ songs so yeah. thanks to everyone who sent me songs to add to this. ♡ 


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i made my own texture!!! yay i’m glad i can and i also glad i did the layers because yesterday i didn’t and it ended up i have to undo so many times and redo the thing over and over again (because most of tutorial on youtube didn’t do layers so i just follow them)

 the 1st attempt was like

and then

and then

and now now it’s kinda better after following @darkosims3 hair texturing method which he wrote here http://darkosims3.tumblr.com/post/164769832788/hello-how-do-you-make-your-hair-textures-ive and it does work, especially the root if i didn’t do the roots it would be like this.

and darko was right everything is not always perfect and still need a lot of tweaking to make it better :D

and i also glad i found this brush (i forgot where i got this one but i downloaded them from a lot of websites and now i have tons of unused brushes in my PS xD but mostly i got from devianart and the 5 first row web of free brushes on google.

and i suggest to use this photo filter ( i applied this twice)

and this (i applied this once, but i applied it twice on the base layer to make the noise a bit bigger and i don’t really like a very smooth looks)

and then blur it for the details around the highlight :) i also invert the color to white and applied overlay and turn down the opacity a little (i suggest to draw it very close to make it has a little less gap so it looks a bit better).

thank you so mush to @blahberry-pancake she even send me her hair texture to use which is amazing but idk i just want to make my own xD, but your texture is great girl :* also thank you to the useful step by step by @darkosims3 :* and also @margeh75 for giving me another video tutorial :D