i forgot how much i loved this scene

So I started watching FMA: Brotherhood on Netflix again...

… and the Closed Caption subtitles are…not what I expected them to be. Let’s just say they’re absolutely amazing. Remember when these happened??

I don’t know how the Freezer is moving ‘happiness,’ but that bitch is doing it fiercely!

…the fuck

In case you forgot what cannons sound like

The subtitles really helped me understand what to feel, especially musically

To accompany this depressing scene, we have ‘sad music’

I feel ya, Ed…

Only Alphonse could pull of a hard core kick

My wind usually makes that noise…

I love FMA: Brotherhood’s subtitles so much. 

and this was just the first episode!


I love this scene so much. You know that in Clarke’s mind it’s like

I’m going to get us all out. Just have to keep looking like I’m having this bullshit. How will I start th..”

*has first bite*

“HOLY SHIT THIS IS SOOO GOOOOD. OH MY GOD I FORGOT HOW REAL FOOD TASTES. WHAT IS LIFE… Ehm.. I meant. Gross. I hate it. I have to get us out….”

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"Elena didn’t even have to be the last person he sees before he died, but she was and he chose to stroke her face and chose to grasp her hair, and chose to whisper to her, so they tried." THIS is why I don't believe that Stefan was whispering how much he loved Caroline, because the body language in that scene clearly spoke another tune. like you tried, but I'm not buying it.

i am SAYING. i mean there’s a moment where stefan has a “realization” expression, it’s like right after he closes his eyes when he hugs Elena and sort of nestles into her hair, and then he says “there’s something i need to say” so i feel like he forgot and then he just remembered like “right. my wife.” you were not thinking about her, stefan.

Cordelia: Oh, Angel! I know that I am a Slayer, and you’re a vampire and it would be impossible for us to be together, but…

Wesley: [imitating Angel] But… my gypsy curse, sometimes prevent me from seeing the truth. Oh, Buffy…

Cordelia: Yes, Angel?

Wesley: Oh, I love you so much I almost forgot to brood!

Cordelia: And just because I sent you to Hell that one time doesn’t mean that we can’t just be friends.

Wesley: Or possibly more?

Cordelia: Gasp! No! We mustn’t!

Wesley: Kiss me!

Cordelia: Bite me!

Angel: [entering, surprising everyone] How about you both bite me?

I love this scene sooo much! Cordelia and Wes are nailing the impression of Angel and Buffy, but it is so hilarious. Then Angel comes in brooding (surprising, right?) and makes the scene that much better.

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hOLYY MOTHER OF JIMIN. THAT ONE SHOT! I forgot where I was for a moment there, it was hot...Will there be more?

omg don’t bring his mother into this im laughing

You liked it? I’m glad! Thank you so much for the message. I love you. 

As for your question…hmm…more? How would you feel about seeing that steamy scene in the car during the flash flood? If enough people want it, I’ll write it. Jimin’s been dying to relive that story. I mean, look at him:

so I actually finished a crown of swords a couple days ago but then I forgot to give a reread update, and I know you were all holding your breath for one

  • I really liked this book! I forgot how much. also we are two for two books in a row where Rand gets beat to hell and back which, like, we know how I feel about that
  • (I feel good about it. you know the amount I talk about this if you didn’t know better you’d think I really hated Rand)
  • I love Min and Rand finally doing the sex thing and also how pissed off Min is when Rand tries to do his “I’m a Monster” routine with her, I just love Min, Min is so great
  • the scene where Mat fights the gholam is great and I love it, one of the more epic fights I think, up there with Rand v. Rahvin
  • Egwene blossoming into the beautiful smart Amyrlin she’s meant to be, A+ you go Egwene
  • okay okay I admit it the scene where Nynaeve finally breaks her block and she and Lan meet again is beautiful and I got a little emotional, I’ve never been terribly attached to them as a couple but A+ good shit OP
  • it’s funny because the fight with Sammael, after all the build-up, is almost anticlimactic? like, we don’t even see his death (unlike most of the Forsaken thus far).
  • though maybe that is fitting. anticlimactic like Sammael’s life in general, hahaha Sammael jokes
  • a thing I have feelings about: the bit where Min is telling Cadsuane about why she shouldn’t let Rand wake up around strange Aes Sedai. I am not sure how to articulate what the feelings are, but there are feelings.
  • I still don’t know how I feel about Cadsuane, either. it’s complicated. I will be thinking about this more moving forward.
  • I have a post in the works about Mat and Tylin as soon as I figure out how to sort through my thoughts, because I have a lot of thoughts and confusion about just what is going on there (not content-wise so much as meta-wise, it’s complicated, we’ll see)
  • where’s Tuon though. when is Tuon going to be here
Red vs. Blue

I seriously forgot how much I love this show! The humour never gets old to me after all these years. For real, I laugh so hard it turns ugly. And the soundtrack! Pretty much, after Bloodgulch, they started adding some different stuff. At first it was just the title screens and credits, but once Project Freelancer started they put some actual music into the action scenes and such. Speaking of Project Freelancer, it’s my favorite 2 seasons in the entire show. Don’t get me wrong! Bloodgulch, Recollection, and the Chorus trilogy were great, but Project Freelancer had absolutely everything we’ve missed in the 2 prior seasons. You get the backstory of all the Freelancers, not just Tex, and you get more into Church’s as well. The music definitely was better, they didn’t skimp on the comedy, it became more like watching a movie or show instead of watching gameplay. I could go on and on, but let’s just end it with: these 2 seasons rocked my world. The Chorus Trilogy was good but it became hard for me to watch, mostly for visual reasons. The armor colors were just way too bright and solid for the main characters. They could have used some sort of darker shades for detail or something, it gave me a headache just trying to watch. Aside from that, it was hard to get into a new mindset for these 3 seasons. The storyline had almost nothing to do with anything from the previous seasons, except the original characters. It was almost like they put them in an alternate universe where they acted the exact same way, had the same experiences, but it’s like nothing happened… and there’s little to no Church or Freelancer involvement compared to previous seasons. (If you can’t tell, I really love the freelancer storyline and I always want more…) I’m interested to see what season 14 brings, since I haven’t watched it yet (it’s not on netflix yet…) So anyways, just wanted to talk about a series many either have forgotten about or don’t know at all and should definitely try it out if you’re okay with excessive foul language, violence, and crude/dark humour! You were warned, but also… just do it!

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There was so much great stuff in this episode that I totally forgot to acknowledge how adorable the opening scene is, where Garnet and Pearl were baking in the kitchen while, only a few feet away, Steven and Amethyst were sat on the living room floor excitedly whispering and trying to plan how to do their big reveal

Its just such a sweet adorable domestic scene and I love it



OH MAN, I really wanted to draw one of my favorite scenes in the fic ‘Never Looked Better’ by Por_queeee (seriously, if you like rhack, go read it –> http://archiveofourown.org/works/3953485). The effort I put into this thing is insane, alright, that’s how much I love that fic.