i forgot how to use photoshop oops

Modern Amy Boom Sonic

Is line art is like….made sometime last year? I want to say somewhere in November? Anyway I wanted to slap something I already drew with line art and practice more color, in the sketch only some of her outfit was done so I had to free hand that rest of it as I lined because I was too lazy to sketch anything else out, and it looked like it turned out pretty good.
I was practicing the same coloring as I was with my previous Sonic .:WIP:. piece and I like how this one came out more, so I like the adjustments I made to what I was doing so maybe I will do stuff like this more often, it saves about a million years on coloring.

Before today I have never done the following in Paint Tool Sai (Which is what I use for line art and coloring, not sketching) :
- Used any sore of select tool for coloring
- Merging layers (Forgot to do it on this one though, oops)

Other new things I’ve tried in the last few days:
- Finally used the rotate canvas feature

What do I use as a sketching program:
- Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0

What I use to Line Art:
- Brush tool (Normally on 2 but this one on 1.5 but for eye lashes as big as 4)

Just answering a few questions I’ve been asked before for my art, I really, honestly, do nothing special I don’t even know what I am doing about 90% of the time folks honestly.