i forgot how much i loved u guys


I don’t care about the glory. You can have it.

he is so cute :(

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I am absolutely in love with the Wally and Barry art you just posted!! Like it's the perfect representation of what their relationship is like?? I can't stop looking at it, especially the one with Wally being rescued from Rudy by Barry just thank you for making this!!

ahhhhhh thank you so much!!! here’s something happy just for u ( ˘ ³˘)♥

“Whatcha drinking, sailor?” Jess asks, pushing up the rolled sleeves of her flannel shirt.

“An Old Fashioned.” Nick hesitates, and then clears his throat before asking, “With an extra cherry?”

“Comin’ right up,” she says with a wink.

Jess sets the drink down in front of him, and the edge of his mouth quirks up when he notices there’s three cherries in his glass. She smirks and pops an extra one in her mouth, and it might be her imagination, but she could have sworn that Nick’s eyes linger on her lips for a moment. This is a little forward and unlike her, but she hasn’t been with anyone since Spencer. It feels a little pathetic that her love life has come to a screeching halt after he dumped her for the granola-girl from the bike co-op. She needs to get herself back out there. And right now this guy is checking all her boxes and making her deliciously twirly in a way she hasn’t felt in a long time, so she decides to throw caution to the wind. Besides, she works for tips and it’s not like she has anything better to do than flirt with the hot guy she just met at the bar where she works. She gives him the up and down again. She could do a lot worse.

based on this drabble!

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Hey do you know any blogs that are nice to follow? that aren't, you know, the golden phannies or whatever but are just really nice blogs? they don't even have to be dan and phil lol. also for the honestly thing I honestly love following you because you are so sweet and kind and I appreciate your judgement so much which is why I'm asking you for the blogs you keep doing you Sarah xo

Thank you honestly. I swear I’m not crying but my heart just melted. You don’t understand how much this means to me. I often feel forgotten and left out in the phandom and like nobody cares about me. In fact one of u close friends forgot about me today. And whenever I try interacting with you guys. A tumbleweed Rolls by. So thank you, you don’t know how much this means to me. Here are your blog Recs >>>>


Sorry this is so long but these are just such amazing people and I couldn’t leave any out. And even this list is the shortened version. Basically what I’m saying is that these blogs are the best of the best and you won’t find any better.


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Apprentice Speedwagon how friendly are you with Jonathan?

(( Actually, this Jona’s demi, but that doesn’t really change the situation all that much. :V Sorry, little buddy. ))

I honestly can’t believe it !!  A few days ago, I hit 400 followers, and I honestly don’t know how. I mean, I’ve only had this blog since February. Like how can I have grown so fast ??  I’m so, so thankful for all of my followers, and I love you all so much !!  THANK YOU.

So, without further ado, here are all the people who have made this blog possible  ( in no particular order. )  I’m sorry if I forgot you, but know that I’m very, very, thankful !!

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And it seemed to me that Dante’s face was a map of the world. A world without any darkness.
Wow, a world without darkness. How b e a u t i f u l was that?



i’ve been working on commissions so i’ve not really had time to draw properly but HERE’S SOME SMOL STUFF FOR NOW. THEY ARE JUST stupid TIDBITS I SCRIBBLED BEFORE I HEAD OFF TO BED (’m waiting for my laptop to charge up for work tomorrow-sigh-) AND LET ME TELL YOU


i’m screaming


YA’LL ARE SUPER/AWESOME/AMAZING. YOU GUYS GIVE ME STRENGTH. I’ve never gotten attention for my art before and i’ll never get used to it. you guys are the sweetest and i cannot handle. ya’ll need to calm down too though i love you all but i cannot keep up with the notes and messages. -wipes brow- 


Handsome Jack/Ryhs/Vaughn/nyuknyuknyuk©Borderlands
-screaming from the top of my apartment building- THANK YOU GUYS I LOVE YOU ALL©me



so this is a kind of thank you piece for the 200 followers!! man. i just. i can’t even believe it you know?? i love u guys so much and thank you for supporting my creative endavors lmao

i started this before i hit 200 tho, and it’s basically from a poorly thought out au idea of mine that i’ve probably seen somewhere else: what if the freelancers were actually freelancers? mercenaries like felix and locus? mercenaries who maybe end up working WITH felix and locus? very uh. intimately, if you want to look at it that way. which i do.

the real story is that i found this cool set of armor, venator armor in halo 4, and i wanted to draw someone with it. so i chose wash and gave him a shit eating grin and BAM. i forgot how much i hate halo 4 armor though so. this was a struggle. but you know. i love u guys. labor of love and all that.

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What's Ofelias favorite Sweet snack and drink~♡? And how does she like to style her hair?♡

Thanks for asking, sweetpea!! ♡

She likes strawberry shortcakes and good old fashioned  🅱️ocolate  🅱️ip  🅱️ookies. (don’t forget that she is a dirty memer at her core) and she likes bubble tea as well as oreo milkshakes! I know you didnt ask but in the last ask sent by @thecrowmaiden I forgot to mention that her favorite savory snack are those cheeto brand butter popcorns bcs they’re tasty and light enough that she can eat a million in a short time so she keeps a bag under her bed to eat when she wakes up with the monchies.

and she likes her fluffy hair but its not easy to do a lot with it! She usually likes to have it out of her face tied back with a ribbon or headband or have it up in a messy bun or pigtails! Oh! I wonder what she’d look like if she straightened it tho?  🤔 🤔 🤔

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Thank u so much fun for that heartlfelt reply, I wish I could give you a hug tbh for making me feel better. I feel so pathetic, he texted me back like 10 minutes ago explaining how he forgot his charger and no one else had a phone like his so he couldn’t charge it but that he loved me n was sorry I had worried about him...😭 but I realize I do need some space of my own to just regenerate myself with self care..I love u too 🖤

ahh im so glad everything turned out okay!!! and it’s no problem my ask box is always open, im happy to help 💓💓 i hope u have a happy halloween or just a good tuesday!! make sure to take care of urself!! you deserve it

HEY GUYS ! so, i recently hit over 1.3k followers !!!  i wanted to make a thing for my mutuals to show how much i love and appreciate you all! i love u guys SO much! and even if we don’t talk!!! i still love u! and i’m super duper thankful for you! this site can be so annoying and negative sometimes, but you guys always make it so entertaining and fun. I’ve made so many friends through this blog too and i love them with all of my heart ((you guys know who u are)) p.s i’m sorry if i forgot anyone! 

if u have a ♡ next to your url, it means you’re extra special! i consider you as one of my close buds and i’m comfortable with you!

if you’re bolded, it means you tag me in my favs and i love you alot !

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Summary:  So they parted. She went right. And he went left. But they forgot something. The world is round.

Genre: Fluff with a lil’ bit of angst.

Word Count: 1.9 k

A/N: Holaaa♥ so here’s the 5th fic for the serie, look at jin in that gif omg, i really hope u like it guys♪ oh oh my yoongi fic hit 200 just a couple of days ago and i wanted to thank u so much ily’all.

I really really really want to thank my bae Hydrangea for being a great beta reader♥ ilsm never change!

if u liked it let me know :)

Every time you saw Seokjin only one thought clouded your mind, damn how I love him. Jin was pure husband material and already boyfriend goals, and you were always proud to be with him, to call him yours, to see his pretty little smile just because of you. You were not going to lie, you had your fair share of fights, but in almost 3 years of dating him, it was only fair, you were not a perfect couple, but definitely one of the cutest, or so he liked to say.

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Ayyy Happy New Year everybody!

2015 was one heck of a wild ride, so let’s make 2016 even wilder (and safer)! :D

Goodness, I’ve met sooo many new people and have made so many new friends in just half a year, I don’t think I can tag them all ;_;

To Mah Art Buddies and Amazing Supportive Peeps (I AM GOING TO MISS TAGGING SO MANY PEOPLE IM SORRY): @emmathepaintdragon @a-random-commenter @stjarn-natt @windycube @barawolfdad @surrealectrus @greatmar2 @venthedragonkin @lemmyloopy @cheetahtrout @vindisticshadow @321comics @tantoria @chaoskirin @kudalyn @zerodestiny169 @alatreon-claw-attack @mini-squatch @gryfowl @communiquesfromm @tarmahartley @coroniux @coral-stone and EVERYONE ELSE THAT I PROBABLY FORGOT TO TAG crais ;w;

Thank you guys so much for making 2015 a special one! 

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hello bara rara here to beat ya ass. jk ilu cabel and appreciate all the kindness u have given me thru the years of bleach rp madness lmao. i hope your bday is amazing, you deserve it (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

                       Bara Rara!? No no no. It’s Ooh, RaRa la Bad romance … I actually forgot how that song went. I am a failure. But!!!  I love and appreciate you too!!   thank you so much for sticking around with me through everything!! — It honestly means a lot??? I know we haven’t really spoken or interacted in ages but you’ll always be my bad romance of a Cherry Bomb!!

yoooooo so the year’s almost done and this is my thank you to every one for making this an awesome year on the interwebz

bffffffffs: to the people who make this whole experience worth while and awesome thank u for existing because without u guys i don’t know how i’d be able to survive and keep sane on here lmao

Jess, Courts, Emma, Jackie, Chi, Bailey, Minella, Emily, Abby

ok so here are other blogs who i don’t talk too as much but i still love all of u sorry if i forgot you !!!!! don’t be offended pls p l s

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Hello loves, I’m back with another Build-A-Bear update.

Do you see the little “Limited Time Only” circle to the side?

Yes? Okay awesome! I’m not allowed to say how much we are getting or for how long but I will say if you want one call and reserve one or go the week of.

I’m not kidding, I was really surprised about how “limited” he will be ;;;;;

-EDIT- I forgot! His wings will be able to come off so you can dress him up in anything U w U

Have fun guys!!!