i forgot how it took me to make these

Adhd is not always genius level white boys whith tons of energy and fast reflexes
Sometimes it’s
Executive dysfunction so bad you couldnt shower for over a week
A queer kid who thinks they’re broken because they dont fit the narritive.
Adhd is not always a gift in disguise, it can be debilitating
and alienating
and self esteem crushing.
How many times have you heard the phrase
“Not working to your full potential”?
Listen, im sorry if i didnt do my homework, but i didnt eat dinner until 11pm because i couldnt find the motivation to make anything.
I once repeatedly put off and forgot sending a thank you email to someone i had interviewed for a month.
It took me 3 weeks to make myself write a short essay, but once i did it, it took an hour. I got a 94% on the rubric, but failed because it was so late.
I have dealt with years of working through the voice in my head saying
Im lazy im lazy im lazy im bad im dirty im useless ill never amount to anything
Years of fear that i wont be able to survive on my own, that i’ll be too late and too disorganized and unmotivated.
I had to teach myself that motivation and productivity dp not define my worth. That being “lazy” doesnt make me less of a human being.
So sorry if your quirky hyper white boy narrative doesnt do it for me.

I forgot that my niece is 7 years old, so when I casually mentioned that Garrus Vakarian was my space husband she took it literally and burst into tears, asking my sister why she wasn’t allowed to go to the wedding. I showed her a picture of Garrus, hoping that would explain that I was kidding without me spelling it out, but all she did was squint at it and ask if he was wearing a mask or he really looked like a dinosaur.

Hello Lovelies! This is Sam aka Blue-Louis

Here is to a hopefully fantastic New Year! To all of my mutuals I’ve made along the way, I just want you all to know how much I appreciate you, because I really do. You are all amazing and even if we don’t talk, I want you to know how much I love you.

Firstly, @petalmikey: Zoë, I love you with all of my entire being. You’re like my little sister and I will always be here for you. We have so many inside jokes and talk about the weirdest shit sometimes, but you’re plerfect to me. I don’t know where I would be without you.

Also, @bearfootlou the light of my life. Morgan, I love you so much. I love how well we just Get each other. We haven’t even been talking for a year but I feel like I’ve known you for at least 10. You are amazing and I wish the whole world knew that.

Alrighty, here are all of my lovely mutuals. Again I love you all and the ones that I talk to all the time will be bolded. (You never realize how many mutuals you actually have until you make one of these holy crap)


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I know this meme is probably old by now, and I’m REEEEALLY late to the party on this video, but this had to be done.


magnificent century: kösem + favourite tiaras ♦ asked by anon

yes or no?

yes, we came from the darkness,
with only matches to light our way. they flickered
with every tiny gust that whispered across us
but we faced hurricanes and emerged, still holding the flames. 

yes, i let you in because i couldn’t bear to keep you out.
you took hold of a heart that forgot how to beat
and taught it how to draw breath with all of the starlight inside you.

yes, i love you. no, i won’t say it.

yes or no?

no, don’t leave, the air is brittle and cold
and so am i, but you make me want to be warm.
i think i could find the sun in your smile if you stay long enough.

no, i won’t let them take you
when i only just found myself in your eyes. 

no, this isn’t the end. this is our start. you claimed us as home
and a beginning has never tasted as sweet
to a tongue so used to bitterness.

YES OR NO? // l.s.

[An image is uploaded from an unknown source with a sound file attached. It seems to be two people talking, though the static in the background makes it a little difficult to hear everything being said]

“..leave their shit behind….clean up…here exactly?”
“You sh…me take a pictu…that!”
“..u’re joking, rig…this fucking thin…irony there isn’t it?”
“’EY! Put your foot up on…d smile, maybe? For once?”
“i forgot how”


“whoops, my bad.”

[The audio ended.]

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When You Laugh At Everything Jaebum Does

Request: Anon said “Fake text about how the got7 members tease you because you smile at EVERYTHING jaebum do (something weird, something normal, etc (?))”  I hope this meets your expectations!! :)

A/N: Yo tbh I feel like I’m shit at making funny fake texts so if you want me to stop making them just ask (nicely pls I’m fragile) and I’ll stop lmao. ((P.S: You might see that I only gave Jackson a nickname and nobody else but that’s just because Jackson’s was the first done and I took a break to eat then forgot to give the others nicknames. I’m too lazy to go and fix oOPS))

- Admin Bekah


Ham be like “ Oh shit.”

Okok, so this was from a fanfic, created by the a m a z i n g @jonnlaurenss on archive of our own named “ Make him love you.” Featured in the turn around series! In this scene, ham realizes hes gay for a certain someone ;” )) I recommend reading it! Its an amazing fic!

also, I forgot his bag and I didnt know what he was wearing f u  c k

you kinda owe me a lot. you owe me my time I’ve spent on days and weeks trying to make you realize that I’m what’s best for you. you owe me my patience I’ve lost with every conversation we had about whether or not we fitted together. you owe me every single tear you stole from me while I tried to wipe them away before I caught myself thinking about you. and you owe me every single thought I spent on you while you were out having no idea that I was gonna charge you for everything that you’ve taken from me. but then again, everything you took, was given to you without even thinking about how empty I would be afterwards. all I cared about was you and I completely forgot to make myself a priority too.
—  kiikiiriiki 

March CAS Challenge Day 9- Student

Alrighty! This one took me a while to stage (and yet still looks completely underwhelming lol)! This is Molly’s best friend Mary Elizabeth, but she goes by Emmy and refuses to answer to anything but. Emmy is newly 17, self-assured, mean, and has the Chief of Mischief aspiration. She’s an only child and spends almost of her time with Molly since they both work at the pizza place part time. 

Also, Do you also see a similarity between bellarke and Abby/Kane? (because I do)

So, this was part of a message an anon sent to me and I forgot to answer it. I was answering it on the newest message she/he sent me and got so carried away I decided to make a meta/ answer about it. (sorry about how long it took)

Yes. Yes I do see it.

 They are freaking EVERYWHERE. 

And they are still happening, the latest ones being Kane and Abby’s  “ No matter who wears the pin, we’re in this together “ (3x03) paralleling bellarke’s “together”( 2x16 ) and then the cheek kisses (Kabby on 3x06 and Bellarke on 2x16).

 But they have so many more parallels as ships and individuals (abby and clarke parallel each other while kane and bellamy parallel each other SPECIALLY on those episodes around and after 1x08. wow. ). There are vids about it, which I LOVE : LINK (this vid is pretty amazing cause it doesn’t only show us “exact” parallels but “theme” parallels and how kabby and bellarke’s stories intertwined and affected each other)


 And, okay, I can’t leave things just like this. Cause the reason why this reply got long was because ,as I rewatched that vid, i’ve noticed a few things here and there I haven’t before. I need to talk about them.

Let me start this analysis by explaining something: recently I’ve joined a fandom (GMW) which there are some incredibly talented people that know a lot about storytelling and how television work - they teach us how to pay attention to the right details while watching anything. They make us all realize that nothing in television is an accident, that if the directors and editors allowed a certain scene to be shot in a certain way and to go on air, then they want it to be that way. No scene is ultimately an accident, no scene is “just there” (as it is taking precious time and money to be there).

(@shippertrash37​ - i’m so tagging you as promised, let’s see how well i’ll do in this post!)

So let me bring you all to 2x08:

Did you notice the  “detail” (lol) of Bellamy and Clarke side by side as we watch Abby watching Kane returning to camp? (or how both abby and clarke are wearing blue while the rest is wearing black?)

…. Let’s talk about this whole scene,shall we?

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