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So Many Bubbles!! - AHWU for May 2nd, 2016 (#315)

A lil’ compilation about Lil’J being attacked by lil’ bubbles (Or the ahwu where Gav just keeps bothering Lil’ J)

since night 219 i was curious about how they would look like with the Earl outfit, and I’m having too many feels about those two that is not good for my heart!!

I was tagged by @isseimattsun  to describe myself in 3-4 characters:

  1. Tsukishima Kei (Haikyuu!!) y’all saw this coming
  2. Yuri Plistesky (Yuri!!! On Ice) because I identify in jerks <3
  3. Bokuto Koutaro (Haikyuu!!), because I’m a big woman with a soft heart. Also, at his age I was understimated for my abilities and skills (Now look at me, bitches AH!)
  4. Raphael (TMNT), because I’m short tempered and sensitive but try to hide it under fake self-confidence.

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