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; Pregnant ~ (Xiumin from EXO)

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“I-I… I n-need some time____” - He said simply and stormed out the door, letting it close with a loud bang.

As much you wanted to throw yourself on the floor and cry your heart out, you just stayed there completely frozen.  This was really happening?

You went to the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed with your head buried in your hands trying to calm down. You had to stop the storm of thoughts in your head, you need to think straight.

He’s right, this can’t happen… Can you imagine the reactions of the fans? They’re going crazy and of course in a bad way. Him, his career, his fans, his company and members, none of this was ready to receive such news. You couldn’t be so egoist and blurt out that you pregnant and interfere in Minseok’s dream. Can you imagine how much trouble you’re going to bring for the people you love the most? How much disappointment? No… You have to go… go away from his life, is going to be better like this.

Sighing loud and trying to sweep the tears which refuse to stop dripping, you bent down to get your old suitcase under the bed. Placing the suitcase above the light blue sheets, you held both sides of the same and breathing deeply turned to the closet to grab all of your clothes and shoes there and headed to the bathroom to get the remaining things as well. You didn't want to leave any trace yours.

After finishing packing your things or whatever else you could pick up at least, you stayed at the door-frame scanning one last time the cozy bedroom that you no more will share with Minseok, the room you most had happy and lovely moments with him. Moments that will just stay in your memory from now on.

“Goodbye Minseok” - You said softly for no one in special, holding back your sobs you grabbed the handle of the suitcase and walked to the front door. Leaving your most favorite place in the world behind.

“Everything will be okay…” - The gentle breeze hit your face when you step out, drying the tears remaining.


After spending 2 hours or so talking with his best friend Luhan, the only one he could truly trust and release all his frustration, Minseok realized how stupid he was just before, being mad and leaving all the guilty to you while he was just guilty as you… No, guilty isn’t the right word… Because you are the only one he wanted to have a family with, the one who he wanted to spend the rest of his life together, then it was just a little early gift from God. 

Minseok was already in front of his house, he needed to apologize to you, to tell that everything is going to be fine, that he is going to stay by your side no matter what, to hug and kiss you. Fiddling with the keys he couldn’t hold back the smile on his face at the thought of raising a child with you, but when he opened the door silence welcomed him.

“_____?” - He called softly noticing that your shoes weren’t in the usual place. Stepping out from his own shoes, he hurried to the kitchen to see if you was there, but nothing. 

“_____-ah?” - While taking small steps towards the bedroom,he called your name one more time, but this time more hopeless. He sighed before opening the door, it was he last hope… She have to be here, she can’t leave me.

Nothing. The bed was made exactly like the last time he saw and with trembling hands he opened the closet but just to see his clothes were the only thing remaining there. Hesitantly, he bend down to look under the bed to confirm what it was his worst nightmare. The suitcase was gone, you’re gone.

With tears already threatening to fall from his eyes, he leaned against the wall bringing his knees close to his chest and burying his head in the middle, clutching his hand in fist until his joints become white.

“What have I done?”


Eight months had already passed since you leave your old live, your old house. Since then, you’re leaving together with your childhood friend in her house which was slightly away from Seoul until you have your child, after that you’re planning to go USA or another country where you could start a new life. Just you and your child.

Of course during the first months Minseok had called you several times and send a lot of messages but you couldn’t go back on what you decided easy like that, this was better for him, so you just blocked his number to stop the calls and now you’re pretty sure that he had complete forgot you. At least you hoped so.

On the other hand, you couldn’t forget him. Every music you listen, everything you do, the old and lovely memories would fill your mind. You missed him so much, how you wish it were not like this but it had to be.

“Hey ___-ah, I’m going to the market okay? Call me if you need anything!" - Your friend said grabbing her bag and smiling at you while shaking the keys, drawing your attention.

"O-Oh okay Sunhwa… And don’t take so long, the baby and I are hungry!" - You laughed while rubbing your now big and round belly.

She just nodded laughing and went out leaving you alone, but you didn’t mind anymore, you actually enjoyed having a time just for you. You grabbed the TV remote control and turned it on, leaving on your favorite show.

After some time you become really hungry and decided to get up and search for something to satisfy your hunger for a while until your friend come back.

"Why she is taking so long? I thought the market was clo–” -  You stop talking immediately when you saw that big puddle of water exactly on the spot where you sat before

“W-What?” - You looked down just to see that your legs are wet too. You tried to keep calm when realized that your water had broke.

“Okay, let’s stay calm…" - You started to breathe deep - "I just need to call Sunhwa”


You are on a wheelchair inhaling and exhaling deep and almost breaking your friend’s hand while waiting for the doctor to find and clean up an empty surgery room.

“Are you sure you don’t want to call Minseok? I really think he needs to know what is happening ____-ah…”  - Sunhwa asked while trying to massage her hand a bit.

N-No…” - You growled in response - “It’s okay…" 

To be honest, Minseok was the only thing running in your mind right now, you wanted him to be with you so much, to share the happiest moment in your life with him… But he can’t, you have to be strong.

”____-ah…“- She paused - "I already called him actually…” - Sunhwa said, making your eyes widening in surprise and you let go of her hand, so she softly sighed.

“Y-YOU WHAT? HOW? WHEN?” - You practically shouted and almost forgot your pain for a second.

“I have his number, I got secretly because I knew this day would come and I’m pretty sure he wants to know that. Indeed he have to know ____! So I called him just after you hang up with me… I think he is arriving soon…”

You couldn’t believe, you’re complete frozen. Is he coming? He still cared about you? You tried to say something more to Sunhwa, but suddenly pain hit you making you grabbing her hand again. You heard steps coming fast towards you.

“_____-ah? Are you okay?” -  You lift up your head right away recognizing his voice. Minseok was besides you with wide and worried eyes looking to every part of your face and you could see sadness deep inside those big black orbs.

“W-Why you are here, Minseok?” - He tried to get your another hand but you put away.

“Shouldn’t be me asking questions now?" - He chuckled softly - "I came here because I love you and I care about you… And I want to apologize to you”

You’re still a bit hesitant but you nodded your head letting Minseok continue.

“After I left, I realized how stupid I was… You’re to only one I want to spend the rest of my life together,  to have a beautiful and healthy family…” - He was looking down and caressing your belly - “But when I come back, you was already gone without letting me apolozige. I was so lost ___-ah…”

Minseok lifted up his head meeting your gaze, he was with eyes full of tears about to fall.

I just love you so much ___-ah… Please forgive me, I’m nothing withou you…”  - He cupped your face leaning to kiss your forehead, but a strong twinge made you hold his arms very strongly. “A-Are you okay? Where’s the doc–”

“I-I love you too” - You practically whispered - “Just stay with me forever Minseok-ah”

He gave you the biggest smile relieving your pain a bit and before he could say something more the nurses rushed you to the surgery room with Minseok following besides you caressing your hand.


During the delivery Minseok had stayed by your side the entire time, encouraging you and somehow soothing you but when you heard cry echo in the the room, you passed out due exhaustion.

When you woke up in your room you are greeted by the most lovely scene, Minseok  rocking back and forth holding curled sheet. When he heard you giggle he turned smiling bright to you.

“It’s a healthy baby girl” - He come closer passing the now visible small baby to your arms - “And she is beautiful just like her mother" 

Minseok kissed your head while you’re amazed by the soft and small face blinking at you, you caressed her tiny hands without believing that everything was going right as you imagined.

"I-I–” - You lifted up your face with teary eyes.

“I know __-ah… I couldn’t be more happy right now” -  Minseok embraced the two of you letting a soft ‘I love you’ muffled by your hair.

I love you so much Minseok” - Smiling, you kissed your little daughter’s forehead - “And you too sweetie”


(YEEEAH FINALLY! It’s so long omg, I’m sorry guys I think I was too much into it >< But anyways, I hope you liked :DD (I didn’t know how to end this T-T)

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Game Theory - Chapter 3

Here’s Game Theory chapter three. As usual, the outstanding hartfic and dabblingdabbler have patiently dealt with my spelling and grammar. All lies. Please do leave feedback in my inbox should you wish to do so (if you want a private answer just mention it :) )

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Hartbig, SFW, SFF, 3,223  words.

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It’s not like she is nervous. She’s been to Grace’s flat a billion times. It’s just that despite the shower she just took, she can’t shake off the fact that she barely left her girlfriend’s bed and is now standing right in front of the door of the girl she accidentally kissed. And that shouldn’t even be relevant, if it wasn’t for the fact that she feels dirty. Hannah Hart, the preacher of self acceptance and ‘everything-will-be-fine’, feels like she is doomed beyond redemption. How is that even possible, when she did what she did in perfectly good faith?

Grace opens the door and Goose barks happily when she sees her, bolting against her legs, wagging her tail so much her rear paws are wiggling. And maybe that’s why she is feeling dirty, because she was in her girlfriend’s bed thinking that all she wanted was to be here, with Grace, kneeling down to get her hands licked by an overenthusiastic dog.

- - - 

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