i forgot how much i love this part

I love how Emma and Regina are going on this little adventure COMPLETELY alone. I honestly never thought we’d be given that privilege and it’s just happened for the second time in three episodes (like, wow). And none of this would have even been possible without the Evil Queen. Speaking of… ain’t it a strange coincidence how she was just turned into a Cobra? For those who forgot- Emma AND Regina are now actively a part of Operation Cobra (with their son, of course). It is now canon that ‘bringing back the happy endings’ is very much tied to Swan-Mills family. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further. Do you? ;)


Request: Can I request an IMAGINE where the reader is expecting a second child with Bucky, and their having a barbecue with the rest of the avengers and Bucky is hanging with the guys and their watching the girls play with the kid and the guys are like ‘you got a great life now. Everything you’ve wanted’ and Bucky is staring at the reader and his child like 'yeah. I got more than I could ever want.’ If that makes sense? And if your requests are still open💗❤️

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: just fluff my friends

A/N: You guys are sososososo nice, thank you so much with the feedback and comments you guys give me. I love when you guys tell me how you feel about my stories and what part you liked, it really makes me feel good so thank you :)     (p.s. if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix it when I wake up. K bye. Update: LMAOOO I FORGOT THE FUCKING TITLE I’M SCREAMING BUUUTTTTT I FIXED IT O K A Y ByE)

All the hype had died down and the Avengers were now settling down, getting married and having children - At least Bucky was.

It was a Friday afternoon and everyone was gathered at Steve’s house for a barbeque. They didn’t have any missions to go on or any work related things to attend to so why not wind down with friends and have a nice day.

Naturally, the men stayed around the grill, talking it up with one another about the most random things while the women were out in the grass, playing with the children.

Laura was there with her kids Cooper, Lila and Nathaniel who had just turned six years old. Wanda and Natasha were there, although neither of them were married or had kids. Sharon was obviously there, no kids yet but happily married to Cap. And then there was you with a two year old daughter and another on the way, happy and married to Bucky.

“So..” Steve grabs the guys’ attention as he flips a patty. “Sharon and I were thinking about having a baby.”

“Oh god.” Tony muttered.

“Be prepared for some long nights, my friend.” Clint pats the soldier on his shoulder.

Steve rolls his eyes and continues to cook.

“I think that’s a great idea. You’ll both be great parents.” Sam spoke and Bucky hums as he takes a drink of his beer.

“For once I agree with Sam.”

The men laugh and Bucky’s eyes trail over to his daughter and his pregnant wife. You were engaged in conversation with Laura and Sharon while Wanda and Nat played with the kids, your hand resting on your 8 month baby bump. Bucky smiled.

He turns back to the guys, talking about how things were when his daughter was a newborn baby, confirming Clint’s talk about long nights. From behind him, Bucky could hear giggles and knew exactly who they belonged to. He turned around, spotting his 2 year old daughter running towards him with Nat right behind her. Upon reaching Bucky, she lifts her hands up in the air, making grabbing motions.

“Daddy up.”

Bucky puts his beer down and picks his daughter up, plating a big kiss on her cheek. “What’s up, pumpkin?”

She makes a noise and points to Nat who was now standing in front of them.

“What did Aunt Nat do baby?” he cooed, cuddling his daughter to him. “She’s chasing you?”

“Chase you.” she repeated, laying her head on his shoulder.

“That’s mean, Aunt Nat, huh Ella.” he spoke softly, looking at Natasha who was playfully rolling her eyes.


“Say no.”

“No.” little Ella scolds.

“Say, don’t be mean!”

“Don’t be mean!” her voice rises and Natasha laughs.

“Alright, alright, I won’t be mean.” she smiled. Nat put her hands out, gesturing for the two year old to go to her. Ella smiled and kissed Bucky’s cheek before leaning in towards Nat.

“Bye daddy!” Ella waved at her father while Nat walked back to you and the others.

“She’s a gem, buddy.” Steve spoke, causing Bucky to turn around.

The brunette smiled. “She’s my whole world.”

“Awe look at the assassin getting all soft.” Tony teased.

Ex assassin.” Bucky corrected.

“Yeah yeah, same thing.” he takes a swig of his beer.

“But seriously, Ella’s beautiful, Bucky.” Clint says.

Sam chuckled. “She gets that from her mom.”

They all laugh.

“I won’t argue with that.” Bucky nods.

There’s a second of silence before Tony speaks again.

“Now that we’re on that topic, how’s everything going for you? I mean, for the longest time you thought you’d never experience happiness or a normal life and now here you are.” he gestured over to you and Ella. Bucky looks.

“My life will never be normal, I’ve come to terms with that. I never thought I would be able to love someone but Y/N walked into my life and everything changed. I don’t know what I’d do without her, not to mention that she brought my daughter into this world and I love her even more for that.” Bucky smiles at Ella who was hiding from Nat behind your legs. “When I get home from a mission or I think back to my time with Hydra, about how many lives I took and how much evil is out there in the world, all I do is look at Ella and all those bad thoughts and feelings go away. She’s a ray of sunshine, so innocent and pure,” Bucky turns back to the guys. “I’d give her the moon and the stars if I could.”

“Bucky Barnes, a family man. Who would’ve thought?” Sam scoffed, receiving a punch from Bucky. “I’m being serious! Man, when I first met you, you were this grumpy dude, always frowning. But Y/N comes into the picture and now you’re smiling and laughing - I never thought I’d see the day.”

“We’ve got to thank Y/N for that.” Clint says, Tony, Sam and Steve agreeing.

Steve looks at Ella and smiles. “You’ve got a great life now, Buck. Everything you’ve wanted.”

Bucky turns and watches as Ella tugs on your shirt, wanting you to pick her up. You were about to when Nat scares her, a mixture of a laugh and a scream escapes her lips before she runs to the other side of the yard, Nat right behind her.

Bucky watches with love and adoration as you laugh at the two and he breaks out in a grin. “Yeah, I got more than I could ever want.”

A/N: I hope this was good enough! I stayed up till 2 writing this, tell me what ya think :) ima go to sleep now lol.


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Ahhhh I just finished watching the Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix show. Honestly, ASOUE were my favorite books as a kid after Harry Potter. I forgot how freaking much I love them. 

I also remember being kind of sad when it ended fairly inconclusively. My memories of that are extremely fuzzy, I remember there were supplemental materials that sort of gave a clearer idea of things. But the last book was basically “SOMETIMES YOU DON’T GET ANSWERS IN LIFE KIDS”. 

ANYWAY The Netflix series seems like it’s going to reveal a lot more about the secret organization stuff and it’s such GOOD adaptation for the most part. Like I have zero problems with anything that’s different. A lot of it actually works better than the books because the kids learn that shit is going down a lot earlier and are actively investigating things rather than just kind of bouncing from place to place. Likf the Baudelaires ditching Mr. Poe to go to lumbermill on their own to look for answers rather than being taken there. Like, it makes sense they’d just get sick of his nonsense at some point.  

So I am super psyched to see where it goes. I will probs be reblogging gifs later.

Also happy to see my girl Violet not get screwed over and do all the cool stuff she did in the books. I’LL NEVER FORGIVE THAT MOVIE. 

Live Wild - Epilogue

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 1012

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on this post. Remember when I said the epilogue would be out before December? Yeah, I lied. I forgot how much I loved writing this story. Hope you’ll like it :) 

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11] [Part 12]

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Two Years Later

Things were going pretty smoothly between you and your saviour. You asked James if he would be your date at Natasha and Sam’s wedding. Sam wasn’t really fond of him at first, but the two loved to tease each other.

You saw the others hostages more often, still giggling at the fact that people called you the Avengers. Tony seemed quite proud of the name and you couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t the one who came up with it.

James had been suspended for six months and took the time to study for the sergeant’s exam, as well as shower you with sweet attentions.

Exactly one year after you met him, kissed him and almost lost him, he asked you to move in with him. You said yes, you were practically already living with him.

Today was his big day. After passing the sergeant’s exam, he was now promoted to Sergeant. His mother and father were standing next to you as the three of you entered the auditorium. Steve was already there, Sam and Natasha too. They waved when they saw you look around the room.

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Final designs of characters from my fake game school project that I love so much that I forgot to post them!

The first one is the player character (you!) Shadow, then your questionable Guide (who has ponytail tied with vertebra which makes me envious) and then leaders of each of the seven parts of the city - Dura the doghead guy, Onos the short but tall merchant, Endur the despot who is cold like a freezer, Kama the spider lady, Yolaksha who is actually like 5 meters tall and really weird, Mashda the fish guy who is MY FAVOURITE and also completely crazy and Suna who has five arms growing straight out of his coat, which sure is…handy

I almost forgot it’s Holi, it makes me miss my old co-workers so much. They would always include me in their away from home celebration and put colors on me as well. I always loved how quick they were to share their traditions and holidays with me and this one has been my favorite of them all! hope it’s a lovely time for anyone who celebrates it! 

I am so shocked…I just saw the profiles for the nu’est members for Pro101, and I saw that the ages for the members were 23 (22 American age)…

five years ago four of the boys were 16 going on 17. Aron was 18 about to be 19. And I was 13 going on 14, and I’m 18 going on 19 now.

I didn’t realize how much they aged as well as I have. Every time I listen to their songs, even if they are new or old, I still feel like that helpless 13 year old who found so much love and care and support from five teenagers struggling to be their own person, just like me. I didn’t realize that anniversary after anniversary, we were aging at the same time and changing completely and yet, still being the same people with the same set hearts. 

NU’EST has been such a huge part of my life, that I completely forgot to notice the years fly and our age numbers go up. They look different, they always do, because that’s a part of growing up, but I can’t help to see them and think we’re ageless in a world of bliss with you and I. My world stops when NU’EST is there. I don’t age, they don’t age. The only thing changing is the world around us, not us. And when I see the true facts on paper, that their age is older than the time I first laid eyes on them, it’s like nature broke my secure home and made me see the real world. And I love the real world. I love that I see them age and change, even if I don’t realize it and I freeze in time. But to come to the realization of it all being different than March 15, 2012, it’s astounding.

I am so attached. Not in a crazy fanatic type, but the kind that is similar to a family member. The more you see them, the less you notice them growing until something opens your eyes. NU’EST is that comforting family type of band. And I love them. I love them for everything they have done, for everything they have been. NU’EST is family. NU’EST is ageless.

Religious Dictionary Poems

i. You won’t have to die to find it. It’s the way their eyes look when the sun hits just right. It’s finding the moon dangling from your tonsils. When the sunset breaks through bare tree limbs during the coldest part of winter and suddenly everything is on fire.
ii. You’re turning gold and I’m melting on your tongue and we’re crashing like waves and we’re alive.
iii. We find a room filled with white noise and too much television static and when you speak it’s like you’ve breathed in too much balloon helium and we’re just kids at your best friend’s birthday party again.
iv. I’m overloading my senses and everything is pastel and slightly off kilter like when you step off the ferris wheel and you saw the whole town with it’s ugly yellow street lamps but it felt beautiful from above it all.
v. You won’t have to die to find it.

i. This kitchen is too cluttered with empty spice containers and a broken coffee pot and tea that we both pretend to like because we know it’s good for our health. I keep burning myself on the stove top. You stay silent at the dining room table.
ii. I stand on the edge of the tallest building in the city and I beg myself to jump and you beg me to stay and we both ignore the fact that the wind has the ultimate say.
iii. Staring at the ceiling fan in the dead of night gives me a headache and there’s a blue glow from the television and you stare at it and I haven’t seen you blink for the past two minutes and I wonder how many times your heart beats per second.
iv. In art class I lose my focus and I watch the paint dry and some of it drips down the length of the canvas and I have violent flashbacks of blood dripping down the expanse of my arm.
v. Red and white will clash every time. This isn’t a fashion statement. It’s the way my blood dries weird against the porcelain counter top.

i. Crystal blue eyes and a venomous heart. Don’t bite too deep, don’t you remember Snow White’s story?
ii. Sleeping on clouds or silk sheets and pretending it’s the same. Speaking in lullabies or riddles and pretending it’s the same. Sleeping with one eye open or not sleeping at all because it’s all the same.
iii. Don’t pretend you know how this is going to end. If I step off the edge, my wings might give out. I might fall. He might push me.
iv. When you fall everything blurs and you count your blessings but then you realize you have none. The prayers don’t work for you. You were supposed to answer them, not make them.
v. He didn’t believe in you and now here you are on earth and it doesn’t look like He promised.

i. You play hopscotch when you can’t sleep and you never count sheep because they’d all be foolish enough to run straight into the fire.
ii. Sunsets are beautiful because you know it’s the last bit of light you’ll get before the darkness descends.
iii. You were lied to all your life. This isn’t dark. It’s red and yellow and orange. It’s a bonfire. It’s the sunset. We’re your last shot of light before the darkness.
iv. I’m not the bad guy, I was just dealt a bad hand.
v. Don’t tell me this isn’t a card game when every time you’ve got the winning round.

i. This is vengeful and you’ve got a heavy hand and I don’t think you ever knew what it meant to forgive.
ii. Your pearly gates rusted over – who are you to deny me access?
iii. This is like an abandoned child hospital. Look around. They were all bright and full of life and now you’re just pushing them out to get yourself off.
iv. I never owed you anything. This was my home and you infested it. I never had a chance. You stacked the deck. The ace is always up your sleeve.
v. You’re a control freak. I have no sympathy. What did you expect? Noah built the ark. He waited it out. He won. Don’t you get it?
vi. I’m Noah.

i. You fell and now you never get any prayers. I fell and they locked me up. I should have understood sooner.
ii. “Don’t double cross me, I’m still the one with the throne. You’ve just got a bunch of clouds.”
iii. Your army steals. His manipulates.
iv. You’re no better.
v. His heart was supposed to be pure white light. Yours was supposed to be deep and dark and devastating. Mine is just red.
vi. It’s red and it’s beating and I’m alive and I got both of your worst qualities but I know how to wait out the storm.


Here we go part 2 of Kiho friendship that i talked about here 

The most important thing i forgot to talk about was that V app broadcast during rush era where wonho cried. That broadcast will always fu** me up in some kind of way because of how caring kihyun was to wonho.

As you know wonho started crying because he thought monsta x weren’t giving us the fans everything and also thought they were disappointing us by not winning on music shows. When wonho hid his face on the wall kihyun was patting wonho’s back and massaging his shoulder to comfort him.


the whole broadcast he stay very close to wonho,he made sure wonho was ok 

when they sat down to talk about their feelings kihyun sat right in front of wonho and kept checking back and forth if wonho was ok or not

he asked for tissue from the members and gave wonho tissue to wipe his tears 

when wonho came forward to the camera he said some comforting words like “oh handsome” ( i wish i can show you guys this with subs but mxsubs yt channel got deleted so i can’t but it’s the ss below)


After this broadcast ended i was literally in a puddle of emotions because of these two. Kihyun was so caring and so supportive and it just makes me think WOW they are really close. oNE LAST THING is that we all know wonho is like a cry baby and the way kihyun comforted him look like they probably have cried like this before debut and kihyun look so experienced at handling wonho. idk if im saying this right.I WILL NEVER NOT BE OK WITH THIS BROADCAST and i hate how i forgot the most important thing! 

second is monsta x wrote a new year plan to do each month in 2016 and kihyun wrote that in july 2016 he wants to go on a bike ride with wonho and he wants to go as far away as possible before it gets too hot  (brb crying)

artophymuffin  asked:

Hi! I just wanted to say that I truly admire how you create your sims. Every single one is so unique and beautiful i just ahfhhfhj I love it sooo much :D I really want to recognize how much effort you put into creating content for those many people who love your blog, and I thank you so much for it! I also really love your edits, they are so well edited and look as real as sims 4 edits can look. Especially since I am awful at editing whenever I see your posts they inspire me. So thank you :D

Part Two: Hai again. I just wanted to add on something I forgot to add previously. Whenever I read your comments and posts you seem like such a sweet, funny person and it really makes me happy! Your personality is really awesome and I just wanted to say that :D Okay, I am officially done messaging you, in case your where a bit annoyed from these two messages XD <3


Aw, thank you for starters! Recognizing the time and effort someone puts into their posts and content is one of the biggest compliments, I couldn’t tell you why but I am beyond flattered! No need to thank me! I am glad you like my editing!! My sims look real? No way! If I was able to inspire you it has all been worth it!

ME!? FUNNY!? You’re killing me with your kind words! THANK YOU FOR COMPLIMENTING MY PERSONALITY IM BLUSHING!! I am not annoyed at ALL, thank you so much for taking the time to write this all, you made a day that was shaky at best SO much better! <3

Fic Recs

A really short collection of fics I’ve read and absolutely loved. (Still under construction). 


The Flaw of Belief 

author: @winterdaybreak
summary: “Y/N and Bucky fight over who can be more spiteful, who hates who more. Neither really mean it, but Bucky might just win.” 

The Best Part of Me 

author: @hwkeyewrites (now @sgtbbvrnes​)
summary: “’You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.’ Bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh god– I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. “

Hoping Against Hope

author: @writingbarnes
summary: Really angsty soulmate AU

By Royal Decree

author: @bovaria
summary: “Royal AU; you are engaged to be married to the Crown Prince James Barnes. That’s the last thing you want, especially when you meet him and find out he’s the opposite of everything you had pictured. How will you get through it all?”

Need Her 

author: @sgtbarnestrash 
summary: “’you want her, you need her, and i’ll never be her’”

Have I Made You Uncomfortable

author: @marveliskindacool
summary: Bucky being a dick and the reader firing back 

2 Years

author: @icandothisalldayrogers
summary: Angst in it’s purest form.”

adrift-in-a-sea  asked:

Hello! First-your art is soooo lovely! I was wondering if if you have listened to songs in other languages-and if yes-does the language the song is in make the way you see the song much different than English? Also-is there a particular voice that you just love how it looks when they sing?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I completely forgot to look into my inbox for a bit, haha.

The language doesn’t really matter, it’s more the tone/sound of the voice. The words don’t really do anything to affect it, for the most part.

And yes! I really love Zayn Malik’s voice (his song “Flowers” is in Urdu, and it’s stunning).

Betrayal Part 2

Request: @fandomdreamer329​ Reader and Malia get into a fight (reader wins) and Stiles calms her down and says how how much he loves her and they get back together.

Author’s Note: So….I forgot about them finding out Theo was behind this but I hope you enjoy!

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Part 1

Caley sighed softly as she pulled into Beacon Hills High School parking lot. The week had been hell if she told the truth. Her phone had blown up with texts from Kira, Lydia and Scott, all wondering how she was doing, if she wanted them to kick Malia and Stiles’ asses; all the stuff best friends say when their friend is hurt. Somehow Isaac had heard about this shitstorm all the way in Paris, pulling a Derek, and threatening to rip Stiles’ throat out with his teeth. How he had found out about this, Caley would never know.

The only thing keeping Caley going was her pride, and the fact that it was Friday…mostly because it was Friday. She refused to fall apart in front of Stiles or Malia, especially Malia. Caley’s blood boiled at the thought of the werecoyote. A little piece of Caley had known that Malia would be trouble. It was in the way that she attached herself so strongly to Stiles after she was saved. Caley had tried to rationalize it, he did bring her back to her human form after almost a decade of being trapped in the body of a coyote. He taught her how to be human again, so Caley would try to talk herself out of the jealous rage that had been building in her chest ever since the pack found that little cu-……werecoyote.

Throwing her car into park, Caley stepped out into the warm breeze of the mid-May weather. Now for another long day of avoiding Stiles and the piece of trash, she thought to herself as she grabbed her bag from the passenger seat. Sadly, for Caley, the universe wasn’t intent on letting her avoid anyone that day. As Caley stepped into the main hall of Beacon Hills, a firm hand gripped her wrist. Caley couldn’t even take a breath before she was face to face with the last person she wanted to see that day.

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