i forgot how to draw anime


Finally had time to finish this piece from forever ago. I’ve always loved Escher’s mind bending work and I’ve been really into drawing glass lately so it’s only natural to mix the two. I used a free sketchup model of Escher’s stairs as the base for this drawing. You can find tutorials of how I utilize 3D in my drawings on my YuumeiArt.com website. I forgot to record the drawing process for this one in particular, but the concept and process is all the same.

Now that I have bit more time after moving, expect lost more updates soon, and new comics are under way as well! :D

Sitting Around The House - NaruHina

Oh ma gawd…I have been on a hiatus for so long that I completely forgot how much I loved drawing these two together! I don’t know how I got the motivation but here it is folks - a good old cosy time between Naruto and Hinata, under the blanket. ^^


Thank you.

Ribbit ribbit.

Gift for @musabori We haven’t talk in a while, sweetie! How have you been? I hope you’re doing well ♥ (and also hope you still remember who I am *sobs*). It seems that you like this froggy as much as I do, so please consider this as a gift~ I forgot to color her hands ;; sorry!

i can’t believe keith was gonna be a white haired pointy-toothed anime boy…why were we deprived of this information up until now omfg

Flip Flappers v2 arrived a couple of days ago but was too busy to make a post about it. But now I have some time (not really) so here we go~

So the usual thing. Box art by tanu on the right, cover illustration by Kojima Takashi in the middle, and production booklet of some characters + their various designs. 

Kojima being the character designer, there’s going to be lots of commentary by him. I only really tried to read Papika’s bit because I got tired after that

  • Kojima wanted to contrast Cocona and Papika’s designs with each other, so that explains Cocona’s short hair vs Papika’s long hair + her sandals.. (didn’t describe anything else after that but their differences are pretty obvious, like red hair + blue eyes for Papika, blue hair + brown (but not quite red) eyes for Cocona, etc)
  • Oshiyama said Kojima’s illustrations look very shounen manga-ish, so he worked hard to match the image of a bishoujo anime.
  • There’s a colored-line ahoge right behind Papika’s more prominent one.. (which I actually did not notice UNTIL NOW) which he needed to be careful not to forgot about drawing. But he thought it was a fun little thing.

The only other interesting tidbit I read was TT-392′s design being based off of a Jameson robot. Anyway, some pics! Clothing designs, weapon designs, fragment designs, etc

The page about the eye’s designs was interesting. Reminded me of something I read where an animator (I think?) was saying how eyes in anime are becoming so much more complicated that it takes a such a considerable amount of time to draw. I just thought that was interesting because I thought Flip Flappers’s eyes were fairly simple, but there’s really a lot to take in consideration when drawing them on-model. Also made note about how the camera’s distance makes a difference when drawing the eyes on-model, which is something I never really thought about before. 

I think v3 has more on character designs. Oh, and a lot of these have already been posted on twitter by Oshiyama (which you can view here). He posts a lot of production stuff, like storyboards and setting designs~ thx oshiyama and kojima.

Fantasy elf lady doodle. As I mentioned yesterday I want to get back into posting things here more often, I’m still swamped with work though so it has to be quicker faster sketches like this. That said I think this turned out pretty well, it’s been a while since I just did straight up cell shading, and I forgot how much I like it. I think working on faster looser techniques like this will be a lot of fun. Also as a final aside, I didn’t notice this until I started putting the colors together, but I think what I really ended up drawing here is a fantasy elf version of Meryl from Metal Gear Solid.

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Do you know that there are people who love you and care about you,and still have hope in your country?

Ah, a while ago, I might’ve forgotten about those people.

But now, with all of you reminding me of your love, how could I forget?

((EDIT: right after posting this i’m looking at the drawing and realizing i forgot to color the part between anon’s neck and gil’s arm, and i am bothered but i’m too tired to fix it right now, i’ll maybe fix it tomorrow))