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This might be the worlds worst request but if you could do a recap post about the Brooklyn nine-nine panel that would be so appreciated!

sorry i just now got around to answering this fsdkkfs also this might be the worlds worst answer but i will try to remember as much detail as i can!! basically everything they said was just really joke-y to the point of silliness and there was no definitive answer to any of the questions really, so here are just some random things i remember:

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Inspired by  this beautiful post.

@theawkwardice and I talked about how the meteor resembles an Ikea and that lead to creating this mess of an AU; IKEASTUCK.

Basically the kids all get locked in an Ikea overnight and find out there’s more people trapped in there as well. Hijinks ensue.

I got a bit carried away with this one.

Purgatory Con 2015, Dusseldorf and my Meet and Greet with Misha Collins

On the 5th of June, the convention officially started. And even though nothing really happened except for the registration and a little party with Misha Collins, called “Cocktails with Castiel” for which I sadly hadn’t been able to afford tickets, I already was super excited.

However, a friend of mine I met on Tumblr before the Con introduced me to another friend who was going to the con, too, and had indeed bought tickets for the Cocktails with Castiel event. According to her it was fun, even though Misha didn’t have much time for everyone.

I for my part basically waited in front of the room most of the time, because I didn’t have anything else to do without my friend and because I wanted to catch a glimpse on Misha, just one. Yeah, I know how that sounds. But I just couldn’t believe I actually was in one building with the man I usually only see on TV and who changed my life so much. Hell, it was even hard to believe that he was a real living, breathing human being and not some invention of the government to make the people keep their faith in humanity.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see Misha that day, but it was a more than awesome experience anyway as I met the SPN family for the first time. As nobody in my close surroundings watches Supernatural, I was completely overwhelmed by all the kindness, happiness and tolerance towards me and everyone else. It was a very strange, incredible feeling of belonging I’ve never felt before and gosh, I just really love this fandom.

On Saturday, 6th of June, shit was about to go down. The opening panel started my day with a lot of adrenaline. I can’t really describe the feeling of excitement, fear and happiness that entered me as the host announced Travis Aaron Wade, Kim Rhodes, Mark Pellegrino, Osric Chau and Misha Collins who came on stage one after the other with “Carry on my wayward son” playing in the background, the crowd cheering madly.

Seeing my idols for the first time live and in the flesh had something terrifyingly thrilling and upsetting about it. 

The opening panel was shorter than I thought, but so much fun. The actors were taught some German curse words and it was just really entertaining listening to Kim screaming “Verfickte Scheiße” (fucking shit) on top of her lungs with a grandiose passion.

Then, the Photo Ops started. I didn’t have tickets for those, either, but I occasionally saw Mark or Osric walking around in the hotel and even though I was too nervous to produce anything more than a shy smile I was super happy.

At about 12 o’clock, Kim’s panel started and everybody who’s ever laid eye on this amazing woman will know that it was not only extremely funny and diverting but also so very heartwarming.   

Osric’s panel followed shortly afterwards and was just as awesome.

When Travis panel started, I was a little unsure of what to think about him as I hadn’t really heard of him before because in Germany, seasons 9 and 10 aren’t available yet. But he’d won my heart after the first 5 minutes of his panel because he’s just such an unbelievably funny, smart and deep person and I really love him a lot.

Well, and after Travis’s panel I had…


I had been a total wreck all day but that was nothing compared to my mental state ten minutes before the M&G started. My knees seemed to be made of jelly and I occasionally forgot how to breathe. God, I was so nervous.

When the door was opened and our little group of 18 or more people walked in, my first instinct was to grab my heels and run the fuck away. Which, of course, I didn’t. Instead I clung to my friend and followed the others into the small room with a round table in it.

And there he sat, tan as he is, looking at us with these ridiculously blue eyes of his, smiling. The sight of him, actually sitting in front of me, caused a feeling free fall in me. That sounds so weird but I can’t really describe it otherwise.

There were not enough chairs for all of us and I didn’t dare to just sit down, so in the end I was still standing around awkwardly. When I finally had a chair and ended up sitting right across from Misha, I was not in the least less nervous. To the very contrary, I was shaking like a leaf in a tornado. I might add at this point that I suffer from social anxiety which is not exactly helpful when you’re in a room full of people you’ve never met before and Misha Collins.

However, I soon realized that Misha actually IS the nicest and politest man to ever walk this green earth, so I had basically no reason at all to be anxious. But unfortunately that only increased my nervousness as I feared that this perfect man who I’ve admired for years and years wouldn’t like me.

Misha started the M&G by asking how everyone was doing and if there were any questions. Indeed, there were.

I myself had a little question but I didn’t dare ask it for the first twenty minutes. But then I kind of kicked my own ass because after all I had come here to talk to Misha and not just for staring at him mortified.

So I pulled myself together and raised my hand as he asked again if there were more question. The first thing that came out of my mouth was the information that I suffered from a little anxiety and might start crying midsentence, which is not exactly the smartest way to start a conversation. However, nobody made fun of me or picked on me and Misha nodded in a kind of understanding way, so I kept going. My question was if Misha had ever googled himself because when I heard his name for the first time and searched for him on the internet, the first search result that showed up was YouTube – “Fake orgasm from Misha Collins”. I don’t know what went wrong back then; it never happened again and it didn’t happen when Misha checked it during the Meet and Greet, either, so I’ll just assume that the Lord was testing me.

Misha then gently poked fun at me and it was perfectly fine with me. Of course Misha wouldn’t make me entirely uncomfortable; he found my line and river danced on it. And god, I loved it, as weird as it sounds.

A few other questions were asked afterwards and when the M&G was almost over, I gave Misha the present I had brought:

As I’m a very big fan of “Cooking fast & fresh with West” I thought this might be a nice thing for Misha and he actually seemed to like it. At least I hope so.

Then our 30 minutes were officially over and everybody said goodbye and left the room. But I couldn’t, not yet. Because the main reason I came to the con and spent so much money my family actually needs for other things was because I needed, I had to tell Misha how grateful I am for his existence.

There were some very dark times in my life and I’m not exaggerating when I say that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Misha frigging Collins. So that’s what I wanted to tell him and even though he was under absolutely no obligation to do so, he listened very seriously.

I still was super nervous and I also got a little emotional as those memories are not exactly the most pleasant ones – my chest tightened, I was fighting back tears, my heart was galloping like a fucking herd of gnus, my voice was quiet and shaky and I didn’t really remember how to English. It’s astonishing that Misha understood a word at all.

But apparently, he did. He pulled me into a very tight hug, I started sobbing into his shoulder (I’m such a baby please let me throw myself into the sun to burn to crisp) and God, I’ve never ever felt as save and loved as I did in Misha Collins’s arms. That sounds so ridiculous and cheesy, I know. But I don’t really care how it sounds because it was the best feeling I’ve had in a long, long time.

And holly golly fucking gosh, he smells so awesome. Kinda like watermelon and mint.

Unfortunately, I was sort of hyperventilating and not getting enough air. My knees went even shakier than they already were and I tried to support myself on the wall, but then… well, then I passed out.  

I really fucking passed out and when I came to my senses again, I was lying on the floor, basically clinging to Misha’s pants. Also, I was the most embarrassed person in the entire world.

Misha, two friends of mine and a man of the organization team were kneeling next to me and looked slightly concerned.

I started apologizing over and over again, even though Misha and my friends assured me that it was okay. Which, in my opinion, it was not. I had just done the most embarrassing thing in the history of ever and holy cow, I will probably never forgive myself for this.

Anyway, Misha asked if I wanted to drink something and gave me his own glass of water and gently touched my shoulder and talked to me to keep me awake. Misha was so nice, gentle and sweet it’s unreal.

He asked if I would be at the next con, which I sadly had to negate. This con had already consumed all of my pocket money, my birthday presents for the next 15 years and my Christmas presents for the next 4 years.

Misha looked a little disappointed or maybe I was just imagining it, but he said we would figure something out to get me to the next con. I stared at him for three minutes straight and couldn’t say a damn word, neither in English nor in German.

When I finally realized the actual state of affairs, I somehow articulated an answer in English with some German words thrown in. My brain was still pretty smashed and sadly I don’t remember what I said.

After a few minutes Misha had to go and he thanked me for being at the con. HE thanked ME. I hurried to thank him as well, less enthusiastically than I initially planned because I was still really shaky, and apologized again. Misha gave my shoulder one last squeeze and off he was.

As I finally had gathered enough will power to get up and walk out of the room, Osric entered because he had the next Meet and Greet in here. He hugged us as well and asked how we were and I could only manage a vague movement with my hand to describe my feelings.

But Osric is such a nice and amazing person and I really love him a lot, so I soon got comfortable around him. I taught him a word of farewell we use in the region of Germany I live in sometimes, “Tschö” as he had learned the pronunciation of ä, ö, and ü during his panel.

Then my friends and I left the room and I saw Misha again in the hallway and I couldn’t help staring at him. I know it’s completely impolite and inappropriate and he probably got annoyed, but I just couldn’t stop. Because I still couldn’t believe how nice he had been to me and it makes me really, really happy to just look at him, to know that he actually exists.

Even though I totally screwed up and pretty much ruined our talk, I wasn’t even disappointed because there’s absolutely no way the presence of Misha Collins could ever not be enjoyable, even if I’m stupid enough to faint.

What I was sad about was the fact that I hadn’t been able to tell Misha everything I wanted to before my body and brain conked out. Like really sad; I almost started crying.

However, one of the most amazing people I’ve ever had the honor of calling my friend still had an autograph session with Misha, so I quickly wrote a little letter for him. I don’t know what was wrong with my brain that day, but the letter was pretty much nonsense as well. At least I think so; I don’t really remember what I wrote as my brain always gets too little oxygen when I’m really nervous. That’s so annoying, you have no idea! Also, it’s pretty sad because I can’t remember everything of what has been the best day of my life so far.

Anyway, my amazing friend was not only willing to give Misha my letter, she also SAID SHE WOULD GIFT ME HER AUTOGRAPH. THE AUTOGRAPH SHE HAD PAID A LOT OF MONEY FOR AND BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO. 

I still don’t know how a person can possibly be this nice and selfless and generous.

However, before the autograph session there were Mark’s and Misha’s panels.  

Mark was such a sweetheart. He asked every fan who had a question to come on stage, put an arm around them, calmed them down when they were nervous and hugged them. Every single one.

Misha’s panel followed and of course, it was awesome. There’s like nothing more I could say about it, it was just really amazing.

After Misha’s panel and a little break, the autograph sessions started. And even though I told her I could never accept her gift, my friend was still determined to give her autograph to me. Good lord, I love her so much.

So my friend went into the autograph room to return about 15 minutes later, an autograph in her hands.

And this is what Misha wrote for me:

You all have no idea of how much this touched me. God, I could have started crying right there on the spot.

My friend told me she only said to Misha that this autograph was for the girl she had been with at the M&G, me. And apparently, Misha remembered who I was and wrote this little sentence for me.

I don’t really know if he was referring to what I had told him about me or the fact that I had taken part in the M&G despite my social anxiety, but either way I couldn’t be happier or more touched.

I have absolutely no idea how I deserve this. I’m a very annoying, very unable, very clingy and very ugly teenager who just can’t get her shit together and passes out in the middle of a talk she’d been looking forward to for months. I’m basically a nothing and this man treats me like a treasure and I can literally not describe how much I love him.

Misha Collins saved my life in so many ways and I will literally owe him my life forever. But if there’s any person out there whom I’d like to owe it, it would be Misha.  

There’s like an infinite amount of love in this man’s heart.

And if there would be anything I could do for Misha, I would do everything to help him. That will not happen, I know, but if any crossroads demon is reading this right now – you know how to find me.

Misha Collins will forever be my hero.

In the evening, there was a karaoke/pajama party and holly golly fucking gosh, it was so fun. Osric, Kim, Mark and Travis joined us and sang a few songs themselves. Osric wore a costume and cosplayed as Gabriel in “Hammer of the Gods”.

A few songs I remember were for example “Living on a prayer” (Bon Jovi), “99 Luftballons” (Nena), “Girls just wanna have fun” (Cyndi Lauper) and “Shake it Off” (Taylor Swift). We also sang “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC and I guess you can imagine who sang the loudest.

When Osric sang “When I see you again” by Wiz Khalifa, Kim cried a little and I just wanted to cuddle her. It totally broke my heart.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay till the end of the party because I was way too tired. Too much adrenaline for one day. Too many emotions.

On Sunday morning I was so sad because the event was almost over. However, that changed quickly when I saw Osric sitting with my friends at breakfast. As my family had already left for a shopping trip in Dusseldorf and I was alone, I asked if I could sit with them. They said yes, I could, and I still hope it really was okay.

They talked about movies I didn’t know and cons I hadn’t been to but it was perfectly fine with me. I really love just listening to amazing people talking and everybody at the table was so fucking amazing, so I was in complete heaven.

Osric was such a sweetie. Even though I couldn’t really be part of the conversation, he kept trying to involve me, asked me questions and looked at me very attentively. He wore Pokémon shoes and had very messy hair and the brightest smile ever and these are very important facts.

After breakfast, I went to Travis’s panel and he showed us how to breathe correctly. Well, I wish he had shown me earlier!

Following, Osric and Kim had a panel and it was Kim’s birthday so the audience sang for her. She also got brownies with peanut butter from a fan and I think she really was a little touched. I very sincerely hope that we could make up a little for the fact that she couldn’t be at home on her own birthday.

After Mark’s panel that followed Osric’s and Kim’s and was just as great as anything else, there was a costume contest.

And holy fridge, there were so many creative people and beautiful costumes! It was completely wonderful and I had so much fun just looking at them! Have I ever mentioned that I absolutely love the SPN fandom?

Sadly, I had to go home after the costume contest because it was not a too short journey home and I still had homework to do. But dear lord, I was so incredibly sad. I cried all the way home.

I’ve met so many amazing people at the con and most of them I’ll probably never see again in my life. I’ve felt more accepted than ever before in my life. I fucked up the only chance I had to tell Misha what he means to me and I want a second chance so badly, just one. I’ve become addicted to the presence of my favorite people in the whole wide world around me.

And I just really want to turn the clock back and I hope so much that a little miracle happens and I can go to another con because *Cas voice* these make me very happy.

In conclusion it was one of the best events in my entire life, I’ve been happier than I’ve been in a long time, I’ve met the most amazing people in the world and I’m even more in love with the SPN fans than I was before.

Also, I’d like to thank two very sweet friends of mine:

kraziiisme Thank you, Tasha, for helping me along with everything and encouraging me in so many ways. If you had just scrolled past my post I don’t know what would have gone wrong. Probably everything. Thank you for taking time for my annoying, clingy ass. I really love you so much. 

sparklygoesweird Thank you, Rea, for being one of the most amazing friends I have. It wouldn’t have been just half as great without you and I’m afraid I wouldn’t even have gone to the con if you hadn’t been by my side. Thank you for having a heart the size of an ocean.