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Could you provide a guide on how you do your wards? Thank you!

My Methods for Warding

(Obviously based on my experience)

One thing first: it is dangerous to post information on how you do your wards and protections online. Anyone, even spirits, can get that info and use it to undo or get past them. So I’m just gonna give you the general gist of how I do my wards and not go too in-depth.

Making Wards

First, figure out what permissions you want for your wards. Who can come through? Who cannot? Be specific, “only entities with the highest good in mind”/“no spirits who wish me harm” and shit like that is weak. You ever seen those movies where the robots turn on humans because they want to save the humans from themselves? Well they certainly have the humans’ highest good in mind when they’re vaporizing them off the planet. “No negative entities may enter”? let’s hope you’re not a pessimist because if so, you just warded your own spirit out of your home. Somethings to keep in mind when devising permissions:

  • Make sure you don’t ward your own spirit, the spirits of family members and pets, the spirits of plants and magical tools, and the house spirits out of your home. I usually prevent this through a phrase such as “All spirits that currently reside and live in the warded area may come and go freely through the wards”.
  • Make sure you don’t ward out the spirits of things entering the home such as when you bring in new plants or new rocks or even human guests. I prevent this through a phrase such as “All spirits attached to physical forms that are intentionally and knowingly brought into the warded area by its current residents may come and go freely through the wards”.
  • Allow for spirits to enter upon your call, “Any spirit that is called by a resident of the warded area may come and go freely through the wards until they are dismissed. Upon their dismissal, all permissions are revoked from the spirit.”  
  • Allow for your spirit companions, guides, and guardians to enter and leave. 

I think allowing random spirits to enter your home is silly, it’s like leaving your door open for any stranger to walk in with little hindrance. You might be horny to meet new spirits when you’re just starting out but if you can’t even sense them yet then it’d be better to hold off on letting anyone, even those with the “highest good in mind uwu”, in. Or not! I don’t give a fuck about what you choose to do. I also don’t have a suggested phrase for you to use if you want to let randos in because for every phrase that I come up with, I can think of many ways that it can be loopholed. If you don’t want any random Ralphs, it’s implied that only those specified are free to come and go but enforce it with a phrase anyway, “No spirit may enter through these wards into the warded area unless given permission per the following list:” and then list the stuff. Of course this is just a loose guide and the more detail the more safety.

Second step, make the wards. Yeah not a lot of steps lol. I mean everything in this post, even the specialized wards section, could be accomplished by anyone with basic energy work knowledge. Nothing here is advanced or even intermediate tbh, all it takes is a bit of effort.

Do not make the wards from your own energy. You’ll be linked to them and when you’re weak, they’ll be weak which leaves your already vulnerable self even more vulnerable and they’ll subtly sap your energy, it just ain’t worth the trouble. You’ll want to keep the wards attached to a power source though so they can stay up longer and are easier to strengthen if damaged. But you also have to keep in mind that any energy connections that you make are open to tampering by outside forces.

So here’s what we’re going to do:

Write down all of your permissions and sigilize them if you want. The plan is that as you build the wards, you will “write” the permissions into the energy with your intent and mind. If that sounds like it might be difficult, then make sigils of each permission and charge them before attempting to create the wards. You’ll also need something to act as a “generator”* that you can attach the wards to and use to charge them if they get weak. Clear quartz would be the best but literally anything that energy would move easily through will work. Just make sure to cleanse it before beginning.

Alright so once you have everything ready, begin to create energy walls through visualization. Command the ambient energy of ~the universe~ to climb up the wall until it reaches the top and is stable. Do the same thing for all of the walls and ceiling and floor. As you are doing this, write your permissions into the energy using your intent and mind. Basically, just think about them really hard while building the wards :V. If you elected to make the sigils, draw the sigils with the energy on each plane and melt them into the energy of the wards.

Once everything is stable, find a spot where you want to put the generator, the most protected place of the house according to the wards would be best such as a closet. It needs to be accessible though. Once you got a good spot, connect the wards to it with an energy tether. Visualize a cord of energy extending out from the wards and attaching to the object. Charge it a bit with your energy and direct the energy to flow from the object to the wards, you don’t want all of the ward energy flowing into the object. You can visualize arrows in the tether that point from the object to the wards if you want. Once you ensure that the connection only runs one-way, ward the object with more wards or a circle. You’ll want it to be protected from tampering and you might want to make multiple generators just in case.

If you want to remove permissions, you gotta redo the whole thing lol. But if you want to add new permissions, you can do so through the use of sigils of energy on each plane or by “writing” them in energy again and pushing that energy through a generator. Generators are 100% unnecessary by the way, they just make maintenance so much easier so I recommend.    

Congrats you did it

*There’s a legit word for this but I forgot it so you get generator instead. Bonus points if you use a generator crystal.

Allies for Warding

I often enlist the help of my allies or nature spirits to help in ward creating and boosting. Now I’d be careful of asking just anyone to help you with your wards, I once had a spirit who helped me with my wards turn them against me when she revealed her true colors. For that reason, I am just going to focus on nature spirits as allies and you can use your own judgement on whether or not you want your companions to partake in your ward making. However, before I go into that, I do just want to mention that forming an alliance or contract with a spirit for them to act as a sort of security guard has been helpful for me and I’d recommend that if it is something that may interest you.

Okay so the reason why I recommend nature spirits for ward allies is because the many of them are fine with lending you their energy for little to nothing in return. I mean it’s always nice to thank them for their hard work though. The Sun, Moon, and planets are very powerful entities that bring in all kinds of energies that can mesh well with different forms of wards. However, plants and rocks are just as good and often lend unique abilities to you. All you really need to do is to ask them if they’d be willing to lend you some support or energy in your wards, how they will do that, and what they would like in return. Protective stones and plants obviously would work the best but it’s good to know just how they will work so you can be sure that their methods don’t conflict with your wards.

Here’s a list of a few good plants that I’ve used and how their protection manifested (UPG):

  • Angelica is the best for defensive wards. It’s very good at building and reinforcing energy walls/barriers and making multiple layers of them. It dispels negative forces by building said walls and then “pushing” them out of the defended area. I recommend this herb for any warding system. It’s just one of the best protection herbs in the game xP
  • Roses can actually be used for protection, those thorns aren’t just for show after all. They’re not too powerful but if you want a bit of offense to your wards they’d be pretty good. They act like a barbed wire on a fence, more of a deterrent than a serious hazard but will still do some damage to anyone who tries to bust through.
  • Peppers are much more powerful offensive allies. They often lend the element of fire to your wards so they burn and scorch foes. A particularly powerful one or many together can even set fire to an opponent. Unless your wards are designed around fire it might be best not to go too overboard with peppers since they can sometimes “overpower” other facets of your wards on accident.
  • Rosemary, Basil, and Cedar all are good general boosters that will strengthen the energy and defensive power of your wards. Plant rosemary at the weakest spot in your wards for extra protection there.

Of course, there’s many more plants and some will work good, even better than the ones that I’ve mentioned, while others will work horribly. Asafoetida is my one of favorite herbs and is probably one of the strongest protective herbs however it is absolutely useless for warding. Why? Because it’s super good at anti-magic and neutralizing energy and guess what your wards are made from? Now a crafty person may be able to work in asafoetida so it neutralizes all enemy attacks but you risk nullifying your own wards since the herb is known for nullifying all magic in an area, not just bad energy and other routes are so much more efficient at accomplishing that same task. So the point of this was so that you recognize that just because some online correspondence sheet says that an herb is “protective”, that doesn’t mean that it will always be beneficial to you. Talk to the plant, ask it what it can do for you and see if that’ll be helpful. And like I said earlier, this can be extended to rocks, planetary bodies, etc. not just plants.

Ward Upkeep

Wards aren’t permanent and they’ll need to be updated and refurbished every so often. It’s good to have a schedule for this sort of thing, you know something like: check the stability of the wards once a week and then completely redo them once a month. Yes, completely redo them. Over time your wards may take hard to repair/irreparable damage or just slowly weaken. It’s easier and better to just dismantle all of the wards and redo them from time to time instead of trying to hold them together with a lot of energy duct tape. How often you do these things is up to you but you should definitely check your wards after any attack or breach. It’ll also be helpful to power up your wards if you are expecting an attack. You can strengthen them simply by pushing more energy in through the generator or creating a whole new layer of energy just as you created the original. Just for your information, here’s some things that can weaken your wards:

  • Spirit or magical attacks
  • Spirit traffic (frequent conjuring/calling spirits, allowing for the passage of random spirits, spells to draw spirits to you, etc.)
  • Residual or stagnant energies sitting around because of infrequent cleansings
  • Some spells or spell ingredients (For example, asafoetida as I mentioned earlier but also any anti-magic ingredient if used frequently. Also if you cast spells in a warded place, sometimes that energy will need to leave through your wards depending on their purpose and frequent castings can weaken them)
  • Other shit
  • Time

Doing ward upkeep can also help you figure out what is working and was isn’t working, what kind of protections go well together and what kinds don’t, etc. You will have to add modifications based on situations so don’t think that once you throw up your wards you’ll never have to interact with them again.

camp f*ck

pairing: park jimin x oc
genre/rating: smut, mature themes, language
words: 11.3k
summary: you’re working at a camp (kinda like camp rock) sexually frustrated and very single, when the camp suddenly decides to make more money by opening their doors for older “kids”. you come across park jimin, who makes it more than clear that he would like to get to know you better in more than one way

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Two Birds

Fandom: IT (novel and 2017 movie) (a mishmash of canons but mostly book-canon)
Pairing: Richiard Tozier/Stanley Uris (Stozier)
Rating: T+
Warnings: Antisemetic and homophobic bullying; canon-compliant suicide
Wordcount:  5,485
Summary: It’s not easy growing up in a town like Derry with the weight of a destiny strung ‘round your neck. (Or: Snapshots of Richie and Stan’s life together and how they realized they’d been in love this whole time.) ((Bittersweet; fluff and angst; friends to lovers))
Read on ao3: [here]

They had to walk to kindergarten together by simple virtue of being neighbors. (“Hold hands at crosswalks and always look both ways before crossing the street!”)

The dark-haired boy, with his wild laugh and his perpetually-scraped knees, always forgot those simple rules. It was the solemn-faced boy with his hazel eyes everbright, noticing all, who dove for him, day after day, to snatch his wrist and haul him back to sidewalk-safety.

“We’re s'posed to wait,” he’d insist, glaring, as the other boy smiled good-naturedly.

“Oh yeah; I forgot.”

Richie’s mind worked a thousand miles a minute; his ever-chattering mouth could hardly keep up with it. He tripped his words up and sounded a lot like Yoda from Star Wars.

“He’s an imaginative boy,” Mrs. Tozier would dismiss when he got in trouble at school. “He has so much energy. We’re hoping Stanley will be a good influence on him.”

“Stanley,” Mrs. Uris said, time and time again with a knowing little smile. “Is a good influence on everyone.”

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Pairing: George X Tonks'Sister!Reader

Prompt: You big sister Tonks has always had a knack for getting in trouble. In most cases, that meant you managed to get in the crossfires somehow as well. This time, Tonks promised to do her best to not ruin your ‘not-a-date’ date with George.

Warnings: Siblings being siblings

A/N: I know the feel of having older siblings trying to embarrass you too well. Enjoy!

Originally posted by gryffindor-potter

“A what?” you asked.

“It’s a ‘not-a-date’ date,” Tonks replied, flipping the page of the newspaper. “Can you believe the stuff they write about Harry in here? Honestly, who do these so called reporters think they are?”

“I know, just like Rita Skeeter last year. So insufferable,” you agree.

For a few moments, you completely forget about what you were doing. You stared blankly at your closet, rummaging through the clothes with no idea of what you were looking for.

“He likes it when you wear the blue blouse,” you hear your sister say.

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The Danger in Duality  | 01


BTS X Reader

“You and your seven best friends must take on the struggles of being world-class assassins while also living as full-time college students.”

Burning debris fell from the night sky like confetti, smoke clouds reaching for the heavens. The once abandoned warehouse was now a crumpled mess, disintegrating in a fiery blaze as the only car on the road careened away from the hellish scene.

“Did you see that shit?!”

“That was so cool!”

“Y/N, that spin-kick you did was incredible– landed so solid on the bastard’s neck even I felt it!”

“Jungkook that last kill-shot was perfect, you came right on time I thought I was dead for a second.”

“Okay, Yoongi, I have to give you props, man. Those two neck snaps you did before we left were beautiful, you have to show me how to do that again…but practice on someone else next time, please?”

“Everybody let’s give it up for Seokjin for setting off that last bomb.  Bro, you should have seen their faces when the timer started going off without anybody touching it. They didn’t know we had a genius hacker working on the outside,” Namjoon said as he shook Seokjin’s shoulders proudly. The older boy was driving, and the car erupted in wild applause as he beamed.

“What can I say? I’m just really good at my job,” he said, smug, “But my systems picked up two bombs in the building, so I’m wondering where the other–”

Suddenly, the entire sky was orange, the flames spreading wildly as the deafening sound shook the road beneath them. The SUV jumped and swerved out of the lines, the interior colored with the light of the 2nd explosion that night.

“There it is.”

“That never gets old,” Jimin said smiling as he looked back at the damage.

“That’s gonna make the news for sure,” you sighed, “So much for keeping a low profile.”

“Any trace that we were even there is up in flames now, so we should be safe,” said Namjoon.

By just looking at you and the car of rowdy, smiling boys, no one would have guessed you were all a squad of thoroughly trained assassins. It wasn’t a normal job per say, not one that you could exactly put on your resume or brag about, since telling people you took human lives for a living wasn’t absolutely the best conversation starter.

The eight of you all grew up together, troubled youth that had been taken in under your own unique circumstances. Honestly, screw-ups like you didn’t deserve another chance–should have been kicked to the curb and outcasted like all the others. Most of you had pretty much accepted that fate; it’s just how it was supposed to be. But for some reason, you were all special. Special, with enough potential for the academy to take notice of. And just special enough for them to take the time to breed screw-ups like you to become the best killers the world had to offer.   

Your squad code was “Make it clean. Make it quick”, or in other words, don’t be overly messy or draw unnecessary attention to yourselves. You all had one objective: Hit your target and get the hell out. Something the academy promised was that you would only be killing people that deserved it, scums of the earth that had too many chances to right their wrongs and got away unpunished every time.

You all liked to think of it as “taking out the trash”.

Though there was one thing that sometimes got in the way of the job…

“FUCK!” Jungkook suddenly screamed.

“Hey, watch your mouth!” Seokjin called from the driver’s seat.

“The hell’s wrong with you?” Yoongi asked, putting his gun back in it’s case.

Jungkook slammed his fist against the armrest. There was an audible crack, and the leather tore down the middle just the slightest bit, “I forgot to study for my chem exam tomorrow!”


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Miles between what we say and what we mean

MP100 Valentines Week
Day 4; Aquarium

pairing: terumob

Story tag


Teruki isn’t stupid. Far from it, actually.

He prides himself on a quick wit and a sharp analytical mind, always planning two steps ahead no matter who he’s with and where they are, and his psychic abilities wouldn’t be anywhere near their current level without an obscene amount of study. He knows a little bit about every subject, give or take, and what he finds he doesn’t know he’s quick to learn.

And so he knows, on a fundamental level, that wanting something and having it are two very different creatures.

As much as he might want Shigeo, Teruki is aware that he can’t have him.

For the most part, he’s comfortable with that.

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I’m Something Beautiful With you

Anonymous Requested: Jimin or Jin for 12 please!! “It’s our first Valentine’s Day together and I think you went a little overboard.” Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1822

Originally posted by chimchams

“Be My Valentine.”

That’s what the heart the medium sized bear held that Jimin dropped off at your work. You should’ve known then what you were in for. He’d come in struggling to hold the bear and plopped it down on the counter with a smile so big his eyes seemed to disappear.

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Nice To Meet You -6-

A/N: Sorry its been so long, I just got really busy. Sorry :(

When your mind focuses again you can see the red and blue glare of police lights. Looking around you realize that you are sat in the back of an ambulance with a large blanket around your shoulders. Watching, you notice an officer back in the alleyway taking pictures of the crime scene. Your movement catches the attention of the EMT who standing next to the ambulance, writing notes down on her metal clip board.

“Hey honey,” she says with a smile. “You ok?”

You nod your head as she approaches the doors of the vehicle and places her clipboard down next to you.

“Do you remember what happened?” she asks as she proceeds to wave a finger in your face, prompting you to follow the finger with your eyes.

“A woman was getting robbed,” you start.

She nods her head and then quickly rubs her hands through your hair looking for a contusion. Once she’s satisfied she pulls back to smile at you.

“You seem to be ok. No injuries just a bit of shock. What you are going to want to do is hurry and give your statement to officer Sanchez so he can take you home. Then get a good night rest ok? In the morning, you should probably call a therapist, you don’t want this to cause you any trauma, ok?”

You nod looking at her with somewhat wide doe like eyes, “Is the woman, ok?”

“She sure is,” she said taking up her clipboard and writing down her assessment. “She says you saved her life.”

“There was a little boy in a weird costume, he saved us.”



“It was probably Robin then, him and Batman do that. You new here, honey?”


“You’ll probably here more about them now that you are aware. Don’t worry too much, they’re good guys.”

“Ok, I guess.”

“How she doing?” a voice from behind the woman called. The officer who was taking the pictures of the back wall, Officer Sanchez, had approached.

“She’s okay she’ll just need a ride home, after you question her.”

“Understood,” he turns his attention to you. “Ma’am my name is Officer Sanchez and if you can tell me what happened tonight that would be great.”

After giving him your name and repeating the story, the officer nodded and seemed content with the information. He loaded you into the back of his car and five minutes later you were in front of your apartment building.

“Call me if you need anything, ma’am,” he stated as he gave you his card.

Once inside of your apartment you found yourself laying in a bit of a daze on your couch. Letting the exhaustion of the night hit you, you fell asleep.


It was the vibration of your cell phone that woke you.

“Hello?” you answer not looking at the name, there’s only one person who would call at six in the morning.

“Babies are jerks,” Camille states, her lips smacking indicating that she was eating.

“Your kid isn’t even here yet and your already mad?”

“I want them out, every time I go to the bathroom I wonder, if they’re just going to slide out of my vagina like in ‘Oops I forgot I was Pregnant’.”

“That show is trash.”

“But sooo good! One lady gave birth in a port-o-potty.” 

“Again, trash. Why are you up so early?” 

“It’s six thirty shouldn’t you be getting ready for work?”

“That’s not what I asked.”

 “The baby won’t stop kicking and Eric is asleep. I figured having some yogurt would calm them down, but now I’ve been up since four.”

“Oh God,” you say sitting up rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, “You need to rest, rest so when the baby is ready to come you’ll be strong.”

“I know,” she says pouting. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too, the office is so boring.”

“Really? Haven’t you been doing more investigations?”

“No, and I’m not sure I’m going to look anymore. I go to all these firms and I see no one who looks like our guys. Its liked they vanished.”


“Yeah,” you say standing and walking to the kitchen to grab yourself a bowl of cereal. “Plus, there was a robbery last night.”

“Did you get robbed?! Are you Ok?!” She panics.

“I’m fine,” you say watching the colorful pieces fall into the bowl. “I wasn’t the one who got robbed, I just stepped in.”

“What a hero,” she responds somewhat annoyed. “But you could have gotten hurt, or worse.”

“I know, bu-“ you stop mid- sentence. “Hey, why didn’t you tell me about the little guy running around saving damsels in distress?”

“Little guy?”

“Yeah little, all red outfit, no older than ten, only reaches up to my waist.”

“Who Robin? Did you get saved by Batman?!” She asks animatedly.

“No just the little one.”

“I think he’s new, a couple of years ago there was definitely a Robin that was older, used a staff or something. One of the girls at my old job got held hostage in a bank robbery and they saved her.”

“So,” you start as you pour the milk into the bowl and walk back to your couch. “You guys just have guys running around beating people? Do they have superpowers, like the guy in Metropolis?”

“Nah, I don’t think the Robins do, Batman though he might.”

“And he helps people?”

“Yeah for the most part,” she says nonchalantly. “I mean I’ve never heard of him trying to hurt someone that wasn’t a bad guy, but I have heard that he’s scary to see, even if you’re the one who’s in trouble.”

“How does he know when people are in trouble?”

“Sometimes, if you look, there’s like a light in the shape of a bat that comes from the GCPD building. Other times though I think he’s just, I don’t know, there. Like ever present ass kicking all black Santa, minus the presents.”

“GCPD?” You question as you put the bowl down and reach in your pocket to finger the card that Officer Sanchez gave you last night.

“Yeah, I think they got in trouble when they first put it up a few years ago, but everyone is used to it now.”

“I see.”

“Yeah, hey you aren’t going to work, are you? You should at least take the day off, call a therapist.”

“I’m going to call in, but I’m not sure about the therapy. I feel fine.”

“For now,” she warns.

“I know, I know,” you say shoving spoonful of the sugary breakfast in your mouth. “If I can’t handle it I’ll go.”

“Alright, just make good choices, ok?”

“I will, you go back to sleep.”

“I will. I love you.”

“Love you, too.”


The phone hung up.


“Master Damian, he-”

“I know Pennyworth I’m going,” the young voice of a green-eyed boy stated annoyed.

He didn’t understand why he was getting in trouble, he saved people.

Down in the bat cave he nearly rolled his eyes when he saw not only his father, but the tell-tale outline of a tall form leaning over the chair his father was sitting in.

“Grayson,” he greets begrudgingly.

“Damian,” Dick Grayson returns with a smirk. “Interesting night last night?”

“Interesting and fulfilling,” he says with his chest poked out.

“I thought we were over the sneaking out, Damian” His father starts, but he doesn’t move his eyes from the screen.

“I was restless, you know I don’t like being trapped in this house. Besides I saved two women last night. If I didn’t go out they could have been dead or worse.”

“I don’t think anyone is saying that you couldn’t have gone, Damian.” Dick says trying to make sure that things don’t get heated. “You Just have to let someone know, I could have gone with you since I was here.”

Damian looks between the two before he begrudgingly let out a, “Sorry, I guess.”

Bruce grunts and Dick rolls his eyes with a smile. Damian shifts his eyes to the Bat computer and examines the items that are up on the screen.

“Twenty people?” he questions. “I haven’t heard about any missing person’s cases.”

“I know,” Bruce says hitting a few keys. “Someone is keeping the disappearances a secret.”

Bruce opens a document and two images of the CEO’s of Carlisle and Preston.

“It’s like they just sprung up overnight,” Dick comments as he crosses his arms across his chest. “Any reported instances of abuse or suspicious activity?”

“None, and neither of the two have any criminal history. I’m running a background search on the Board of Directors now.”

“All of the people were from outside of Gotham, here for two years or less, no family ties, no one who’d notice or miss them.”

“Human trafficking?” Damian proposes.

“Could be, but there is no specific type. Young and old, all genders, all ethnicities.”

“So, unlikely then,” Dick adds. “Could they have just changed jobs? Moved on from the company?”

Bruce shakes his head, “From what I know the targets were unlikely to be poached, and even if they were they wouldn’t leave without informing someone.”

“How do you know that?” Dick questions.

“A source,” Bruce states flatly.

Dick stares at Bruce thoughtfully furrowing his dark eyebrows as the man continued to type. “It’s a woman.”

Bruce doesn’t pause at the statement, but he also doesn’t respond.

“It’s the one you left Liza for, isn’t it?”

Again, no answer.

Damian blinks at his father, “If it’s the same woman, doesn’t your file on her state that she has an admitted case of paranoia?”

“You went through her file?”

“Why are you keeping a file on the woman your dating?” Dick asks as he rubs the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

“Should we really be taking the word of someone who may be making the whole thing up?” Damian questions.

“That too,” Dick adds.

“She’s not lying,” Bruce says flatly. “Aside from her word, the retention rate for the company is high. In the past five years only three people have quit.”

“So maybe there is some truth to what she said.”

Bruce opens his mouth to respond, but the vibration against his thigh catches his attention. Slipping the phone out of his pocket, his eyebrow raises at the coincidence.


“Hey, moneybags, do you have time to take me on an actual date today?”

“Right now?” Bruce questions looking at his watch which showed that it just turned noon.

“Around 1 if that’s okay?” Her voice, was a little off. “If that’s too much then it’s okay. I know we just saw each other last night.”

“Is something wrong?” Bruce questions astutely.

“Uh, no, maybe, I just need to get out of the house.”

“All right, you know this means that you’ll have to give me your address, right?”

“I know, I thought about that before I called you. I’ll text it to you.”

“All right, I’ll come as soon as I can.”

“Just don’t upstage me with your outfit, okay? Its embarrassing.”

“I’ll try my best,” he said with a chuckle. The call ended in empty silence, something Bruce was getting used too.

“I’ll be right over?” the teasing voice of his eldest son mused. Bruce looked at the boy was smirking at him with a raised eyebrow and an amused playful smirk.

“She sounded distressed,” Bruce reasoned.

“Uh huh sure, I’ll just pretend that your face didn’t light up when you saw her name of the phone.”

Bruce didn’t respond and instead pushed back from the desk, standing up to go change his outfit to something more appropriate.

“Father, make sure that you gather more information while you’re there. This isn’t just a date for frivolities sake.”

Bruce peaked over his shoulder to look at the young boy who was calling out to him. As his blue eyes met the boys green he couldn’t help but feell conflicted about the intense nature of them. The boy was so serious, so focused, and mission driven that it was hard not to feel proud of all of the things that Bruce knew he would accomplish if he kept on the right path. However, he had hoped his first biological child that he had would have been at least able to experience the childhood that he experienced when his parents were alive.

“I’ll keep an eye out.”

Random HC #21 (Continuation of #4 - #20)


‘I’m used to this’ these four words hit Sportacus unlike anything he’s ever heard before. It feels like someone just stabbed a knife right through his heart and he’s so shocked, he nearly lets go of the other man, who’s trying to look anywhere but at the hero now. “…What…” Sportacus is surprised about his own hoarse voice, but he couldn’t care less right now “…What do you mean… You’re used to it? Used to WHAT?”
“…Hallucinations…” the word is barely more than a whisper and Robbie crosses his arms in front of his still bare chest, his eyes fixed at the white wall behind Sportacus. “…You… Are you saying that…this wasn’t the first time you…”
“Usually, they aren’t that bad, okay!” the villain is still too weak to sound convincingly annoyed and stubborn, but he frowns “I can handle them just fine! I can differ between reality and hallucination!”
“But… This time it was different… Wasn’t it?…” asks Sportacus carefully, his hand on Robbie’s shoulder slowly moves down his arm and he feels the goosebumps on his skin, despite he’s still hot to touch because of his fever. Robbie’s eyes shortly flicker to the hero’s travelling hand and for some reason, he calms down a bit and the forced edge disappears from his voice and leaves it openly weak “…Yes… Usually, there are certain hints that show me that what I see or hear or feel is not real… Like…an object in a wrong color. My favorite chair was yellow once… I’m not sure why it’s like that… Maybe, my mind offers me a chance to escape these nightmares to help me… I really don’t know. However, this time…there was no such obvious hint. It was…real real this time. If it had not been for your promise before…I wouldn’t have been able to snap out of it again, I guess. Probably…because of the fever…” he swallows hard but lets the hero’s hand gently unfold his arms again, so he can take one of his cold ones and squeeze it gently “…Sportacus…”
“…Can I…have the top of the pajama?… I feel cold…” he raises his gaze and looks into the other’s gentle, blue eyes again. “Of course! I’m sorry, I totally forgot! Here, let me just…” Sportacus blushes a little and carefully eases Robbie back into the pillows, before he jumps up from the bed and flips over it, to retrieve the clothes from the small table, where he put it, after lifting the unconscious villain from the ground over fours hours ago. He shudders again at the memory of this, but turns around to look at Robbie on the bed again, the top now in his hands. He wants to help him put it on, but he can’t push himself to move “…Since when are you…experiencing these hallucinations?…”
Robbie sighs lowly, he knew that the hero won’t quit asking questions about this topic now. But at least, he put his mind off of taking him to a doctor with this…for the moment… “…Since I was a kid. I can’t remember not having them.”
“How often?”
“…Small ones…about three or four times a week. Usually at night. That’s why I don’t sleep well… But there are times when I can go weeks without having even one, as well. The past week for example…” a weak smiles washes over his lips, when he notices Sportacus frown at this “…I know what you’re thinking. That was probably because I didn’t sleep. And you’re right, I guess… Whatever. Sometimes…I get stronger ones… Three, up to five times a year, I’d say… They last longer. It’s a little bit harder to identify them… And when I manage to get back into reality, I’m exhausted and tend to fall sick easily… But none of these has ever been as horrible and…clear as the one tonight…” his voice trails off and he just looks at the hero, who hasn’t moved a single muscle during his explanation. Now Sportacus slowly shakes his head “…Why didn’t you tell me sooner about this? I would’ve tried to help you, Robbie!”
“You really have other things to do than helping your ENEMY! Besides…” the villain, still sitting, propped up by the pillows in his back, looks down at his own, nervously flexing hands “…there’s nothing you could’ve done…or you could do… I’m fine.”
“I would’ve been there for you, Robbie!” contradicts the hero firmly “Like I try to be now! But you have to LET me!”
“You really shouldn’t worry so much, Sportaflop. I can take care of myself,” Robbie’s voice is soft, not angry or annoyed, just still audibly exhausted. “I don’t understand why my crystal never went off, when you had such an attack before! It did when you collapsed and it did not stop when your heart started beating again,” murmurs Sportacus more to himself when he now slides a hand on Robbie’s back to lift him away from the pillows a bit to help him put on the pajama top “…I’ve never before felt such a power coming from it…”
“Maybe it’s broken. Wouldn’t be the first thing, I destroy with my mere presence…” Robbie smiles wryly, feeling the fabric, now covering his chest with his fingers, while Sportacus gently tugs at the sleeves of the pajama, because they’re a little too short for the villain’s arms. When he hears these words that are clearly more than a light joke, he searches Robbie’s eyes and explains lowly but intensely “You did not break it. And you’re not destroying anything with your presence, Robbie. Stop pulling yourself down like that.”
“You can’t pretend it’s not correct, though,” Robbie’s smile grows sad “Most things that I touch, break sooner or later… Even my own inventions… ESPECIALLY my own inventions…”
“No. Don’t even try it, Sportaflop! This is nothing to argue about!”
“But you…”
“Quit it!” snaps Robbie now more desperate than anything else and gasps shortly for breath in the next second, squeezing his eyes shut for a moment, fighting back a sudden sickness. “Okay. Sorry!” Sportacus notices the other’s clenched fists at once and quickly, gently eases him back down completely, before resting one hand on his chest and the other against his hot cheek “Shush. Easy. Take a deep breath…”
“…I didn’t…want your help…” rasps Robbie lowly and opens his eyes again to look at the hero. “…What?…”
“…I don’t…have much control over myself during these hallucinations or nightmares or whatever they are… But I never wanted anybody to see me like this. Especially not you… Maybe that’s why your crystal didn’t go off… Not until tonight…because this time, I begged you to come and help me… And until tonight, I haven’t been in any real trouble or danger because of this, anyway…”
“But my crystal doesn’t care whether a person WANTS help or not. It shows me the person that NEEDS help, no matter what! And it even goes off when somebody has an ORDINARY nightmare! What you got, is much, much worse, Robbie!” Sportacus shakes his head again “No, there has to be a different explanation for this…” he searches Robbie’s gaze once more and notices the new sweat, building on his forehead “…But we can think about this later on, if you feel more up to it… For now, try to relax and sleep some more. Okay?”
“…I don’t…think I can sleep yet…”
“But you look exhausted.”
“…I am…” Robbie shivers and wraps his arms around himself “…But I also feel…sick…” he lowers his eyes again and mumbles “…I’m sorry, Sportacus… I’m nothing but trouble, Nine was right, after all…”
“Nine is an egoistic and narcissistic ASNI most of the time!” growls Sportacus suddenly completely uncharacteristic. Robbie winces and stares at him with huge eyes “He’s a WHAT?”
Sportacus returns his look for a moment still frowning, before he suddenly blushes heavily and chews his bottom lip, murmuring “…I’m sorry… Asni… That…was Icelandic and means…”
“Idiot!” corrects the hero quickly, blushing even worse, before it’s his turn to stare at the other in confusion “…You… Does that mean you…talk ICELANDIC?!”
“More understand than talk, actually…” now, Robbie blushes, as well “I was born there, but my parents then moved here, when I was four years old… I can’t remember why. But we…always talked both, English and Icelandic at home, since my mother was born in LazyTown… That’s why we moved back to her birth town when we left Iceland. And then we quitted talking Icelandic at all and I forgot how to actually communicate in this language, although I still understand it… And when I was young, it influenced me so much, I carried away this slight accent…” Robbie breathes in. Talking was exhausting, but though it somehow felt good to tell somebody all this. No… Not just anybody. The man, who has shown so much interest in his wellbeing and causes this strange feeling in his stomach for quite some time now…
Sportacus titles his head. He’s torn between asking Robbie more questions about his family, he frowned about, just several hours earlier, and what exactly he has been through because of Number Nine, his precursor. But when he realizes that Robbie’s trembling has become even worse and that his hands are on their way to hold his stomach again, he decides against both options. Instead, he just smiles softly, shortly squeezes Robbie’s hands and turns around to grab the bowl and the rag and walk over to his water supply to get a fresh bowl of it, along with another bottle to drink. “You’re…not leaving now, too, are you?!” whimpers Robbie suddenly lowly, when for a split second, it looks as if the hero would head for the door. Sportacus freezes in his move and looks back at the villain to ask what ‘too’ is meaning in this sentence, but when he meets the other’s terrified gaze, his heart breaks too much to say any more than “Of course not. I promised you something, remember?”
Robbie nods weakly, not really relaxed and Sportacus can sense his eyes fixed at his back, while he’s working. Only when he’s standing next to the bed again and puts everything on the table, the villain sighs audibly and flattens his hands again, that have been gripping the blankets tightly. The hero takes in every detail of the other’s behavior and prepares an imaginary checklist of what he is going to ask Robbie questions about, once he’s all fit again. What he will become! Sportacus won’t let anything else happen!…
“…Here, is this okay?…” his voice is soft and low when he carefully places the damp cloth on Robbie’s hot forehead. “…Hm…” the villain nods once, very weakly and exhales slowly through his mouth, closing his eyes “…Are you…coming?…” he weakly gestures at the empty space next to himself, blushing only slightly now “…I still feel cold…”
Sportacus smiles relieved, does another flip to get back on the other side of the bed and quickly slips under the cover, next to Robbie. He turns on his side, propping his head up in one hand, while he places his other carefully at Robbie’s stomach, to pick up the usual, gentle massage there. Robbie smiles weakly and murmurs “…I’m sorry, I’m blocking your bed… You’ll be tired in the morning… And the kids…”
“Robbie,” interrupts Sportacus him softly “Stop worrying. Stop blaming yourself. Breathe. Relax. I’m here. And I won’t leave you until you’re much, much better again. Do you understand?” A weak nod. “Good… Are you in pain again?…” A pause. “Robbie?”
“…A little maybe… It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not. But it will be again, soon. But be completely honest with me, from now on, okay? Tell me at once, if you hurt worse or feel funny in any way, that could hint on another attack of your hallucinations. Do you promise?”
“…I promise…” Robbie knows that he stands no chance against the hero’s protective determination, but right now…he feels grateful for this “…Sportacus…”
“…Thank you…”
Sportacus smiles softly, then he quickly bows forward to place a very gentle, very short kiss on the villain’s cheek “You’re welcome, Robbie.”

The Danger in Duality | Preview

|College! AU  |  Assassin! AU  |  Angst  | Smut  | Comedy

BTS x Reader

“You and your seven best friends must take on the struggles of being world-class assassins while also living as full-time college students.”

Burning debris fell from the night sky like confetti, smoke clouds reaching for the heavens. The once abandoned warehouse was now a crumpled mess, disintegrating in a fiery blaze as the only car on the road careened away from the hellish scene.

“Did you see that shit?!”

“That was so cool!”

“Y/N, that spin-kick you did was incredible– landed so solid on the bastard’s neck even I felt it!”

“Jungkook that last kill-shot was perfect, you came right on time I thought I was dead for a second.”

“Okay, Yoongi, I have to give you props, man. Those two neck snaps you did before we left were beautiful, you have to show me how to do that again…but practice on someone else next time, please?”

“Everybody let’s give it up for Seokjin for setting off that last bomb. Bro, you should have seen their faces when the timer started going off without anybody touching it. They didn’t know we had a genius hacker working on the outside,” Namjoon said as he shook Seokjin’s shoulders proudly. The older boy was driving, and the car erupted in rowdy applause as he beamed.

“What can I say? I’m just really good at my job,” he said, smug, “But my systems picked up two bombs in the building, so I’m wondering where the other–”

Suddenly, the entire sky was orange, the flames spreading wildly as the deafening sound shook the road beneath them. The SUV jumped and swerved out of the lines, the interior colored with the light of the 2nd explosion that night.

“There it is.”

“That never gets old,” Jimin said smiling as he looked back at the damage.

“That’s gonna make the news for sure,” you sighed, “So much for keeping a low profile.”

“Any trace that we were even there is up in flames now, so we should be safe,” said Namjoon.

By just looking at you and the car of hyper, smiling boys, no one would have guessed you were all a squad of thoroughly trained assassins. It wasn’t a normal job per se, not one that you could exactly put on your resume or brag about, since telling people you took human lives for a living wasn’t absolutely the best conversation starter.

The eight of you all grew up together, troubled youth that had been taken in under your own unique circumstances. Honestly, screw-ups like you didn’t deserve another chance–should have been kicked to the curb and outcasted like all the others. Most of you had pretty much accepted that fate; it’s just how it was supposed to be. But for some reason, you were all special. Special, with enough potential for the academy to take notice of. And just special enough for them to take the time to breed screw-ups like you to become the best killers the world had to offer.   

Your squad code was “Make it clean. Make it quick”, or in other words, don’t be overly messy or draw unnecessary attention to yourselves. Something the academy promised was that you would only be killing people that deserved it, scums of the earth that had too many chances to right their wrongs and got away unpunished every time.

You all liked to think of it as “taking out the trash”.

Though there was one thing that sometimes got in the way of the job…

“FUCK!” Jungkook suddenly screamed.

“Hey, watch your mouth!” Seokjin called from the driver’s seat.

“The hell’s wrong with you?” Yoongi asked, putting his gun back in it’s case.

Jungkook slammed his fist against the armrest. There was an audible crack, and the leather tore down the middle just the slightest bit, “I forgot to study for my chem exam tomorrow!”


If you go away

Title: If you go away - Modern!AU

Rating: T

Fandom: D.Gray-man

Characters/Pairings: Kanda Yuu/Allen Walker, Lavi, Lenalee Lee

Summary: Kanda spent most of his days bored at the park, but when new kid Allen Walker catches his eye, he realizes there’s more to life than avoiding over-protective dads and annoying friends - and that, maybe, they weren’t the worst kind of problems to have. Not by a long-shot.

Chapter: ½ | tagged as dgm: if you go away

Notes: Inspired by the prompt:  The hot boy in the park finally looked at me. I’m gonna FIGHT him. Also a bit from the stream:

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Namjoon Scenario: Failed Attempt.

Request: i would like to request a scenario of namjoon helping his girlfriend study for a big test but they keep getting distracted.

Genre: Fluff

Finals week was a pain. That was a thing in which you thought everyone could agree on. The stress and the millions of pages to read and concepts to learn were huge, but in order to pass the semester it had to be done. So you organized yourself to study and do well in all your tests, everything was going as smooth as possible, but when that math test approached you new trouble had arrived. Math was your weak point and in this one you knew you had to try the hardest, all those operations and formulas were just too much.

Lucky for you, you had a ridiculously smart boyfriend to help you with that.  

-I don’t know how I’m going to do Namjoon! – You said the moment he arrived at your house, he had his glasses already on and was dressed in comfy clothes, well as comfy as jeans and a t-shirt can be. Namjoon always looked so stylish with those long legs and broad chest. –I think I’ll lose my mind-

Namjoon hugged you tightly and kissed your forehead. –No one is losing anything, I’m here to help-

You settled on the dinning table, all your study tools already arranged on it. The calculator, notebooks, multiple pens, pencils and erasers and of course your precious highlighters because, how could you study without a bit of color here and there?

Namjoon brought his iPad and was now watching something on it. You’d told him that you were going to read the theory first and then he could help you out with the exercises but seeing him being so interested on the little gadget you couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing.


He lifted his gaze from the iPad’s screen and smiled. –Tell me jagi-

You smiled back at him and pushed your chair closer to his. –What are you doing? -

-Oh I’m glad you ask- he said eagerly, it seemed like your weren’t the only one who wanted to talk. –I need your help-

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White Lilies

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Guardian Angel AU

Character: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 10,926

A/N: Hello! So I was finally able to finish the story! I really hope you guys like it, and I’m so sorry for taking so long to finish it. It’s a little different from what I usually write, but I really hope you all enjoy it! Thank you so much for waiting so patiently! You guys are the best! ♥

- Admin Snow

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“You know, you’re gorgeous.”

Yeah. She is.

“Thank you.”

Ugh, stop blushing like that. You’ll encourage him.

“I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight. If not we could catch a movie, I’ve heard that new thriller is pretty good.”

First of all, she hates scary movies. Second of all, hell no.

“Sure, sounds like fun.”

Ha! Not on my watch.

The sun was blazing, not a single cloud in the sky. The sidewalks weren’t as crowded as they usually are on Friday afternoons, but I guess that’s always a good thing. I watched as she giggled and subconsciously covered her shining smile with one of her small hands that wasn’t preoccupied with a shopping bag, one of her many cute habits. That idiot human boy wasn’t deserving enough to be so graciously granted with her smile. I felt my eyes roll as he told her how pretty she was for the thousandth time in the past five minutes.

“So, could I have your number?”

There’s my cue.

Looking around for the perfect catalyst I spotted the best subject possible, who just so happened to be drooling all over a bone as his owner chatted on the phone, clearly preoccupied.

Here, puppy! Hey, over here!

Puppy might have been an understatement. The German shepherd was clearly already an adult, but that made no difference. He could still see me, and that’s all I needed. Just as I had called him, the dog’s ears perked up and his large brown eyes turned my way. I walked the few steps over to the human boy still flirting and trying to coax my human’s number from her, I made sure to stand right next to him, carefully positioning myself so that Y/N wouldn’t get caught in the cross fire.

Here boy! Come on!

I got down on one knee and opened my arms out wide. That was all it took for the big fella to get up and charge straight towards me, the red leash slipping right out from his distracted, and now panicked, owner’s hand.

Tongue hanging happily from his panting mouth, I watched as he hurried over. I carefully calculated my timing, standing and getting out of the way just as the dog was about to make contact with my chest. I smiled wickedly as I watched my plan unfold.

The dog merrily jumped onto the guy’s leg, mildly confused for a moment when he realized that it wasn’t me there but still happy nonetheless to be close to someone. He pawed at the guy’s thigh and barked playfully. In an instant the guy turned and with a grimace on his features kicked the dog away from him harshly with a ‘disgusting mutt’ added in to the attack.

The kick had the poor dog yelping and falling onto his side, my non-beating heart dropping at the sight.

That fucking prick. I almost took the step forward to punch him square in the jaw, but I stopped myself just as I saw Y/N push him hard enough to have him fumble to the ground and on to his ass.

“What the hell is your problem?!” The smile that had adorned her lips before had now disappeared and was completely overcome with a look of rage and disgust aimed straight at the boy.

“I-um-uh-” Y/N hurriedly went over to the German shepherd and coaxed him into her arms, petting him lovingly. The dog wagging his tail happily at the affection.

“What kind of person kicks a poor defenseless dog?” She shoots daggers over the dog’s furry ears as she spits another round of insults at him that made my smile widen with a sense of pride. The boy simply scrambles to his feet and hurries away, without my human’s number, mind you. I watch as he gets further and further away.

I waved at his retreating form from my new position next to Y/N, who was still rubbing the dog’s belly.

Bye! Don’t come again!

“Ugh! And then guess what he did!?” I sat in my usual place on top of the kitchen island as I watched Y/N pace back and forth furiously as she retold her roommate the happenings of this afternoon. “He kicked the poor dog! He kicked him, Robby!”

Robby gasped in pure unadulterated horror, mouth gaping as she paused in her mid-eating of a flaming hot potato chip.

I know!” Y/N let herself fall back into the couch, legs coming up to cross themselves, hands falling into her lap. “Why are the cute ones always the assholes?”

Hey! I resent that!

“Guys are just idiots. All of them.” Robby threw a potato chip into her mouth. “Kris might be my boyfriend but he’s still an idiot. You just have to find the right idiot for you.” Y/N laughed full heartedly at her bestfriend’s words.

“I know, one day I’ll find an idiot to call my very own.” Reaching over to Robby she reached into her bag of chips and stole a few, not going without a comment of ‘hey get your own, you fatass’. I watched them as they fought over the remote to see who would pick what to watch next. Robby ended up claiming the remote as hers after revealing her own afternoon story of falling down the stairs while trying to get to class.

“I was in a hurry! For some reason my alarm clock didn’t go off.” She explained as she channel surfed. “I swear if it wasn’t for the pans in the kitchen falling out of the cabinet I would have never woken up.” Y/N stopped in her secret mission of obtaining more chips to look at Robby.

“They fell out of the cabinet?” Robby shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, I guess last night when I was putting them away I didn’t really stack them as good as I thought I did. Oh well, worked in my favor anyway.”

Didn’t stack them good my ass. There was only one explanation for Robby’s makeshift alarm clock. I wonder where he is. With that in mind, I made my way out of the apartment giving one last look at Y/N making sure she was perfectly okay before I left.

I thought you’d be up here. The sky was the color of obsidian now. The absence of the stars and moon made it clear that clouds had secretly over taken the sky and claimed it as theirs for the night. Although there was no light his white feathered wings still seemed to shine. I quietly wondered if mine did the same. I took a seat next to him, looking over at the city.

I heard you played the role of an alarm clock today. I laughed at his deep groan of frustration.

I swear this girl can be nothing but trouble sometimes. He pinched the bridge of his nose, a habit I’m sure he picked up from Robby. She forgot to turn her alarm on and then no matter what I did she wouldn’t wake the fuck up! I had to go to the kitchen and fucking pull out some goddamned pots and pans and fucking smash them together to get her to wake up!

It was whenever he talked about Robby when I saw him the most animated. It was a refreshing change from his usual stoic exterior. He might always seem like such a cold person but it was obvious the girl had grown on him.

And then she has to go and fall down the fucking stairs too. I mean, I could have prevented that, but in all honesty that’s what she gets for being stupid. At least she’s still alive, right? I couldn’t help but laugh at his statement.

I swear you’re the worst guardian angel I know. He turned to glare at me.

You better not be comparing me to dumb and dumber. As the saying goes, speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. This time, quite ironically, the devil appeared in the form of two winged men.

Yah! Yoongi! Are you talking about us?! Taehyung called out as he stomped his way to us, quite childishly might I add.

I don’t know what you mean. Yoongi responded with a bored tone weaved into his words.

Calm down Tae, we don’t want a repeat of last time. Hoseok smiled as he placed a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder. The brown haired, rectangular smiled boy visibly relaxed, a fleeting look of panic crossed his features before he relaxed once more.

I rather not see Tae being flung over the side of the apartment complex again. This was back when Taehyung had just started out as a guardian angel and didn’t have a good grasp around using his wings. That had been a disaster.

I thought he knew how to fly. Yoongi spoke up monotonously, this gaze still directed towards the city. Taehyung snapped again, Yoongi’s words playing as a trigger and setting off the boy.

You knew that I couldn’t, you asshole! He cried, trying to fling himself at the blonde sitting on the ledge of the roof.

Anyway… I started, trying to get the brunette to settle down as Hobi held his arm. How was today?

Just as I hoped, Taehyung stopped glaring at Yoongi and the brightest smile took over his once tightly pressed lips.

It was great! Little Jae took his first steps today, by himself too! He still falls down here and there but he’s really been showing some progress. Taehyung explained excitedly. I have to keep a sharp eye out though. He’s a real troublemaker. Today he almost fell out of his crib! It’s a good thing he’s still a baby, I caught him before he could hit the floor.

Yoongi gave a disapproving grunt. That’s still risky. Try to stay away from as much physical contact with him as you can. You know very well that it’s against the rules. Don’t cross the line.

Taehyung only rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. I know that. I only did it because he’s still a baby and won’t remember it later. The brunette’s features softened. I didn’t want to see him get hurt. I am his guardian angel after all, it’s my job to keep him safe.

Hoseok slung an arm over Taehyung’s shoulders and smiled brightly at him. It’s okay Tae. We understand, you had good intentions behind it. Little Jae is safe and that’s all that matters.

Taehyung gave a bright smile and nodded. Definitely!

Turning back around to look out at all the dimly lit buildings and the near-empty streets below I began to think about Y/N. Unlike Taehyung, I hadn’t been Y/N’s guardian angel since she was a baby. I was assigned to her back when she was only 12. The details about her past guardian was never disclosed to me, whether she had one to begin with or not. All I knew was that once I had taken that bullet to the chest my new life began in what seemed to be a field of endless white lilies.

“What the fuck?” Spinning around, I tried to get a hold of my surroundings. Where am I? The sky above held the color of a crisp blue ocean while the white clouds painted across moved at a leisurely pace, the scenery was so peaceful. I looked all around, trying to find somewhere to go, but there was nothing to be seen besides all the lilies that covered the ground like a blanket of fresh snow.

“I’d watch what you say. You may be dead but cursing here won’t help your case, buddy.” I jumped at the voice and turned back around to be face to face with a silver haired guy dressed up in white slacks and button-up to match the white wings on his back.

“The hell? Who are you…or what are you?” The tall man rolled his eyes, almost like I had asked the question a million times before, but gave me an answer none the less.

“The name is Namjoon and I’m the angel who’s going to be judging you.” Judging me? Angel? What is this freak talking about? I watched him as he walked closer to me and examined me carefully, almost like he was trying to figure me out with just a glance.

“You had a tough life, huh? Born in a kill or be killed world.” Namjoon shook his head in pity. “Unfortunately we don’t take things like that in consideration when judging, a sin is a sin, no matter the reason. We can’t let you off the hook so easily. Even if it was for the sake of your brother.” I flinched at the self-proclaimed angel’s words, they had hit a bit too close for my liking.

“You don’t know anything.” I hissed at him between clenched teeth. Namjoon smiled, a bit tauntingly if anything.

“Oh but I do. Parents abandoning their children at such a young age, putting their own selfish needs before the safety of their own sons. Leaving them to fend for themselves in such a harsh environment. The first time you held a gun was at the age of 9.” Namjoon held up his hand, forming a gun with his fingers, pointing straight at my chest. “Your first kill was at age 10.” He fired his finger gun, making a clicking sound with his tongue. The smirk on his lips irked me to no end. The gesture gave me a sense of déjà vu to the last memory I could recall. Damn, I really am dead.

“Considering your situation, you lived a pretty long life. 21 years old? Too bad your little brother wasn’t as lucky.” I lurched at him, wanting nothing more than to feel the sickening crack of his jaw breaking beneath my knuckles, but he dodged and grasped my wrist before I made any contact.

“Watch yourself, kid. If you want a shot at seeing your brother again, that is.” I snatched my hand back and glared at him. Was he being serious?

Namjoon smiled, this smile being a bit different from the others he had given. This one held a more genuine feeling.

“Got your attention now, don’t I? Look, with all the people you’ve killed in your 21 years of life you’ve got yourself a one-way ticket to hell, buddy.” A slight pang of fear washed over me. Did that mean that I couldn’t see my brother? “But, you’re a special case, its people like you and the reasons you sin that you guys are given a second option.” I didn’t really know where he was going with this and I guess my confusion was written on my face.

“In other words, you have to earn your way into heaven.”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked, not really knowing what he was asking me to do.

“Think of it as…community service.” I cringed. Those two words didn’t really make me want to jump with joy at the mention of them, having spent most of my living days doing just that. Namjoon sensed my displeasure and shrugged his shoulders before turning his back to me and starting to walk away. “I mean if you don’t want to, you don’t have to. We don’t force anyone into it, but I just thought you’d finally want to be reunited with your dear little brother. He’s been waiting for you for a while now, you know?”

“I’ll do anything! Name it!” It really has been too long. Namjoon stopped and looked over his shoulder at me.

“You sure?” I didn’t even have to think twice about it. Just the thought of seeing him again, smiling, laughing…alive, was enough.


“It’s not all that complicated.” He turned around to face me once more, that same know-it-all smirk playing at his lips. “All you have to do is become a guardian angel.”

And that’s where I am now. At first it was all about my brother. All I wanted was to get this stupid job over with so I could get to him as soon as possible. Y/N was my ticket to heaven, nothing more and nothing less. I was supposed to be taking care of her and make sure no unnecessary harm came her way but in all reality I honestly didn’t care what happened to her, she could have gotten hit by a car as she jaywalked across the street for all I cared, but as the years went by I found myself developing feelings. It wasn’t just about my brother anymore, it was about keeping her safe. I would find any way possible to keep her from anyone and anything that could hurt her. I would never leave her side because my biggest fear was coming back to her hurt when I could have done something about it. She wasn’t just some ticket to heaven anymore but someone I truly held dear.

Jimin! Taehyung’s loud voice broke me away from my thoughts.

What? I asked, a little irked at his yelling.

Stop daydreaming about Y/N and pay attention to us! The sound of Yoongi smacking Tae upside the head was so loud it even made me flinch, but the satisfaction I felt from the gesture was still there.

What did we tell you about saying things like that out loud? It’s like you want him to lose his chance at heaven. Yoongi hissed at him. Taehyung rubbed at his aching head, but it seemed like the motion was more out of embarrassment than anything.

Sorry. I didn’t mean it. Standing up from my place next to Yoongi I placed my hand momentarily on Tae’s shoulder giving it a quick reassuring squeeze as I made my way back to the entrance of the apartment building.

It’s okay Tae, don’t worry about it. I opened the door and stepped through. Speaking of Y/N, I should go back and check up on her anyway. I’ll see you guys later. As soon as I heard the door click closed behind me I was immersed in my thoughts once again. It was wrong, but it was too late to turn back. I had broken one of the most important rules there was to being a guardian angel, but no matter what I felt no regret, no guilt. What I felt for her was genuine. She might not know I exist, but to me she’s all I know now.

“Don’t forget your lunch.” Robby placed a small black bento box on the kitchen island as she turned back around to fix her own. Not even two seconds later Y/N came bursting out of her room, a piece of toast between her lips, as she swung her backpack over her shoulder.

“Thank you! I’ll see you after class!” She called out around the half-eaten toast as she grabbed the box and stuffed it in her bag.

“Be safe.” Robby called out over her shoulder. Y/N smiled happily at her friend, already halfway out the door.

“Aren’t I always?”

No. No you’re not. Yoongi chuckled at my statement from his seat on the couch where he laid with his eyes closed.

“Right, whatever you say. Go, you’ll be late to class if you don’t.” Robby shooed her away as she reached for the hot pot of rice over the stove. Y/N gave one last wave.

“Bye!” I followed a few steps behind her, door already shut. One of the perks of being a guardian angel? Being able to disappear and reappear wherever you want, no need for opening and closing doors.

See you later Yoongi. The blonde gave a small grunt of acknowledgment, the usual response I’m given from the blonde. I was about to make my way out when I hear Robby’s shout from the kitchen, the sound a mix of surprise and pain, along with a clatter of a pot falling to the floor and glass shattering.

“OW!” The scowl was quick to appear on Yoongi’s once peaceful looking face.

Goddamn it Robby! I can’t leave you alone for five fucking seconds!

“Did you study for the test?”

“Yeah, I just need to go over my notes one last time to make sure I’m not missing anything.”

“I’m sure you’re fine. You usually ace these tests anyway.”

“Thanks Kookie, I hope so. Oh look! Let’s go into that café, I’m in the mood for a cup of coffee.”

“But you just had one!”

You okay there Jimin? Hoseok laughed as he patted my back. I only turned to glare at him before turning back around to look at the two walking in front of us. Jungkook opened the door of the café for Y/N before walking in himself. I was torn between being happy that he opened the door for her and being furious that he opened the door for her.

You know that they’re just friends. There’s nothing for you to worry about, so stop pouting! Hobi disappeared from his spot next to me and I could see where he reappeared through the café window, ushering me to hurry up and join him.


Dying and turning into a guardian angel took a bit of getting used to. It was like being alive again but different. Some examples being the fact that I didn’t have the need to sleep or eat anymore. I didn’t age, nor did any of my internal organs work. The whole guardian angel deal came with the wings and teleportation thing included. As well with the fact of being completely and utterly invisible to everyone who was alive, excluding animals and small babies. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know the reason for that myself either. We could touch and move anything we wanted but that wasn’t something ideal. That usually leads to humans thinking we’re ghosts or demons and that causes a whole other line of problems for us.

“I’ll have a vanilla latte please.”

Are you still pouting? Jeez Jimin, Y/N and Jungkook have known each other for more than two years now, don’t you think something would have already happened if they had feelings for each other? In that moment Jungkook offered to pay for their drinks and veered Y/N to a table near a window, hand on her shoulder as they laughed at something he had said.

See! He’s touching her! Hoseok rolled his eyes as he walked a bit closer to the two chatting at the table, I followed a few steps behind. Plus, there was this time Y/N and Robby were talking in the living room and Y/N admitted that Jungkook was cute. She said he was cute! Maybe she likes him! What if Jungkook likes her too?! We’ll have to find a way to break them up without breaking their friendship, Y/N would be devastated if she and Jungkook weren’t friends anymore, so that’s out of the question. Maybe we could get him a girlfriend? What about a boyfriend?

Hoseok looked at me for a bit, eyes blinking. Jimin, I worry about you sometimes. Slumping down into an empty chair, I crossed my arms and just stared out the window of the café. Hobi walked over to me and placed a hand on my head, ruffling up my hair for good measure before I swatted it away.

I know that you and Y/N…well…you know, but Jiminnie, remember you are her guardian angel, not her boyfriend. She doesn’t know you exist, and never will. She will fall in love at some point in her life and you’re going to have to let it happen. You don’t want her to be alone forever, do you? Looking down at my lap, I go over his words in my head, the same ones Yoongi has repeatedly told me over the years.

She’s not alone, she has me! Hobi narrowed his eyes on me, his gaze saying the words he didn’t speak aloud, making me take a deep breath. I know, but…it’s hard.

Look at it this way, what’s more important to you? Your happiness, or hers?

Her? She’s the one I’m going to have to take care of? The small looking girl sat on her twin sized bed, headphones over her ears with music so loud I could hear it from where I stood next to Namjoon on the other side of her plainly decorated room. She was reading some teenage angsty-looking book from the look of the cover. She looked like any other ordinary teen girl, nothing special about her.

Yup, her name is Y/N. We stood in silence for a few seconds just looking at her. Well…good luck! Namjoon gave me a quick pat on the shoulder and disappeared into thin air, smirking all the while.

What the fuck?! Namjoon! Get your ass back here and tell me exactly what I’m supposed to be doing?! I waited a good ten seconds for some kind of response, unfortunately, it never came. Closing my eyes, I took in a deep breath.

This is all a dream. When I open my eyes everything will go back to normal. With the slightest bit of hope I opened my eyes and watched as Y/N turned a page in her book. Fucking shit.

After a few more minutes of just awkwardly standing there I decided it wouldn’t hurt to just sit on the floor. I tried to turn my attention to her room instead of just looking at her but that didn’t take up as much time as I had wanted it to, her room really was almost bare except for a desk, bed, and a dresser. My eyes went back to look at her. I feel like a creep.

For some reason, to lighten up the awkwardness, I felt the need to introduce myself. If I was going to be spending the rest of her life with her I might as well. Standing up, I walked the short distance over to the end of her bed.

Hi, my name is Jimin. Silence. And, um, I’m your guardian angel, I guess. So you know, I’ll be here, and stuff. Even though you can’t see or hear me apparently, so yeah. She turned a page of her book. I, um, I’ll be over there. I said pointing behind me back to the spot on the floor I had taken up a few seconds ago. Turning back around, I sat down again and rested my chin in my hand.

This is going to be a pain.

“Get out of my way.” I watched wide-eyed as the third girl today pushed Y/N to the ground. The bitch walked away snickering as sheets of homework and notes scattered all around Y/N who began picking herself up off the floor.

You can’t just let them do that! Stand up for yourself! This was the third week of her freshman year and the first time I had ever accompanied her to school. Usually I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about how she was doing, as long as she came home alive, that was all that mattered, but these days she was coming home in tears. Her clothes would be soiled with either dirt, mud, or some mushy cafeteria food. Bruises started forming and some of her things began missing. So being her guardian angel, it was my job to find out what was going on and fix it. As much as I dreaded the idea of doing it, I rather not have Namjoon come back and give me another lecture.

I knew she was fighting the tears, I saw it in the way she bit her lip and tried to blink them away. For the first time, I felt something tug at me on the inside.

Fuck, don’t cry. I watched as she picked up her papers and haphazardly stuffed them back in her folders. She was almost done when I realized that the same bitch from before started walking back to her, her intentions clear just by looking at the malicious smirk creeping on her lips.

No way in hell. With nothing but anger-fueled determination driving me, I made my way over to her before she could get any closer to Y/N. Going against everything Namjoon has ever told me not to do, I stuck my foot out in front of her, successfully tripping her. I watched as she fell face first, her own notebooks flying out in all directions. I couldn’t help the smirk that formed when I saw her face turn beet-red from pure embarrassment. The few people in the hallway began laughing at her supposed trip over air. The bitch got up faster than I had ever thought humanly possible.

“What are you all laughing at?!” She shrieked dusting off her too-short skirt, she looked around frantically before she directed her glare to Y/N. She had already finished picking up all her things, and was now trying to hide her smile, one hand covering her lips.

“What are you looking at whore?!” And with that she scurried off in the opposite direction, leaving all her stuff on the floor, not even bothering to pick it up.

Damn, what a bitch. That was when I heard it. Looking back at Y/N, my eyes only widened. She was laughing. Like really laughing. Holding her stomach, eyes tearing up, the whole package. I hadn’t seen her like this in a while, I couldn’t even remember the last time I had actually seen her smile, and before I knew it I was laughing along with her.

After a few seconds, we finally calmed down but I was a little surprised to see that the smile never left her face. Seeing that smile made a warm feeling spread through me. I was the reason she was smiling, the reason her day wasn’t as bad as it could have been. This was the first time I had ever actually done anything for Y/N. As she began walking to her next class, I realized that maybe helping her out every once in a while wouldn’t hurt. So, with my hands in my pockets, I followed a few steps behind her, and without even realizing it I mirrored the same smile she wore.

Y/N, we’ve been waiting here forever, I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think he’s coming. And just like all the other times I conversed with Y/N, she doesn’t respond. Instead she stares down at her hands in her lap, playing with the ends of her winter jacket. The park was empty now, no one here but us. Y/N sat at one end of the metal bench while I sat on the other. I watched as she lazily swung her feet below, the tips of her shoes grazing the concrete with every swing. Each breath she took formed a small cloud in front of her before slowly vanishing. Watching her, I took my own deep breath, I silently mused to myself on how there was no cloud for me.

Five hours. We’ve been here five hours. She made no kind of movement. It’s late, your parents are probably getting worried by now. Come on, this guy isn’t even all that, you could do so much better. And almost as if she had heard me, she slowly started to get up, taking steps towards the nearest bus stop.

Finally! You would have probably frozen to death if you stayed out here any longer. It was a long silent ride home, but that’s nothing new. The lights at home where out, Y/N probably texted her parents to let them know she was okay. I followed her to her room and watched as she kicked off her shoes and shrugged off her jacket. Her red scarf was thrown to the side as she leisurely made her way to her bed to just lay down.

You’re not going to change out of those jeans? Isn’t that uncomfortable? I mean it’s up to you, but sweatpants wou- The sound of her taking in a shaky breath cut me off.

Y/N? You okay? She only responded with what sounded like quiet sobs. I walked closer to her bed to get a better look, only to have my heart clench at the sight. Her shoulders were shaking and eyes shut tight, trying to hold back all the tears. She clutched at her pillow as her sobs raked through her body, and for the first time, I felt useless. I knew this wasn’t my fault but there was a guilty feeling blooming in my chest that told me I could have done something to prevent this from happening. Someway, this heartbreak could have been avoided. This wasn’t the first time I had seen her cry, but she had never looked so broken before. There was nothing I could do, nothing but to watch her fall apart.

It had seemed that her crying would never end, but eventually she tired herself out and fell asleep. I had made sure her breath had become even again when I decided to sit down on the edge of her mattress, so close to her that I pressed up against the pillow she was still hugging so tightly to her body. I observed her for a few seconds, her tear stained cheeks and messy hair, yet she managed to look so peaceful. I didn’t realize I was reaching out to lace my fingers with a couple of strands until I felt the way they brushed through my fingertips so easily. I drew back my hand hastily. This was wrong, this was breaking the rules. I placed my hands back down on my lap and resorted to just looking at her again.

I’m sorry. I didn’t know what for, whether it was for not being there when she needed me, for not being able to save her from this heartbreak, or the fact that there was no way for me to comfort her even though I was so close. I’m so sorry.

If I had to give a reason as to why I reached over to touch her the second time, I would blame the guilt that threatened to consume me if I didn’t. I had to do something, anything to feel like I’m helping her, even if she would never know. Her cheek, although still wet with the remnants of her tears, was smooth as I ran the back of my hand against it. The feeling of her skin making contact with mine spread a warm feeling inside, one that gave me the courage to continue. Making a bold move, I moved my hand to reach for one of her own. Slowly, with my hand around her wrist, I removed it from around the pillow. I began to brush my fingers against her palm, taking the time to outline the creases, the lines of her heart and life. Slowly, I made my way up and down each finger, before finally interlacing our hands together, my thumb caressing the flesh on the side of her hand. The touch was calming, soothing my heavy conscious.

I promise. I gave her hand a tight squeeze, one that served to reassure me more than it was meant to reassure her. I promise I won’t let this happen again. I’ll be here for you, I’ll always be here.

“I’ll see you later Kookie.” Y/N waved at Jungkook as she began walking through the entrance of the apartment complex.

I’ll come by later. Hobi called as he followed Jungkook down the dimly lit sidewalk. I hummed in acknowledgment of his words as I followed Y/N to the shared apartment. As we reached the door we were met with a familiar figure.

“Kris?” The tall man turned around, hand raised in mid-knock.

“Oh, hey Y/N.” He responded, turning around to fully face her.

“Here to see Robby?” She asked as she walked passed him and to the door.

“I’m here to pick her up, actually.” Before she could say something back, she had already unlocked the door and was met with a backpacked Robby.

“You’re leaving me?” Y/N asked as she watched her bestfriend grab a bottle of water from the kitchen. She pouted at Robby, which only made the older girl laugh.

“I’m staying over Kris’s house today. We’re going to study for a test we’re having next week.”

Study my ass. Yoongi’s deep voice called from the living room. Looking over Y/N’s head, I saw he was in the same position he was when we had left this morning, only thing that had changed was his feet were now resting on top of the coffee table. Don’t think I didn’t see those text messages. ‘Wear those pink lacy panties I love’ Yoongi scrunched up his nose in disgust. Stupid college students and their stupid hormones.

Stop being such a prude, grandpa. It’s young love, innocent and sweet. I tried, but ended up regretting saying anything as he directed his infamous icy glare at me.

Oh trust me, there is nothing innocent about what they’re planning.

“I’ll be back sometime in the afternoon. I’ll text you when I’m on my way.” Robby said as she walked passed us and to the door, greeting Kris with a quick kiss on the cheek, causing a smile to stretch across his lips. He reached for her hand and started pulling her out the door.

“Alright, be safe. Use protection!” Robby hesitated at the door. She swung back around, her cheeks dusted with a bright pink color.

“It’s not like that!” She cried out. Y/N laughed at Robby’s reaction.

“Sure it’s not.”

“It’s not!”

It is. Yoongi put in as he got up from the couch. He stretched out his arms, his wings following the movements of his limbs. I’ll be back. I’m just going to make sure this girl makes it alive to his house. Then she’s his responsibility for the night.

Soon after that, the three were gone and it was only Y/N and me in the small apartment, or well, to Y/N it was only her. I watched as she made her way to the kitchen, pulling out a bag of microwavable popcorn. She set it and then went into her room.

Awesome! Movie night it is.

Couldn’t even make it through half the movie, huh? Her soft snores, known to only make their appearance when she was truly exhausted, filled the small living room as her sleeping form laid on the couch. Picking myself up off the floor from against the couch, I grabbed the spare blanket from one of its armchairs and spread it around Y/N.

I hope you’re okay on the couch. I rather not risk taking you to your room and have you freak out on me. I pushed back a few strands of her hair that had fallen over her eyes as she tossed in her sleep, getting comfortable.

Good thing you don’t have class tomorrow. I readjusted the blanket a bit, recovering her bare legs from where she kicked the fabric away. I had grown used to this, to being with her. Before I would feel so awkward being in the same space as her with nothing to do but just watch her. Everything she did would annoy the hell out of me. This guardian angel thing had made me feel like some glorified stalker, but now it was different. Being with her became comforting in a way and something that no longer seemed like a job but actually something I came to enjoy.

I enjoyed it so much that it almost hurt to know that, to her, I didn’t exist. She had no idea that there was someone watching over her and making sure she was safe. Someone that truly cared about her. There had been times where I had wanted to make my presence known. Leave her a note or even type something on her computer while she went for a snack in the middle of writing an essay, but I always stopped myself. Things like that came with consequences, consequences that were better off not being risked.

No matter what, going back to my brother will always be my first priority, because in the end, my feelings for Y/N are irrelevant. It was all pointless, so I decided that it was better to just suck it up and continue to do what I was assigned, and enjoy the rest of the time I had alone with her before it all came to an end. Hobi was right, ultimately her happiness will always be more important than my selfish feelings. She has to fall in love at some point, who am I to stop her from being happy?

“Fuck, did I sleep on the couch again?” Sitting up, I stretched out all the kinks in my body, popping a few bones here and there. What time is it? Standing up to head to the bathroom, I watch the blanket that I hadn’t realized was covering me pool around my feet. Did I grab a blanket before falling asleep?

“Weird.” Shrugging it off and blaming my extreme tiredness on not being able to remember, I made my way to the bathroom for a shower.

“So the park?” I slipped on one shoe and reached for the other one while trying to hold my cell phone against my ear using my shoulder, which wasn’t working out so well. Why does it look so much easier when other people do it?

“Yes, the park. Hurry up before Kris eats all the sandwiches I made!” And with that the line went dead. Finally being able to put my phone down, I was able to get my shoes on with no struggle. The park was a twenty minute walk from the apartments so it was not a big deal. Robby had called me a few minutes after I had gotten out of the shower, asking if I was down to go bike riding. I had no other plans, so it seemed like a pretty fun idea. I wasn’t the biggest fan of frolicking around in the scorching sun but she’d get on to me about it later if I didn’t go along with her. She says I’m lazy, I say I’m conserving energy.

Making sure I locked the door on my way out, I started my trek to the park, but as soon as I stepped outside I immediately regretted my decision. It was too damn hot outside. It felt like my shirt and jeans were melting into my skin with all this heat. The things I do for this girl.

After walking a few blocks I could finally see the open green spaces and all the tall trees that the park was known for.

“I should have just brought my umbrella for shade.” I mumbled to myself as I waited for the light to give me the sign to cross the road. I tried covering my eyes from the blistering sun’s rays as best I could. Looking back up, I realized the light was about to change colors. The second it switched, I started to make my way on to the street. Without making sure if all the cars had stopped, I began walking across. I heard the car beep its horn before I heard the sound of its tires screeching painfully in an attempt to stop. In something that I can only describe as sheer terror, my eyes widened as I saw the car coming right at me. My heart dropped and I held my breath, completely frozen. Before I could even think, I felt a hand tightly grab onto my arm and jerk me back just in time for the car to narrowly miss me and speed on past. If that car would have made impact, I wouldn’t have lived to see another day.

The feeling of the hand around my arm relaxing and then letting go brought me out of my state of shock. I quickly turned around to thank the person that had just saved my life, but I was completely thrown off when I saw no one behind me.

I know I felt someone grab me and pull me out of the way. The streets weren’t crowded, there was nowhere for them to hide. I had turned around right as they had let go, that’s not nearly enough time to just runaway. There would have been footsteps or something. This makes no sense.

I saw the car. I saw it before she did, and I knew it wasn’t going to stop. The lady driving was texting, so she wasn’t paying attention. My first thought was to step on the back of her shoe, making it seem like it slipped off and stop her from crossing the road, I had even taken the extra step to do it too, but then something held me back. The haunting thoughts of a ‘what if’ plagued my mind.

What if she died? It’d be over. I would finally be on my way to heaven, I would see my brother, and maybe, just maybe, if I was lucky enough I could see her on the other side. It would be perfect. Everything would be perfect. With that in mind, I let her go. I let her walk on to the street, and get in the way of the oncoming car.

‘What’s more important to you? Your happiness, or hers?’

Hoseok’s words rang in my head and snapped me out of my thoughts, making me realize what I was doing. Her fear stricken face ran a cold chill down my spine, and without a second thought I lurched forward and grabbed on to her arm and pulled her back, causing her to fall into my chest. And for a second we stayed like that, as she just stared forward, probably still too shocked to do anything. Scanning my eyes over her just to make sure she was perfectly okay, I realized I was still holding on to her. Carefully, I retracted my hand and took a step away from her. Just as I had let her go she spun around, eyes skimming around, searching for her savior. If only she knew what had really happened.

I’m sorry, Y/N. There was no excuse for what I did.

Jimin. And it seemed like Namjoon didn’t think so either.

Are you fucking insane?! This had been going on for at least twenty minutes now. What the hell was going through your tiny brain?! Flickering my gaze from the grass below me to the three figures on the picnic blanket enjoying sandwiches. Y/N laughed at something Robby had said, the younger girl pushing her bestfriend playfully. It was as if what had just occurred a couple minutes ago never even happened.  

Park! Are you even listening to me? Namjoon was livid, and I completely understood why. To be completely honest, I deserved this verbal abuse and then some.

Yeah. I am. I flickered my eyes back to him, his hair and outfit the usual silver and white. This time it was a white hoodie and matching jeans though. His dark eyes were staring at me disapprovingly, but when I finally brought my eyes up to meet his, his gaze softened a fraction.

Look Jimin, I know about your feelings for Y/N. I’m not blind. Although I knew it was a bit obvious, his words still shocked me. I kind of saw it coming anyway, she is so your type. Now those words threw me off completely.

How would you know what my type is? Namjoon rolled his eyes and waved me off with his hand.

Never mind that, focus on the now. This could have cost you your entrance into heaven, you know that right? If anything would have happened to her, it would have all been on you.

I know that, I wasn’t thinking straight. It won’t happen again. I assured him, but he only gave a heavy sigh and ran a hand through his silver hair in frustration.

Jimin, I want to believe you, I really do, but you have to get your priorities straight here. Y/N’s life was at risk today, and you could have stopped it. But you didn’t, and to add to the flame, you grabbed her directly. You know how problematic that can be.

I know, just, give me one last chance Namjoon. Please, it won’t happen again. I pleaded. He stared at me for a few more seconds before finally giving in.

Fine, but one more screw up like this Jimin and it’s over. I nodded in understanding.

I got it. I won’t let anything happen to her, this was a mistake that I promise won’t repeat itself.

Namjoon nodded. I’m trusting you. It’s going to be a pain in the ass to explain this to the head of angels. You owe me one, punk. At those words, I could only laugh.

I’m sure Jin will cut us some slack. Namjoon rolled his eyes, shoving his hands in his pockets.

You’re lucky he’s got a soft spot for you kid, or else your ass would have been in the deepest depths of hell by now.

I have my undeniable charm and charisma to thank. I say with a wink to which he responds with an unamused stare.

Whatever. Get back to work. And with that, he vanished, and along with him, any trace of playfulness I had shown before disappeared as well. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for my brother I would have gladly accepted going to hell. There was no excuse for what I had done.

What’d Namjoon tell you? Yoongi’s voice spoke up from behind me.

I’m off the hook. Even though this was good news, there was no want to celebrate or cheer for joy.

You fucked up. He stated as he came up next to me. I let my eyes wander over to Y/N and settled my gaze there. I couldn’t believe I was so stupid. I almost got her killed because of my own selfishness. I didn’t deserve to go to heaven.

I know.

“Semester is finally over!” Robby screamed out in joy as I watched her put her backpack down before throwing herself on the couch. Following behind her, I placed my own bag next to hers and promptly sat on top of her.

“Ah! Get the hell off!” I laughed at her and stood up before I ended up crushing her ribs and causing permanent internal damage. I’d be less one best friend, and that’s not a very favorable situation. Instead, I made myself comfortable on the floor and leaned against the couch.

“Sorry, couldn’t help myself. You know just how much I love bothering you.” I said with a large smile to which she rolled her eyes.

“Sure.” Rolling around on the couch, she sat up and reached for her phone. “We should do something to celebrate! We could go out to eat with the boys or something.” She said as she waved her phone screen in my face, ready to text Kris about the plans on my cue.

“I wanted to stay home and watch a movie though!” I whined, not really feeling in the mood to go out. I had been feeling a bit sick these past few weeks. From feeling light headed and dizzy to weak and tired for no apparent reason. I brushed it off as nothing and just tried to push it to the back of my mind. The feelings would come and go as the day went on. I had decided that once the semester was over, and if I was still feeling bad, I would go to the doctor for a check-up. Today, for some reason, my little spells had come more often and lasted longer.

“Come on! We can go get some coffee afterwards.” She tried bribing me and to be quite honest, the coffee won me over.

“Okay, fine. Let’s go.”

“Hey, Y/N, you okay?” Re-opening my eyes, I looked over beside me to Jungkook. I made a move to nod my head but immediately regretted it when a nauseating feeling washed through me.

“Yeah, I just need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be back soon.” Before I could get up Robby interjected, her eyes filled with worry.

“You sure you’re okay? You look a little pale.” This time I managed a meek nod.

“I’m fine.” But the thumping in my chest told me otherwise.

“I’ll be back.”

“She’s been gone for a while.” Robby spoke out my own thoughts. She looked over at her boyfriend before looking back at her phone, still waiting for a reply to her text message she had sent to Y/N more than ten minutes ago.

“You should go check up on her.” Jungkook offered, to which she nodded in agreement. Yoongi looked over at me and nodded his own head in the direction of the bathroom. Understanding, I made my way over to the bathroom before Robby could even get up.

I looked around to see if anyone was around before I raised my knuckles to knock on the door. After there was no answer I knocked a few more times, making sure to do it harder. Not getting an answer made me grow impatient and filled my heart with worry.

I really hope you’re decent Y/N. And with that I made my way into the bathroom. I wasn’t expecting to see Y/N laying on the tiled floor, unconscious.

Y/N! I feel to my knees and shook her shoulders to get some kind of response from her, but to no avail.

Please! Y/N! Wake up! She was breathing, but it was so faint. It was in that moment that there were more knocks on the door, accompanied with Robby’s voice through the door, the handle jingled as she tried to open the door. Carefully putting Y/N down, I ran up and unlocked the door for her. It swung open immediately and at seeing her bestfriend on the floor, she gasped and rushed forward.

Please help her! Even though I knew she couldn’t hear me, I felt the need to voice out. I was scared, I didn’t know what to do. There was nothing I could do. I watched as the restaurant staff rushed past me, some yelling to call for an ambulance while others tried to take control of the situation. In all this chaos, all I could think about was that I had let her down again.

“Hello, sorry to interrupt, but could I speak with you outside for a moment.” At the sound of the voice both Robby and I jerked up. Rubbing away the sleep from her eyes, she nodded to the man. She got up from her spot next to Y/N and followed the doctor outside the room. As soon as I heard the door click closed I stepped away from the corner of the hospital room where I had been standing for the past hours and made my way over to her. She would have looked perfectly normal, if it weren’t for all the IVs and the ugly green hospital gown. The sight of her being all wired up weighed heavy on my heart. I took Robby’s seat and reached for her hand, grasping it between both of mine. Her skin was so cold, completely distinct to her usual warmth. Slowly, I brought her hand up to my lips and gave her a gentle kiss.

I’m sorry. I mumbled into her skin as I closed my eyes and held on tighter.

Could you stop saying that? I’m sure she’d be tired of all these unnecessary apologies you keep giving her. Namjoon’s sudden appearance didn’t really surprise me. Somehow he just knows when to show up, I had expected him to come in sooner or later. He walked up to me and I could tell he was looking at our joined hands but my hold on Y/N didn’t loosen in the slightest. I didn’t care anymore.

I failed her. She was supposed to finish college, get her dream job and marry her dream guy. She had such a bright future. I began softly. And now the chances of her getting out of this room alive are slim to none. The words tasted bitter on my tongue, and the reality of the situation being said aloud only made me feel worse.

This wasn’t your fault. Things like this are out of our control. There is nothing we can do but watch and hope for the best. Everything will be okay. I knew he meant well, but his words just set off something inside. Jumping to my feet, I forcibly grabbed Namjoon by the collar of his shirt.

Shut up! You don’t know anything, you have no idea what I am feeling right now! Namjoon pushed me away harshly, causing me to stumble back. To my surprise, instead of getting angry and yelling back at me as I had expected him to, he seemed perfectly calm.

I might not know exactly what you’re feeling, but I do have an idea. I was once a guardian angel too. The death of the one you are supposed to protect can be hard to handle, but it’s inevitable, and most of the time there will be nothing we can do but watch them die. Realizing he was right, I slumped my shoulders in defeat.

I know, but I just wish there was something I could do for her. I say as I walk back over to her bed.

Just do the exact thing you’ve been doing for her, stay by her side. He reasoned with a reassuring squeeze to my shoulder.

In that moment Robby came back inside the hospital room. Namjoon and I moved out of her way and let her sit back down. She didn’t notice that the chair had moved back, my guess was because she was crying too hard to notice. She took out her phone and I watched over her shoulder as she pressed her boyfriend’s name on the screen. She tried to hold back her sobs as she waited for him to answer. I exchanged a worried look with Namjoon before Robby began speaking.

“Her c-condition is too severe. T-they won’t be able to find a heart in time.” She paused to take in a shaky breath. “She only has a few hours left…she’s dying Kris. My best friend is dying.” And just like Robby, I broke down.

“Hey Park, you got our package?” The alley way was dark and smelt of mold and wet dog. Not a very ideal place to be, but with the things Jimin has been involved with these past few years its only suitable. The three goons that had just stepped into the ally snickered as Jimin stepped forward and threw the duffle bag filled with whatever illegal substance he was asked for this time. The bag fell at their feet, one of the idiots rushed forwards and dived for the bag, opening it to check the contents.

“All here boss!” He spoke up with a stupid grin on his face, zipping it back up and tossing the bag over his shoulder. One of the other men nodded and smirked. Something about these guys seemed off and gave me an uneasy feeling.

Keeping my eyes on both Jimin and the three guys, I walked forward. Two of the guys began whispering between themselves, while the other conversed with Jimin. What were they planning? When I walked behind them I realized exactly what their intentions were.


“I told you I would come through.” Jimin laughed, but the sound didn’t seem genuine. Poor guy, if I were him I don’t think I would be able to even smile after everything he’s been through. “Now, about that cash…” He would do anything to survive now, and that included selling illegal drugs and at times, even murder.

The three guys exchanged looks and in a blink of an eye they all took out their guns from behind them, aiming straight at Jimin. At the sight of the fire arms, Jimin wasted no time and pulled out his own. A string of curses flowing out his mouth.

“Looks like there’s been a change of plans.” The first shot was fired. Luckily, Jimin dodged it in time for it to only graze his shoulder.

Jimin! I tried to rush forward but a grip around my arm stopped me before I could even take one step.

No Namjoon. There’s nothing you can do for him now. I swung around to be face to face with Seokjin. I tried to pull away from his hold but he wouldn’t budge.

I have to! I’m his guardian angel, it’s my job to protect him! There were more gun shots but because I was still trying to free myself from Jin’s hold I couldn’t tell who had shot who.

“Gah! You fucking punk! I’ll show you not to mess with us!”

He needs me Jin! He’s going to die if I don’t help! It will be my fault if he dies! I desperately tried to reason with him.

This isn’t on you. He put himself in this situation, these are his consequences. You’ve done all you can do; he’s survived this long but this time there is nothing you can do for him but let him figure this out on his own.

I refused to believe him, and with one last pull he finally let go. But unfortunately, it was too late. With wide eyes I watched as Jimin took a bullet to the chest, straight through his heart.

The kid didn’t stand a chance.

Slowly, her heart rate began to drop. It became irregular and faint. They had said her death would be painless, she was still unconscious, but knowing that she was taking her last breaths still didn’t make the uneasiness go away.

The sorrow in the room weighed heavy on all of us, alive and dead. Robby hadn’t stopped crying since she had gotten the news, but now her boyfriend was here for her, close to her side and providing as much support as he possibly could. While on her other side stood Yoongi, our eyes met from across the room, the look he had given me was filled with sympathy. He of all people would know just how hard this was. On Y/N’s right side sat Jungkook, holding her hand. He was crying softly, wiping at his tears with each one that managed to escape down his cheek.

Poor kids. Hoseok said as he looked on. He stood to my left while Namjoon silently stood to my right. It hurts to lose someone so close. Instead of responding I only nodded in agreement and swallowed the lump in my throat.

She’ll be okay. I know she will, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s about to die. Her life is over, and she didn’t even get to live it to its fullest, and not being able to give her the long life she so rightfully deserved will always be my greatest regret. Her condition may not have been my fault but there was still so much I could have done for her. If only I wasn’t always so focused on my own selfish needs. If only I could have really been there for her, not as her guardian angel but as someone physically in her life. A friend, maybe even a boyfriend if she would have had me, but that wasn’t how our cards had been played out. I was wrong in falling in love with her, but she had made it nearly impossible for me. There were no regrets when it came to loving her, just heartache.

“I’m going to miss you.” Robby choked out softly as they all realized that it was almost time. “What a best friend you are, leaving me like this.” She jokingly said with a small smile before she had to bite her lip to keep from crying. “Who am I supposed to yell at for stealing my food now? And have k-drama marathons with? We were supposed to watch that new Kim Woo-bin one together too. That’s not fair Y/N…it’s not fair.” Those were her last words before she couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. Kris reached over and took her into his arms, hugging her as tightly as he could, trying to comfort her small shaking figure.

“It’s not fair! It’s not fucking fair! She can’t die! I don’t want to lose her!” Kris brushed his fingers through her hair.

“I know love, I know.” I watched as Jungkook only held on to her hand tighter, letting all his own tears out, not caring about wiping them away anymore. 

The loss of someone they had held so dear was too much, and in that moment her heart finally stopped.

I opened my eyes to a field of white lilies. The blue sky above was littered with clouds the same color as the lilies below me. Slowly, I turned around, trying to figure out exactly where I was, only to be met with dark brown eyes. The owner of these eyes had hair the color of obsidian. He wore a white button down shirt with matching slacks, but the thing that had thrown me off were the angel wings spread out behind him.

“Who are you?” With that single question the brightest smile I had ever seen stretched across his lips.

“Hi, my name is Jimin.”

Nerd Princess (chapter 1)

So I have just posted this story’s first chapter on my fanfiction account and well since I also drew this in honor of my love for the gangster and nerd Nalu AU drawn by @ayumichi-me I decided to post it on Tumblr. Ayumichi-me gave me permission to write a fanfic based on their au and this is what I managed to come up with and I hope its to her liking! xD 

Name: Nerd Princess
Summary: Lucy was never one to call attention to herself especially considering she was the school nerd. Unfortunately, for her, she’s noticed by the one person who she least wanted to be paid attention by. Natsu Dragneel, the school’s popular and handsome gangster, who brings it upon himself to tease her. When the nerd and gangster meet, how will things turn out? NALU

Pairings: NALU side of Gajeevy, Jerza and Gruvia
Rating: T


Lucy’s POV

If there’s anything that I hate more than a lot of noise, it’s attention. I hate loud places with too much noise than I would like. I’m not a people person not that I’m even liked by people anyways, but that’s not the point. I take enjoyment from sitting in a quiet corner where I can just read a novel or simply write out my stories. I’m like a shadow, or I’d like to think so at least, always hiding from uncomfortable and troubling situations.

Sometimes I’m lucky and I avoid it, but other times I just barge into trouble and get these people to bother me or call me names. In general, I try to keep a low presence, but the fact that I have blonde hair makes people turn their heads thinking it might be a pretty girl only to find me, a nerd with glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I have friends… well…there’s Levy. I do feel lonely sometimes, and I’d like to make more friends, but it’s hard for me to muster the courage to talk to someone new.

I hope that maybe one day, I can have more friends, but well I think that’s just asking for too much.

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The invaluable use of extra quarters

A/N: another “meeting Deadpool/Wade Wilson” oneshot. I remember first seeing the laundromat scene with Wade and Al and wondering if anyone else was there to listen to her call him a dumbass so I guess that’s where this came from 😂 I know in this piece Wade is ooc, but we didn’t really see him interact with strangers in the movie all that much besides him following Vanessa to her apartment. I think because of the experience of all the people staring at him in fear and disgust it would cause him to be wary of strangers and maybe even a little shy. Also, remember to let me know what you think. I LOVE GETTING REQUESTS PLEASE SEND SOME IN. Other than that I hope you like it ❤️



The sound of your car door slamming shut reverberated through the quiet parking lot while you hauled your basket of dirty clothes into the laundromat. You felt light that morning with the enjoyment of a simple chore.

You backed into the door, pushed it open and let it swing closed. The tinkle of the bell above the door barely registered in your mind as you saw the man standing in the corner you had never seen before.

He wore a multi colored cap and navy blue pullover hoodie, with gloves on his hands. You slowly kept pace to the washer that you usually used next to Al. Once you got closer you could see the painful looking scars that covered his whole face and, as far as you could tell, his whole head.

You ended up a couple spaces to the right on the table opposite of the man. Not one to be caught staring, you went about your chore and set your laundry basket down on the table, and got your dirty laundry and soap out.

But you found yourself looking up at him and wondering who he was and what the hell happened to him. You didn’t think he’d notice you, with him pouring a generous amount of seltzer water over a stained sweater with a determined look on his features. But he quickly proved you wrong.

Suddenly, his eyes looked up to yours and met your stare. The brown eyes that looked back at you made your breath catch and damn it all if something hadn’t stirred in your chest. You ignored the instinct to look down in embarrassment at being caught staring and boldly kept his eyes and gave him a shy smile.

Your eyes widened as his head tilted to the side, like a confused puppy. ‘Great (Y/N), you probably creeped him out,’ you chastised yourself. A new wave of timidity washed over you, which also caused your cheeks to turn a light shade of pink which you were sure he noticed. If the small uptick of his lips was any indication.

As if trying to shake the blush away, you shook your head discreetly from side to side and started loading your clothes into the wash. This time, you could feel his eyes dart towards your turned form, and when you’d turn back to grab more laundry, his gaze would be immediately drawn back to his stained sweater.

‘At least I’m not the only one staring. Even if he is doing it to make sure the creepy girl in the laundromat leaves him alone,’ you thought. The washer was all loaded up with your clothes so you dug through your purse and grabbed a handful of quarters to feed the machine. Because you had been a little busier loading your clothes, it was easy to focus the attention on something other than the mystery man.

Now you were finished, still facing the washer, and didn’t know what to do with yourself. Usually you chatted up Al, asked how she was doing, made sure she was getting along okay. This time, you couldn’t find the confidence to turn around and start a conversation. Not with the embarrassing but barely noticeable encounter with the man across from Al still hanging in the air.

So you did what any mature adult would do. You decided to wait out the washing machine by staring at it. It was working for about ten minutes until a not so muffled curse was spoken from behind you.

“What the fuck? God damn it. Al, did you take my quarters again?” An impatient voice asked.

You turned to see who it was and sure enough, the man and Al were engaged in a swear word filled debate about whether or not the man’s quarters were stolen or simply forgotten.

“Okay, that’s fucking fine. I can definitely go without washing my fucking nasty ass clothes. Good luck with your old lady pants. Please do everything you can to get the shitty smell out of them,” the man sounded extremely exasperated with Al. Even as much as Al was a defenseless little old lady, you couldn’t blame him. Al had some bite if you weren’t careful.

This so called bite showed up in Al as she called him a dumbass. You fully turned as they got into it again and had a change of heart about spending some quality time with the washer.

“I have some extra quarters you can have,” you quietly piped up. Al and the man both looked towards you stunned, like they forgot about the other human beings in the laundromat.

The man stared for a while before scowling at Al and throwing a playful smirk towards you, “That’s fine sweetheart. I can just punish Al by wearing my dirty rotten chimi-fucking-changa smelling clothes until the next laundry day.” He ended with his piercing glare on Al again, who was folding up her laundry and about to leave.

“Such a douche. Have fun getting back on your own,” Al croaked and walked out of the laundromat with clean laundry in tow. Both you and the man stared after her, you with a small smile on your face, him with a ‘if-looks-could-kill’ kinda glare.

You looked back to the man and pulled a couple dollars worth of quarters out of your bag.

“Here, I have more than enough,” you softly spoke. The man’s head quickly swiveled to yours, it was a couple minutes before he actually took the quarters from you. He seemed to study your face, for something you couldn’t identify, as you somewhat awkwardly stood with your hand stretched out.

When he did take the quarters, you tried not to blush again when his gloved fingers stroked yours as he scooped the quarters from your hand. “Thank you,” his voice was as small as yours which was an extreme surprise. Just thirty seconds ago he was cussing out Al and not very quietly either.

You shrugged your shoulders to say no big deal. Another awkward silence ensued and the only thing you could think of was to fill it.

“So, do you live with Al?” You quickly blurted.

He looked up at you from the washer he was giving quarters to answer, “Yep. The worst roommate too. Can’t assemble ikea furniture worth a damn.”

His response made you giggle because you thought he was kidding. Little did you know, he wasn’t. But that wasn’t important at the moment.

“You know Al?” The man asked. You found yourself dumbly nodding your head and quickly responding.

“Yeah, we met a year ago when I was having trouble with my washer. She helped me out. I’m clueless sometimes,” you rolled your eyes at yourself to accompany your words and wrung your hands in insecurity.

The man laughed, “You seem to take care of yourself just fine. And others.” He held up the quarters you give him as an example.

You shrugged your shoulders again, this time being able to fight back the scarlet coloring of your cheeks at the compliment.

“Um, my name’s (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you, Al’s roommate,” you stumbled out, not in the confident way you were hoping to. You convinced yourself that the reason you introduced yourself was to be polite, but you knew that it was really so maybe you could get to know him and his brown eyes better.

His beautiful smile sparkled, “Wade Wilson, and the pleasure is all mine, (Y/N).”

You opened your mouth to continue the conversation but you were interrupted by the alarm on your washer going off behind you.

You could feel Wade still staring at you as you pulled on the handle of the washer to open it. Unfortunately you found major difficulty in the task. The handle wouldn’t open no matter how hard you yanked.

“Stupid thing,” you huffed out in anger. You completely forgot Wade until he was right behind you, speaking.

During a particularly hard pull on the handle, he spoke, “Here, I got it.”

Wade startled you, which caused you to let go of the handle and fly backwards into his chest. Wade’s heavy hands went to your hips to steady you. You felt sparks on your waist at his solid touch. You think he noticed it too as he inhaled a sharp breath.

“Uh, thank you. Sorry for-”

“No it’s fine, are you okay?”

“Yeah…fine,” but you were totally not fine. This man with the brown eyes and strong hands and muscle definition you could feel through his sweatshirt was touching you. It was a lot to take in at once. Wade’s hands lingered for a few more seconds and abruptly let go. He reached in front of you to the washer handle and pulled harder than you could have, effectively unjamming the door.

“Thanks,” you forgot you were chest to back with Wade and turned around, it was your turn to intake a quick breath as your eyes met his chest. You looked up to find him already looking down at you. You stared up unabashedly into his brown eyes, feeling like they were pulling you in.

Wade started to bend his head down near yours and butterflies erupted in your stomach. Time stopped and it was just the two of you staring into each other’s eyes, faces inching closer and closer by the second. You could feel your heartbeat pick up, until you were convinced everyone else in the laundromat could hear it pound.

Disastrously, the harsh ringtone of someone’s phone made the both of you jump apart and Wade to dig through his pants pocket in search of the noise.

His non eyebrow covered eyes flew open at the caller ID.

“Yeah?…You did?…That’s fan-fucking-tastic,” he ended the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

You watched as he jogged around the table to pull his stained sweater out of the washer. Wade seemed to forget about you until you had started to make some noise, pulling your wet clothes out of the washer and into your basket so you could hang them up on a clothes line at home. Maybe it was easier for your brain to pretend the last few minutes didn’t happen, but it wasn’t easy for the rest of you to forget. You felt the harsh absence of Wade’s presence and turned to look back at him to see if he had left without a word.

However, you found him still by the tables getting ready to leave when he met your gaze.

Wade stopped with a look of regret on his face, but quickly covered it with a smirk, “Just so we’re clear, laundry day is Tuesdays for me and old Al.” Wade quickly walked away from the washers and out the door, looking back once to throw you a wink.

‘Oh great, he can wink too? I don’t know what’s better, seeing the eye close or seeing his brown eyes open,’ you rambled in your mind, attempting to process everything that had just happened.

Happiness hit you quickly as you realized what Wade had said. You could feel your cheeks start to hurt with how wide you were smiling. You shook your head out of its reverie and quickly loaded all your clothes into the basket so you could get home now that nothing was keeping you at the laundromat.

Once you were in the car, you put your keys into the ignition and sighed, “I guess laundry day is moving to Tuesdays.” It was easy to pretend that this was an inconvenience to you but your heart wouldn’t let you stay home next Tuesday even if your life depended on it.

⭐️A/N: btw I went to ikea today and I found the hurdal and the trysil. (It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I understand that not everybody has seen Deadpool as many times as I have) I freaked out. My family didn’t know what was wrong with me 😂



Last Minute Regret | Jackson

A/N: Hah, so this started out as a scenario based on this prompt, and I was taking it pretty seriously sort of, but then I got really tired at the end and I didn’t feel like proof reading so this happened aaanndd I’m gonna sleep now

Originally posted by i-got7s

          At the start of the year, you promised yourself you wouldn’t procrastinate in college.

           Hell, at the end of senior year, you promised yourself you wouldn’t procrastinate in college. But of course, things didn’t exactly go as planned, and you found yourself sitting in the back of the school library, furiously typing your essay for English that was due first thing in the morning, while trying hard not to pass out right on the keyboard.

           You moved your eyes to the corner of the computer and realized it was now just a little past two o’clock in the morning and you let out a groan. Your roommate was blissfully sleeping back in your dorm, most likely dreaming about that kid in her English class, and you wished you could be doing the same.

           “Next time, I’m doing my stupid assignments right when I get them,” you mumbled to yourself, although there was no true intention behind it. Seriously, who in the world actually did their assignments right when they received them?

           A yawn escaped your lips and you rubbed your eyes to wake yourself up. It barely worked, but you only had about a paragraph and a half left and you’d be done.

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1D as Dads

So, this just hit me while I was sat in my room watching Harry Potter. I have no idea why I was watching Harry Potter and thinking about One Direction, but I was. Anyways, have you ever imagine them as dads, and how their kids would be? How many of the would they have? No? hell, I thought about it while I was watching Harry Potter, and I have no idea why I just said Harry Potter so many times.

But hey, here is the way I imagine their kids to be like as teens. Tell me if you like it?

The Tomlinson’s:

Running his hands through his hairs, the least h could do was admit he was angry. Not that he had been much different, but the fact that Robin Tomlinson had been skipping school was somewhat troubling to him.

He had just got off the phone with the principal and wasn’t happy at all to hear that Robin was skipping his classes and his grades had taken the hit for it. He was going to fail the year and Louis had no idea of what to do.

He let his body fall on the big armchair of his living-room, cohabiting if he should or shouldn’t tell you about the situation. It’s not that he would deliberately hide things from you, but you had been extremely busy with work and taking care of the kids. He just didn’t want to push you so you would have an anxiety attack, or worst. But he knew it was best to tell you about this just because you would get mad at him if he didn’t, so he decided to break it to you gently.

He was about to press call when the house door bursted open, showing a tall silhouette under the doors frame. Robin Tomlinson wore black from his toes to his hair. The combat boots were starting to get worn out thanks to being used to much, his black boxers were showed thanks to the low waisted jeans and the black t-shirt fitted him perfectly.  The teenager had an obsession over leather jackets that drove his father made. It was a good thing Robin was pale, otherwise the color wouldn’t look good on him.

Robin spotted his dad on the armchair, but ignored him, knowing all too well that look I his eyes. Instead of facing his anger, Robin turned his back at him and walked towards the kitchen to eat something. Louis just got up, holding onto the last spark of patience he had left, and followed his older son towards the kitchen. He knew all too well his patience would be required for that conversation.

He was tired of this passive-aggressive behavior of his son towards him, but he had to be a good example and give him a lecture, or at least try to. You see, Robin Tomlinson inherited from his dad, not only the baby blues but also the sassy behavior, making it extremely hard to have a conversation with him without any type of smart remarks or sassy comments. That made Louis proud sometimes, but he would get furious if Robin tried to pull that on him.

Walking into the kitchen he found his teenage son sat in the counter top with his feet close to his chest.

-Your mother spent her time cleaning this kitchen, so you put your feet down young man, and show some respect!- Louis demanded, sending Robin ‘The glare’.

The glare was something neither Robin, neither his little sister Lexy would ever want to be, but with time, Robin got used to it. It still didn’t mean that the youngest in the Tomlinson household wasn’t afraid of it anymore.

Raising his hands up so Lou could see his palms, Robin put his feet down, but still kept sat on the counter. This was what Louis disliked so much about having serious conversations with him. Robin would pretend he didn’t listen, he would ignore you until you got tired of giving him bullshit and that way he would walk away freely.

Oh, but Louis wasn’t having it this time.

He rested against the door frame so he was facing Robin who was mindlessly eating an apple and was about to plug his headphones to his iPhone when Louis stopped him, grabbing them from him.

-I just got off the phone with the principal Robin!- Louis informed

-That’s great dad, now give me my headphones back!- He extended his arm, leaving his anchor wrist tattoo to the sight of his father.

-Don’t test me Robin!- Louis warned

-Test you on what?- He mockingly asked

-Don’t play dumb with me Robin Charles Tomlinson. Why are you skipping your classes?-Louis demanded, his face a mixture of anger and disappointment.

While that was going on, Robin was slowly starting to slip into outer space, when he didn’t hear nothing, only mumbles and loud world. He wanted to forget his dad was there, or that his grades were awful.

Believe it or not, Robin was once a good kid. His grades were amazing, he never missed anything, never talked back, he never even got called to the principal’s office for god sakes. But two years ago when he was fifteen, he changed radically. He started to talk back, yell, he started to hear the kind of music who talks in swearwords instead of regular verses, the calls from the principal were more often and he repeatedly forgot to hand in homework or even show up to class. He didn’t bother anymore. But Louis knew his son better than anyone and he knew something was up.

-Robin, don’t shut down on me!- Louis growled as he grabbed his sons shoulders, turning him so they were face to face.

It was amazing the similarities present. Robin had pulled towards Louis an Lexy towards you, but now they were blue eyes in blue eyes.

-Talk to me son!- Louis helplessly begged. Tell me what’s wrong!

-Nothing’s wrong! That place’s just boring!- Robin said, getting free from his dad’s hands and running his own in his chocolate brown hair.

-Don’t lie to me Robin!-Louis warned

-I’m not lying!- Robin said in the same tone

-Don’t talk to me like that!- Louis yelled

-You started it!-Robin claimed

-Robin I’m your dad and I…- But Louis got cut off

-Enough!-They both turned to face the small girl standing on the entrance of the kitchen.

Lexy’s small pink dress was slightly covered in dirt as she spent her afternoons playing football with the neighbors kids. The ten year old might look small and cute with her long brown hairs and her pink dress, but she was a fighter. She could make anyone laugh just by laughing herself, and her dad was proud of it, but the important thing at the time was making her dad and her brother to stop fighting.

Lexy never told anyone, but she knew why Robin was like this. She helped him once with the bruises.

-Mean kids are hurting Robin dad! - She said.

Louis widened his eyes and turned to face Robin. He had a pale face now, a tormented expression. He looked…scared.

-Robin, is that… Is that what’s happening?-He asked, an uncommon tightening in his chest thanks to this situation. Robin only nodded.

Louis felt a tingling sensation running up his chest, a feeling he could identify as rage. He grabbed the phone he had placed on the table and headed out the kitchen.

-Dad, where are you going?- Robin asked

-To make a call! My son being bullied! Anyone else lays a finger on you again and they’re dead. How dare that crappy principal blame you when he doesn’t even know what’s happening in his hallways. Sun of a…!

The Payne’s:

He found it strange when he drove around the corner of his house and found you, his wife, carrying a box to the garage of your house. He had just came from the Styles household because Lara Payne had forgotten her books with Tammy Styles from their most recent study session.

Not that irresponsibility came easy to his daughter, but Liam offered to go see the Styles girl, especially to give her some words of advice. Tammy was going to have her first ballet recital later that day, and the entire 1D family was invited. Of course Tammy would never go without her cousins and aunts to give her unconditional support.

When he saw you struggled to put the box inside of a shelf, Liam ran to help you, wrapping his arms around your  back thighs and lifting you just enough so you could place the box. He lowered you down the second you did and you pecked his lips.

-Welcome back!- You happily say

-Thanks!- He smiles – What’s all of this? He asks, pointing to all the boxes displayed around the floor –Are your hooding symptoms coming back?- He asked and you giggle

-No, these stuff are from Lara’s room!- Liam frowned immediately

-What do you mean?- He asked immediately

-She’s changing her room!- You inform, turning around to pick up another box – Li, could you help…- But it was too late.

Liam had already gone up the stairs of your house to find Lara, his fifteen year old daughter, standing on a chair, duck taping some posters of a new band to her walls. Her straight brown hairs were pulled into a pony tail as she worked. The heels she was wearing made it almost impossible for her to stay up, but she managed to, because that’s who Lara is. She’s a fighter.

Liam noticed, with bitterness, that the posters and drawings of Disney princesses had all been ripped off her walls. Now there was only the face of four guys everywhere… EVERYWHERE. They were in the walls, and in the door of her wardrobe, in a frame next to her bedside table.

-Dad! - Lara called, excitement dripping from her tone as she safely descended from the chair she was in.

The girl was excited to get rid off all the kid stuff she had on her room. She was a young woman now, and she wanted to be seen and treated as one. But Liam only felt brokenhearted when he saw the picture they both had taken on Disneyland was gone. Vanished. Disappeared.

Lara was only eight when they took that photo, and she looked so happy with her big grin all over the dozens of photos they had taken.

Liam couldn’t accept the fact that he was being exchanged by a band she wasn’t even going to like a few years from now. But who was he kidding? She probably would. He knew how loyal his daughter was, and when she started liking something, she would like it for a very, very long time

-I like what you did to the room!- Liam lied.

-Thank!- Lara smiled

-Hey, hum, what have you done with that picture of us, the one that was on your bedside table?-Liam asked

-Oh, that one, I asked mom to take it downstairs for me!

Liam was scared she could hear his hear breaking into million pieces when those precise words came out of her mouth.

This was it.

His daughter was growing up.

She was no longer the small girl with a big grin, that loved princesses and dresses and was never ashamed of her dad in her life. Now, she was the girl who obsessed over boy bands and had no traces of her embarrassing childhood around.

His only child ,besides thirteen year old Daphne, was slowly becoming a woman and there was nothing he could do about it.

Obsessing over Disney was something Liam was excited to do with his daughter, when he found out he was going to have one. He did everything with her when she was younger. They went to Disneyland, Liam got her a princess bed when they first turned the nursery into a room for her and she had every single dress of the Disney princesses in her wardrobe. Unless she had throwed those away too.

But what hurt Liam the most was the fact that she threw away a picture of both of them. Meaning, she didn’t want that in her room, she wanted to get rid of that picture in her room. She was no longer a daddy’s girl.

-Everything alright dad?- Lara asked when she saw his dad holding the new frame on her bedside table

-Yeah, everything’s… amazing!- Liam said, the word not coming exactly as he had planned

-Dad!- Lara called , making him turn around to face her- Is this about the picture?- She asked, raising a eyebrow at him

-No Lara, I’m fine!- Liam said, putting the frame back on the bedside table and waking towards the door.

-Hey dad!- Lara called again, her light brown ponytail whipping the hair as she turned her head as fast as one can- Can we take a picture?- She asked him and he turned around fast, his  eyes wide

Lara Payne had inherited his dad’s kind heart, weak kidney and beautiful brown eyes. But what she liked the most was the ability she got to notice when people were lying or telling the truth, that’s what she liked the most about all the things she got of him. And her kind heart could never let her dad get out of her room with an expression that could lead t heartbreaks around the block.

She grabbed her phone and told her dad to make a goofy face. So they both did and later that day she posted the picture on instagram, with the caption:

‘I love my daddy really much!’

Later that night, when they went to Tammy’s recital, Liam found out that the picture she had sent downstairs, was now inside a little necklace she wore all the time, and nothing made him happier than that.

The Horan’s:

He laughed his head off as both of his eight year olds tried to climb him up like a ladder. Dylan and Braden were both similar and incredibly energetic. They got it from his dad, and maybe from the sip they took out of his energy drink that morning too.

Braden wrapped his legs loosely around Niall’s neck as he hanged upside down and Dylan insisted on grabbing his leg, keeping him from moving. As much as he wanted to tell them to stop because it was dangerous, Niall couldn’t stop laughing.

He knew it was a good thing he could enjoy these times with the ‘terrible duo’ as the 1D family called them, and since you were out, helping Tammy and Mrs. Styles with shopping it meant he had more time with the bright eyes fellas.

It would have been all perfect… If Oliver decided to show up. The sixteen year old had got out of the house that morning and hasn’t returned, wich got Niall quite worried, but he sent Oliver a text to wich he replied immediately, telling his dad that he was fine and would be home in an hour or so.

Knowing Oliver, Niall knew he was nervous about something by the way he acted that morning. He barely ate, wich was a big deal for a Horan child, and spent more time on his hair than he usually did. But, whatever it was that got him worried, Niall was sure he could get out of it if he used his charming personality, amazing laugh, humor and handsomeness.

He was quite proud of all his boys, but he never got the right way of saying it. They might not be the brightest in the bunch, or the most talented, but they sure as hell were the purest kids he had ever seen. Not by actions, because he was pretty sure they did naughty stuff from time to time but by heart. They were pure at heart.

Niall would never forget when Oliver was ten and the twins two, that Oly gave up his food to give to a homeless person. And food is a big deal for all the Horan’s. Oly was a genuinely good person and, as much as it’s hard to see right now, the little devils hanged on him are also pure at heart. At least it was what he thought, his opinion matter more than anyone else’s in this world when it came to his kids.

He was in the middle of swinging Dylan back and forth by his arms when the door swung open, almost carving a hole on the wall.

Oliver Horan stood on the hallway, his blond hairs flat over his forehead as he kept the icy blue eyes on the ground. Niall frowned at his son’s behavior and the twins were smart enough to get off Niall before Oliver ever got to him, because when he did, Oliver pushed a poster and a sheet against his dad chest.

Niall couldn’t stop noticing how his fists were clenched and his lips were in a straight line. Oliver is normally the most relaxed person in the world. He’s secluded to his bedroom while the twins are more outgoing, but Niall knows he’s trying to learn how to play the guitar with the help of some books and Niall’s first even guitar, so he doesn’t get in the way too much.

He has a good relationship with his kid, as much as he has with the other two, but Oliver had shutted him down a few months ago, and Niall had no idea why. He just knew he didn’t like it one bit.

-Her name’s Karen! - He managed to growl between his shut lips

-What? - Niall frowned, grabbing the items and looking down at them.

He recognized a poster from a younger self and photograph from a few months ago. He frowned eve more and looked up to face his son. Oliver was going to be taller than him, that was undeniable. At the age of sixteen, Oliver was five inches away from getting as tall as Niall. But besides that, they were the exact copy of each other.

Now that Oliver decided to adopt his dad’s style and dye his hair blond, they looked more like each other than they ever did before. The cheekbones, the nose, the piercing blue eyes, they were the same. Niall was proud of his job as a dad, but apparently Oliver was having some troubles with being his kid.

He had left that morning to go to a date. He found this girl named Karen really sweet so he asked her out. He was nervous that morning, and he had a feeling mom and dad had noticed, but he decided to tell nothing in case it didn’t work out as he had planned. The date ended up going fine, she was talking he was listening, until the conversation (or monologue) became completely about him.

Not Oliver, but Niall.

It turned out that Karen still liked One Direction. Even though they’re older now, she claimed his dad was still hot. So she asked him to give him some things for him to sign.

Oliver had enough of people recognizing him not by his name but by ‘Niall Horan’s son’. He didn’t want that. He wanted to be known as Oliver, just Oliver. No last names, n nothing. Hell, he would even take ‘that kid who likes to skateboard with Zayn Malik’s younger daughter’, just so he could have a taste of normal life, of how it’s like to know people love your for who you are and not so you can ask your dad for his autograph. Unfortunately, it’s not the first time it happened to little Oly.

-I went on a date this morning dad!- Oliver said, his fists still clenched

-Really?- Niall’s semblant became lighter and happier

-Yeah, it could have gone well, if I wasn’t your kid!- His words purely venom

Niall felt like his heart was pulled out of his chest as Oly made his way to his room. He knew it was his fault, and his Oly wasn’t like this, but he was angry right now and Niall had understood why.

His kid felt like he was living in his shadow. He wasn’t. Oly was so much better than Niall was at his age. Oly knew how to skate. He knew how to play the guitar, well, he was still learning but still it was his initiative. He had muscles that he had work for, and he was trying to become a known artist all by himself.

Niall knew it must be hard on Oliver to grow up on someone’s shadow.

Niall let himself fall on the couch and he just stayed there, really still for what felt like hours, thinking about stuff. Suddenly, he heard muffling in the kitchen, but he never really cared, he just kept starring at the black TV Screen.

He smelled pancakes and heard someone clearing their throat. He turned the slightest bit to find Oly, holding a tray with food.

-Dad…-Oly called

Niall sowed him a smile and turned again to face the TV. The couch next to him moved and soon, dad and son were sat together, stiff and uncomfortable.

-Sorry dad!- Oly said, putting the tray in front of his dad on the coffee table.

Niall turned to face Oliver and smiled, truthfully this time and opened his arms, taking his son in and hugging him tightly.

-Sorry Oly!- Niall said, hugging his kid tighter.

Niall knew his kid wasn’t bad, he was just angry and that lead him to say those things. but Oly had a big heart and always knew how to win him back.

-Attack, attack!” They both heard the twins yell before they were covered with two small and sleazy bodies, making them both laugh

The Maliks:

He woke up to the sound of sniffs in the room next to his and yours. He heard yelps too. He widened his eyes at the idea of his younger daughter Sam bringing someone home and doing… things.

He pushed the covers back and only had time to put a pair of sweatpants on before storming inside his daughter’s room. Knowing Evan and Sam, they would normally be sleeping this time in the morning. Wich Zayn didn’t really know because he didn’t check the time.

He had stayed up till late, helping Harry and other parents with the preparations for Tammy’s recital. Zayn was asked to help with the scenery since he had a way with art. But thing was, he had stayed up way too late and barely had any time to sleep.

He only knew his heart jumped out of his chest when he intruded on that room. Not for what was happening in the bed, but because Sam-Sam was sat on it, crying because she was bleeding really bad from her knee.

Zayn rushed to her side and yelled.

-Evan, get me the First Aid Kit! - He yelled, really not caring if Evan was asleep or not

-Dad, what’s…- Evan said, coming out of his room from the other side of the hall, but he stopped when he saw Samantha- What the hell?! Where’s the First Aid Kit?!- He yelled

-On the bathroom! Quick! - Zayn said and Evan ran out

Sam was crying in Zayn’s arms, her knee looking dirty, bloody and just awful. Zayn was happy with Evan’s actions though, he really had nothing else than love for his little sister. He found out that in seventh grade, Evan had beaten up a guy from the fifth because he badmouthed Sam. No one ever called her anything like that again.

Zayn was happy, yes he was. He raised two strong and courageous kids, but he was wondering how Sam-Sam managed to get such a nasty bruise. Her legs weren’t immaculate thanks to her skating, but this was really severe, and who knows how much blood she had lost already?

-Here, dad, take it!- Evan said, kneeling in front of his sister.

He was happy to have Evan around since his skills as a lifesaver in the beach were a great use for now. Evan always liked the beach, and it was a secret to no one that he surfed once in a while, but what he really loved to do was swimming. He always had a weird inclination for sports, so his body is all defined and his caramel brown eyes are often used to melt the younger bathers’ hearts.

Carefully, Evan stretched Sam’s leg and pulled the alcohol from the open first aid kit and grabbed cotton too. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be gently or it would get worst and probably infect, so the cotton was to keep the alcohol from running everywhere that’s not her knee.

-Hey Sam-Sam! - He sweetly said – Look at me!- he smiled- Keep your eyes on mine yeah?

Fourteen year old Sam nodded and kept her eyes in his brothers as he squished alcohol into her leg. A yelp of agony left her full lips as she held her black hairs, controlling herself not to cry.

-Dad!- She cried, squeezing his hand that was holding her arm too tight.

Zayn hated to see his kids suffering. He didn’t want to watch the two people he created going through pain, but Sam had to be stubborn and take shots to the skate park when you told her exactly not to do that a few weeks ago when she came home with a scratch on her calf, and it wasn’t pretty.

Zayn let go of her arm the minute he realized he was hurting her. She smiled at him through the pain and extended a hand for him to grab. Zayn carefully watched as Evan perfectly bandaged Sam’s knee, kissing over the bondage like it would make it better, just like he would do when they were kids.

Zayn was proud of the kids he had, he raised them to be there for each other. All of the Malik’s had a chilled out personality, so confrontation in that house was rather unusual. He was proud of raising an almost doctor and the next Tony Hawk… well, in the female version.

-You should have listened to your mother Sam-Sam!- Zayn said, looking at her in the eyes - Wasn’t Oly there with you?

-No! Oly had a date!- Samantha explained

-Then why didn’t you call me? - Zayn asked.

Evan was listening closely to the conversation, curiosity overflowing him, with his big brown eyes taking in every detail. Yeah, that Malik was faded to study medicine.

-I didn’t want you to think less of me!- She mumbled, making Zayn widen his eyes.

-Why would you think that?- Zayn asked her

-I’ve seen you with the board dad! You’re awesome! I just wanna be as awesome as you!- Zayn smiled and pulled both his kids in for a hug.

-You’re both the most awesome thing I did in this life!

The Styles:

Liam had just left from picking Lara’s books, but Harry was still at the door. Not because Liam’s car wouldn’t start, or because he was frozen because of something. No, he was nervous.

He knew, that if he was left alone, he would obsess over the smallest things like: ‘Is she ready?’ ‘Can she really do this?’ ‘Am I ready to let my little butterfly fly away?’. Because if someone picked her for some weird overseas internship, than he would most likely say no. And what a big no that would be.

Today was a big day for Tammy, ad Harry was being selfish and thinking about him. Even the rest of the 1D family was going. Just so you understand how big this is, Sam Malik was going to put a dress on and that girl lives on a close relationship with skinny jeans and baggy t-shirts, plus, she always dragged her skate board along with her, wich she promised her mom she would leave at home.

Harry didn’t want any of his friends to change their kids or lives just because of one recital, thought every family was perfect on their own way, and he loved everyone, with a special care for his godson Oly, but he still loved them all equally.

He would never forget how all of them used to play on Harry’s back yard, the guys closely watching their kids as they tried to discuss their future.

Harry only noticed he was stuck at the door when Cameron called him, and he woke up to reality, going to sit next to his son on the couch.

-Dad!- Cameron called –You’re worrying too much! She’s got this!

-I know Cam, I know! I’ve seen her dance before!- He said to his fourteen year old son

-Then why are you so stressed over a thing you know she’s got in the bag?- Cameron asked, focused on a game he was playing on his tablet

-What if she’s so good that someone tried to get her away from me?- He asks. Well, that certainly got Camerons attention.

-Get rid of my annoying older sister? Bring it on!- He chuckled, but his dad kept a stern face.

-I mean, if someone makes her a one in a million proposition and she takes it but she has to go away from here? I love you son, and you know that’s exactly how I would act if it was you!

-I know dad!- Cameron said – But she’s not even that great you know!

-CAMERON!-Both Harry and Tammy yelled at the exact same time, making the boy chuckle.

They both looked up to find the perfect curly headed girl with the silkiest skin ever looking at both of them. Tammy and Cam were kind of the sitting image of each other, not that they were twins, but no one really knew how they were that gorgeous because they had the same amount of things from the both sides.

From Harry they got the height, curls and personality. But most importantly, they both got his green eyes. The emerald jewels that turned the Styles household the most precious of them all.

-Cam’s right dad! I’m so that good that I’m going to nail a one in a million opportunity! But, even if I was, I wouldn’t leave you!-She smiled.

Harry pulled both of them into a hug, Tammy complaining of how her brother was going to make her hair stink and Cameron was complaining of how he had lost the game because of the so called hug.

Eventually, they just stopped arguing and hugged their dad back, the living room falling into a silence peaceful place where they could just feel each other’s presence and love towards each other. Of course that the word ‘love’ would make the two kids run away from each other.

But even though they didn’t want to admit it, they loved each other as much as they loved their mom and dad. 

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