i forgot how hard this movie is to color

@wrathwritesthings tagged me to do the thing, so the thing is what I’m gonna do (instead of packing for move out…because that’s boring)

Goal: Tag nine people you wanna get to know better.

Relationship status: Been dating @vernonsroche for five years as of April 18th. Don’t ask me why he’s still around because I honestly don’t know, all I ever do is yell about birds and anime.

Favorite color: hhhhh I just had this discussion yesterday with @sriracha-chocobo about how I’m really bad at picking favorites, but usually I say pink!

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick! But like only when I’m super desperate because I don’t like sticky lips!

Last song I listened to: The Shape of Now (I cry ever tim, I have feelings about literally every song in this mashup)

Last movie I watched: I just finished watching The Iron Giant while packing and BOOOOY I forgot how hard that movie hits!

Top three TV shows: When even was the last time I got the chance to watch tv??? Does anime count? It’s gonna have to because that’s all I can think of rn.

  1. Kyoukai no Kanata 
  2. hhhhhh hhh??
  3. ??? ?? ?

Top three characters:

  2. Saeyoung Choi
  3. -make incoherent iunno noises-

Top three ships:

  1. Akihito x Mirai (Kyoukai no Kanata)
  2. Dave x Jade (Homestuck)
  3. Saeyoung x MC (Mystic Messenger)

I’m sorry I’m so shitty at picking favorites y’all
ANYWAY! Now to tag my victims! Let’s do:

@sriracha-chocobo @pastel-yuuri @moist-rowlets @gabi-with-ravioli @soft-hands-and-sweaters @yuusane @beta-lactamase @deltakin @cloverandcrossbones

A healthy mixture of some new pals and some familiar faces!