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“Why do you let people call you a dog? You won’t let anyone call you a knight.”

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hello! i love your blog <3 thanks so much for all the hard work! do you have any updates on the tbs channel 2 haisute episode 2? shouri and takato seemed to be having so much fun in the gifs you posted im so excited!!! uvu

Hello! Uhm yeah, about that….I forgot to record the Aug. 19 replay bc the one I recorded had some problems with the sound (it wasn’t /that/ in sync orz), but if you guys are okay with that then I’ll upload it. i feel like I’m the only one who’ll notice it isn’t in sync anyway lol 

Depends on how slow my internet is, I’ll probably have it by tomorrow

UPDATE: My ISP has speed problems, so the file won’t upload properly lol. It’s at 94 hours right now. I’ll upload it when at the lab on Monday, where the internet would be faster. 

Here’s another gif of this simpleton being too amused about Ino’s shoe


favourite youtubers (in no particular order) ─ 1. bethany mota (macbarbie07)
“Drove past a car that had “learn how to park” written in the dirt on the window. #antigoals is that a thing?” 


               About a month ago I asked everyone if I could borrow some gifs from them. (If i used your gifs and I forgot to ask I am so so sorry there was a lot of people) Anyway, I asked everyone if I could borrow their faces so that I could properly explain how much all of you mean to me. This is a song with terrible piano skills and awkward lyrics written for the most terribly awkward and wonderful people I know. This song is for everyone in the community even if you aren’t in the video or I forgot to tag you this song is for you. So, without further ado…


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and @ihadnochoiceyou because while you dont rp you are still one of my best friends and I love you to death and I miss you. 

Lyrics below: 

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I Belong to You (Kai Smut)

OMG, you couldn’t be cuter could you? Thanks for the compliment. I wish I knew your name <3  For the compliment I’ll try even better than ever. Every detail will be included. Love you, love youuuu

Scenario: Smut and love story.
Characters: Kai & Reader

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You and Kai have been friends since you were 6 years old. Many memories crossed your mind everytime you saw him, but specially every smile and every joke he made along the years. The talk between you too, are so fluent and so confident that you even dare talking about the guys you hang out with, he never did so, so tonight you decided to ask about it, but first: Let’s call him.

Y/N: Hey Kai! Do you want to do something tonight?
Kai: Hey ______! Uhmm, sure. What’s on your mind?
Y/N: Just come home, I need to be alone with you and talk, as usual.

Kai: Oh… so you have dirty plans? Let’s do it. I’ll be there at 9. Bye ____. Prepare something delicious.

You decided to prepare some strawberrys with Nutella as usual. Took a shower, put some loosen clothes since you didn’t have to prepare anything at all. Looking at the clock, you waited because you were really anxious to talk about this, you never wondered why he wouldn’t tell about this actually.

*knocks on the door*

Y/N: Going!!!! *you took the keys and opened the door*

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Kai was beautiful. He smiled, looked at you but suddenly you just were staring at him.

Kai: So ____, can I come in?

Y/N: Ughhh, sorry. You have some nice perfume tonight.

Kai: Oh, thanks. It’s new. I’m trying it with my favourite girl.

Y/N: *kinda blushed* Hahah shut up Kai.

Going straight to the garden, with the strawberrys, you asked him quetly:
Y/N: So… Can i ask you something? *as you gave him on the mouth one strawberry * But promise me you won’t be scared about it.

Kai: ____, you know that at this point nothing is scary between us. Btw, this is delicious.

Y/N: Ok. Why you never tell me about the girls you hang out?

Kai face turnt absolutly red and gone.

Y/N: You told me you woudn’t be scared!

Kai: It’s, just… uhmm… Well…. actually.. ugh.

*You took with your soft and warm hand his face*
Y/N: Don’t be scared Kai, I know you.

Suddenly his confidence was back. But in a different way. He stared at you, deeply looking.

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Kai: ____, I know this is not easy *getting closer to you, you almost felt his lips on yours*

I love you.

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He took one hand on your hips, and one in your head pushing you against him to complete the kiss… His lips were so warm and soft that you forgot the fact that you were frozing outside.

Kai: I never told you about girls, because the times i’ve been with some, I never fell in love. You were always on my mind, and I… I didn’t want you to know that, i couldn’t be with others because of you… you just… are perfect for me and no one could fulfill me as you do.

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Y/N: How could I didn’t notice Kai… You are perfect for me as well.. I’ve been so dumb, please forgive me…

Kai: I’ll never forgive you how perfect this moment was…

As he kissed you again, and again.. It started raining. Suddenly you were just in heaven. The kiss, the rain, feeling the smile as you both kissed. Something in your body was just complete.

Kai: Let me take you somewhere safer *lifting you up like a princess he took you to your room*

As he took you, you could feel his strongs arms, back and chest. Sexy as hell.
He put you safely in bed and continued kissing you… You decided to took his shirt off, slowly while you were kissing. Then you unbelted him and start taking his jeans off.

Kai: No fair, I need to see you too ____. *smiling he began lifting your shirt while kissing softly your stomach, then your chest seeing your bra*
Kissing your neck and then your left ear… You started turning on as you felt his member pushing hard against your thigh. He was hard as fuck. Your hand went down, and began touching him, softly. His face changed in a second and looked at you while you do it. Kissing you again, with his tongue so good that you heated even more than before. Without knowing it, suddenly your g-spot was being touched under your jean with one of his thumbs. He rubbed you softly for some minutes, until he pulled your jeans off.

Kai: You are so beautiful ____. I love you

Kai began eating you in such a beautiful way. Was so romantic in a way, soft and his thumb never left your g-spot. Even better when he put a finger inside and looked at you moan.  You became wet and more wet until you decided to give him something as well.

Kai: Oh shit… ahhh… god.

Sucking on his big member was the most pleasent thing you’ve ever done. His size was perfect and the way he pushed you with his hand, and asked you to look at him while you did it… was so exciting.

Kai: _____. Look at me *he lifted your head up with his hand and after pushed you softly against the bed* I want to make love to you ____.
You nodded smiling and with a beautiful kiss, you closed the decision.

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He put himself in, slowly and never stopping the kiss between you two.

Kai: *looking at you and putting his hand on your face* Is it ok?
Y/N: *you nodded* I love you. So much

He smiled at you, and start pushing softly against you. You were both so excited that couldn’t stop moaning with every thrust.  Suddenly his thumb was back at your g-spot. He began rubbing and put his tongue with a dirty kiss. You cut the kiss with a loud moan:

Y/N: Ahhhh* jeez.. Kai.. I cant.. ughh

Kai: Say my name. Louder

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His thrust became harder

Y/N: Kai, KAI

Kai: I…..___Y/N___…. i’m about to cum… ahhhh

Y/N: Me too… ughh….*with a last hard thrust you moaned for the last time: KAI

You both came so hard that forgot how to breath properly for some seconds.

Laying with you on bed, he asked you to turn around and look at him with a gesture of his hands.

Kai: I just, couldn’t love you more jagi. I dreamed about this so many nights. Would you be mine, forever?

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I hope you loved it, because i’m kinda turned up right now after this lol.
Love you so much, keep the requests going <3
Tam *flying away*


I like to call this, Dipper only caring about Mabel when most of the townspeople are about to be destroyed Dipper being a great concerned brother