i forgot how fun it was to draw like this

[muffled ‘dream weaver’ playing in the background]

(I haven’t posted in ages)

I hope to those who see this, that you are doing well.

It felt nice to color a little bit more detail again… I almost forgot how fun it was. Quick, but stress relieving! 

I haven’t played KuroKuro in a while too. I think I still have “Happy Birthday Akashi” up as my avatar! I’m a disappointment! I hope Akashi’s story will be up with more reflection of how the Rakuzan team is according to the game team! I wonder what will the story center around~ (I hope for more Shintarou interaction… and Mayuzumi of course. AND MURASAKIBARA. Ugh. I hope it won’t just revolve around Seirin. We have other storylines for that… And ahh, of course, I hope they talk about how they must deal with Touou with Aomine as well… I’m just dreaming but hey! T_T)

Lmfao it’s been so long since I’ve been here that I sound so awkward as I type like I’m typing in some shitty diary (when it’s just a shitty blog) but pfft……

On days when any attempt at art goes nowhere, and it feels like your hand forgot what how to obey instructions form your brain, take a break! Draw something fun, if you can, If not, watch something you enjoy and possibly something that inspires. 

I’m having one of those days. It just popped out of nowhere. So, fan art time! And really, Laini Taylor’s characters are very relaxing to draw. If this continues, more fan art to follow.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Zuzana and Karou

<< Page 49 >>
The way he casually explained everything with his hands in his pockets… you’d think he’d forgotten all about setting the laboratory up to explode.

I think Duncan fears getting told off by Kim and Rythian more than the fact they are all about to die in a few seconds if they don’t get out of there. Oh boy, well at least Rythian is safe in that force field, it’s got it’s own little generator so it’ll likely last a few minutes after the initial detonation of the lab. Lucky him, I guess?

This page was easy! I forgot how much fun Lalna was to draw. He’s just so pudgy and cartoonish, I can forgive and hide a lot of his anatomy and he still looks fine. Also It’s nice to have Duncan’s radioactive greens push away Lalnable’s blood reds as the balance of control shifts.  :) Script wise this went through quite a few changes. Originally Duncan was freaking out a lot more, but I kind of like the idea of him being strangely calm with the situation, all because he’s in control… for now. 


Ghoul thinks Poison is cute, Poison can’t think of a response so he gets flustered and just says thank you. (He thinks Ghoul is cute too of course)


tHey Beautiful People!  2 weeks ago I did 12, $10 dollar commissions. I really enjoyed doing them. I forgot how much fun it was to do quick fun things. Above are examples of what I did last week. 

As much fun as they were I don’t want to do commissions at that low of a price. And I would like to spend a little more time on them. So I’m gonna raise the price and have less spots.

So I want to open up 5 slots for $30 Dollar Commissions. If you’re interested, please email StevRayBro@gmail.com with the subject “Izzy Draw Me A Thing”. I’m looking to do similar to above. My specialty is mimicking other art styles. So like if you ever wanted to see what you would look like in an art style, or my personal favorite drawing Gemsona’s in Steven Universe style.

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ok so. i have horrible time management skills. and i totally forgot about the exchange for a while, until like, 5 days before christmas. i thought i’d be able to finish on time, but alas i was not able to. i’m so sos sososoo sorry for this being so late <3 <3 i hope you like it!! Merry (very) late Christmas <3 <3


Cinco Taakos. Ok, technically just dos Taakos, because hair color palette swaps don’t count. My first attempts at drawing him, back around episode 54. I am no closer to deciding on a design. 


YES I can totally get behind this. Okay so Maxie used to have a sports car (not a really expensive one, but still, the man liked him a good hot rod) so he at first wasn’t precisely be a fan of the idea

then Archie keeps explaining

and things actually get worse

BUT in the end Maxie gets to ADORE the car because of, y’know, dad things such as “I can fit a whole month’s worth of shopping here and the trunk isn’t even half full yet” or “I feel like I could run over my enemies with this beast” 

until one day while taking the kids to soccer he realizes

he cannot escape his fate as soccer mom dad

Sometimes Ashima will take the form of a huge black husky and just… walk around on Earth. Literally just trot through the streets of major cities, small towns, and villages just looking at stuff and helping people out.

They’ve earned a rep and some nicknames like Ghost and Shadow Traveller, and more often than not “Horse dog” by small children.

So if you see a veRY large black dog walking over to you happily with a twenty in its mouth, it’s probably Shim-Shim xD


here you go anon! was in a drawing mood so i did both~ 

i almost forgot how fun it is to draw them like this bcuz boi i love me some possession

[ x ] - feel free to send more requests!

gemthrust  asked:

The bad thing about updating a Gems design is that you have to update the fusions. Well, you don't have to, but you kind of want to in a way. Which is why I shouldn't have updated Onyx so early, but I guess that I want to spend time doing Onyx Fusions. But still, in a way, updating an outfit can be fun. It kinda gets creative.

tell me about it, iv’e updated ice  like i forgot how many times  since my initial drawing of her. But i do my fusions at leisure, 


Davesprite deserves love.