i forgot his surname

  • Heechul: I'm not gay I love women!
  • Everyone: Heechul confirmed he's straight! :)
  • Heechul: bitch please. *does an insta live with Gunhee when they're naked in bed*

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If Lauren can be friends with her ex and keep contact with them shes even friends with Brad but why not Camila

Honey.. if two past lovers can remain friends, either they were never in love ( the curious case of Brad *I literally forgot his surname*) or they still are ( camren) just give it time. Lauren is friends with all her exes: Luis, Lucy, Brad. I feel like since Lauren is a very emotionally attached person if she still has feelings for the person she cannot be friends with them right away. But when she’s over you, she can hang out. So the case of Camila and her not hanging out still may be a good thing actually. She is loving her from a distance.