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Lafayette x Reader

Note: This is a really old request that I finally got around to writing. I love writing Lafayette so much oh gosh I forgot how much I love this french boy. Also Coq au vin is just the first thing that came up when I googled popular french dishes so I have no clue if it’s actually good but it does sound incredible. 

Request: Anonymous asked: Something with a homesick Lafayette, please??

Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing, bad french.

Word Count: 1,424

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Ever since the first moment you met him, Lafayette has always been a positive and vibrant person. After being a part of his life so so long you’ve only seen him angry a handful of times, and he’s been upset even less.

So when you make it home from work one night to find Lafayette sitting in the dark by the window, a beer in hand, you hardly know how to approach him. After dropping your bag down by the door, you tentatively make your way across the room, closer to the Frenchman who still hasn’t moved from his spot.

“Gilbert? Gilbert, what’s the matter?” you keep your voice soft and under control as you carefully sink down to the floor next to him. “Are you okay?” you ask softly, resting a hand on his forearm.

“I miss my home,” he whispers before taking another swig of his beer.

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

You can’t help but feel helpless like there is nothing you can do for him no matter how much you want to help. With his free hand, he carefully reaches to cover your hand as he keeps his gaze out the window.

“Non. Thank you, mon amour but there is nothing you can do for me. I suppose this is just something I have to live with,” he admits sadly.

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gothichamlet  asked:

The amount of work you put into your video is amazing!! I'd love to learn more about how you drew your panels - what brushes you like, programs you use, how you worked on storyboarding it, etc!


So my storyboard pretty much consisted of me listening to Episode 57, wheezing, going through a Most Popular They Might Be Giants Song playlist on YouTube looking for songs I wanted to use, and doing this:

I didn’t do actual sketches for the panels beforehand because I forgot most facts about what actually happens in The Adventure Zone, so I just relistened to the entire thing while drawing. Which is another good method of tracking how much time I spent on the video, now that I’m thinking about it. For the actual panels I used Paint Tool SAI (I just checked and I use version 1.1.0, if that means anything) which has been an absolute gem of a program for since 6th grade and I highly recommend it DANG. I made a different image for each word, and imported all that good stuff into CuteCutPro (basically cool iMovie for phones) and threw it all into YouTube! I…do not recommend doing what I did and making a new image for every single picture because I have I think more than 300 images in my folder for the video in Google Drive and it is so messy and it annoys me. 

As for actual drawing and creation of the panels, I use the brush tool on SAI to do lineart, colored everything in using pretty much just colors and the bucket tool, and shaded the figures using the marker tool on Multiply, Luminosity, and Overlay in various ways on various layers. Backgrounds pretty much got the same treatment, and then handwrote in the words, saved it as a PNG and was done! Here are some settings/process images:

remember in middle school for homecoming week, Gender Bender day, girls as boys, boys as girls. most of the boys skipped or half-assed it, but a couple of the guys, some pretty popular, went all out. grandma clothes n jewelry, old lady hats, floral patterns. and they were the center of attention, in a good way. everyone loved it. & what’s crazy was how much respect those guys got for doing it. yeah, this was before the last 10 years of lgbtq discussion, maybe at the heart of it the point was hey a guy in a dress, isn’t that funny. but most of the humor was just at how brazen and enthusiastic these guys were and the boys who participated got a lot of admiration. idk middle school sucked but that memory makes me smile

ok now ask me about the talent show where i sang while my big dude english teacher dressed in drag & did the hulu

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about there being so many younger fans in the heathers fandom when the musical is R17? I mean, they're the only ones going "mmmmm JD is so hot JDonica is #relationshipgoals yea get me a freak like that XD XD" idk I feel like when it suddenly got popular in late 2016 people forgot to tell each other the musical is R17 so all the lil ones started checking it out :0

Honestly as much as I love my younger followers and stuff it’s kinda weird to me that there are 11/12/13 year old fans?? But as I’ve said a trillion times I’m not one to talk because I was into stuff like this when I was that age too lmao.
ALSO I’m sorry I haven’t answered any of the other asks in my inbox or posted at all lately!! My bad

i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just

I fucking forgot how much I fucking love Mafia 3 and how it should have gotten mad popular!

Also I can never forget how gay John fucking donovan is and it feeds my fucking soul. I love all the artist who draw for Mafia 3 you are doing gods work- why the fuck doesn’t Lincoln and John not have a ship name!

hailizhol  asked:

When/why did you start listening to nirvana?

I started listening to Nirvana last spring.
I was into radio hits and pop music and especially electronic music. Then I started to get bored of pop music because the majority of the popular songs I used to like sounded all the same.
I forgot how I exactly found Nirvana. I read the name somewhere and it was stuck in my head. And I was trying to listen to new music so I decided to check them out. I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, In Bloom, you know the popular ones. I liked them but not that much. Then somehow I listened to Aneurysm and, god, I was blown away. The emotions in his voice, they were so real. It was the first time I hear a song that honest and emotional. Aneurysm was basically the song that made me love Nirvana. I felt for the first time that I can actually relate to the singer. The feelings, the emotions, the lyrics. I really can’t describe the feelins I got when I started discovering their songs, gem after gem. And of course the melodies and the energy of the songs are another reason why I got into them :)

anonymous asked:

☕️ isnt it sad how almost everybody forgot about Yoongi's mixtape like one week and a half after its release?

i think yoongi stans are still loving it and i always play the last and give it to me in the mornings, but yeah the hype did die after like a week. it is sad but i feel like it is is because we get so much content all the time, there is always something new to hype.

anyway watch agust d and give it to me on yt

send me a ☕ and an opinion (popular or unpopular) and i’ll say whether i agree or disagree


Rating: NC-17

Content: Sexual situations, dirty talk, strong language, mutual masturabation, Camboy!Michael

Summary: Someone may or may not have a crush on a red-haired camboy. 

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Experience with signs, from Capricorn

I know 2 different types of Aries. 1. My friends ex boyfriend. He’s loud and obnoxious and can’t stand not being the center of attention. Really sexual, they broke up cause he cheated on her and was an ass. 2. My dad. Super hotheaded, short temper, always thinks he’s right and very condescending.

I know one Taurus. He’s my ex and my friends ex. He was really emotionally manipulative to her (he dated her longer than me) and always tried to guilt her into loving him. He just really wasn’t a great person.

The only Gemini I can say I know well enough to do this is my sister. She’s really, um, spoiled and bratty sometimes. She can be really sweet and she has a lot of friends. Some might say she’s bossy, but she just really likes being in charge.

I know 2 Cancers and I’m so torn cause one is my stepbrother and he’s so whiny and annoying and spoiled. The other Cancer is my old science teacher who was so chill and cool and she was just really nice all the time, but she wasn’t afraid to slay the other kids when they were racist/homophobic/sexist. She was amazing.

The only Leo I have is this one guy that’s sorta my friend. Like, he’s better friends with my other friend, but I’ve still talked to him before. He’s so random and odd, but he’s also super cool. Kinda quiet at first, I didn’t hear him talk for at least a month at the beginning of school. But once he does start to talk, he says really smart and insightful things and he’s pretty cool.

Virgo, one of my friends’ friends. She’s so smart and nice and I don’t know her that well, but I know that she’s hella smart and nice. She’s a great writer and she loves reading and has a huge crush/obsession with this guy. That’s pretty much all I know about her.

Libra, again, my friends’ friend 😂. I’ve hung out with her more though. She’s really smart, but she doesn’t try. Like, she could slay at school and get all A’s, but she just doesn’t care. Sometimes the not caring sucks, cause she doesn’t care about what she says hurting other people and she cannot keep a secret to save her life.

Scorpiooooooooo. One Scorpio is one of my best friends and she’s amazing. She’s hella smart and looooooves books and she’s also hella artsy and can write and paint and sing. She’s somehow great at everything without trying, which really pisses me off sometimes. Stop being so amazing without even trying. The other Scorpio I know is my ex and he’s an attention loving, self centered ass. He can’t stand when someone isn’t all over him and he loves being the center of attention. And he just doesn’t care about anyone of anything, but himself.

Sagittarius, my other best friend who I love so much. She’s amazing and funny and a great artist. She’s probably the friend that I feel is most similar to me. We have a lot of the same interests. Sometimes she talks without thinking, I guess. Like, she’s impulsive.

Wow, okay. My mom and stepdad are both Capricorns. My mom loves planning things and having stuff in order and she’s very good at stuff like that. My stepdad hates that. He thinks planning stuff is dumb and he hates how organized and obsessive my mom is about that stuff. I feel like my mom and I are exactly the same except she’s better at being organized and I’m just lazy.

My stepbrother is an Aquarius and he’s really popular and likes sports. Basically your stereotypical jock. Oh, my cousin is an Aquarius too, I forgot. He’s so great, like super chill and really nice and sweet. Pretty much the opposite of the other Aquarius I know.

My stepmom is a Pisces and she’s so, like, passive aggressive and condescending. She’s great at avoiding confrontation. Somehow, she has managed to perfect deflection and just avoiding the problem.

Wow, sorry, that’s a lot 😁


“Top 10 Google ‘How To’ Searches…Explained!" 

Reposting our latest video (in which I teach the answers to the most popular Google "how to” searches) for a couple reasons:

1. I love love love it and hope you will, too.

2. In the original post, I forgot to thank the brilliant Dr. Lindsey Doe for her advice on flirting and kissing, and I feel very bad about that. Thank you so much, Doc!

3. In retrospect, the original thumbnail was pretty dang oogly, and I wondered if that might have kept people away. :]


- Mike

hey read, this is important lil shit... I mean lil follower C:

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mun: ok… something happened and I don’t know how… but just take a look:

10k+ followers… how?!, oh you thank you much,  I consider my blog followers the heart and soul of my online success :3, and I don’t care if I’m a popular ask blog or no, I’m happy with you all…btw
this is me when my followers don’t talk with me… 
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this is me when I have a new follower…

me when I lose a follower…

me when I forgot say thanks to all my new followers…
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me when this weird thing happens…

and of course, I have new followers…
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old followers…

and unfollowers…
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but as long as you stay with me, I’ll love you… and if you decide to go away it’s okay, I won’t forget you C:, this post is for y'all, thank you so much…

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anonymous asked:

Hey I want to join the got7 fandom so could you tell me like the main things to know about them.. Maybe some major ships or fandom name and stuff! Thank~~

HELLO omg welcome!

Fandom name: IGOT7 (also the name of their variety show from last year. Also sounds like ‘Ah ga se’ which means ‘baby bird’ in korean right? I think. haha. So they call us their baby birds sometimes lmao)

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