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Michael In The Bathroom... But Not By Himself.

Authors Note: I DID IT, GUYS. MY FIRST NOT-HC WRITING. AND WITH MICHAEL, LOOK, IT’S AWESOME! So, enjoy, I guess? I love my boy so much, omg.

Warnings: Cursing, mentions of alcohol, mention of drugs, panic attacks, female reader, bad grammar, boring title.

Summary: Michael in the bathroom having a panic attack, when a girl storms in. 

WC: 1781, I guess?


Michael looked at his phone. 10:09 pm. This didn’t help him — he forgot how long he was here, in the bathroom. He didn’t even remember when exactly Jeremy left him here. Five minutes ago? Ten? Half an hour? No, not the last option, that would be too long.

He sat in the bathtub with his legs pressed to his chest. Bathtub was actually big enough for him to straighten them. But, even though his legs were starting to feel sore, he didn’t do this. All he wanted to do is curl into a ball. Or, even better, he wanted to teleport in his room, get stoned and forget about this party, about Jeremy, about everything that happened today. Maybe it was just a dream. Or a nightmare more likely.

Michael sighed. He could hear the loud music through the door, screams and loud, obviously drunk laugh. Maybe he can go now? It’s not like anyone would notice that he is not there. After all, no one invited him in the first place. He didn’t even know half of people here. No one will notice if he’ll disappear from party, so there’s no harm done, right?

No one knows him. There, at this party, no one knows anything about him. Maybe his name, but anything else? He doubt it.

His thoughts became more and more depressing. Is this how anxiety works? This is what people feel when they have an attack? Even the thought about attack made him more nervous.

Who will help him if he’ll have a panic attack? Jeremy is somewhere there, having fun, drinking, maybe making out with hot girls. Isn’t it is what “cool” people doing at parties like this?

Oh, just stop thinking about your best friend, who left you in a bathroom alone, Mell! He thought angrily, gritting his teeth. It’s not like you should care that he called you a fucking loser. It’s not like anyone cares. Michael buried his face in his arms, hugging his knees closer to his chest. And then little voice at the back of his mind spoke, almost snickering. It’s not like anyone cares about you, loser. His eyes widened, when he realized that little voice was Jeremy’s voice.

Michael felt his eyes watering. Great. Now he is crying. A crying creeper in the bathroom. What could be better than this?

He didn’t know how long he was there, sobbing in the bathtub behind the curtain. He almost lost himself in thoughts, full of self-loathing. Maybe that’s why he almost jumped when he heard sudden noise of the door, opening with a loud slam. Oh. He forgot to lock it. Well, at least the person, who stormed inside of the bathroom and shut the door, clearly closed it; Michael heard the snap of the lock. He didn’t even think that he is now locked in the bathroom, at a party, with a stranger, who is… crying?

Person rushed to the sink and turned on the faucet. There was no light, but Michael’s eyes already accustomed to the darkness, so he could at least see that person was definitely a girl. He didn’t know what to do. He felt like shit and now there’s another girl, who will shout at him if she’ll find out that he is here. She will call him a pervert and yell, and everyone will know that he is here. And everyone will laugh. And gossip about the stoner Michael Mell who sits in the bathroom at the party just to get off looking at people. Yeah, something like that if not worse. Awesome. Awesome party. Oh, he is so fucking glad that he came here.

He heard girl splash water at her face, her sobbing growing quieter with each sob. She turned water off, walked a few steps and sat down on the floor with her back pressed against the wall.

“God, I hate parties…” Michael heard her whispering. He tried to stay as quiet as possible, his breath hitching now and then. He didn’t recognize the voice. She must’ve been one of those people, whose names and faces he didn’t know at all.

She… She won’t go away, will she? She is just like him, he realized. Hiding.

Someone knocked at the door, but neither Michael nor girl made a sound. Someone knocked again. And again. Someone obviously was growing impatient. The girl didn’t answer. Michael shiver. Person behind the door was probably drunk. Oh no, they’re gonna start to shout soon. Yeah, they’re shouting now. Too loud. Why won’t she just answer?


Can’t they just go away?


Just tell them to go away!


Why the fuck can’t you just shout at them, goddammit!



“Hey! Hey, can you hear me?”

Who’s that?

“Just breathe, ok? Focus on my voice! In and out…”

In and out? I can’t even feel myself breathing, how am I supposed to breathe at this speed?

“Come on, in and out… You can do this. Slow. In and out. In… and out…”

Michael obeyed the voice, trying to slow his breathing. He was sobbing again, he realized, sobbing and whining and clinging to something soft and warm. And his eyes were closed.

So he opened them. Only to find himself squeezing the hands of the girl. Michael looked up to meet her worried gaze. He couldn’t see the color of her eyes in the dark, but he noticed now that she was in the bathtub with him. They were lucky that the tub was big enough for them both to fit. “In and out,” she repeated, smiling at him. She looked like mess. Just like himself, he was sure.

Michael was shaking but at least his breathing was calm now. She waited a few more minutes and then spoke up.

“You shouldn’t sit there alone with a panic attack. Michael, right?” He nodded, then looked at her questioningly. “We have math together. I’m Y/N.”

Oh. He knew her after all. Well, at least he heard her name during the roll call.

Now, when he was calm enough to think, he studied her. Huh, simple green hoodie with two blue vertical stripes and two yellow dots at the end of the stripes and jeans and white gloves and green cap… Oh. My. God.

“Are you… Are you Luigi?” Her costume wasn’t accurate, sure, but it looked good. Not on her. Just good. Well, on her too, but.

“Yep. I would’ve dress as Peach, but I didn’t want to go here in dress, so.”

“Oh my god…” Michael couldn’t suppress a laugh. “This is amazing!”

“Hey, stop laughing.” Despite her tone, she smiled. “I just calmed you down from a panic attack, that’s not how you supposed to act after it.”

“No, no, thank you, actually, um… Y/N.” He coughed for some reason. “Aren’t you… creeped out or something? I mean, it seems like you were going to hide here and then there’s me, sitting here… It’s creepy, no?”

“Not if you’re crying in the bath.” She let go of his hands - Michael only now noticed that he was still holding them, — and moved to the other side of the tub. “So. Wanna talk about it?”

“There’s not that much to talk about.” Michael took off his glasses and wiped them with his t-shirt. “My buddy kinda left me alone. Called me a loser and left.”

“Fuck him.”

“I guess. You?”

“My friends left me to get the drinks and then some jerk tried to get in my pants. So I ran off.” Y/N shrugged, looking at him.

“Fuck him.”

“I guess.” She laughed and smiled at him a little. Michael returned the smile. “So. Have any good music?”

“Marley. Mostly 90s. Why?”

“Tired of shit playing downstairs. Some drunk girl find a mic and started singing…”

“Whitney? ‘I wanna…”

“…dance with somebody’, yes!”

“I heard it too. She was awful.”

“Actually, it was pretty good. I mean, she made a great impersonation…”

“…of a dying seal.”

They’re both burst out laughing. It wasn’t even that fun, but for some reason Michael found himself laughing his guts off till his belly hurt. After glancing at Y/N, who threw her head back at the wall, he knew she felt the same. Who would’ve known that there’s still someone to make fun of drunk girls with him.

“We’ve just met and already finishing each other sentences? What are we, soulmates?” She joked and Michael chuckled, rubbing his neck. “So… About music? I have earbuds and I can tolerate Marley and 90s.”

“We need to get out from tub, then.”


“Floor it is.”


Michael never actually noticed Y/N before. But turned out that they have something in common. They both liked music, sushi and slushies. She wasn’t as nerdy about 90s as he was, but she had old Dendy from her older brother and a bunch of games she liked to play sometimes.

She was actually nice looking too. Not the most beautiful or the hottest girl he ever saw, but still very pretty in her own unique way. And Michael liked it. He liked her laugh, even when she sounded a bit too loud. It was strange, but it helped him forget about whole Jeremy thing.

Michael didn’t even notice that watch on his phone showed 12:13 am (i dunno how to write midnight right, so, sorry). The party still was going on full-on and no one knocked again. It was weird, but Michael and Y/N didn’t want to think about it.

It was actually amazing. They didn’t know anything about each other when they met in here. And now, after hour or more of talking, they were almost like friends. Not close and not best, but definitely not strangers.

“Want to get out of here?” Michael stood up, stretched his back — it ached a little after hours of sitting. Then he turned around to look at Y/N with a smile and, for some reason, with a blush. He held out his hand without a second thought, and realized that it’s probably stupid too late. Michael almost panicked, but was more than surprised when Y/N took his hand and stood up too.

“What exactly do you have in mind?” She smirked, but it was more of a soft smirk than a smug one. Michael coughed awkwardly and smiled a little.

“Get stoned in my basement?”

“I don’t smoke, actually.” She looked a bit embarrassed, almost as if there was something she should’ve been ashamed of.

“Oh. Then video games?”

“I guess I’m lucky that my parents are out of town, huh? Video games it is then. But only if we’ll stop by 7/11. I want to mix all of the sodas in one cup!”

Michael laughed and led her to the door. “Sounds good to me”

They walked out of bathroom hand in hand. It would’ve been awkward. It should’ve been awkward, but it wasn’t. They didn’t notice a few stares and whispers. Because right now, for some reason, it all felt right.

Even if his best friend was an asshole because of this SQUIP — it didn’t matter right now. Y/N and her hand in his, video games and 7/11 — that’s what mattered.

Awesome party. Michael thought. I’m so glad I came.

To be continued?

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Valentine's day request please! RFA forgot Valentines day and MC is salty

So, MC is pissed (really pissed), just to clarify!

Thank you for your request, and i hope you like it!


  • Yesterday he kept playing and playing, he could see that MC was grumpy…But he didn’t know why!
  • Now he knows…It was Valentine’s Day.
  • And today he is on his knees begging for forgiveness “PLEASE MC, I’M SO SORRY…!”
  • “Go play that stupid game and forget me this time.” You were very angry about that, of course.
  • “MC…!Please!” He gets up, looking at you, crying “I love you…And i’m so so sorry!”
  • You try not to look at him…So you don’t melt in his apologies, you need to be strong with that!
  • You made a lot of surprises for him, and he forgot that important day…
  • He never got a girlfriend, so maybe he should be a bit more romantic since he was the one who respects relationship so much!
  • Yoosung put one hand on your cheek and then he makes you look at him “…I’ll do anything!” He said with puppy eyes.
  • You gave him a marvelous look, with a little laugh “…Anything?” Your face is the face of the devil right now.
  • Yoosung gasps with fear and then he says “…Anything.”
  • ….
  • MC! DO I REALLY NEED TO CLEAN ALL OF THIS?!! I DON’T REMEMBER THAT WE HAD SO MUCH DISHES SINCE YESTERDAY” Before he could realize that you got those plates dirties just so he can clean more you walk to him, picking one plate and throwing on the ground.
  • He opened his mouth already knowing that he was going to clean that up, you smile and walk away
  • “…I’ll never forget Valentine’s Day again…I can’t be Cinderella all over again”


  • He talked about Valentine’s Day so much…He’s a very romantic guy so he was excited for that!

  • But he forgot on the day.
  • He was concentrating, watching himself on TV to remember it… Of course, this is not an excuse, but this is his explanation!
  • And just to think about how you must be angry at him… Make he trembles every time he looks at you…
  • Omg…Will you cut his ponytail…?
  • You’re not talking to him, so it’s hard to know…
  • When you get out, Zen fills the place with flowers!
  • After 5 minutes you’re back…And you’re very surprised!
  • He made all that in 5 minutes!
  • And then you see Zen, with a rose in his hand, smiling, looking at you…
  • Oh, you know, he wants you to forget him…But he was not properly punished yet.
  • You walk towards him, and then you kiss him, a very wild and sloppy kiss, he is very surprised by it, but hey…He is playing along
  • After some minutes, you’re still kissing him, but now you’re on the couch, with him, on his lap, and then you put your hand in his ponytail…And you pull it.
  • His eyes got wide, you know the beast is out, you stop the kiss “…Wait for me in the bedroom…” You smile as you get up.
  • He nods, quickly and runs to the bedroom, you pick the key and lock him there…
  • And then you call a taxi so you can sleep in Yoosung house.
  • After some minutes Zen realizes he was locked up in there…That’s not the problem…The beast inside of him is so hungry for you that he might even break the door.
  • But when he sees that you escape…He wants to cry…
  • And, of course, he’ll be very mad when he discovers that you’re sleeping in Yoosung’s house, A WOMAN AND A MAN CANNOT BE ALONE IN THE SAME HOUSE!
  • But deep inside…He knows this is a revenge…


  • All her responsibilities made her forget about this important day.
  • She’s very sorry, and she already said this to you almost a million of times…
  • But she understands that you’re angry and sad with her, it’s perfectly fine if you’re.
  • She’ll treat you better, she’ll reassure you that she IS sorry for forgetting this holiday
  • It was the first Valentine’s Day you two were going to spend together…And she messed it up.
  • If she forgot, she must take the consequences for that, it was a mistake…But maybe you being cold with her will make her remember the next year…
  • Jaehee wants you so badly to come back to “normal”
  • And when you do she’ll prepare something very special to you!
  • Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be in that day…Can be every day!
  • She just wants to make something for you because of that…But first she’ll be calm with you and understand you.
  • But you’re her first priority now, she’s very sorry…
  • She loves you, so she feels bad for making you feel sad.
  • Just remember that.


  • Jumin forgot.
  • Of course, the next day, the bedroom is filled with presents…To a very meaningful gift…To a very, very expensive one.
  • Ok…
  • Jumin knows that time can’t come back, and some presents would not fill the hole that was for that missed holiday…
  • He feels bad, you’re his wife.
  • But you smiled after all those present… Maybe they do work out?
  • But you said that you need to do something, he respects your privacy and your life.
  • Jumin was on the couch, trying to take a photo of Elizabeth while she was running around
  • Hint: He failed.
  • But then you get out of the bedroom, with a very provocative lingerie, with cat ears, cat tail…
  • When Jumin saw you, he froze, the place got really hot all of sudden.
  • You sit beside him, seeing the TV, he doesn’t even waste time, he got closer and closer, until he was sucking your neck.
  • You laugh with that and push him away “You don’t deserve this, you’ll just see me and nothing more.”
  • He opens his mouth, YOU’RE KIDDING RIGHT?!
  • He’s sweating, with a bulge in his pants, he wants to DIE!
  • While you were chilling, watching TV.
  • He wants to jump on you, but he respects you if you don’t want it…He’ll not go to get it.
  • But he’ll explode, you’ll be a widow.
  • And every day…You’ll be using this UNTIL you decide to forgive him.
  • He’s losing his sanity…
  • But he learned his lesson.


  • Ok Seven…You forgot…Pick one spear now so you can defend yourself for the creature know as MC!
  • JK, JK!
  • He would pick a gun instead of a spear.
  • He’s feeling like a douche for not remembering it… He’s creating new robots for you…Even new toys.
  • But you still grumpy.
  • Even Saeran knows that Seven fucked up.
  • He always makes jokes about everything, make cosplay of ridiculous things…You would be laughing so much right now…!
  • But you’re serious, not even giving a single smile for him.
  • He can take the grumpy face of Saeran, but not yours!
  • Come on MC let’s prank Yoosung? No?! OMG, YOU’RE REALLY MAD AT ME!
  • He wants your love!
  • He misses it!!!!
  • Ok, he got the lesson, he will not do this again, but please forgive him!!! He’ll make up to you!
  • Even Saeran is pitying him, even Saeran wants you to forgive him, so please!
  • He needs your smiles, your laughs, hugs, kisses, everything!
  • He needs your love!
  • Is like a battery for 707!
This Is Forever

HI umm I was wondering if you could do a one shot where the reader has been a part of Alexandria for a while and she and Daryl have started to fall for eachother without the other one knowing and she goes to The sanctuary and offers herself in return for daryls safe return to Alexandria? And then negan calls Daryl into his room and makes a scene causd he’s jealous about how the reader is in love with Daryl and Daryl finds out that way and somehow Daryl and the reader end up “getting cozy ;)” HI I just sent a request for a Daryl X reader one shot where the reader gives herself to negan in exchange for daryls safe return to Alexandria, sorry it’s me again lol! I forgot to ask if you could also make it like negan brings the reader to Alexandria in horrible condition all tied up and Daryl sees it and it drives him crazy before they some how end up “getting cozy ;)” lol I’m so sorry this is so much to ask! I love your writing by the way!!<33

Somehow, I’m kinda sorta catching up but also not really because I have a million more requests left to write I am such trash omg how did I earn 1,000 followers? Hahaha I didn’t have a chance to write at all last weekend. I was at a charity event my dad runs every year. All the proceeds go to an amazing local charity for autism. From merchandise and raffle tickets alone, we made 5,000 dollars. That’s not counting things like ticket sales and getting in the door. That hasn’t been counted yet. If you wanna hear more about it, let me know because this charity is close to my heart because my brother is autistic. If you wanna know more about it, I’m gonna post it on another blog on wordpress so let me know!! Also, just a reminder that I do have a Wattpad account. My username is PerfectInsanity17 but I haven’t posted in a while for one because I’ve been working on this and secondly, not a lot of people were reading my work so I paused for a bit. But I’ve got three stories to read on there. If you’d like me to keep going on those stories, let me know!

How did you end up here?

A few days ago, things were wonderful. Things couldn’t get any better. Maggie and Glenn would be having a baby, Alexandria was thriving, you were rebuilding the wall. The only complaint you had was that your friendship with Daryl had become more and more complicated. The more time you spent with him, the stronger your feelings got. But he constantly kept you at arm’s length and there was no possible way to get more than friendship from him. But if that was your only complaint, then you really had nothing to worry about.

How could so much go wrong in just a few days?

In just a few days, Alexandria’s only doctor was killed, Daryl ran off to get vengeance on her killer, Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita went after him, something went wrong with Maggie’s baby, and mere hours later, Glenn and Abraham would be dead, murdered mercilessly right in front of you and the entire group. And you would watch Daryl, bloody, pale, and weak being dragged away as a prisoner. All because of one man. All because of Negan.

You’d caught Negan’s attention briefly but it was nothing more than a smile and a nod from him. You wanted to cry out in protest when he had Daryl thrown into a van and driven away but Rick told you not to. The crushed skulls of your friends didn’t hurt in convincing you to stay quiet either.

How did you get here?

It was only a few days later when Carl got the crazy idea in his head to sneak into a savior’s truck and head for the sanctuary. You weren’t sure which was crazier, Carl’s plan to kill Negan, or your plan to switch places with Daryl. How much good would switching with Daryl do? Probably wouldn’t help all that much. But Daryl would be home where he belonged. You had no idea what they were doing to him and that made your heart ache even more. He was already an abused man with a bruised soul. He might not recover from even more damage. If you could get him away from all this, then you would. You’d walk through fire for that man.

The things one does for love.

Seeing Carl with such bloodthirst was unsettling. He managed to take out two of Negan’s men before someone stopped him. And through it all, Negan was nothing but amused by the situation.

“And you,” Negan said when you emerged. He pointed at you with his bat, its barbed wire fresh and clean, as if it didn’t have flesh hanging off it and blood dripping from it like a leaky faucet just a few days ago. The memory of Abraham and Glenn’s flesh dangling from the barbed wire made you nauseous.

“What’re you doin’ here?” Negan asked.

“I wanna make a deal with you,” you stated. Laughter erupted from the men surrounding the truck but Negan was quiet. Once the laughter died down, he let out a chuckle and rested the bat on his shoulder.

“Shit, could’ve just driven here yourself,” he said, “Don’t gotta be a stowaway. Come on in, let’s talk about this deal.”

You’d caught a glimpse of Daryl before Negan took you and Carl outside. He was rounding up walkers for some reason you couldn’t quite understand. He was filthy, his thin hair soaked in sweat, his face marked with cuts and bruises that made your blood boil with rage. At least he’d recovered from being shot. He was alive, that was the most important thing. That’s how you had to rationalize it to keep from losing your mind. Otherwise, you weren’t sure what you would’ve done.

“So, what’s your name?” Negan asked once the two of you were alone, “Didn’t have a chance to ask when we met.”

“Between murdering two people and kidnapping another, how could you have found the time?” you shot back, “Name’s Y/N.”

“Shit!” Negan exclaimed, slamming his hands down on his legs, “You’re just full of piss and vinegar, aren’t ya?”

“Look, I came here to make a deal with you, Negan,” you said, “You gonna hear me out or not?”

“By all means,” Negan said, “Don’t be shy, Y/N. I’m shakin’ in my boots.”

“I was hoping you’d let Daryl go.”

“Not a chance.”

“Let me finish,” you snapped, “Let him go and take me in his place.”

“You gotta forgive me, Y/N,” Negan chuckled, “I’m kinda confused. Why would you give a damn if you were here instead of him?”

“Because he doesn’t deserve whatever you’ve put him through.”

“Funny you should say that,” Negan said, “Because Daryl seems to think differently.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” you said, “But that doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t deserve this.”

“And again I say, why do you care?” Negan inquired.

“Because I love him,” you blurted out, “And I need him to be safe.”

Negan’s smile fell and he leaned back in his chair. He was no longer amused by the situation. You couldn’t imagine Negan being jealous considering this was the only time you’d ever spoken. Then again, he was quick to murder two people he’d never met before. So, maybe he was quick to…lust.

“You stay right there,” Negan said, hopping up onto his feet. The sly grin was back on his face as he headed for the door, “I will be right back. Just give me two minutes.”

You leaned back in your chair, allowing yourself to get just a little comfortable as Negan left the room. It probably wasn’t the greatest idea to get the slightest bit comfortable. If Dwight or any of Negan’s other meathead henchman came in, you’d be screwed. Negan could easily trap you in this comfort you’d sunk into.

After a few minutes, Negan returned with Dwight following close behind, dragging Daryl by the collar of his sweatshirt. You gasped but Negan held out his hand before you could get up.

“Don’t move,” Negan said, turning his attention to Daryl, “Well, Y/N made an interesting offer. Would ya like to hear it?”

“What did you do to her?” Daryl snapped.

“Nothin’ at all,” Negan retorted, “Now pay attention. Y/N seems to think you don’t deserve any of this. And she wants to make a trade. I let you go and take her instead.”

“Why would you tell him this?” you snapped.

“And do you wanna know why?” Negan continued.

“Negan!” you exclaimed, “Don’t!”

He threw his head back, erupting in laughter, “Because she loves you! Now ain’t that just fantastic, Daryl? The things people do for love am I right?”

Daryl stood there staring at you, stunned by the revelation. He fought to keep a straight face. He didn’t want Negan to read him and figure everything out. If he was alone with you, he would’ve…well, he wasn’t entirely sure what he would’ve done. From the time you’d met, he was certain that you’d never seen him as anything more than a friend. And wasn’t this the worst time to find out he was wrong? When he couldn’t say a word in response to you.

“I gotta say, Y/N, you’ve made an interesting offer,” Negan continued, “You can stay if you want to but there ain’t a chance in hell of me letting him go free.”

“No!” Daryl blurted out, earning a rough yank from Dwight, “Just let her go.”

Negan sat back down across from you, nodding to the door, “Dwight, I think Daryl needs a time out. Put him in his cage.”

“Y/N, don’t do this,” Daryl continued as Dwight dragged him out of the room, “Get out of here!”

Dwight slammed the door behind them and it was just you and Negan alone, trapped in the uncomfortable silence. You folded your hands together on your lap, shaking your head, “I’m not staying unless you let Daryl go. Otherwise, I’m leaving with Carl.”

“We’ll talk about this later,” Negan said, “You just hang out here for a while. I’ve got some things to tend to.”

You didn’t move from your spot for hours. Negan had left to take Carl him and you considered sneaking away after a while but you wouldn’t leave without Daryl. And you had no idea where he was and you couldn’t exactly search for him without being caught. You really had no way of escaping so you just continued to wait.

After several hours, Negan burst into the room, fuming and swinging his bat around. He was enraged, pointing his bat at you, “What the fuck did you do?”

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t fucking pretend you don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about.”

“I haven’t moved from this spot!” you shouted, “I’m clueless!”

“Well, looks like you got your deal after all,” Negan said, “Daryl’s gone, and you’re mine now.”

Another few days passed and Daryl had gone from hilltop to the kingdom but ultimately ended up back in Alexandria with the others, prepared to fight Negan with everything they had. Dwight offered his assistance but knew nothing about you or your condition. He hadn’t seen you since the day you arrived, which sent chills down Daryl’s spine. It must’ve meant that Negan had dealt with you personally. Had he killed you? Or…worse? Things he didn’t want to think about.

“We’re gonna win,” Rick declared.

“What about Y/N?” Daryl asked.

“Once we finish this, we’ll be able to go over there and get her,” Rick explained, “I’m sure Y/N is fine, Daryl. Negan won’t kill her. She could be a potential bargaining tool for him. Don’t you think?”

Daryl grunted, “Sure. Better make the fucker pay for the shit he’s done.”

“Believe me, we will,” Rick said, “No doubt about that. Let’s just get ready. Try not to worry, Daryl. Y/N can take care of herself. She was bold enough to leave and try to get you out of there, she’ll be just fine.”

Just as Daryl had been afraid of, Negan had been the one to handle you personally. Negan was convinced you had something to do with Daryl’s escape and it was incredibly bad timing but you had no idea Daryl had even gotten out. Negan of course didn’t believe you for a second and his solution to this problem was to simply have you beaten until you admitted to it. But you knew that if you did, he’d most likely have you killed. On the other hand, you were so delirious that you weren’t sure which would be worse, death or being beaten.

You were just barely conscious when Negan threw you into a coffin. After a few minutes, you heard some familiar voices that made you perk up and felt the coffin being lifted but there wasn’t much you could do as you could barely move and were too weak to push open the coffin.

“I’ve got somethin’ you might be interested in,” Negan said. The coffin creaked and groaned as he pulled it open. You turned away from the blinding afternoon sunlight but were quickly dragged out by your upper arm, feeling Negan’s leather jacket against your skin.

“Y/N!” Daryl exclaimed from behind the gate. Rick stood at the very top of the gate, staring at you in shock. He knew that Negan wouldn’t have killed you but he still wasn’t expecting you to be so bruised and bloody.

“She made the deal,” Negan continued, “She stayed, he left. But I’m gonna take Daryl back now. If you all cooperate, Y/N will live. But, it’s a limited time offer so I’d make this decision quick.”

After that statement, everything became a blur. Bullets were flying, everyone was running around in a panic, ducking down and hiding. You could’ve sworn you heard Daryl shouting so you followed the sound of his voice despite how disoriented you felt. Negan was too distracted to notice your absence or try to prevent you from running off. You were avoiding all the gunfire better than you expected since you weren’t even trying. All you knew was you had to find Daryl. It felt like years since you’d seen him. And the last time you had seen him wasn’t exactly pleasant for either of you.

After being unable to find any familiar face, you realized it was pointless to be in the middle of all this gunfire when you could barely focus. You sat under a tree off in the corner where the gunshots were faint and you were free to take a deep breath. Your bones ached, your head throbbed, the blood and sweat that had accumulated on your body over the last few days left a layer of grime you couldn’t stand. Your eyes were so swollen, it was easier to just lay your head back and close your eyes.

The chaos ceased for a moment but you weren’t allowing yourself to feel relieved yet. Sure, Rick and the rest of the group could’ve won but they also could’ve lost and it would become a slaughter soon. Soon, people were shouting and firing their guns again and this time, roaring followed. Roaring? Why would you be hearing roaring? Who would have an animal like that?

You kept your eyes shut the entire time. If you didn’t see it, it couldn’t be happening, right? You thought of the simpler times when you and Daryl went on runs together, when you’d be spending days at a time alone together. He was always so quiet but his blue eyes spoke louder than his mouth ever could. He always hugged his legs to his chest, like he was shielding himself, very rarely ever made eye contact. And when he did, he seemed so unsure and would only peek at you from behind his wispy hairs hanging over his face. You’d wake up early in the morning while he was still sleeping and you’d push those hairs away from his face just to sneak a peek at his peaceful expression, his chest moving steadily up and down. You never wanted those runs to end. You had been convinced every time that you would tell him how you truly felt about him but in the end, you could never go through with it. And now, it could easily be too late. Daryl could be dead or dying. With all that gunfire, the possibility of him being alive was slim.

The second round of insanity ended much faster and then silence followed for several hours. You refused to move from your spot though, still so tired and so sore. This was the first time you’d been able to relax in days without fear of getting hurt again.

Footsteps approached you but you still didn’t move or open your eyes. The person’s clothes rustled and you heard them set something down in the grass beside them. It was when the person spoke that you finally opened your eyes and a pair of blue ones were staring back at you.

“Y/N,” Daryl said, “I’ve been lookin’ everywhere for you. Thought you were dead.”

“I thought you were,” you whimpered. Despite how injured you were, you threw your arms around him, nearly tackling him, “I’m so glad you made it out okay. Who got you out?”

“Not sure,” he replied, “What did that asshole do to you?”

“He was convinced that I was the one to get you out,” you explained, “The timing was pretty coincidental I’ll admit but he wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t wanna talk about that now. I’m just glad it’s over. Is Negan dead?”

Daryl shook his head, “Everyone from hilltop and the kingdom came at the last second and chased Negan and his guys outta here. But they’ll be back. Come on, let’s get you looked at. Can ya stand?”

“I think so,” you grunted as you got up on your feet. Being in one position for the last few hours made your muscles scream out in agony when you finally straightened out. Daryl grabbed your hand as the two of you walked to the infirmary. With all the commotion, you didn’t feel it was the right time to bring up what Negan had said a few days ago. Daryl would just get uncomfortable and shut down like he always did when someone brought up heavy conversation. Expressing emotion was not on Daryl’s list of skills. Especially now with his mind on other things, talking about that just wasn’t as important.

You gave it about a week. Your injuries had mostly healed by then. But other than that, you and Daryl were back with your group and things felt almost normal again. But you still felt uneasy around him. And he seemed more quick tempered than usual, getting frustrated with you easier than before.

Daryl had taken you back to the infirmary after you’d reopened a wound while you were trying to regain your strength and practicing your shooting. He sighed a few times as he was cleaning up the wound on your arm.

“What’re you thinking, Y/N?” he grumbled.

“Can’t just sit around forever,” you replied, “I have to get back to how I was.”

“If you hadn’t gone there in the first place,” Daryl muttered, “You should’ve stayed here where it was safe.”

“I had to go,” you argued, “You weren’t safe.”

“I don’t care about me,” Daryl shot back, “You shouldn’t worry about me so much, Y/N.”

“Didn’t you hear what Negan said?” you snapped, “What he told you? I care so much about you, I love you so much. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being hurt or ending up dead.”

“Well, how do you think I felt?!” Daryl shouted, tossing the bloody rag into the trashcan, “I hated every minute of you being there. I knew what Negan was doing and there was nothing I could do.”

You were startled by his outburst. He so rarely offered much in response but he was off now, “I don’t wanna lose you, Y/N. Not again. Can’t go without you again.”

“I didn’t know you felt that way,” you said.

“Yeah, well, didn’t wanna give Negan any more leverage than he already had,” Daryl said, “I didn’t actually believe him when he said it. It’s true though, what he said. Isn’t it?”

You kicked your feet, grinning as you grabbed his hands and pulled him closer to you so he stood between your legs, “It’s very true, Daryl. I love you so much. There was just…never a good time to say it.”

Daryl nodded, his own way of saying he loved you too. You were content with his not actually saying it because you knew he felt it. You felt it in his touch when he ran his fingertips up your arms. You felt it in the kiss he placed on your lips, careful and hesitant in all of these gestures but they spoke to you.

You wrapped your arms around Daryl’s torso, your hands slipping underneath his shirt and roaming his back. He tensed a little at your touch but soon he was rolling with it, kissing along your jaw and down your neck, his teeth grazing your shoulder. You inhaled deeply, taking in his scent as his trembling fingers tugged on your shirt. Pulling away briefly, you threw your shirt over your head and tossed it to the floor, quickly bringing Daryl back in. He groaned against your skin, running his nails down your back. You unbuttoned his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders.

“You really wanna do this?” you mumbled, wrapping your legs around his hips.

Daryl nodded and ran for the door to lock it as quickly as he could to make it back to you. You laid back in bed as he climbed over you, burying his face in your neck. You wrapped your legs around his hips once more and he responded with an experimental thrust of his hips, grinding against you. A squeak escaped your lips as you gripped him tighter in your arms.

“Shit, Y/N,” he grunted, “Never wanted anything so bad.”

A fire was burning deep within you and he’d barely touched you. Neither of you could bear it anymore, you couldn’t hold back any longer. You lifted your hips so Daryl could pull your pants down with ease. You sat up a bit and smashed your lips against his while you tugged his pants down past his hips. You felt his fingers slip underneath the waistband of your underwear, his thick fingers cold against your warm flesh. As his fingers reached your core, you bit his lip in surprise. You retaliated by allowing your hands to explore, sliding into his boxers and gripping him firmly in your hand.

“Daryl,” you whispered, slowly stroking him. Daryl groaned, whipping your body around and pulling your underwear down your legs. You gripped the headboard, your heart racing as you panted and whined. You wiggled your hips impatiently, looking back at him over your shoulder, “What’re you waiting for?”

“Stay still,” Daryl said, slapping his hands down on your hips. You jumped but smiled at the fiery feeling growing in the pit of your stomach. Biting your lip, you lowered your head. Without warning, he plunged into you and you both groaned in unison as he stayed there for a moment, allowing the two of you to adjust to the senstation.

“Goddamn, Daryl,” you said. Daryl slowly started moving his hips back and forth, his hands moving up and down your back. He held back any noises, only allowing a few grunts. You couldn’t hold back your pleasure as you moaned and whimpered, curling your toes and bunching the sheets up in your fists. The ache grew stronger with every thrust and you knew this wouldn’t last long for either of you. But this closeness would be worth it no matter how long it was.

Suddenly, Daryl lifted you up so the two of you were on your knees, your back against his chest as he thrust harder against you, beads of sweat running down the side of his head and dripping off his jaw, landing on your shoulder. With one hand on your hip, he moved his free hand down your stomach until he reached your sweet spot, his fingers moving in quick, deep circles. You writhed and rolled your hips against his fingers, flashes of white in your vision as you finally came. Your legs were weak and once Daryl let go of you, you fell forward, his continued thrusting sending you into aftershocks and your walls squeezed him so tightly, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He leaned his head back as he released inside of you.

“I can’t…we just…fuck,” Daryl said, more out of breath than you’d ever seen before, “You alright?”

“More than alright,” you replied, rolling onto your back. He flopped down beside you, “That was amazing. I can’t believe we did that though. Ever think we’d end up here?”

“Nah, but then again, you’ve always been unpredictable,” Daryl replied, kissing your sweaty temple. He never thought he’d ever have the courage to tell you how he felt about you. This had been the last thing he ever expected to happen but he wouldn’t change it for anything. He never wanted to let you go. This was forever.


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Hi Shy anon here ><, Can i request a fluffy Wonwoo asking you out on a date?

Hi there, I really hope you enjoy this! We are trying to post more often these days but if we don’t please be patient we are working through all the requests! Requests are always open please feel free to send in your requests! Everything is welcomed! 

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Jeon Wonwoo, your childhood friend but also known as a member of a popular k-pop group called Seventeen. Everyone around you was envious of your close friendship with Wonwoo and they all want to be in your position, which you don’t blame them for because he is quite sweet and attractive at times. But because of this friendship, you have also gotten hurt and a few death threat simply because you didn’t want to give the crazy fangirls his number. Although you knew he wouldn’t be happy if he found out that you’ve been threatened but you want to do the least for him and protect his privacy being his childhood friend.

WW: Where are you?

Y/N: I’m at uni, whys that?

WW: I just came back from tour, do you want to meet?

Y/N: Um yeah sure, meet where though?

WW: I’ll come to uni and pick you up?

Y/N: Are you sure? We can meet somewhere if you want!

WW:Yeah I’m sure, I’ll come now so come straight after class okay? I’ve got something to tell you!

Y/N: Okay sure, is it something serious?

WW: In a way… I just need to get your opinion on it!

Y/N: Okie dok see you soon! Better have my present ready

WW: Never forgotten! Bye~

You read the last text and smiled to yourself, you were half worried and half excited since you haven’t seen him after he left for tour three months ago. “Lucky I dressed nicely today” You thought to yourself.

The lecture finished, as soon as it ended you rushed to the toilet to fix your hair, makeup and outfit, for some strange reason you wanted to impress Wonwoo today. And for some strange reason he felt a bit off today. Although you were worried but you didn’t want to think too much about it. After fixing yourself up, you ran down and saw Wonwoo’s car parked right up the front, he was leaning against the car waiting for you. You stopped and stared at him, he was looking exceptionally good today, he was wearing an oversized white shirt, ripped jeans, the way he dressed made your heart skip a beat. You held your hand against your chest trying to calm yourself down before approaching him.

“Hey! Long time no see!” You greet him with a big smile on your face. “Hi” Wonwoo replied looking shy. It was weird… they way Wonwoo acted. He usually greets you with either a big hug or a headlock, that was what you were use to but today he was SHY. You poked his arm and whispered “Can we get in the car now? Theres like 5 girls staring at you and it makes me feel uncomfortable” Wonwoo turned his head to see 5 girls looking in your direction and taking photos. He quickly walked you to passenger side to open the door for you. His action was so gentlemen, unlike the Wonwoo you remembered three months ago. He walked around the car and jumped in.

There were no conversation during the ride, he was so quiet and it was freaking you out inside, he usually be brags about his trip and tells you all the stupid things his members did during tour but today his eyes was focused on the road and he didn’t make any eye contact with you.

“Wonwoo, is something wrong?” You finally broke the silence. You waited a little while for him to respond. “Oh…no… um… I was just thinking” Wonwoo stuttered. “About what? You’ve been acting so weird and it’s freaking me out” You let out a sigh after confessing your feeling. “I’m sorry if I’m freaking you out…” He says as he parked the car next to a park. “Do you remember this place?” You looked out the car and instantly recognises the park. “Omg! This place~ I’ve missed this place so much, I still remember the times when you and me would play here, tag… hide and seek…and you even asked me to marry you here” The memories you shared with Wonwoo came flying back to your head. “Yeah, I remember too.” Wonwoo smiled at your excitement and said. “Why are we here?” you questioned him looking puzzled. “Well… I just thought it would be a nice place… a nice place for us… -sigh- Y/N, I know this might be very sudden, but will you be my girlfriend?” The words left Wonwoo’s mouth and hit you. You froze for a long time before questioning him “What? Are you kidding? Wait, are you serious?”

Wonwoo took your hand in his and placed it on his chest. “Y/N, I am very serious right now. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you in these three months, I finally realised that feeling I get whenever I’m with you is a sign of love, I’m so sorry I realised so late… I really hope you feel the same way about me” His heart was pounding hard against his chest and you can certainly feel it. You missed Wonwoo too, you didn’t expect this sudden confession but his words were real, you could tell by the way he looked at you. He must have thought about this for a long time as he isn’t someone to do things before thinking twice about it. “Wonwoo… I missed you too, I’ve been feeling the same recently. Whenever you come close to me… my heart skips a beat, even the thought of seeing you freaks me out. Of course i’ll be your girlfriend” Wonwoo’s eyes were mist, yours were too. “Omg Y/N!!! Thank you so much, I really love you, and I will make sure you are treated like a princess every single day” He reached to you and pulled you closer to him and kissed you, this was the first time you felt so safe and secure. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepens the kiss.

Moments later, you pulled away and slapped Wonwoo “Yah, I totally forgot… we just started dating, how dare you kiss me this fast?” you joked with him and Wonwoo laughed before replying “We’ve spent enough time as childhood friends together, and we pretty much know everything about each other so why waste time? We can just skip those unless crap.” Wonwoo leaned in for another kiss which you grant him since you can never resist this man.

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fuck i forgot how much i liked bruce xD All i remember from him from before though was just him- thinking pine was adorable and pine wanting the D but the poor guy was worried he was gonna break them xD (those icons look RAD pine omg i love your art so much <3)

ah yes, i remember


bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

one | two | three | four |five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten [ eleven | twelve | thirteen | fourteen | fifteen

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jungkook pressed the clinic door open so you both could pass the exit you were still chocked to really notice how happy your husband was until you felt your frame got lifted as jungkook started to spin you gripped his shirt tightly as he stopped still hugging you

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SO SO SO SO i saw this fic prompt (ahhh i forgot where) about len being an expensive/higher-end escort and barry paying him just to cuddle aND I REALLY NEED THIS FILLED BC even canonically (is that even a word) we all know barry is hella lonely and he just needs someone to cuddle him while he cries AHHhahahah please i need this <3

Um, omg, I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I think I might need to file this one away to write out in full, because of how much I love this idea. 

Like I imagine Len showing up at this kid’s apartment expecting something extra kinky requested of him given the amount paid, which he’s fully ready to refuse - Len doesn’t care how much someone pays him, he has standards - when this gorgeous young man opens the door, looking flustered and embarrassed, and…shit, he’s hot, but it’s the sweet and innocent ones that end up being freaks. So Len’s wary but a professional, and enters, all charm, asking what Barry wants, what he likes, and Barry honestly just wants to start with dinner, because he’s starved.

“If…that’s okay?”

And Len never expects to be fed, but he’s not going to complain, because whatever the kid made smells delicious. Tastes that way too, and they chat about simple benign things, like what Barry does, the city, events going on in town, but when they’re done, Len rises, closes in on Barry, leaning down over the table. 

“You paid for basically anything goes. Now…I maintain the option to refuse anything I’m not up for, but I’m curious, just what are you into to offer so much for tonight?”

And Barry is so embarrassed, blushing, and stammering, and finally asks for Len to take off his clothes, except his underwear and get under the covers. Barry does the same, and they just…lie there, Len spooning Barry from behind, holding him against his chest. 

“This is all you want?”


The kid is gorgeous, and sweet, a good cook, a good conversationalist when not falling over himself with embarrassment, what could possibly be wrong with him that he has no one to snuggle with? But it’s not Len’s place to ask. Still, he’s curious.

“You can certainly refuse to answer but…why?”

And Barry explains that he doesn’t really have anyone here. His parents have been dead for years. His adopted father and sister are in another town. He just moved here. He doesn’t have many friends yet, and has always been terrible at dating. He’s just…lonely.

“Iris says it’s Ugly Duck syndrome. I was so used to being a gangly dork in high school that no one wanted, I don’t know how to have confidence with people now that I’m - and this is her talking not me - hot.”

“You are hot. You’re gorgeous.”

“You’re paid to say that.”

“No. I’m paid to be here. I say what I feel.”

Over the course of the night, they talk more, and Len learns all about Barry, even admits a few things about himself, and Barry asks if this can be a regular thing. Paid of course. Len agrees. He doesn’t have any regulars. Over time…he doesn’t have other clients either, because he no longer wants to take them on, not when he has Barry. 

But it’s unhealthy, Len knows, because this isn’t the usual desire for sex, it’s something deeper, something that seems so much more inappropriate because Barry is growing dependent on him. He’s enabling Barry, the kid needs to meet people! 

It’s only later that Len starts to realize Barry is meeting people, is making friends, and getting along wonderfully in the city, because Barry talks about them. So why is he still paying for Len to have dinner, and snuggle him in bed, and just talk to him once a week? And what is Len doing that he’s not taking any more clients, when Barry isn’t really enough income just him?

It’s when Barry learns that Len has only been seeing HIM, no other clients, for weeks, months, that he questions it, that things come to a head, and they both vent their concerns and frustrations and realize where they stand. 

“If this is all you want, it’s enough for me, but I want it to be something without money exchanged. I don’t need sex, kid. I just want you.”

Barry sputters, and blushes, and admits, “What if it’s not all I want?”

And despite knowing everything about each other now, and having slept together without deeper intimate contact all this time, they take it so slow, making love all night, and in the morning Barry says he wants to introduce Len to his friends, and Len says he’s been looking into other work, and won’t take another dime from him ever again. 

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Dating Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man would include??


dating andrew’s spidey would include:

  • you being there for him after gwen died
  • comforting him for months
  • being the only one to make him smile after months
  • silly pictures.
  • seriously, that boy will take random pictures of you eating or sleeping.
  • also, silly and adorable selfies.
  • you doing the laundry because he somehow always turns the clothes red and blue.
  • you do not trust him around the washing machine.
  • peter coming home late after working and seeing you fell asleep on the couch waiting for him. 
  • peter making it up to you by taking you on small dates to get ice cream.
  • spidey watching over you when you walk to the university or work.
  • peter trying to hide a smile whenever he hears you gush about spider-man.
  • spidey coming to you one night after loosing a fight with the sandman and asking you for help. 
  • after that night, spidey would regularly come to you for help. 
  • peter would ask you questions about why you had started to come home late, seeing if you’d tell him about…him.
  • spidey kidnapping you from your bedroom and taking you to the brooklyn bridge.
  • him unmaking himself to you
  • you laughing and telling him you knew he was spidey.
  • him being relieved and kissing you. 
  • you and peter being together for years
  • him beginning to mentor a young boy named miles after he was bitten by a radioactive spider
  • basically becoming a dad to miles.
  • peter thinking miles could someday take up the spider-man mantle
  • him seeing you as someone he could settle down with
  • peter going to aunt may and telling her he’s coming to ask you to marry him
  • aunt may not being at her home
  • him finding a note saying they took aunt may
  • peter panicking and rushing home to find you cooking dinner. 

“What’s wrong?” You asked, turning the oven off. “Aunt May…someone took her.” He said and your eyes widened. “Who?” You asked him. “I-I don’t know. I’m going out to find her, please…just stay here.” He begged. You nodded, “Of course, should I contact S.H.I.E.L.D?” You questioned as he ran upstairs to suit up. “If things get outta hand, yeah.” He told you, coming downstairs in his spider-man uniform. “Be careful.” You said, kissing his cheek. He nodded and ran off. 

You walked back and forth, anxiety rushing through your veins. You turned on the television to try and find out anything. 

Peter found Aunt May in the middle of a park, to his surprise, she was smiling and feeding the ducks. If it wasn’t for his spidey-senses, he would have thought everything was fine, Peter quickly saw a red dot on Aunt May’s forehead and Peter quickly ran towards her. 

Kids were already recording the incident. 

Peter pushed Aunt May out of the range of the gun, but he didn’t move out the way and was hit by the bullet. Aunt May shrieked and kids began to cry as they saw Spider-Man fall on the ground. Aunt May was crying, and back home you were dialing Fury, tears streaming down your cheeks. 

Peter took his mask off and May fell to her knees. “Peter…” She whimpered. He smiled sadly and gripped onto her trench coat. “It’s okay. I–I did it.” He told her. “Just–just hold on. The ambulance is–”

“Don’t you see…it’s okay.” He said. “I did it.” Peter told his aunt. “I couldn’t save him.” Peter stated, tears running down his eyes. “Uncle Ben. I couldn’t save him..I couldn’t save Gwen.” He added.”No matter what I did.” Peter said and May was shaking. “But I saved you.” He told her. “I did it.” He smiled. “I did…” Peter’s hand let May’s trench coat go and his eyes closed. May grabbed Peter’s lifeless body and rocked back and forth, crying her eyes out.

  • you wanting to avenge peter’s death
  • helping miles become the ultimate spider-man, wanting to preserve peter’s legacy.

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OMG MOAR Samson please! I forgot how much I loved him. I need to replay Inquisition again. I wish they had focused just a bit more on him :/ The player has known him since DA2 I didn't like especially if you chose for him to be placed under Cullen's care and be part of the Inquisition, you NEVER hear or see him again. Only if you choose to lock him up can you talk to him and what he has to say is very interesting! Ugh missed opportunity Bioware.

Ok it’s taken me a couple of headshots between the last three Samson-related asks, but I feel like I’m getting back to where I used to be when I drew him more frequently! Hurrah!

And you bring up great points! Samson’s character (and career) development, much like Cullen’s, takes place off-screen. This puts the onus on Bioware to reconcile in our minds what we know of these characters with what we are currently seeing in the most recent game. While we get that opportunity with Cullen by interacting with his character throughout the game, we don’t get that same chance with Samson unless–as you said–we make one particular judgement.

Lil' Love



“Get off of me! You have to go!”


Ford groaned, desperately trying to shake the 5 year old off his leg. For about a week, Dipper’s clone and said clone’s… eugh, boyfriend, also known as Bill Cipher, had been trapped in a younger appearance due to an experiment gone wrong. But in Ford’s defense, he didn’t know that would happen! He had expected them to stop aging altogether. Turns out there is no fountain of youth, but rather a tree of youth, and the bark is that makes you young. Go figure.

Nonetheless, Ford and Stan were shipping them to the local day camp at the Gravity Falls preschool and kindergarten center until they found a solution to the boys’ predicament. And someone clearly did not want to go. And that someone wasn’t Tyrone.



“Fine, ok, Bipper, you have to go. We can’t have you two running around the Shack in your current state. I don’t know how badly it affected your minds, but you were bad enough as a teen, so I’m not going to stick around to see this trainwreck. You’re going.” With one last push, Bill slid off the old man’s leg before collapsing onto the ground in distress.

“But I don’ wanna….” He whined.

“Well too bad. Why can’t you be like Tyrone? He’s fine.” Ford gestured to the small child clinging to Ford’s coat like a lifeline, squeaking at his mentioning. Carefully, Tyrone peered down at Bill, who blushed and murmured, “Fine… but only for Ty.”

With that, the demon-turned-child stood up, grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, and rushed into the building amidst Ford’s yells of “WAIT! I haven’t registered you yet!”

Upon registering and getting settled, the first thing the camp did was arts and crafts. The buffet of colored paper was promptly eaten by Bill, who got his first time out of the day. He glowered from the corner as he watched Tyrone carefully attempt to make his beloved paper cranes with his new baby hands. After about 3 minutes, Bill couldn’t stand it and rushed over to Ty.

“Nono, you do it like this!” He called, expertly crafting a large crane for the younger boy. “See?”

Tyrone laughed. “Yea! But shouldn’t you still be on time-out?”

“Pfft, like they can keep me there!” Bill guffawed.

“Oh really?”

Bill gulped, turning to see the camp counselor towering above him. “Is that so?”

He got an extra 10 minutes in time out.

The moment Bill got out of his time out (which he thought was super uncalled for), the little hellspawn glued himself to Tyrone’s side and refused to leave. Even during naptime, he held Tyrone close as the two slept huddled together under the Poncho Tyrone refused to take off.

It was driving their counselor insane.

“Bill, sweetie, you need to go sit on your mat-“

“Shhhh! You’ll wake him up!”

The woman gawked, Bill’s angry demeanor switching instantly back to a calm, peaceful look as he watched his partner doze next to him. “He gets nightmares when he sleeps alone.” Bill whispered, gently ruffling Ty’s hair.

The counselor decided to let them be.

Letting the kindergarteners have free range at recess was a mistake.

The first thing Tyrone and Bill did was run to the tall grass, where they sat amongst the wildflowers as they made flower crowns.

Or rather, Tyrone made flower crowns and Bill watched on wistfully.

Upon finishing, Tyrone handed his over to the other boy. “For you!” He cheered. Bill flushed a bright red before accepting the crown.

“What do I do with it?”

Tyrone blinked. “You put it on, silly!” He grabbed the second crown he made and put in on. “Like this see?”

Bill only stared, face growing red and pupils turning into hearts, causing Tyrone to nearly explode from embarrassment. Bill only did that when he was head over heels in the moment, meaning he really loved Ty.

Bill blinked, and his pupils were back to normal.

And he shoved the flowers in his mouth.

The teacher came over to find Tyrone crying, with Bill stuffing paper (where did it come from!?) in his mouth.

Bill was placed in timeout again.

“Hey loser, where’s your boyfriend?”

Tyrone flinched, staring up at the kids who were suddenly blocking the sun from his spot on the field. There were 3 boys, no older than 8, with bandaids and bruises covering their faces. Clearly, these kids were not to be messed with, not while Tyrone was a kindergartener.

And they chose to pick on him. Just his luck.

“He’s in timeout…” Tyrone whispered, hoping that would satisfy them and make them leave. “B-but he’ll be back any second now! So back off!”

That was the wrong thing to say, clearly, as the boys began to laugh. “Really? I don’t think he’ll be here to save you; wanna find out who’s right?”

“I’m good,” He squeaked, beginning to plan his escape. Maybe if he threw some grass and made a run for it, he’d escape to where a teacher could see and help him.

One of the boys grabbed his arm. He tried to yell for help, but was cut off when another one kicked him in the stomach. “I think I’m right,” the main boy jeered.

Then there was an ear piercing shriek.

And a blur.

Next thing Ty knew, he was free, while Bill was screaming like a banshee and pummeling the faces of his attackers, drawing the attention of the counselors.

Upon a quick explanation by Tyrone, Bill did not receive his third timeout.

“So how were they?”

“Eh…. I’ve had worse?”

Ford sighed. “Good enough.” The end of the day had come too soon, and now Ford had no choice but to take back the hellbeast and his plus one. Said pair were conked out in his arms, smiling in their sleep, both wrapped up in Bill’s coat that he insisted on bringing. To the world, they looked like little angels.

Ford knew better.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with them, I doubt they’ll be coming back.”

The counselor discreetly sighed with relief. “That’s fair, but if I may ask, how are they so close? They’re not siblings, I asked, are they a lil’ couple?”

Ford groaned. “I think. My niece says they are, but my nephew is grossed out by it and refuses to address it. I’m not very good with this stuff.”

The woman laughed. “Well, have a good night.”

With that, she returned to the building, and Ford entered the Stanleymobile and let Stan drive him home. (Due to his time in other dimensions he forgot how to drive… don’t judge!)

“Hey Bill….” Ty murmured from the backseat.

“Yea?” the other murmured back.

“Thanks for saving me. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

The drive home was peaceful from then on.

bip eats stuff he shouldnt: the fic

but seriously…….. i love this fic so much and i have reread it 3 times thank u so much omg……. tiny boyfriends……….ilu glacecakes

Asking Dylan Klebold Out; A Story List.

Asking Dylan Klebold out; story list; for anon.

·         He would be so shy and nervous and confused that you were even talking to him.

·         He would think it’s a joke at first but after he realizes you are serious he would get like bright red and be so cute omg, just imagine making Dylan blush omg! It would take every ounce of my being to not awe at him.

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harrywavycurly  asked:

Last night....legit amazing and I won’t ever forgot it omg! Like I’m so happy I got to experience my first pit at Harry’s show and his thighs.....lord have mercy.....I’m never gonna get over them. Anywhoooo I hope you’re having a great day lovey!! Love youuuu 💕

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY YOU HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!! omg thank you so much for sending me a message, you’re the cutest! Just watching the videos is so much fun so I can only imagine how wild it is to actually be there and see him in the flesh lol Love you and I’m sending you the biggest hug 😘😘😘

jar of hearts (Kat/Hale)

A/N: so I found this sitting in my drafts and at one point it was probably going to be a full-length fic but since I’m lazy and have no inspiration have it as a little drabble thingy instead

Katarina Bishop was on a schedule, and her boyfriend was totally not helping.

Hale had clipped on his harness and was perched on the windowsill, about to zipline into the night, except for the tiny fact that he still.



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bae-kage  asked:

I was just about to ask you if you saw the new trailer!! Omg was it not everything??!!! I wanted to cry when I saw Franks wife get shot. It's so unfair he's having nightmares.

I forgot to answer this yesterday!! 


And I can’t even tell you how emotional that was to not only see Maria get shot but to also see Frank SCARED for the first time.  We haven’t seen that yet, though we’ll see it more in The Punisher.  But we’ve only seen him crying, which is heartbreaking as well.  But when you take this ‘scary’, angry man and now show him absolutely TERRIFIED - that is a whole new side of him that DESTROYS my heart.  

That being said, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!!! 

anonymous asked:

Oh my goddd I know that Erejean isn't exactly your thing but I immediately imagined them for this one, obviously you don't have to do it! (314):Had an orgasm and got a charley horse at the same time. It was a multi-purpose scream.

Oh god, anon. You don’t know what you’ve done. I call this one “Jean & Eren and the horrible dorm furniture.” Totally not based on a true story. 

2.3k of erejean nonsense.

There’s a strange disconnect between how the school treats hypothetical sex and the act itself. For example, Jean passed several posters reading, “always use protection,” “always ask for consent,” “a person can’t consent if they’re intoxicated” and then a very muscular man wearing a bikini top and a tutu handed out condoms on the diag.

“Thanks Reiner!” Eren shouted, grabbing a handful and waving at the condom fairy who waved back with their wand.

And then there was the actual result.

“What is that?” Jean pointed.

“My dorm room…” Eren said, because it was obvious.

“No, where is your bed?”

“There,” Eren pointed.

“Up…there?” Jean asked incredulously.

“Haven’t you ever seen a loft set up?”

The University furniture was part of those stackable sets, modular blocks customizable for each room. Of course, they were purchased several years after the University was built and not all rooms were as flexible with the furniture. So Eren had his bed situated over his desk and bookshelves, but the ceiling was so low, Jean had no idea how he crawled up there. To make things worse, a large pipe ran the length of the room, meaning not only was the ceiling low but Eren was sleeping with a pipe over his head. It was like every poster was telling Jean to have wild amazing college sex and the very infrastructure said, “HAHA ,TRY IT.”

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of heights,” Eren said critically.

“I just don’t understand why it’s all the way up there, when you have plenty of space here,” Jean said, indicating the ample floor space.

“I like the space for my morning workouts,” Eren informed Jean.

God bless those morning workouts, Jean thought, eyeing the firm curve of Eren’s bicep. Eren seemed to sense what Jean was thinking because he stretched out his arms over his head. Fuck.

“Where’s your ladder?” Jean asked, looking around.

“Oh, outside my window so Armin and Mikasa can sneak in.”

Oh, right. You needed a keycard to get into the dorms and Armin and Mikasa both lived across the road. Eren’s dorm was on the first floor, but the first floor was raised so his window was unreachable, hence the ladder. Eren had also dispensed with the safety rail in the front, which made Jean a little queasy, what if you rolled off in the middle of the night?

“So how do you get up?”

“Like so!” Eren said.

He reached up and pulled himself up with those gorgeous biceps, wiggling along like a snake on its belly.

“Can you even sit upright?” Jean asked?

“Well, sortof,” Eren said, his feet dangling off the edge. “If I slouch.”

Jean stared.

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