i forgot how to spell her last name

Regina drums her fingers against her desk as she dials Emma’s number. The Sheriif was supposed to meet her for lunch half an hour ago but so far no Emma. 

It annoys her that it bothers her as much as it does. Emma used to be a thorn in her side, now however, all she wants is for Emma to turn up so they can share lunch. Sadly a platonic one since she knows Emma doesn’t feel the same,

She sighs as she bemoans her heart for wanting what she cannot have before a buzzing noise interrupts her thoughts. Regina scans her desk before shaking her head as she spots Emma’s cell phone. She must have left it here when she brought me that coffee earlier.

Regina picks up the phone and grabs her coat fully intending to return the item to Emma. As she grabs the phone her finger triggers the display and she frowns in confusion as she sees the screen - Missed Call, Mayor Milf.

Milf?” She wonders aloud before heading to the diner.

“Hey Regina,” Emma greets cheerfully when she spots the brunette holding lunch. 

Regina smiles passing her the to go bag before reaching into her pocket, “Oh and this.” 

Emma pats her pockets before sighing, “Thanks, can’t believe I forgot that.” 

“Not as bad as forgetting how to spell my last name.”


“On your phone, it came up as Mayor Milf…how did you put Mills in wrong?”

Emma’s cheeks burn bright red as she admits, “I didn’t…I meant to put Milf.”

Regina scrunches her brow in confusion, “Why?”

Emma weighs up the odds in her mind before sucking in a deep breath, “You need to Google it.” She pauses as she she runs to her computer typing it into the search bar before beckoning Regina over. The brunette does leaning over Emma, giving the blonde a tantalising view of a straining shirt button.

“Oh,” Regina breathes out before grinning. She turns her head to the side, their lips only millimetres apart, “So…” she trails off before just going with it and pressing their lips together. It’s dizzying and incredible and god how Regina wishes Emma had misplaced her phone sooner. 

They break apart, lips swollen and cheeks flushed, “Wow,” Emma manages earning a far too sexy smirk from Regina, who raises her fingers to her still tingling lips before replying, “Wow indeed…come over for dinner tonight?” 

Emma grins, “Can’t wait.”

Concert/Loft 89 Experience (6/13)

So basically this past Saturday was the best night of my life and I’ve gotten a lot of questions and people asking how it happened and stuff so this will hopefully explain it all! The day of the concert I arrived about 4 hours before the gates opened at Lincoln Field (honestly other than maybe being with friends there really isn’t much of a need to get there early). Anyways, I had written Taylor a letter and had it in an envelope with two drawings and a sticker for her that I was going to give to Katelyn (@buttonsoncoats) because she already knew she was gonna meet Tay. So like about an hour before gates opened we got in line at the entrance for floor tickets and i saw Katelyn and gave her the letter. So they let us inside and stuff at 5:00 and by the time I got to the TN booth there was already a super long line and I wasn’t there with any friends so i decided it wasn’t worth the wait (although i did take a picture of Kevin oops). My seats were on the bottom left section of the floor and I was the outside aisle seat. The concert started and I was screaming my head off and dancing like a complete nut it was so amazing. Around the 6-7th song I think it was I turned my head and saw Andrea standing at the end of the aisle next to me looking around at the crowd. I was the first one to notice her and i just automatically jumped into her arms and started sobbing on her shoulder. She kept her arm around me and smiled and asked me if I had ever met Taylor, which by this point i was so hysterical but I attempted to say no and she told the TN person to give me a Loft 89 pass and they put a bracelet on my wrist also. The rest of the concert was so amazing Taylor puts on such an incredible show and Rachel Platten was so great ugh my honey. So after the show we went to the section the thing told us and Kevin scanned us with the metal detector thingy and they told us we could take pics but no videos and no phones once Tay was in the room. I ran up to Katelyn once we were in there and hugged her and also to see if she still had my letter (she did) so i could give it to Tay myself. Andrea came down and asked if Taylor was there yet and we told her no and she said she would go find her. Me and Kaileen (@areweintheclearyets) were standing right like in front of the door and trying not to die waiting for Taylor. When Taylor finally came in she like turned the corner into the room with a giant “HEY GUYS” like the fucking secret sessions or some shit and we all screamed and cheered for her.She hugged every single person and was such a sweetheart. When she came to me I gave her a huge hug and then she hugged my brother and my parents too. I think I was trying to like cling to her though cause after she hugged me I like didn’t want to let go and started to like grab her hand ?? idk. Anyways I then told her that she folllows me on tumblr so she asked my user and I told her it was Oldscarfswift and she was like “ohh I know your blog” and I started crying more. I handed her the envelope and i tried to explain what was in it and stuff but I just ended up being like “Here…..letter….you”  and and  looked at the way I had written her name and told me my handwriting was pretty. I think I hugged her again after that I’m not really sure?? And then my mom said something about how much this means to me and Taylor looked at me and was like “I LOVE YOU” and I hugged her (I think) and said I love you too. She told us that her police escort was leaving in five minutes and so we had to take a picture quick (she was so nice about it and told us of course it wasnt our fault but that we just had to be quick and stuff) and so I gave the TN girl my phone to take the picture and I just automatically went to hug Tay for the picture and she saw I was wrapping my arms around her so she did the same to me and like hugged me in towards her. Then after we took that one she was like Lets get a family pic so we took one with my brother and my parents too. This is how I was able to get two photos with her because she asked for a second one.  Then she asked what I wanted her to sign and I gave her my Loft 89 pass. She asked if my name is spelled with an A or an E and i told her A and she wrote out I heart Lindsay and signed her name. She also signed my brother’s ticket. After that she had to go so I gave her one last hug and then stood there crying while she talked to Kaileen. Also i forgot that before Taylor came around to me I got to meet Rachel Platten and she was so so nice and I took a picture with her as well. I also took a picture with Andrea and hugged her and cried some more. Anyways then Taylor waved goodbye and they all left. 

I want to thank Taylor and Andrea so so much for this night and this opportunity. Andrea was so so kind to me and I am so grateful that she chose me for Loft 89. Taylor was just the most angelic person ever and I have waited so long to finally tell her I love her it was the absolute best moment of my life. She is so sweet and was totally ok with me sobbing over her and she just told me she loved me and honestly that was all I ever needed to hear in life. She just makes you feel so loved I am so so glad that I had that moment with her and I just want to say thanks to her for everything and for helping me through so much of my life. I love you Taylor.