i forgot how much i loved this scene


“In the back of his mind, he knew what it was”

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I remember the good old day when backgrounds were a pain in my butt. Where did those days go? Idk, but here have a scene from the drabble I wrote for myself (that I probably won’t share at this time). I just really love space, and learning how to paint it was the best thing ever.

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GoT S07E02 Thoughts

I am up at 2 in the morning for this shit and I don’t know how I feel about this episode. There was a lot happening and a lot not happening. But as always, here are my rambling, harebrained thoughts about the episode that may or may not make any sense whatsoever to anyone but me. Either way, here we go:

The scene with Dany and Varys continues to toe the line between Benevolent Hero Dany and Violent Conqueror Dany. I have never doubted Dany’s ability to care for the common folk. She is not an evil person; she has compassion for them, that’s always been clear from the start, but the question has always been, will her compassion win out over her desire for power? And this grey area feels really poignant in this scene with Varys when she’s pardoning him for once siding with another king who had tried to assassinate her.

While it looks like she’s showing him a great deal of compassion and demonstrating her desire to be loved by the people and bring peace to Westeros, I feel the conversation is actually quite foreboding. He’s already been by her side for awhile, so why was this conversation happening now? They could’ve easily cut this entire scene away and left us to continue assuming that Dany pardoned Varys when he arrived with Tyrion, but they chose to highlight it and have Varys give his whole speech about not caring who was king or queen of the Iron Throne and that his loyalty was to the people. This is important, as are these lines:

“If you ever think I’m failing the people, you won’t conspire behind my back… If you ever betray me, I’ll burn you alive.” 

Once again, Dany threatens people for their loyalty. In contrast, the previous episode when Jon Snow pardons Alys Karstark and Ned Umber for the crimes of their house, he says:

“For centuries, our families fought side by side on the battlefield. I ask you to pledge your loyalty once again to House Stark, to serve as our bannermen and come to our air whenever called upon… Yesterday’s wars don’t matter anymore. The North needs to band together, all the living north. Will you stand beside me, Ned and Alys, now and always?”

The difference between them is quite clear. One demands loyalty, while the other asks for it. 

And the focus of this scene with Dany and Varys being on how the people of Westerosi will receive her feels greatly foreboding and not in the good way for her. This scene was shot and chosen for a reason; this dialogue was written for a reason. And nothing in Game of Thrones is so black and white as this scene’s purpose only being highlighting how good and forgiving Dany is. 

Anyway, I know people will call me biased for reading the scene this way and perhaps I am, as I still believe Dany’s narrative is of a fallen hero, but these are just my thoughts anyhow. 

Moving on!  

What was interesting to me in the scene with Melisandre was how Dany’s face lit up when she thought the prophecy might be about her. Oh, and the line: 

“The prophecy belongs to me.”

Loosely translated to mean that the Seven Kingdoms belong to her. These people and their love belong to her. She is the one who was promised because it’s her destiny, her birthright. In direct contrast again, Jon reiterates in the same episode that he was chosen as their king, but he didn’t want it and he didn’t ask for it. 

The way Jon and Dany rule and see the world are literary foils of one another. And I feel like as the season progresses, the more this will become apparent. I also don’t like the implication of Jon bending the knee to Dany or to anyone, but we’ll see. 

Now back to Winterfell. The shot of children having archery practice while Jon and Sansa are atop watching over them is, as has been mentioned before, almost a direct parallel to Ned and Catelyn overlooking Bran’s archery lessons in Season 1. Like I’ve always said, nothing in this show is shot without a purpose, and it’s not the first time parallels between the two have surfaced. Whether it just means they’re supposed to be a formidable co-ruling pair in the North or a future marriage/romance between the two down the line still remains to be seen, but we all know what basket I’m placing my eggs. Both. The answer is both. 

Still, I really love the way Jon looks immediately to Sansa for her opinion on what to do with Tyrion’s request for him to come to Dragonstone. Considering last week’s episode, this is a good sign they’re learning to communicate better, and I think it’s also telling how he’s asking her for her opinion on Tyrion because as he says, she knows him better than anyone, when last week he was dismissing her despite her firsthand knowledge of Cersei. It’s growth. 

And actually I’m not going to go chronologically by scene now, so I’m going to skip ahead and address the moment in the Great Hall. When Jon says he’s going to accept Tyrion’s request to come to Dragonstone, he looks back to Sansa – yet another sign of him seeking her approval and support. But it’s more than that. The whole scene I kept noticing that even when Sansa wasn’t directly in focus and when Jon wasn’t looking at her, the shots of him more often than not had her in the background to his side. All of this really made them resemble a king and queen. This is only further emphasised by the following moment:

I’m leaving both [the people and Winterfell] in good hands.”


“Yours. You are my sister. You’re the only Stark in Winterfell. Until I return, the North is yours.”

Sansa may not be by name, but she is his queen. I don’t even mean that romantically. Jon sees her as his equal partner with equal right to the kingdom (so to speak) as he does. She is his most trusted confidante. This is such an incredibly significant moment in their relationship. While Sansa’s learned to trust him fully, Jon struggled with reconciling the woman she has become and the girl he once knew, but this feels like a momentous step forward as it clearly shows he’s accepted the woman she is now and that person is someone he trusts. 

I also think Sansa’s immediate glance to Littlefinger is also important. She knows it as well. She is exactly where Littlefinger wants her, as the ruler of the North, as a queen, and we all know he wants to be her king. Sansa’s concern is therefore rightly placed. She may know what he’s up to, but he is still Littlefinger and as cunning as he is creepy. The question is, will she be able to outplay him? He is her proverbial beast to slay. 

Now onto my favourite scene: Jon choking out Littlefinger. I actually had to edit this back into this post because I wrote it on a different document and forgot to place it back in, but here we are. Look, this scene is everything. We don’t get a farewell scene between Jon and Sansa beside from Jon’s little awkward wave towards her and her wave back, which is, by the way, so adorable. I know we were hoping for a Weirwood scene (and #treebang) but considering how tentative their newfound relationship is, this fits. Awkward, adorable and completely filled with unspoken words. That’s Jon and Sansa right now. It makes sense, as much as I hate it. 

But instead of that, we get this scene: 

“I love Sansa as I loved her mother.” 

“Talk to my sister and I’ll kill you myself!”

The instantaneous primal reaction is just so fascinating to me. Jon completely loses his cool the second Littlefinger says he loves Sansa. He’s been fairly restrained up until that point. Such an instant reaction requires zero thought; it’s based purely on feelings and it’s evident Jon feels a primal and fierce need to protect Sansa. I don’t doubt he’d feel that way about Arya or Bran too, but there’s something so underlying about framing his fierce protectiveness over her after Littlefinger confesses he loves Sansa.

Take it what you will, but I got my shipping goggles on for this scene and I love it!

Back to the rest of the story, we’re given a scene of Cersei decrying all that Dany’s done. She talks about the murders and burning of those masters, trying to appeal to the Lords over how cruel and savage Dany is, which we all know is quite ironic considering she burned down an entire septa of people out of vengeance. Perhaps there’s a reason why we’re being led by this scene to compare Dany and Cersei’s actions. 

Either way, the reappearance of Randyll Tarly makes me extremely nervous. There have been quite a few speculations going around about how the Tarly will play a role in the upcoming season, or more specifically, how Dany’s dragons are going to end up killing all of the Tarly’s, including Sam’s mother and sister. Randyll’s appearance here and his subsequent scene with Jaime about where to place his allegiance seems to support this theory. The death of the Tarly’s will put Jon in a very precarious situation, especially if he bends the knee to Dany, which is a plot line I hate and loathe as it is so completely uncharacteristic for Jon – yet for the greater good, I could also see it happening as Jon is the most self-sacrificing numpty in Westeros. 

Speaking of Sam, I really hope he doesn’t die from treating Jorah. And also, why in the gods’ name do they keep giving Sam the most disgusting scenes? Seriously, that was so gross. I am curious though as to what role Jorah is supposed to play in the future and whether his being cured by Sam will have any significance, especially if he runs along back to Dany and she orders the kill on Sam’s family.  

Missandei and Grey Worm!!! 

Look, I know people are going to dismiss this entire scene altogether and say it was a waste of time because no one cares about these two, but you’re so wrong. I care. Maybe I’m one person out of a million, but fuck it, I care so much. There has to be a reason that recent seasons have started to flesh out Missandei and Grey Worm more and not just as characters who are unfailingly loyal to Dany, but as individual people. It’s been a subplot that’s been building for a long while and I don’t see why they would waste the precious time on a subplot for the sake of having some ‘romance’ between two of Dany’s most loyal subjects. What’s the payoff for that? 

I personally doubt they’re both going to survive this upcoming war and I think the loss will either drive a huge wedge between Dany and the surviving character or cause reckless behaviour that will turn a significant plot a different way. Either way, I think there has to be a payoff for building them up for so long. Or maybe it is just some silly romance made to satisfy the audience who are so the type to want romance in their show. 

Finally onto Arya! What can I say but YES SHE’S FINALLY HEADING BACK TO WINTERFELL!!! I was so worried for her going to King’s Landing just as the war was about to begin, especially if Euron is around. I couldn’t imagine her surviving if she did, but with Arya heading back home, I feel more at ease that she’ll survive the season for some time yet. But what killed me was her reunion with Nymeria. I practically squealed with joy then cried when Nymeria walked away, but what confused me was Arya saying “that’s not you” with a (if I’m not mistaken) smile on her lips. That was Nymeria, wasn’t it? And does she mean that Nymeria is not her pack, signifying Arya’s final journey back to her real pack (ie. the other Starks)? 

Also, can we please appreciate Arya and Hot Pie together again? I love that whole conversation about how she’d been baking. Made me chortle. 

Lastly, we have to talk about that final scene and my screaming thought of ‘what the fuck, Theon?’ because WTF THEON! I don’t know how to feel about that. On the one hand, as soon as I saw Euron attacking I knew he’d win, and considering how his actor said he’d make Ramsay look like child’s play, I was so worried for Theon and am glad he got away. But him abandoning his sister like that? It was so disheartening and sad to see. After how he helped save Sansa, I honestly thought he found that piece of himself again, but then it is a very unfair thing to say about a man who has been repeatedly tortured and abused. Although the Theon before Ramsay was a coward, so I don’t know. I just don’t know where his storyline will go from here on out. 

But speaking of Euron, I just knew his gifts to Cersei would be people and I am so bloody worried about Yara, Ellaria and the last remaining Sand Snake. I hate how weak the show continues to make them look and I hate that we’re about to witness more brutality done upon women on this damn hell show. I couldn’t stomach Ramsay with Sansa and I really doubt I’ll be able to stomach the upcoming scenes with Euron and these women.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. So sorry it’s so unbelievably long and rambly. What did you guys think?

When antis were saying how Robb and Talisa’s sex scene was hotter than Jon and Dany’s I completely disregarded it because all I remembered was Robb and Talisa lying on a bed kissing, but during the rewatch, I forgot about their first sex scene.

They showed their first kiss. The tearing off the clothes. Them damn near destroying everything in the room. Them winding up on the floor despite the bed being next to them. Ugh. Guys I love Boatsex, but D&D could’ve made it so much hotter than what it was.

They should’ve shown the first kiss.

Jon’s hair should’ve been undone.

Dany’s braids should’ve been undone.

Jon should’ve kissed Dany on the way inside, showed them making out, then showed him shutting the doir behind himself.

Most people weren’t saying that they needed more because they were being haters. It’s true. This was the most anticipated sex scene in 7 years and it wasn’t even longer than 40 seconds but they gave Grey Worm and Missandei more depth. Ugh.

Untitled Alpha!WS!Wing Fic

So, if you havent been following the messages lol, I am currently writing an Alpha!Tony wing fic. However, I found an Alpha!WS! Wing fic in the depths of my computer and forgot how much I loved it!
So this fic takes places in the cave in Afganistan, with Alpha!Winter Soldier guarding Omega!Tony, thsi scene is after Tony has been held for a couple weeks and the Winter Soldier has initiated some contact because for some reason, he cannot stay away from the Omega.


“Something is wrong with him.” Raza said slowly, and the Soldier glanced at him wordlessly. “You have been watching him, what is going on?”

The Soldier didn’t answer, and Raza groaned. “I know they thought not letting you speak was better for your training, but it gets annoying having to talk to myself all the time.”

They turned back to the monitors and watched Tony for a few minutes. The omega had been sitting stock still for a while now, staring at the door with a dazed sort of expression on his face, his wings folded and hidden in his back.

“He has healed enough to put his wings away. Do you miss that?” Raza continued conversationally. “I was told they clipped the muscle in your wings so you cannot put them away. You appear more intimidating with them out all the time. But you, my friend, are intimidating enough with that metal arm and muzzle. Why the muzzle? Are they afraid you will bite?” Raza laughed loudly, and the Soldier didn’t even blink, just watched him steadily with those pale blue eyes.

“The omega doesn’t bother you?” Raza asked then, looking at the Soldiers eyes for any hint of an answer. “I imagine it has been several years since you have had an omega, and male omegas are something entirely…” Raza wet his lips. “I am surprised you have not tried to help yourself to such a pretty thing.”

Those huge black wings flared then, nearly filling the small surveillance room, the metallic tips sparking as they scraped over the wall, blue eyes blazing with fury and Raza took a quick step back.

“Ah, they haven’t quite erased all the Alpha from you, have they?” Raza laughed but it wasn’t a comfortable one. “You keep an eye on the prisoner. Keep the other men away from him, especially this next week.” When the Soldier furrowed his brow, the only expression to cross his face, Raza pointed to the screen again, at Tony still in his daze.

“He is getting close to his heat, can’t you smell him? It is making the other men crazy. Keep them away from him. They will tear him apart and he is too valuable for that right now.”

The Soldiers wings settled, still arched high but not flared.

“You understand?” Raza pressed and the Soldier grunted. “No one goes near that omega. Not any of the men, and especially not you. With those wings and that arm you would kill him without even trying to. Stay away.”

Raza left the room and the Soldier leaned closer to the monitors to stare at the Omega.

Heat. Even with most of his Alpha instincts destroyed, he knew what heat meant. And he knew that if any of the other men came near the prisoner, he would rip them apart.

No matter what Raza said, the Soldier needed to be close again. Needed to touch again. Needed to reach out with his wings and comfort the omega.

He needed to feel like something else besides a weapon.

Because today when the omega had smiled at him, when Tony had spoken to him, just for that split second, the Soldier had felt… human.

The silver tipped wings flared again, filling the room as they presented out.

The Omega made the Soldier feel like an Alpha.

He liked it.


I love this scene so much. You know that in Clarke’s mind it’s like

I’m going to get us all out. Just have to keep looking like I’m having this bullshit. How will I start th..”

*has first bite*

“HOLY SHIT THIS IS SOOO GOOOOD. OH MY GOD I FORGOT HOW REAL FOOD TASTES. WHAT IS LIFE… Ehm.. I meant. Gross. I hate it. I have to get us out….”

anonymous asked:

this feels silly but how do you see Harry & Ginny arguing? They both have tempers & they both don't mind yelling so even though their relationship is pretty sexually charged I feel like they'd have to get into some arguments that don't end with sexy things? & even though Ginny is really patient with Harry's devotion to work, do you think it would ever get under her skin? I've been rereading the books and I love your art & was just curious to know if you had any thoughts? thank you :))

There’s this scene that I love so much in Order of the Phoenix… Harry is depressed thinking he was possessed by Voldemort so he avoids talking to anyone because he is feeling guilty, grumpy, angry and stressed. Ron and Hermione, his best friends, are not able to say anything but then Ginny goes all “That was a bit stupid of you, I was possessed I know how it feels, you should have talked to me”  (of course, not these words but something like that).  and Harry “I’m sorry, I forgot.” “Lucky you.” But then she gives him peace by saying he wasn’t possessed based on her experience in the second book.

So… I use this scene as base to write or draw Harry and Ginny arguing when they are married. Something bad happening at work and Harry refusing to talk to anyone. That’s alright, but he also avoids Ginny and that’s the worst thing he could do - not only to her, but to himself. She doesn’t yell, but her blazing look isn’t sexy - it’s actually angry.

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Aye I’ve been working on this “regular ol’ kid” Gideon post-finale sketchdump on and off over the last month. (tagging @lilolgf in this because she asked for some Giddy Fresh content awhile ago.) 

I really like the idea of Ghost-eyes staying in Gideon’s life, and kind of being his big brother-type figure. He’d be all protective and attentive of Gideon, and you don’t know how much i need that in my life. (also he’d totally be the one who takes care of Gideon after skateboarding accidents, 100% canon.) I just, like, want all the prisoners to help raise Gideon, and they all become better people together. 


[edit: i forgot the prisoners’ legs, whoops]

So I started watching FMA: Brotherhood on Netflix again...

… and the Closed Caption subtitles are…not what I expected them to be. Let’s just say they’re absolutely amazing. Remember when these happened??

I don’t know how the Freezer is moving ‘happiness,’ but that bitch is doing it fiercely!

…the fuck

In case you forgot what cannons sound like

The subtitles really helped me understand what to feel, especially musically

To accompany this depressing scene, we have ‘sad music’

I feel ya, Ed…

Only Alphonse could pull of a hard core kick

My wind usually makes that noise…

I love FMA: Brotherhood’s subtitles so much. 

and this was just the first episode!