i forgot how much i loved this scene

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Hey I was wondering if there were any fics where Harry or Draco gets a snake and Harry can talk to it. Thank you so much!!

I actually had so much fun making this rec list! I forgot how much I loved stories where Harry spoke to snakes <33

  • A Sound Like Serpents Singing - by Lomonaaeren (12k)
    When Draco Malfoy wants a magical snake for his son, he turns to the best in the magical world—serpent-breeder Harry Potter. Harry, who thought that all his past grudges had been settled, is startled by the way he responds to Malfoy. For many reasons.
    (Lomonaaeren has been able to create a rich and detailed world full of numerous, intricate details about snakes and snake breeding. It was such a fun read, a real pleasure to the eyes)

  • Hyperion by Lomonaaeren (6k)
    Scenes in the life as Harry gets to know Draco and Scorpius and breeds a snake capable of seeing the future in the stars.
    (This is the sequel to A Sound Like Serpents Singing. I loved reading this because it brought you right back into the world that Lomonaaeren created for A Sound Like Serpents Singing. Marvellous!)

  • Serpentes - by xErised (29k)
    It’s a shame that Draco Malfoy looks so good stripping in a club with stolen snakes, because Auror Harry’s got a job to do.
    (With the help of a viper named Bacon, Harry is investigating Malfoy’s gay dance bar that doubles as headquarters for an illegal snake trafficking ring. This story is amazingly hot, with so much sexual tension going on between our boys! There was heapsss of sexy scenes and you’ll honestly fall in love with Bacon as he’s the king of sass)

  • Turn - by Saras_Girl (306k)
    One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.
    (Harry has a snake called Frank. This fic destroyed me! A strange man gives Harry a glimpse into a life where after the Sectumsempra incident, Harry offers his Help to Draco. He’s transported to this alternate reality, but because it’s only a glimpse, Harry has to come back to his real life. It’s devastating when he comes back though, as he’s fallen so in love with the alternate reality where he and Draco are together. All of the characters are stunningly portrayed and I was completely engrossed in this story)

  • Draco’s Secret Box - by seri-kun (vanijane) (2k)
    Harry is bored while waiting for Draco to finish his bath and so, his pet snake has decided to help him pass the time–
    “Whatever is inside this box often leaves Draco with a loss of time. Surely this would benefit you right now.”
    Harry was certain that wanking off while Draco was humming in the showers wasn’t proper and if Draco would catch him, Harry was sure Draco would never let him live it down.
    (Harry’s a Slytherin and he has a pet snake that shows him all the letters Draco ever wrote to him, but never sent. Very cute and adorable!)

  • The Sounds of Sibilance - by create_serenity (Sivany) (5k)
    Draco really wished he’d never suggested buying that bloody snake!
    (Draco and Harry are auror partners. Draco has the grand idea of letting Harry buy a snake to help them out on their missions. Unfortunately for Draco, he has a massive kink for Parseltongue ;) This fic was undeniably hot!)

  • Slithering - by astolat (27k)
    Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.
    (In which Draco finds Nagini’s nest and raises one of her hatchlings + some Drarry drama and angst)

  • A Brother to Basilisks - by Lomonaaeren (419k)
    AU of PoA. Harry wakes in the night to a voice calling him from somewhere in the castle—and when he follows it, everything changes. Updated every Friday.
    (Harry has a basilisk familiar named Dash - who, by the way, is the most adorable and loyal companion anyone could ever wish for. Once again, Lomonaaeren has created a stunning and utterly captivating universe. I really don’t want to spoil anything more because I love this story so much, and I hope you guys do as well! Warnings: Incomplete, but author updates fic every Friday.)


  • Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes - by Omi_Ohmy (40k)
    Harry’s house is trying to kill him, and only one person can help him: pity it’s Draco Malfoy.
    (Okay so Harry’s house, which is Grimmauld Place, is trying to kill him. In comes Draco Malfoy, the best curse-breaker there is, who tries and figures out what’s wrong with Harry’s house. Harry actually speaks a fair amount of Parseltongue in this story to the doorknobs (which have been designed as snakes and come alive when talked to). Let’s not forget how turned on Draco gets whenever Harry speaks parseltongue as well!)

  • Leo Inter Serpentes Series - by Aeternum
    Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
    (Harry converses with a garden snake every summer, there’s a painting of a snake - called Ollie - who he talks to quite a lot from 2nd year onwards (during this year Harry also tries to teach Draco Parseltongue!), and then Severus gives Harry his very own snake companion in the 5th book (which he named Ladon). Leo Inter Serpentes is a retelling of the whole HP series, but with a Slytherin!Harry. The storyline for each year is quite unique and it’s honestly one of my favourite series/fics out there! Warning: Year 6 is incomplete but author still updates and Year 7 has already been planned out)

  • Cunning and Ambition Series - by MinaAndChao
    One small gesture and one simple sentence change lives, and through it, history.
    (Draco gives Harry a snake for his 13th birthday in the 3rd of the series. Cunning and Ambition has so many heartwarming and heartbreaking moments - I just fell in love with it from the start! Warning: Series goes from years 1-5, but unfortunately year 6 has been abandoned :()

  • Hissy Fit - by dysonrules (28k)
    Harry is an under-utilized Auror and Draco is an auditor for Gringotts. He lives to torment the Ministry and, of course, Harry Potter. He is also a Registered Animagus.
    (Hilarious and fun! It’s where Draco helps Harry on one of his auror missions by transforming into his animagus form - a snake. The banter between Harry and Draco is amazing and you’ll probably suffer from a cuteness overload while reading this story)

I remember the good old day when backgrounds were a pain in my butt. Where did those days go? Idk, but here have a scene from the drabble I wrote for myself (that I probably won’t share at this time). I just really love space, and learning how to paint it was the best thing ever.

edit: I forgot the close up.


I love this scene so much. You know that in Clarke’s mind it’s like

I’m going to get us all out. Just have to keep looking like I’m having this bullshit. How will I start th..”

*has first bite*

“HOLY SHIT THIS IS SOOO GOOOOD. OH MY GOD I FORGOT HOW REAL FOOD TASTES. WHAT IS LIFE… Ehm.. I meant. Gross. I hate it. I have to get us out….”



So I started watching FMA: Brotherhood on Netflix again...

… and the Closed Caption subtitles are…not what I expected them to be. Let’s just say they’re absolutely amazing. Remember when these happened??

I don’t know how the Freezer is moving ‘happiness,’ but that bitch is doing it fiercely!

…the fuck

In case you forgot what cannons sound like

The subtitles really helped me understand what to feel, especially musically

To accompany this depressing scene, we have ‘sad music’

I feel ya, Ed…

Only Alphonse could pull of a hard core kick

My wind usually makes that noise…

I love FMA: Brotherhood’s subtitles so much. 

and this was just the first episode!

Here are my thoughts on 2x15 of Lucifer so...*SPOILERS!!*

I personally loved this ep! There were so many emotions, even for us!
1)I ADORED Lucifer and Trixie’s undercover “mission” and I think he doesn’t despise her so much (I guess they’re gonna grow close to each other someday!).

2)Between Lucifer and Chloe, on the other hand, there’s still coldness and, obviously, pain. But I think the writers are doing a great job because it would be senseless if she forgave and forgot everyhing! Anyway, that beautiful kiss on the beach seems a thousand light-years away 😢💔

3)Okay, that final scene broke my heart into a million pieces but, can we talk about Lucifer’s emotional growth, please?!?! I’m totally IN LOVE with this season and how they’re portraying every single character!! Especially Lucifer! AMAZING! 😍

4)I also loved the complex yet surprisingly beautiful bond between Lucifer and Amenadiel! I really enjoy the evolution of their relationship and, besides the really fun scenes between them in this episode (I burst out laughing when Lucifer caught Amenadiel in that “weird” situation in his apartment! 😂), I ABSOLUTELY loved Amenadiel’s reaction when he found out Lucifer was suffering! He defended his little brother when Mom got angry and he placed his hand on Lucifer’s shoulder trying to cheer him up… Beautiful scene!

5)Although Dr. Linda Martin’s character has got a little screen-time, she rocked!!

6)I liked seeing Chloe and Maze team up! They’re two badass girls! 😏💪

7)Kudos, kudos, kudos to the little actress who’s playing Trixie because she slayed throughout this episode!! Wonderful acting skills!

8)…I still can’t figure out if Mom is in the #FriendTeam or the #FoeTeam 😑

That’s it!


So I was editing a gif for this and I forgot just how much I loved this scene. I think this was the scene that really made me fall in love with Bob Morley as an actor. Him and Isaiah were absolutely perfect in this scene. 

Bellamy just breaks my heart. The poor boy is pleading for death because of the guilt he feels. The emotion is fantastic. (Plus I’m sadistic and love watching people get beat up emotionally and physically at the same time cuz I’m fucked up). But rewatching this scene makes me think of Bellamy at the end of season 3/beginning of season 4. He’s done even worse things since the culling and doesn’t feel like he deserves to survive. But I think a part of him remembers this (totally fake) conversation with Jaha. He might not believe he deserves to survive anymore, but he owes it to everyone to continue living and fighting. He doesn’t get to take the easy way out to be free of his pain. He’s going to keep living even if that means he has to suffer sometimes. 

Jaha’s last line also made me think. This almost feels to me like one day Bellamy will be able to be free of his pain. Not completely (because it’s Bellamy and this is The 100), but he’ll be able to move on from all he’s done. He won’t have to think about it everyday. After this line Jaha does punch him in the face, but it does seem almost like a promise.

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If youre still taking prompts, could u do an alternative scene to what would have happened had Jemma talked first in 2x08 (2x09?) when Mack leaves fitz and her alone to talk bc the awakward silence was killing him

Thanks for the prompt!! I never realized how much time and angst we could’ve been saved if Jemma had just gotten to speak first in that scene?? Like seriously, can you imagine if we’d gotten this conversation, in canon, at mid-season (or at all lmao)? And the rest of the season could’ve been them still taking those tentative steps back toward their friendship while we got Jemma’s POV of realizing she’s in love with Fitz instead of him not trusting her and basically calling her a monster?? No? You’re right, I forgot what show we’re talking about for a moment.



The moment Mack stepped into the front of the quinjet to check on the landing gear, a tense silence descended between Fitz and Jemma, both turning away from each other to take deep, steadying breaths.

This was it, this was the moment Jemma had both hoped for and feared; after talking with Bobbi earlier that day, it had never been more clear to her that the problems between her and Fitz weren’t just going to resolve themselves, not like they used to. And so, even though their friendship had never needed them to put their feelings into words before, she was going to have to start now if she truly wanted to save what was left of it.

With that in mind, she spun back around to face Fitz at the same moment he turned back to her, and she blurted out, “I’d like to say something.”

At the same moment, however, he started, “I’ve been thinking…”

There was a beat, then it continued in much the same way, both insisting to speak first, to just get their words out there (Jemma found it grimly ironic that she’d been missing the way they used to speak so effortlessly around and above and between each other, only to have it back in the worst way possible).

Finally, she managed to get out, already on the verge of tears, “I know things have been difficult between us since I got back from being undercover but I need you to understand that I didn’t leave because of what happened to you.”

“No, no, no,” he cut in, holding his hand up and waving it a bit frantically as he tried to stop the flow of her words.

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Eldarya boys reaction to a guy confessing to their gf pleasee i luv how you write :D <3<3


Thank you so much darling <3

Also, sorry for the delay with your request! (Tbh, I forgot the word so If delay isn’t correct ides apanhar no cu, jk, please correct me xD)

Let’s see the boys reaction to a guy confessing their gigant love to their girlfriend AKA guardienne


  • So, I do really believe any of the boys would think that’s a funny thing but I picture Mr. Ezarel as the most jealous of them so…
  • He would watch the “scene” with an ironic expression because he would be so jealous he would want to… idk? punch someone
  • So if Alajèa passed and said something he would probably kill her ahhaha (jk)
  • He would be protective of Guardienne if he thought that the boy was being too much
  • But at the same time he would be mad at her, for no reason
  • She would be like “lmao did you think I wanted him to confess?”
  • And he would be lime “No! BUT IT’S STILL YOUR FAULT”
  • “Because you’re *hand gestures* FUCKING PRETTY”
  • “ta bom robson”
  • Well… This how I picture it, but I think it would sound meme like? What have I become?
  • No but srsly, I will make a résumé of the situation
  • He would watch getting drunk in jealousy for some time, then he would go there and be like “stfu boy this is my gf” and then we would fight you. :)
  • And you would be super mad and he would be upset because he knows he is wrong but doesn’t want to say it.
  • Oh well, don’t worry. You made out after all this ;))


  • I think Nevra is jealous but also confident in his looks (we all know he is but lmao ok diana), so other guys hitting and cofessing to you wouldn’t bother him THAT MUCH.
  • What I mean is that he isn’t like “OMG DONT TOUCH MY GIRL I WILL KILL YOU” but he also isn’t like “Yeah, I don’t care.”
  • He would be around you the time the boy who confessed to you is also around you
  • Sometimes he’s like “Yeah, but I’m 1938247 times hotter than him and I trust her. I LOVE HER” but at the same time he’s like “I HAVE TO PROTECT MY BABYGIRL”
  • At this point I just turned something that was supposed to be cute in something “funny” (well, I’m not THAT funny but yeah)
  • He would question you a lot about him
  • “How’s your new dog?”
  • “Wtf are you talking about Nevra?”
  • “You know, that boy that is always following you and saying that he loves you…”
  • “…”
  • Yeah… It would be like it.
  • If the boy was being to much, he would probably slap him so hard his skin would fly
  • Don’t mind him, he just loves you to much 


  • Ahm, Papi Valk… I don’t see him being really jealous over this things
  • You know, he just doesn’t mind boys saying that because HE KNOWS how that feels
  • Like yes, you’re damn pretty and intelligent and a great person and a baby and… it’s enough.
  • So he understands why people love you
  • He also trusts you so it’s no big deal… ;)
  • But if he is around you for like TOO long and it interferes with the time you two are together… he’ll be fucking pissed
  • He would first tell you and then give him hints but if that didn’t work… idk.
  • He would probably be like “oh so hey, you know guardienne is my girlfriend how about you go to hell?”
  • Ok jk, valk is too pure for that
  • He would just calmly tell them to fuck off
  • Something I can’t do in real life.






Diana xx

It really happened! They are really married!

So, I got 4 hours of sleep all night, 3 before the episode and one after the episode and at 4AM I was talking on the internet in two languages with a bit of a third one. I am tired as hell and I am going to try get at least two more hours of sleep after this post, but I wanted to post my feelings about the episode.

In a few words: It was pure perfection!

In more words!

When I started this show I didn’t know that one day it will consume my everything but it did and I have no regrets. BUT when I started to ship Captain Swan I knew there was no going back for me.  

I’ve been waiting and hoping for a wedding for 6 years. 

I’ve been waiting and hoping for a musical for 6 years. 

We finally got both of them last night and it was just perfect. More that I hopped for. I loved every second, every song and gosh this is one of the best episodes of the show. 

  • Baby Emma humming the song that later on the episode makes me cry!
  • Snowing singing! Perfect! Josh and Ginny have such beautiful voices and their song is stuck in my head with other 5 songs. 
  • Talking about Emma’s dress! Yes! (I didn’t want Emma to wear her mother’s dress)
  • Talking about Killian’s suit! Yes!
  • Killian going after Rumple. YES! Because of course he did! Did you expect him to just stay on the Jolly?
  • I hated Regina’s song the first time I heard it in the sneak peek, but in the episode I actually liked it a bit
  • BEX! OMG! This woman has the voice of an angel! Her song is so beautiful, her voice is so soft and calm. I love that song!
  • Emma! Emma! Emma! I have no words for how much I love her, people know that and this episode was about Emma and GOD! When she started to sing trust me, I started to cry! I have pictures and even a  video of it. Jen deserves everything for this performance, the woman is an angel, a real angel, a real princess. 
  • Everything was perfect about this episode, I don’t know about you but I loved it a lot .

Ok, that’s all, I’m gonna try to get some actual sleep. (Probably I won’t be able to do it, and I’m gonna end drinking a big cup of coffee)

I forgot one thing!

I have NO IDEA who is behind  enews but DUUUDE! YOU deserve an award for your posts from last night! Bravo! Bravo, bravo, bravo!